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Seamus Day Out by JustSuper
Chapter 1 : Neville: the Hero
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Dear reader, hello, never fear for it is I bringer of missing moments JustSuper. I own nothing… In the beginning there are some lines from Jo’s HBP; everything else is mine.

Lavender Brown was ready for the best day of Ronald Weasley’s 17 years. She, being his girlfriend and all, had I all planned: A birthday that would live in his memory forever. 

She had gotten up extra early to prepare, the outfit alone had taken her a week to prepare. She was wearing her best push up bra, a tight black top and the lilac skirt that flowed showing just enough leg to get his full attention.

Lavender was waiting because Ron, as ever, was late. So she draped herself on the chair positioned directly in front of the boy’s dorm stairs. It was beside the portrait hole so she knew who had come and gone. It was exciting waiting for her Won-Won on his special day; but it was going to be their special day, she had decided to give him a very special Birthday surprise. 

Last night, before he went to perform his Prefect duties with Hermione, she’d told him to meet her here, this morning. It was all planned. All he knew was that they were going off together after the Apparition lesson. Spend the whole day together, picnic by the lake, make-up for all the time they hadn’t spent together since Christmas and he could have whatever he wanted. And she meant whatever

Oh there he is; FINALLY she thought he looks so cute with bed hair. Hang on, why is he still in his PJ’s – which are way to small for him if anyone asks me - and why is Harry almost carrying him. Why does Harry look like he’s an owl caught in wand light now he’s seen me?  Like I'm an unexpected complication...


“You’re late Won-Won!” she pouted then changing tact seeing as Harry was within earshot “I’ve got you a birthday…”

“Leave me alone,” said Ron impatiently – and with an indescribable look that Lavender had always longed to inspire “Harry is going to introduce me to Romilda Vane.”
Harry gave Lavender a look that, when coupled with this new Vane information, made her blood boil. As soon as the portrait hole shut behind them, Lavender screamed. Ran to the sofa not caring who was witnessed the scene, as she started to punch a pillow.

“VANE! VANE! AND HERES ME CONCERNED ABOUT GRANGER!” she shouted at the top of her lungs scaring some helpless looking first years. 

Half an hour later, Lavender had regained enough composure to have come up with other plan; the boyfriend-come-of-age-and-die-on-the-same-day plan. First, she was going to string Ron Weasley up by his… never mind. And then… And then, she was going to have a very strongly worded conversation with that Vane… ‘Girl’.

Her heart sank, however, when she saw that the only member of the golden trio eating breakfast was Hermione. She was having an urgently whispered conversation with Ginny. Ron and Harry were no where to be seen; neither was Parvati. In fact, the only person she knew and felt inclined to eat next to was Seamus; so she went over to him.

“Hi beautiful” Seamus said brightly. “Why so glum?”

“Ronald B Weasley…” she said dully. Then she went on to explain the whole sorry situation from beginning to end. While she did, Seamus absent-mindedly made her cup of tea – Lady Grey with cream and brown sugar - and he listened; which is just what she needed.

“Do you want me to hit him?” he asked jokingly.

“No…” she said automatically. “Well, maybe… If there’s anything let of him when I’m finished with him…” Lavender smiled, feeling a lot better.

“Maybe Hermione” he pointedly looked that her; as Ginny and she stood up to leave. “could teach you that spell for the yellow birds” Seamus smiled back. “He’s still having nightmares about them you know…” and then they laughed.

As they laughed, they saw Ginny and Hermione nearly reaching to the door corridor before they were met my Neville, who looked like a man on a mission. Whatever it was, it must have been of the ‘up most’ importance because Hermione dropped her things and sprinted away. She was followed by Ginny, who having got a whiter shade of pale, speed off behind her friend.

“I wonder what that’s about?” Lavender asked absentmindedly, making a mental note to enquire later.

A reaction like that meant only one thing to a girl like Lavender; gossip, juicy gossip.
“I don’t know but you’ll fine out” he smiled seeing that sparkle return to Lavenders eyes.

“Why, whatever do you mean Mr Finnigan?” Lavender smiled back flirtatiously.

“Well,” he said leaning closer “Little Miss Prim and Proper Prefect running in the halls… that Lavender can only end in gossip – which you are the undisputed Queen of – and you are dieing to know whatever it is…” he smiled. 

Lavender also smiled, it was her first real smile of that morning. She smiled at his comment; but also with surprise that Seamus, whom she'd gone to the Yule Ball with and been friends, without having a proper conversation with, knew her so well.

