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Cravings by dracolover4ever
Chapter 9 : Conversations, Complications
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SUMMARY: READ IF YOU DIDN'T READ LAST CHAPTER!!!! Hermione slept with George in the last chapter. Hermione awoke in George's room and left to go meet Ronald.

AN.. I would like to say that it is amazing how quickly things are getting accepted. I posted the last chapter two minutes ago!

Conversations, Complications

Hermione called a cab, once it got there Hermione left the apartment and started to head over to Ron's house. Hermione couldn't stop thinking about George. She kept thinking of last night. She ran her tongue over the small cuts in her lips.

The cab stopped after the twenty-minute ride. She padded the driver, and gave him a lousy tip; he had hit on her several times. Hermione walked up to the door, but before she got within a foot of it the door opened.

"God Hermione! You were so late. I was worried." Ron hugged her, and Hermione stiffened.

"Ronald I'm sorry I was up late last night, cleaning up after your brother. He has the flat in ruins. I don't trust him enough to clean it, I like it my way. I just slept in late I suppose." Most of it was true.

"Well come on I still have the food cooked and ready for us." Ron led her inside and to the kitchen.

"Ronald you don't have to show me where to go I've been to your house enough times." Hermione said feeling like a small child, and a rotten one at that.

"Hermione I just want to start over fresh. Put the kiss behind us. I even cooked this meal all myself."

He had defiantly cooked it himself! The ham was burnt, the pudding frozen, and everything else rotten. The candles he had lit were down and the wax was spilling over the edges. The silver ware was bent and broken, and the napkins were already dirty.

Hermione ate in silence, only grunting and nodding when necessary. Ron tried to get her to talk or eat more but she felt bad being in his presence. Hermione kept her eyes down but her ears open. She listened to Ron and everything else around them. But she didn't get involved; she was involved enough with another one of the other Weasley.

"Hermione why won't you say anything to me?"

"What Ronald? Oh, I guess I'm just more tired than I thought. I really should be going."

"No not until I have brought out the best part."

Ron returned with a coconut cake the one thing they both agreed on, years ago, that would be at their wedding. He cut the mini cake into two pieces and gave Hermione one. She got teary while shoving the cake down her throat. She forced herself not to say anything.

"Ronald thank you but I really do have to go now!" Hermione cried out through her sadness.

"Alright, let me at least take you back."

Hermione tried to argue but Ron ended up in a cab with her driving towards the flat. The car had an awkward silence, like after one person tries to kiss the other but the other puts a hand up saying 'no' then they both have to sit there in the silence. That was what Hermione thought at least. Ron on the other hand just thought he had bad breath.

When the car turned onto Hermione's street she started to get her things together. She grabbed her purse and scarf putting them on and unbuckling her seat belt. Ron started to but Hermione put a hand to his belt.

"Please don't. I really just want to go and sleep. There's no reason for you to come in. It's a pigs sty anyway." Hermione lied very well.

"Okay but I want you to call me tomorrow, at anytime. But before midnight, because I'm asleep by then." Ron tried to kiss her and Hermione turned her head so her kissed her cheek.

"Good night Ronald." She opened the cab door and stepped out. She punched in the code to get in.

The car turned the corner, and Hermione watched it from inside the building. She waited to make sure Ron didn't follow her. Then she went up two flights of stairs and unlocked her door.

"George?" She yelled throughout the house.

"Coming 'Mione."

George met her in the living room and sat right next to her on the couch. He hugged her tightly for a few seconds but broke away when she tensed up slightly.

"I called you to tell you that it's never going to happen again… but then you got here and I realized that would be a lie. So instead I'm going to ask you, why is there a G.W. on my lower neck?"

"Found that did you." George smirked at her.

"George do you realize that if Ronald were to see that he'd think of you right away?" Hermione questioned.

"I guess I didn't but I doubt he'll see it." George told her.

"Oh, you do and why is that?" Hermione pestered him.

"Because you don't love Ron. You thought you did but you don't. Just like you thought you hated me but you don't."

"I never hated you."

"Hermione we were just about as much of friends as Malfoy and his goons. We weren't friends but each of us knew the other was there. Do you really think that I came here thinking this would happen? I just knew you wouldn't shun me. You aren't apart of our close-knit family, not yet at least. Remember when Percy was being a twit; our family didn't talk to him for years. Still now we only say hello on his birthday and Christmas. I love my family Hermione; this relationship will only make them hate me, and you, more."

"Well if I'm so much trouble to you then you can leave my house and not come back." Hermione said on the verge of tears.

"Hermione I never said that. I meant what I said Hermione, this relationship will make hated in the Weasley household. But if I'm hated and with you I'm fine." George took Hermione in his arms and kissed her.

"George! I don't think I can tell Ronald about this. We've been friends for so long, I can't risk that friendship! I'll just have to be the worst girlfriend he's ever had. Then he'll dump me and we can openly be together." Hermione liked her plan.

"Hermione, are you saying we can stay together. That you would rather cheat on Ron, than have the Weasley clan hate you?" Hermione nodded. "Well I don't want my family hating me either. I'll go along, but only for so long Hermione. A guy can only stand it for so long."

Hermione smiled and kissed him. Then she kissed him some more. She just kept kissing him for minutes, then hours, then she stopped. Out of nowhere she broke away.

"I'm hungry." She said with a pouting face like a small child.

George cooked up some dinner and they both sat down and ate. They talked the whole time with no pauses; they finished each other's sentences and knew what the other was going to say before they even said it.

"Did you see Pansy at the reunion? She was cling to two different men's arms. She had that slinky dress on." George laughed.

"Oh she must have paid those men! The only thing that ever happened between her and a man was the rumors she spread herself." Hermione told him.

George and Hermione both cleaned up the kitchen after they had finished eating. George told Hermione stories about his flying, though most were exaggerated. Hermione wasn't bored like she always had been with Harry and Ron. She listened and gasped when necessary. She didn't even fake it.

When Hermione was ready to go to bed George followed her. He went to her room with her, then to the linen closet, and then to the bathroom; where both of them stayed for a while, then he followed her back into her room where they both fell asleep.

Hermione went on pretending for the next few weeks. She and Ron went out in the afternoon. He'd come to her work randomly, and make her go out. Hermione had only told Melody the truth, then put a spell on her so she wouldn't be able to tell anyone else.

Hermione and George were happy, even if they couldn't go out. Hermione would come home every night, even if she had to go back to work soon. George would even go to her work on some days. That's when Hermione found the use of the randomly placed closets that were never used by the hospital.

It had been over five months since George had come to stay. Only two of those months had Hermione been dating George and Ron. All though Hermione did find it nice having two men loving her at the same time, Hermione just wanted Ron to break up with her.

The more of a bad girlfriend she would be, the better boyfriend he became. He would send her things, and he wasn't in her face about George anymore. He seemed to be trying to make up for what Hermione was doing. And that trip of guilt's was one of the least of Hermione's problems.

AN. I only own OC's and the plot Jk owns everything else

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Cravings: Conversations, Complications


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