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Cravings by dracolover4ever
Chapter 10 : A Triangle, Of Love
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A Triangle, of Love
"Well Hermione what would you like to do first? We could go to a movie, then dinner. Or the other way around if you'd like. I could come back home with you if we have time." Ron said smirking.

"Ronald I really don't feel like that tonight, I had a hard day at work and I'd really just like to be alone. Can we just go to the movie? I don't even feel like dinner." Hermione said truthfully.

"Hermione I never see you anymore. We haven't even 'you know' since the reunion. It's really annoying. I love you Hermione but there is something that you won't tell me. I just know it!" Ron gave her a puppy dog pout.

"Ronald, please no guilt trip I can't deal with it right now."

Ron took Hermione to a movie all about action, sports, and violence. Just seeing how much Ron thought Hermione would like it made her like him less. When the movie got out Hermione felt like going to bed and sleeping for hours on end. Ronald had another idea though.

"Taxi!" Ron waved his arm in the air and one taxi stopped at the curb.

Ron helped Hermione in the cab and walked over to the other side before getting in himself. He but on his seat belt and strapped it tight. He grabbed Hermione's hand and entwined her fingers with his.

"Hermione dear, I love you, did you know that." He meant it to be sincere.

"Yes Ronald I know. That's the problem." She muttered the last part so he couldn't hear.

"Hermione are you sure I can't come in? I could make us dinner, and then breakfast tomorrow." He was suggesting something that Hermione didn't want, not from him at least.

"No Ronald I really should just go in by myself and sleep."

Ron gave her another pout but she didn't look. She pulled her hand away staring from the window. All of the kids playing outside, their parents watching from the porch. They all looked so happy. Hermione felt a tear slide down her cheek.

"Isn't it so beautiful?" She asked gesturing out the window.

"I guess, but I would much rather not have kids. My big family drove me nuts!" Ron said looking at the kids with disgust.

"So you don't want any kids? I was an only child, I always wanted a huge family like yours." Hermione stared at the kids longingly.

"I don't know why you want my family. Only one bathroom and seven kids plus my parents!"

"The more the merrier!" Hermione said cheerfully looking away from the window.

The cab came to a stop. The driver had parked a few buildings away from Hermione's. She got her stuff from around the backseat. Ron gave her a kiss on the lips and she cut it short. She pecked him on the cheek and got out.

She could feel him watching her as she walked down the street. She knew he was suspicious. He had put two and two together… but fortunately he hadn't got four. Ron still didn't know about Hermione's affair. Who would want to know that their girlfriend is dating their brother?

Hermione unlocked the building door and slide in. The doors echoed as they closed telling everyone that someone was back from shopping, or a date, or that someone had broke in. She flashed her card to the front desk and walked on up. The stairs seemed to be never ending. As she climbed more would appear.

It took Hermione ten minutes to climb the few flights of stairs. When it usually had only taken her three, at the most. She unlocked the door and opened it just enough to get in, locking it back up behind her.

"George?" There was no answer.

Hermione made herself a snack and sat in front of the TV while she ate. She turned on a Grey's Anatomy. The character she liked to call "Red" had gone to L.A. Hermione guessed that they were going to give her, her own show, or she was just leaving for good. But she would never know, the power went out half way through.

"What the fuck?" Hermione jumped up.

She checked out the cables, they all seemed fine. She looked out the window, it wasn't raining. Then she walked to the front door. There was someone there she could barley make out a figure.

"Hello? Who are you, and why are you in here?" she questioned with alarm.

The figure walked up to her and scoped her up in his arms. Hermione could tell it was a man by the strength and the muscles his arms had. He walked her to the kitchen and knocked all of the leftover plates off the table. He laid her down and kissed her.

Hermione knew who it was then. She'd recognized those kiss anywhere. She reached around the man and put her hand in his pocket. She pulled out his wand and turned the power back on. He broke away from her, staring into her eyes.

" George Weasley what are you doing? You almost gave me a heat attack!"

"I watched a scary movie last night and got inspired." He bent down and kissed her lightly. "How'd you know it was me and not the scary mass murderer?"

"Maybe because I know your kisses. Maybe because you aren't a very good actor. No more scary movies for you!" She said, she wasn't mad she almost found it funny.

George let her off the table and picked up the plates. He washed them up and found his spot right next to her on the couch. She was reading a magazine, and was greatly distracted by him.

"George Weasley, I love you. But Ronald he's going to figure it out soon. He came so close to insisting that he come in with me. You know he only wanted one thing, just to insure himself that I'm still his. I won't give him that, never again in my life." Hermione rested her head on his shoulder.

"Hermione the important thing is he hasn't figured it out yet. Now I actually like this plan more and more. It's like a movie. You got me hooked on muggle drama and TV." George laughed but Hermione knew what he meant.

"George, soon I promise you. Soon I'll break it to him. I'll tell him it's over. I promise."

* The Grey's Anatomy episode belongs to it's creators, it's the one shown on 4/3/07*
A.N. I have been posting chapter after chapter today! I really need to start writting more. I hope you enjoy it remember I don't own Harry Potter. Please read and review.

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