They continued to chat about this and that until it was time for their Apparate lesson. Lavender enjoyed herself so much that she totally forgot about both Ron and Romilda. 
She felt special with Seamus. For many reasons, but mainly because she had his undivided attention – unlike Ron who was always either worried about Harry or distracted by that other member of the golden trio.

“Now everyone before we start remember the three D’s…” Wilkie Twycross said starting off the lesson with his usual monolog.

“Dog-breath, Dung-head, Ding-bat” Lavender thought and stifling a giggle, she looked over to Ron, but he wasn't there. 

As the official little man drowned on about his beloved three D’s, Lavender stopped smiling; because while looking around, she noticed that not only was Ron missing but so was Hermione, Harry and Neville.

Needless to say, Lavender’s ability to Apparate was somewhat hindered, after this realisation. In fact, the only thing that Disapparated for Lavender was her good mood that Seamus had created over breakfast.

After the lesson, Lavender felt depressed again. She hated feeling like this; normally when she did she’d go and find Ron. He had this way of inspiring a bubble of happiness within, like a wand-less Patronus. She was so depressed that she decided to talk with Vane later. What was most depressing was that, she was all dressed up, picnic basket in hand and nowhere to go and no boyfriend to share it with.

“Now, that’s the grandest sight I’ve seen since I got here. Hogwarts most beautiful woman, a picnic basket…” Seamus declared to no one in particular, but he trailed off when he saw her face.

“Well at least you appreciate it” Lavender said giving a weak sad smile.

“Still, no Ron, hey?” He said sympathetically; Lavender just shook her head. There was a pause, in which Seamus gathered every ounce of Gryffindor bravery that he could muster.

“Lavender, lets get practical about this” Seamus ventured; gulping. “It’s a beautiful day; that pales in compassion to your good self, of course” Lavender smiled, nodding and mouthed of course; wishing she felt beautiful. 

“So I say we forget about Weasley, the big ginger tree, until tonight, at the very least; we could eat your picnic by the lake, then have a meander and catch up… what do you say…” he said putting his hand on his hip, indicating for her to link arms with him.

In Lavenders mind, there was only one possible choice. Between facing Ron, and that melodrama, and having a day out with Seamus… She smiled for Seamus as she linked arms with him.

“Grand” Seamus smiled. Then he took the picnic basket and led the way through the main doors onto the lawn towards the lake.

Lunch, and the meander that followed, was an amazingly pleasant and fun affair. Seamus enjoyed many of the same foods Ron did; which was good seeing as Lavender had spend a lot of time figuring through the menu. 

Through lunch, they chatted like they’d never chatted before. By the time they’d gotten half way around the lake, they’d discussed their childhood and their first signs of magic, their hopes and dreams, even trivial things, like favourite colour and first pets.

On reflection’, Lavender smiled to her self later, ‘this is exactly the kind of conversation I need to have with my Won-Won. Maybe… If our relationship survives today...’

In fact, the subject of Won-Won was skilfully avoided until they were more than half way around the lake. 

“Do you remember the Yule Ball?” Seamus asked after a long comfortable silence. “I was so nervous asking you.”

“Really?” Lavender giggled remembering the sweet way he’d done it. “You were the perfect date and gentleman throughout.  And a wonderful dancer...”

“A good time was had by all if I recall” Seamus laughed.

Both the Weird Sisters and…” Lavender laughed then stopped her self because now that memory, the one that had generated so much gossip was awfully painful at the moment.

“The first half of the Yule Brawl” Seamus continued. Lavender just nodded and looked out towards the lake. There was a long silence.

“He moaned her name once…” Lavender said absent-mindedly.

“Really” Seamus asked only half surprised.

“Yep,” Lavender said slowly.

“Then why did you stay with him” he asked dying to know what Weasley had that could keep a girl like Lavender. "You deserve someone who worships the ground you walk on and cares about you more then themselves..."

Like me’ he thought.

“I care about him Seamus… He makes me feel safe… And beautiful… I... I... think I love him” she sighed. 

Seamus' heart broke. He wanted to tell her that she didn't need Weasley to make her feel beautiful because, in his opinion, there had never been anyone that could compare to her. But now wasn't the time for those kinds of confessions.

There was a long pregnant pause before she continued. 

“I always thought that it was Granger I’d have to look out for with him. She moans his name in her sleep sometimes, has done since third year. Not that it really matters; her liking him doesn't mean he likes her back. It’s just…” She trailed off.

“You thought it would be her…” Seamus added.

