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The Hard Life by killthatrat
Chapter 13 : Chapter 13 Adrenaline
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It was his breathing that he first became aware of. It seemed harder than usual, like somebody was sitting directly on his chest, stopping him from breathing fully. He thought he could hear somebody coughing, before he realized it was him. Heavy coughs racked his body as he screwed up his eyes, he realized he was leaning forward on something and he forced himself to sit up. He stilled for a moment then opened his eyes as he coughed again and looked around. He couldn’t see anything, his vision was blurry. He squinted his eyes but he could make out almost nothing except the white haze that was floating around the car.

Harry leaned back trying to breathe, blinking his eyes as he tried to make them focus. What happened? He thought to himself. All of a sudden he became aware of the bright lights that were surrounding him. Harry let out a strangled groan as he realized what had happened. A crash. His heart quickened as this thought sunk in, and he turned his head towards his Uncle, full of dread. He stilled in shock, his Uncle was slumped across the drivers door, blood running down his wide face. He wasn’t moving.

Panic filled Harry’s body and he felt suddenly claustrophobic. His breathing became erratic as he fumbled with the clasp of his seat belt, still not taking his eyes off his Uncle. The clasp clicked open and the seat belt automatically retraced back into the holder. Slightly relieved Harry tore his eyes from his Uncle and pulled on the door handle. Nothing happened, he began pulling again and again, becoming more and more desperate. Full of panic he threw himself against the door, trying to make it budge. He threw himself at it again and it opened slightly with a creak.

Full of desperation Harry pushed the door open and pulled himself out, his arms holding tightly onto the wrecked car frame. He set his foot to the ground, it buckled and a wave of dizziness over took him.

“Hey hey hey!” Someone called out to him. Harry held tightly onto the open car door as a middle aged man rushed over to him, taking him firmly by one elbow.

“Are you alright?” He said concerned. Harry tried to breathe in but was overcome by more heavier coughing. The stranger put his arm around Harry’s middle and began to walk him slowly away from the car. Harry stumbled but followed the man’s lead away from the wreckage, as he tried desperately to stop the coughs that racked his body.

“Come on you’ll be alright.” The man said soothingly as he put gentle pressure on Harry’s side to make him sit down on the road. The man knelt down beside him looking worried. “Don’t worry, the ambulance will be here soon. Just try not to move too much.”

Harry looked down at the ground as nausea swept over him. He let out a groan as he tried to stand up again, but the stranger wouldn’t let him. “Don’t move mate. It’ll be alright.”
Harry complied as the sounds of the Ambulance siren filled the air around him. He looked up to see a few cars parked haphazardly around the intersection, obviously having just escaped impact themselves. Their lights were bright and he couldn’t see much else through them except for the flashing red light of the Ambulance that had just pulled up close to him. Harry put his head into his hands as he tried to get rid of the nausea and dizziness. The man kneeling beside him stood up and began talking to somebody. Harry clenched his eyes shut then opened them again, hoping his vision would clear up even though he didn’t know where his glasses were.

“Hey mate I’m David from the Ambulance Service.” Somebody said calmly as they knelt down beside him. “Can you tell me your name?”

Harry took a deep shuddering breath as he tried to clear his foggy mind. “Harry Potter.” He replied simply.

David began to rummage around in something Harry could not see and he took out a small torch.

“OK Harry can you follow this torch with your eyes please.” He said not as a question but as a command. Harry looked towards the small torch, squinting his eyes slightly as he followed it up and down, right to left. David flicked the torch downward turning it off as he studied the young boy before him.

“Do you think you lost consciousness at all Harry?”

“Err, maybe, I think so.” Harry replied uncertainly as another ambulance parked, it’s siren stopping suddenly. Two men jumped out calmly, both holding a case much like the one David had and approached the other car that Harry had not noticed.

“Do you know how my Uncle is? The one in the car?” Harry said, not knowing if he wanted to know.

David turned around on the spot and looked towards the car Harry had indicated. Observing it for a minute he turned back to his patient and replied.

“I don’t know what’s going on but my partners over there assessing him. But what we need to worry about is you alright mate.” He said calmly as he put his hand towards Harry’s face. Confused, Harry tried to get up,

“No I’m fine, I’m alright.”

