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Cravings by dracolover4ever
Chapter 8 : Fate Change!
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Fate Change!
WARNING!: This chapter is very graphic! It is only for mature readers. If you read the summary that I will add onto the next chapter then you don't have to necessarily read this chapter. As I said it is very graphic, if you can't handle that or if you might find it offensive then please just skip this chapter and wait for the next. This is my warning to you!

Hermione sat on George's bed. She was leaning over and kissing him. Her hands rested on his shoulders. She slid her right hand up to play with his hair.

George bit her lower lip, asking for permission in. He bit slightly too hard and cut Hermione's lip. She opened her mouth and they could both taste the blood. George started to sit up leaning Hermione over with her back on the bed.

Hermione wrapped her arms around George's neck. He swung one leg over to her other side so that he was on his hands and knees over her. Hermione wrapped her legs around his waist and he stood up wrapping his arms around her back, holding her tightly.

George kicked open his door, not braking their kiss. He carried Hermione out of his room and into the hallway. He leaned her on a wall and just kissed her for a minute. They broke apart so they could catch their breath. The second they started kissing again George picked her up and carried her the rest of the way into the living room. He set her on the couch and kissed her forcefully.

Hermione's hands fumbled around for seconds. Then she searched for the hem of his shirt. She pulled his shirt up as high as it could go while they were still kissing. George broke the kiss and threw his shirt to a near by corner.

Hermione crashed her lips back onto his. She kissed only his lower lip while he kissed her upper. George's hands roamed her front side. He felt around searching for buttons. When he found none he broke away. Hermione pulled her shirt over her head revealing a black lacy bra.

Hermione knelt down and was eye level with George's pants zipper. She took the button and almost ripped it off completely. She pulled his jeans down to his feet and he stepped out of them.

Hermione got back onto the couch and pushed her body against his. George's hands went to Hermione's thighs. His hands traveled higher and higher, bunching up her pajama shorts. He left small white lines where his fingers had scratched her.

"Hermione" he said through kisses. "Are you sure you can do this?"

"I can have sex with whoever I want George Weasley." Hermione said in a confident voice.

"Don't sound so confident it's too hot. You can only be like that around me."

"George who else could make me feels like this?" Hermione asked kissing him.

"Oh okay I get it shut up."

George placed his thumbs in the side of Hermione's shorts; he gently tugged at them till they fell to her ankles. Hermione pulled at her boy-short panties, sliding them off of her body. His hands wandered her body, He stop in places that would make her groan. He messed with the hook on her bra. It too came undone, and she pulled the straps off her shoulders letting it fall to the ground.

George moved his mouth from hers. He kissed her neck leaving many light red marks that would later darken. He kissed Hermione's breast ever so gently and kissed her stomach.

He took his boxers off and kissed Hermione one more time. She kissed back, with all of her emotions at the moment put into it. As George put himself in her Hermione groaned. She felt more pain than she ever had with Ron. George didn't stop kissing her though. Her groans where muted because his mouth covered hers.

When George slid himself out of Hermione she called his name.

"George…" she moaned.

George kissed her again and again not stopping till she couldn't groan anymore. George didn't stop there though. He made her part of him again. He wasn't quicker this time though if anything he was slower. He took his time. He kissed her and asked her if she was okay… if they should stop.

"No George, please don't say anything."

Hermione wasn't in this world anymore. She was on cloud nine. That was somewhere she had heard of. It was the one place you can go at that point of happiness, where nowhere on Earth could satisfy you. That's when you visit cloud nine, and everything seems wonderful.

George had left a trail of red marks all down Hermione's neck. They were all over her body; for there was almost nowhere George hadn't kissed or touched. Hermione had left scratched on George's back, and he left scratches on her back and legs.

Hermione's lip had been cut more than once from some of George's more forceful kisses. Blood had run down her chin and was drying. He had even cut her neck at a more exciting part of the night. So there was a small amount of blood running down her neck onto the couch as well.

George stroked Hermione's tongue with his. He kissed every inch of her. He touched every part of her he could get a hold of. He wanted her to be his. He knew that she was Ron's but he wanted her. Right or wrong, George wanted Hermione to be his.

It was past midnight by the time Hermione had fallen asleep, in George's arms. George got his boxers on. He put her clothes away. Then he gathered up his. He picked Hermione up and carried her naked body to his room.

George set Hermione in the bed and put a few covers over her. He looked at the clock, it would be light out in an hour or two. They had started at eight o'clock last night, if you wanted to get technical. George couldn't help but smirk in pleasure.

George got into his bed, still only wearing his boxers. He got under the covers, and wrapped an arm around Hermione's naked body. He pulled her close to him and fell asleep.

Hermione opened her eyes, it was light outside and she was having trouble moving. That's when she realized there was an arm around her. She took her hand and rubbed the arm, she knew that it wasn't Ron's arm.

Looking around she recognized the room. It was in her house. This was the guest room, George's room. Hermione took her hands under the cover and felt her own body. What she found, or didn't find, was that she had no clothes on. Not even a bra or panties.

Hermione grabbed the arm around her and shook slightly. When he didn't respond Hermione shook a bit harder. She just kept doing this for two minutes.

"George, George?" she whispered.

"Hermione you're awake." He said as if nothing was wrong.

"George what happened? How I get in here?" Hermione said even though she knew the answer.

"Well you say screw it so I thought might as well." He said it in a joking tone even though that was kind of what happened.

"George! I should be mad at you for that comment, but I can't get mad at you for some reason." Hermione said almost laughing.

"Hermione you know what happened."

"Yes I do. Oh god. I was supposed to meet Ronald an hour ago. If I'm not there soon he'll come here!" Hermione glanced at the clock.

Hermione tried to slide out of bed but she had grabbed the blanket to wrap around her body. George jumped up and sat on it so she couldn't move anywhere. She gave him an evil glare but then bent down and kissed him gently.

"Hermione do you realize what we end up doing when you kiss me like that?"

But Hermione's plan had worked. George had eased off the blanket so Hermione was able to wrap it around her like a towel. She had almost got to the door when George put a foot down on the corner. The blanket fell to the floor.

"George Weasley give me that! I won't just stand here in the nude!" She shouted at him.

"Hermione there isn't one part of you I haven't seen. There isn't one part of you I haven't touched. There's not even a part of you I haven't kissed." George had gotten off the bed and was holding Hermione's arms.

"George I really just have to go. I'm not telling Ronald about this but we have to talk when I get back." Hermione ran out of George's room and changed.

None of Hermione clothes would cover up the red spots all over her. There was one area that even looked like a G.W. Hermione would grill him later for that. She finally got a sweater like shirt that was dark enough to where Ron wouldn't see through it. She grabbed jeans and a scarf to put on in case.

"George I'll be back." She shouted to what seemed like an empty house.

A.N. I know some of you are saying what the heck! Or dear god, but I did warn you at the beginning of the chapter. Who knows someone might even think that wasn't all that graphic but I did warn you all, and if you didn't think it was graphic get over it. I only own the plot and any O.C. characters. Harry Potter is owned by J.K.

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Cravings: Fate Change!


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