What he wanted to add but didn’t that her Ron had done the same, moaned Hermione in his sleep, since his second year… To begin with it had been nightmares about her being petrified, because he blamed himself for not protecting her, but then in there third year it changed. And even last night at three a.m. he was calling for his Mione.

“After he did that, moan her name it mean, I bought him a necklace for Christmas… As a sign to her that he choice me, he belongs to me now" she stated. “But he never wears it” she said bitterly “Still he’s never done it since – now all he moans is mine which makes me feel better” Lavender smiled looking lake ward.

Seamus frowned, knowing full well that Ron (and interestingly enough Fred’s) contraction for Hermione was Mione; which when moaned in the heat of a passionate snog could sound like mine, Seamus supposed with a shudder.

“And that’s another thing” Lavender added starting towards the castle like a women on a mission. “Why didn’t he get me a proper Christmas present?” Lavender asked.

“Because I know last year, he bought her perfume; I was convinced for a while that they were dating secretly…”

But they weren’t thought Seamus mores the pity… Lavender was well ahead of him before he decided what he should do next.

“Hey Miss Brown come her” he indicated to his side, she obeyed. “Hold out you’re hand; the other way” she obeyed again and he tapped it; like he was telling off a small naughty child.

“Hey” Lavender exclaimed trying to be angry. “What was that for?”

“Well, you agreed not to talk about the… big ginger tree that is Ronald Weasley till we got back to the castle”

“I don’t think I deserve that though” she pouted.

“Oh, so what do you want me to do to make it better?” he enquired raising an eyebrow.

She merely held out her hand for him to kiss better; which he did most gladly.

The rest of their walk was uneventful. They spoke and joked again of small matters. 

Even hypothesizing the love life of the staff room like it was a Witch Weekly Soap; last year they decided, must have been a very interesting year with the whole Finch, Umbridge, Pince love triangle.

As soon as they got back to the castle Lavender went to the loo. Seamus looked after her as she left thinking. 

Maybe she’ll leave Ron, Lavender isn't happy, not that she’d admit it of course. And as for Ron… well He can go back to his precious Hermione. Give us all a break. It didn’t sit easy with him that Ron still…

His train of thought was derailed by appearance of Neville running towards him.


“Seamus have you seen Lavender?” he shouted while still running

“Yeah… all day in fact” Seamus smiled at the mere memory of his most enjoyable day out.

“Where is she?”

“The loo… what’s going on?”

“We NEED to KEEP her AWAY from the hospital wing” Neville panted, his face red from running around all day.

“Why” Seamus said as panic rose within his chest

“The abridged version… Ron poisoned; this morning while in Slughorns office. He’s in the hospital wing.”

“Then why do you want to keep Lavender away?” Seamus asked looking towards the loos, thinking about what was best for Lavender.


“Hermione’s with him.” Neville said pointedly. “She’s been there all day, waiting, hasn’t spoken or moved. They’ve only just been allowed to see him. I’m thinking that if Lavender and Hermione see each other the result isn’t going to be good.” Neville blurted out. “But at least he’d have company…” he added brightly.

“But Lav's his girlfriend!”

“Seamus. Ron needs Hermione there, not Lavender but Hermione” Seamus looked like he wanted to argue but Neville was too quick for him. 

“When we were in the Department of Mysteries last year Hermione was injured and we couldn’t wake her for ages, I thought she was near dead, they tired spells but nothing worked... They couldn't get her vital signs up enough for her to be moved" He said obviously trying to put what he had seen into the 'right' words.

“What’s your point?” Seamus asked hottly not really caring what Neville or he himself wanted... Knowing instead what Lavender would have wanted.

“Ron came in, they tried to stop him but it was useless, I've never seen him like that, not even after she was petrified... And you remember that?" Neville exclaimed: Seamus nodded.

"And you saw his arms after that night but still he just held her really close. I could see he was in pain but he wouldn't let go. Then, to the amazement of everyone, her vital signs improved enough for her to be moved." 

"He didn't leave her side until she woke up at school; not even to get his own wounds treated." Seamus still didn't look like he was getting it. "Them being together made the difference Seamus. That kind of magic isn’t found in a spell book, they can’t teach it to healers” Neville said so forcefully that Seamus was taken aback. 

“Hermione came out of it because of Ron and I’m counting on the same thing happening now… If anyone can pull him out of this it’s her…There's just something so strong between them.”

“BUT LAVENDER IS HIS GIRLFRIEND” Seamus almost shouted.