“No mate sit down, you’re not alright.” David said putting his hands gently on Harry’s shoulders to pressure him back down. Harry once again complied as he sat down, however confused about what David had just said. I’m fine. Harry thought to himself. He looked up to see a lady who was obviously David’s partner approaching.

“John and Micah are taking over the driver. What do we need?” She said as she too kneeled down on Harry’s other side. Harry looked at her briefly, before looking back down at the ground, suddenly feeling slightly tired. He took note of her blonde hair that shone brightly in the lights from the cars, her dark roots standing out.

“Harry this is Georgia, my partner. We’ll need a stretcher ready please, were set to go.”

Georgia nodded as she stood up swiftly and headed back towards the vehicle she had come in.

David turned back to Harry and said, “Are you in much pain Harry?”

Beginning to get frustrated he replied, “No I told you I’m fine.”

“No numbness, pins and needles?”


“Any nausea, dizziness?”

This stopped Harry, as he thought hard. “Yeah a little when I stood up.” He admitted.

David scribbled something down a piece of paper Harry hadn’t noticed, he looked up as Georgia came back over.

“Stretcher’s prepped. Ready?”

He nodded as he handed the Muggle pen and sheet of paper over to her.

“Right Harry I’m going to help you up ok. Just lean on me and we’ll get you to a hospital in no time. Is that ok?”

Harry nodded, uncaring about what happened next. He looked up as he felt David’s arm go gently around his waist, his other arm directing Harry’s to go over his shoulder. They slowly stood up, immediately Harry felt the dizziness and sickening nausea wash over him again as David made sure that he put all of his weight onto him. Harry breathed in deeply as he tried to stem the nausea that was threatening to overcome him. He let out the deep shuddering breath as they made their way to the open doors of the ambulance, the bright lights shining.

Somehow he was soon half lying half sitting on the stretcher in the back of the ambulance, glancing around at all the strange equipment that filled it. All of a sudden the sliding door slammed shut and Georgia entered the front of the vehicle. An engine started up and Harry could dimly see he lights flashing, but no siren thankfully.

“Ok Harry were on our way we shouldn’t be more than a few minutes. I’m just going to put a small drip in your hand, just a small needle.”

Harry dimly nodded, all of a sudden feeling rather tired.

“Now try not to move very much ok? We won’t be long I promise.”

Harry didn’t respond, focusing on keeping himself awake. Harry felt David’s hand upon his own, then a small sting as the needle went into the back of his left hand.

“There’s just a few details I need to know Harry. First of all were you wearing a seatbelt?”

“Yes.” Harry replied. When David asked if he was sure he replied again. “Yes I’m sure.”

“Ok.” David said as he scribbled something else down on the piece of paper that Georgia had left for him. “And who can we contact for you? Mum or Dad?”

Harry shut his eyes at this, not wanting to explain everything. “There’s a lady, Mrs Figg. 12 Mongolia Crescent. ”

“Do you have a phone number for her?”

“Er, no.”

“That’s ok the hospital will get in contact with her as soon as they can. Im just going to take your blood pressure, it might feel a bit tight. Are you on any types of medication? Any conditions we should know about? Epilepsy? Heart problems? Anything like that?”

“No, nothing.” Harry replied as David strapped a wide band to the top of his arm and pressed a button on a Muggle machine it was connected to. Immediately Harry felt the band begin to tighten with a buzz.

“Ok do you know your blood type?” David said as he waited for an accurate reading to show.

“No, sorry.” The band continued getting tighter and tighter until it suddenly stopped. He was painfully aware of the throbbing in his fingertips as David scribbled another thing on the piece of paper.

“And how old are you?”

“16.” He relied simply.

“Ok last of all I’m going to give you three words and when we get to the hospital they will probably want you to repeat them, this is just to make sure you haven’t hit your head too hard. You ready.

“Yeah.” Harry said absentmindedly.

“Orange, Goose and Australia.”


David scribbled some more words down onto the piece of paper before clipping it onto a clipboard and attaching it to the end of the stretcher. He quickly unstrapped band from his arm, and Harry wiggled his fingertips slightly. Harry listened quietly as he bustled around the back of the ambulance, and attached something to the needle in Harry’s arm.