“WOULD YOU PLEASE LET ME FINISH?” Neville said with a note of exasperation and a force that surprised both him and Seamus. 

“When I was in the Hospital Wing that night. I heard her cry out, I froze, pretended to be asleep - because saw him move – with a great amount of pain – to her bed and hold her. I’ve never been so sure they’re in love! The way they were looking at each other and whispering. He was soothing her… He needed her at that night, to be close and comfort her, as much as she needed him. So if there is anything that will help him out of this it’s Hermione Jean Granger – so we need to keep Lavender away from them…” 

“But that was then, this is now. Hermione isn’t his girlfriend – Lavender is” Seamus said getting tired of having to repeat the fact that he wanted so much not to be true.

“I know that and its not like Ron doesn’t like Lavender its just…”

“He loves Hermione” Seamus finished marvelling at himself for defending Ron and Lavenders relationship, when all he’d wanted to do all day was tell Lavender that very same truth.

“That’s right” Neville nodded relived that Seamus had FINALLY gotten the message “and Lavender will go spare if she goes up there and sees his family treating and comforting Hermione like she’s the girlfriend” - Because, at the end of the day Neville thought she should be.

“Understandably” Seamus interjected; Neville nodded.

“Yeah, but you know what Ron and Hermione are like when they’ve not spoken to each other for a while remember 3rd year?” Seamus nodded, remembering how they'd been around each other. 


How their mood had been like an unspoken Dementor that had spread throughout all that knew them. Until, that is, the day they made up; to the relief of the whole school it seemed. 

“Yeah and it’s been months” Seamus muttered.

“And you know what their like when one of them nearly dies, or is hurt  – which seems to happen annually to the golden trio!” Neville said hurriedly sensing that they didn't have much time left.

“We have to delay her!!!” Seamus said and Neville just nodded

“Our problem is it’s all around the castle now so you need to keep her occupied…” Neville stated miserably.

“And how am I going to do that?” Seamus asked, his voice rising ever so slightly higher than usual as the weight of the task dawned on him. Keep the Queen of gossip away from the rest of the Hogwarts gossip mongers.

“Take her to the Astronomy tower…” Neville suggested surprised at his own quick thinking. “I’ll ask Dobby, a house elf friend of the trio's, to serve you your dinner there we just need to give them as much time as possible together…” 

Just then Lavender appeared beside them.

“Hi Neville…coming into dinner with us?” She said brightly.

“No… actually… Lavender…” Seamus said turning to face her and giving his best lopsided smile; ‘works wonders for Weasley’. “I want to take you out for dinner. We’ve had such a nice day, I thought we could have dinner in the Astronomy tower – nothing funny” he laughed trying desperately not to sound like he was keeping something from her.

To Seamus and Neville’s great surprise, and relief, Lavender merely linked arms with Seamus, flashed Neville a carefree smile and they strolled away at a nice leisurely meander.

When they arrived at the astronomy tower they spotted the table set out by the window. Then they realised that they weren’t the only ones up there. In the corner they heard laugh they hadn’t heard in a long time coming from a blond boy with dangerously good looks.

Draco was there in the arms of Pansy Parkinson… They looked to be having the kind of carefree and cosy chat those in a loving relationship often have. He was visibly happier and more himself than anyone had seen him in months. 

Draco stopped when they heard the new arrivals turn to leave and snapped back to being the Prince of Slytherin - cold and calculating. 

“Well, if it isn’t Hogwarts own Wee Irish Leprechan and who’s that…” Draco smirked trying to get a better view. 

“Well, well Lavender Brown I must say that I’m surprised you’ve gotten over the demise of Weasel Beck so quickly…” he laughed.


“If you must know Malfoy” Lavender spat. “Seamus and I are friends” She smiled at Seamus “and Ron and I…” she started determinedly. “Well I don’t know what’s happening with him” she confessed. “But when I see him I’ll be sure to send him your regards.” she smiled knowing full well that Malfoy hated her Won Won as much as someone could. “Anyway how did you find out about the Romilda Vane thing anyway?” she added trying not to seem like she cared but needing to know more then anything.

“Lavender we should just go ok?” Seamus said urgently sensing where the conversation was going, grabbing her hand. 

By that look on Malfoy's face Seamus thought it seems almost like all his Christmas’ have come at once. Almost as if the person he hated most was gone. But that was silly. Why would he be this happy about Ron being poisoned? Why would Malfloy hate Weasley so much? Surely Malfoy hates Harry the most, doesn't he?