“I’m just giving you some fluids Harry, you look a bit dehydrated. It may make your arm feel a bit cold but it’s nothing to worry about.”

Harry didn’t reply, but he sighed with relief internally as he felt the vehicle slow down to a complete stop. He heard to front door of the ambulance open, then shut with a small bang as Georgia walked around the back of it.

The sliding door opened and David stood up and went around the back of the stretcher.

“Were here mate.” Georgia said cheerfully as she took the other end of the stretcher and helped wheel it out of the van. Harry went to sit up but remembered what David had said, yet looked around. Large white paint on the ground bore the words AMBULANCE ONLY, as did a sign hanging up on the hospital wall.

Harry looked up, surprised as a small group of three people walked out of the hospital doors, snapping on rubber gloves. David and Georgia wheeled the stretcher towards them, and when they got nearer, one of the Muggle doctors asked, “What have we got here?”

Two of the doctors took over the stretcher as they pushed through the swinging doors and into a brightly lit emergency room. Harry could hear David somewhere near him rattling off words to a younger doctor who scribbled it down on a clipboard.

“16 year old Harry Potter, restrained passenger in T-bone collision. Unknown blood type, BP 110/75, IV fluids administered on route, complained of nausea and dizziness. No pain present yet, severe bruising to abdomen area, minor seat belt burn, small head wound and no obvious signs of spinal injury. The airbags inflated so possible whiplash also. Contact details on sheet, Mrs Figg.”

“Hey Harry I’m Dr Alcott, are you still in no pain?” A dark haired man said to him as he was wheeled into a small curtained cubicle. Harry looked around, his eyes still not clearing up as he had desperately hoped.

“No, I feel fine.”

“Ok then. Just move over onto the other stretcher for me mate.” Dr Alcott said indicating the other stretcher that was pushed up against his own. Awkwardly Harry slid over to the next one, thankful that the top of it was raised so that he could fully sit up.

David and Georgia rolled the other stretcher away as they waved goodbye to him. Harry smiled at them slightly as a sign of thanks.

“Anna get in contact with this Mrs Figg for me.” A brown haired nurse left the cubicle with the clipboard David had left for them, and shut the curtain behind her.

“Ok Harry the ambulance officers probably gave you three words to repeat back to us. What are they?”

“Orange, Goose and Australia.”

“Very good. Alright Harry let’s just get this jumper and shirt off.” Dr Alcott said as he hung up the clear bag full of water like liquid that was attached to the needle in his hand, he however briefly dis-connected the drip from his arms as he help Harry to get his shirt and jumper off.

“Hey Harry I’m Dr Harte.” The remaining person said to him kindly as he put the earpeice of a stethoscope into his ears. “Just breathe in deeply and hold it for me.” He continued as he placed the other end on the left-hand side of Harry’s back. Harry did as he asked, and again when he moved over the right side.

“Equal and clear breath sounds.” He announced to the other doctor, hanging the stethoscope around his neck. Harry sat back and grimaced slightly as a sudden bolt of pain shot through his chest and back. Noticing this Dr Alcott asked him as he clipped something onto the end of Harry’s finger.

“Any pain?”

Harry sighed, yet grimaced again as another shot went through him as he breathed in.


The doctor sat down on the edge of the bed, looking concerned. “Where was it and when?”

Harry explained, becoming more and more confused about this sudden occurrence of pain. The Doctor nodded as he looked towards the other.

“15 milligrams of morphine Pete, lets see how we go with that. Now Harry.” He said looking back at him. “The probable reason you couldn’t feel any pain before was because the adrenaline was most likely masking it. You’ll probably become aware of a lot more and you need to tell us when you doo. But in the mean time we’ll give you something to help with it a bit.”

Harry nodded as he watched Dr Harte inject something into the tube that was coming from his hand. He tried to ignore the increasing pain in his chest, which was proving difficult through his breathing.

The curtain opened quietly and the nurse Anna entered briefly.

“I contacted Mrs Figg.” She said to the room at large. “She said she’ll have the right people notified and they should be here any minute.”

“Thanks Anna.” Dr Alcott said as he rummaged around in something behind Harry.

“Do you need me for anything else Doctor?”

“No thanks Anna.”

The nurse smiled briefly as she quickly left, shutting the curtain behind her.

“Ok Harry we need you to put this on. It will help with your breathing.” Dr Alcott said holding up a long thin plastic tube. He sat back down on the edge of his bed and hooked the tube over both of his ears. “This just goes in the nose, and should make things a bit easier for you.” He said as he gently pressed two tiny tubes attached to the longer one into his nostril. Harry immediately felt the cool air flowing slowly out of the tube, and he breathed it in.


“No problem. Now the morphine will start to work in a couple of minutes, are you still feeling nauseous at all or dizzy?”

Harry shook his head quietly.

“Any more pain?”


He nodded at him before turning to the other Doctor. “Pete would you do a full ‘abdo’ check, ultrasound if you need. He’ll want some stitches, and half hourly observations.”

Dr Harte nodded, “No problem.”

“Let me know when you’re done.” And with that, Doctor Alcott pulled off his rubber gloves with a snap, leaving the cubicle pulling the curtains shut behind him.

“Alright Harry just lean back for me and try to relax.” He said warmly. “I’m just going to have a feel of your abdomen here, you need to let me know if you feel any pain or discomfort.”

Harry nodded as he leant back, closing his sore eyes for a moment. He forced them open as Dr Harte folded his hands over each other and pressed firmly onto his abdomen. He breathed in gently as he pressed harder, almost massaging. He moved his hands across the length of his stomach, pressing with different degrees of pressure. Harry grimaced as pain suddenly shot through his stomach and back as he pressed just below his ribs.

“That hurt did it?”

Harry nodded grimly.

Dr Harte nodded in response as he made a note on the clipboard, then continued his examination in a different spot.

“Alright then. I’ll just fix up some of these cuts for you.” He said about a minute later. He moved behind the bed where Harry could not see him, and pulled a trolley on wheels towards him, fiddling around with it for a minute. Harry sat there in silence, wondering about what that doctor had said to him not long before.

Cuts? He thought to himself. He felt fine. But shock hit him hard as he took a good look at him self. Already some large bruises were forming on his chest, and he noticed for the first time, cuts all over his hands and arms.

“Alright Harry I’m just going to do some stitches on your face, quite a few I’m sorry to say.” Dr Harte said to him, trying to be cheerful for the sake of his patient, who was looking steadily paler.


“You’ve got a pretty nasty cut on your face mate, it’s gonna need stitches.”

“Oh.” Harry said quietly. “I can’t even feel half this.”

“Yeah that would be the adrenaline rush you would have had. You’re lucky.” He said as he raised a small hand mirror to Harry’s face for him to see.

Harry almost gasped out loud as his eyes took in the many tiny cuts on his face, he assumed it was probably when his glasses may have broken. But the one that shocked him most was much larger. A large gash ran like a semi-circle from just above his right cheekbone to above his eyebrow, blood had run down the entire length of his face and had dried dramatically, but was thankfully no longer bleeding. Harry put his hands to his face and gingerly felt it. He winced in pain as he touched his face, and he put down the mirror with a sigh.

“I’ve seen worse if that makes you feel better.” Dr Harte said soothingly, as he prepared a small needle, which would help numb the area he would be stitching.

The curtain opened slightly as the nurse Anna poked her head in.

“You’ve got a visitor.”

Dr Harte raised his eyebrows. “That was quick.” He said in awe.

The nurse pulled back the curtain, and the one person Harry had hoped to see entered the cubicle. Harry grimaced in pain as he sighed with relief.

“Merlin Harry! What’s happened?” Sirius said as he approached his Godson and sat down on the other side of the bed, looking more frightened than Harry had seen him in a long time. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” He said in reply, as a small smile crept onto his face.

Sirius took hold of Harry’s hand, still looking worried. “Really I’m fine, honestly.”

Sirius nodded his head, looking as though he was trying to convince himself of something he didn’t believe. He gripped Harry’s hand tightly as he breathed out with relief.

“What happened though?”

“It’s a long story.”

A/N woah thats like three or four chapters in one night! yay! go validators! read and review!

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