“You don’t know do you?” Malfoy laughed, he stood up and walked over to her not wanting to miss any of her reaction. “The self styled Queen of Gossip is out of the loop, Pansy." Pansy giggled while looking devotedly at Draco.


"Well, well, well, wee Irish this is your lucky day” he smirked again at Pansy's reaction and the power he now had over Lavender and Seamus. 


“It gives me the greatest joy and happiness to announce to you both" he said in the most theatrical voice he could muster. "…The end of Hogwarts Golden trio as of this morning. The trio will hopefully become a duo. Ronald Weasley was poisoned this very morning and is in the hospital wing..!” 

“WHAT?” Lavender screamed, letting go of Seamus then running towards the door but before left she shot Seamus the dirtiest look she was capable of. Her heart broken; her dream shattered; because for one beautiful day Lavender had believed that Seamus would always be there as her, looking out for her.

"By the way Irish... Thanks for dinner!" Malfoy called after them reaching for a chip next to him.

I was wrong about Seamus like I was wrong about Won-Won Lavender thought bitterly as she ran to be by her Won-Won’s side. Seamus followed after her in a state of shock.
As she entered the corridor with the Hospital Wings door ahead her heart missed a beat. 

First, she saw Hagrid talking to Harry making their way towards the loo, Hagrid looked at her in horror, but he kept going. 

Then she saw her. Being held and reassured by Neville, who seemed to appear from no where.


Before the door closed, Lavender got a flashed of the faces of Ron's family in the background, looking after Hermione like she was the distressed girlfriend… That was it... The door closed and she couldn’t keep it in anymore.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Lavender shouted looking pointedly at Hermione while walking over to her. 

Hermione turned from looking towards the door separating her from Ron, to the girl who had done the same. The girl partly responsible for months of torture, crying and general heartbreak and with a voice brimming with pent up emotion breathed.

“Lavender I’m here because I’m his best friend…” Hermione slowly stated not wanting, but ready for a fight.

“Friend? Friend? You haven’t spoken to him in months…” Lavender was laughing.



Lavender asked pointedly; then looking about to see the crowd around them, all of whom looked shocked.

“LAVENDER GIVE ME BREAK… YOU KNEW WE WERE GOING TO SLUGHORNS PARTY TOGETHER.” Lavender’s mouth went dry; no she hadn’t been aware of that. “I WAS UPSET…” Hermione exploded breaking away from Neville.


He stepped back: knowing that this conversation was long over due and better to be had in front of witnesses. And actually, best it happened near a Healer...

“HERMIONE HE PICKED ME, HE CAME ON TO ME!!!” Lavender stated, knowing that this would end the argument.

Hermione looked at the door that separated her and Ron, then back to the girl that separated her from Ron. And she knew Lavender was right but right now wasn’t the time or the place. She was just about to make an excuse and leave when...
Fred walked out of the ward…

“What the BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON HERE? Ronniekins is trying to sleep ‘ladies’ so BE QUIET” He said all of this without properly surveying the scene.
Then, recognising Hermione’s stance went over and placed him self between the two girls, resting his hands on Hermione’s shoulders and whispered while trying to remain calm.

“Mione she’s not worth it” As he said this he looked into her eyes longing for her to see reason. Knowing full well the effect this look had on her. Usually, she'd melt a little into his touch and it would be enough: But not today.

She looked into his eyes they weren’t as bright as Ron’s but they had passion. Then a new wave of unresolved emotion swept through Hermione. She knew Fred’s eyes almost as well as she knew Ron's. There was a moment before Hermione spoke again.

“Fred, why should I listen to you” Hermione whispered “You left me and never said goodbye” 

This shocked Fred, the man who had once described as a human Bludger, looked like he'd taken a countless to the number. His mind was flooded with the memory of his last night in Hogwarts. 

Hermione took the opportunity to break free of him and return the argument that was long over due - now fuelled by two sets of bottled emotions. She decided had she was not going to let this 'girl' stand in the way of her and Ron's friendship any more.


“LAVENDER, YOU DON’T KNOW HIM” Hermione shouted walking closer to Lavender.
“I know him plenty – in a way only a girlfriend can - better then you…” Lavender smirked knowingly stepping closer to her rival. There was a momentary flash of horror on Hermione’s face; then visibly shaking with all the rage and frustration she’d been bottling up since before Christmas Hermione fought back. 

“Can you understand him when he talks with his mouth full?” Hermione shot inching closer to Lavender.

“Have you EVER played chess with him?” she asked mockingly knowing the answer full well. 

“Or seen the look in his eyes and that special smile when he’s figured something out” Hermione said, almost breaking her own heart at the moment remembering all the things that she missed about her Ron. 

“Do you know what he’s going to say before he says it?” Hermione asked; Lavender frowned knowing that Hermione and Ron could finish each other sentences; she'd seen it often enough when they thought no one was around. 

“Do you even know that he can make sandwich out of anything. Or that he's scared of spiders, because of his brothers…” she shot Fred a look (who was still lost in a bittersweet memory.)

“What’s your point?” Lavender spat, interrupting Hermione in full rant. She was getting more and more upset because what Hermione said was true. 

She didn’t know her own boyfriend like Hermione did. 

She went for her wand and stepped closer but Seamus, having regained himself since the Malfoy incident and that look of betrayal she'd shot him, now realising the danger held her back. Hermione hand was already on her wand by the time she spoke again.

“I know these things because we’ve been friends for six years, had six year of conversations, arguments, adventures with Harry, times waiting on the sidelines, three summer holidays with him. And times when it was just the two of us together” she said enjoying the look of calculation upon Lavenders over done face. 


“You’re jealous” Lavender laughed. “Little Miss Perfect” she mocked “you may know him, but he’s MINE now and you can’t stand that he wants someone real like me and not some bossy know-it-all, with bad hair and worse dress sense.” 
Indeed Hermione's appearance was worse then usual, if that was possible. Her eyes were red and puffy. Her cheeks stained with countless tears. Her hair was worse than ever and as for her clothes, she didn't look prim and proper at all.

Fred, Neville and Ginny - whom had just slipped out of the ward - all looked like they were going to interject on Hermione’s behalf but Hermione was too quick for them.

“Oh look everyone” Hermione laughed “Lavender Brown displaying her maturity and keen intellect. Resorting to taunts that resemble that of an unintelligent tweenage princess” Hermione laughed manically, gesturing to the growing crowd then she looked Lavender straight in the eye. 


“You resort to childishness because you know I’m right.” She paused because suddenly after regaining her voice and vocabulary her brain finally kicked in; while Fred regained a hold on her. 

“But your right you’re his ‘girlfriend’ and you know what, I’m sorry for you because you don’t deserve him, you deserve someone who needs you as much as you need him” she said looking pointedly at Seamus.

“And I’m also sorry that everyone who knows us – knew he needed me – not you” she breathed quietly looking to Fred, Ginny, and Neville.
Lavender looked ready to explode, even with Seamus holding her back pleading with her to calm down with his eyes. She was trying to figure out what to say next, curse or otherwise when Hermione interrupted her.

“Don’t worry, I’m over this whole situation” Hermione said, still angry but calmer, more to the crowd then to Lavender. “It’s an academic discussion, when he wakes up we’ll see what happens.”

She crumpled into Fred's familiar embrace; his familiar smell calming her frantic mind. Ginny hurried towards her, and took her out of Fred’s arms and whispered...

“Hermione, you’re staying with me tonight OK?” Hermione merely nodded, her emotions having been expressed, drained of energy. All she needed was to crawl into bed with Ron and hold him until he awoke but knowing that wasn't a possibility merely hugged Ginny.


Lavender went towards the door, wanting to see her Won-Won. She was met by Madam Pomfrey who not only didn’t allow her admittance, suggesting that she ‘come again tomorrow but called Ginny and Fred back in.

They did after leaving Hermione to sit and wait for Harry and Hagrid. Hermione and Lavender exchanged dirty looks.


Before Lavender fumed back to the tower, flanked, at a safe distance, by Seamus and Neville

As Neville made his way back to bed his eyes where smiling because he knew his gamble had paid off. No one, with exception of Luna, he thought, would ever know what a trying day I’ve had to ensure the trio had the time they needed. And the bravery it took to do what was needed. But Ron's going to be ok and what's better Hermione is going to fight - FINALLY.


Luna was later to remark that it was Neville's finest Hogwarts hour, before he came of age and the battle really began and the trio, wholeheartedly agreed with her.


The sequel to Seamus Day Out called Seamus Night In has just been completed. Three guesses which HBP missing moment that’s about!!! Go and enjoy it…


Hermione calling Lavender a 'tweenage princess' relates to my other story Tomboy. 

As for the Fred and Hermione romantic under current… That will be explained in a fiction I have in the works.


For more of my interpretation of Draco – check out The Magic-less Cruciatus Curse, a story that is set in the third chapter of Seamus Night Out.









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