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The Old and The New by demongurl
Chapter 33 : He Won't get away
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Ron hit his head on the breakfast table several times before he actually decided to answer Harry’s question of whether he could attend Quidditch practice that night or not.

“I can’t.” Ron said, “I’ve got a detention because Filch caught me standing outside the Ravenclaw Common room.” Harry looked at Ron bemused.

“Why? Were you doing anything?” Harry asked.

“No, I had just walked Padma back to her common room when Peeves turned up and-” Ron closed his eyes. “I don’t want to talk about it.” Ron hit his head on the table again. Hermione frowned and put her hands on either side of Ron’s head to stop him from hitting it anymore.

“Stop that!” Hermione said. “You’ll make yourself stupid.”

“I’m already really stupid.” Ron said, “Nothing can make me more stupid then I already am.”

“Now I know for a fact that’s not true.” Hermione said frowning.

“Oh yeah, what can make me more stupid?” Ron asked.

“Being related to Crabbe and Goyle.” Hermione said with a smirk. Ron’s eyes narrowed dangerously before he proceeded to hit his head against the table.

“Any way.” Harry said uncertainly. “Hermione, what are you up to?” Hermione looked at Harry curiously. She seemed to have a much kinder attitude to him and Jenny as an item recently though Harry still noticed her getting jealous when she didn’t think anyone was looking.

“What do you mean?” Hermione asked, “Because I’ve been mainly doing homework. I’m only just coping really but-”

“I mean with the house elves? April keeps complaining that Castra isn’t around. Sirius says that Shoner keeps disappearing and Dobby keeps wanting to talk to you.” Harry said. Hermione grinned.

“It’s a plan of mine, I don’t know how I came up with it-”

“You came up with it because you’re Hermione.” Ron interrupted, “But what are you up to because-”

“I’m not telling you.” Hermione said. “I want to see that it will work before I start spreading it and Castra, Shoner and Dobby are my…Ambassadors in a way.”

“Pelase don’t tell me you’re trying to get all the house elves in the world to revolt?” Harry asked tiredly.

“No, quite the contrary.” Hermione told him. “It’s rather-
” There was an explosion and several students started screaming and running. Hermione, Harry and Ron all started in surprise and noticed a few stupid looking ugly trolls sitting where the Slytherins usually sat.

“Why do things always happen to them?” Neville asked, he had been sitting next to Hermione doing this Herbology homework.

“Because they’re evil.” Jenny said appearing next to them with a smile.

“Strange how the house elves were suddenly so willing to help us when we told them we wanted to put things into the Slytherin’s food” Ginny said taking a seat next to Hermione.

“What have you two been up to?” Hermione asked.

“Just a few tricks that I found in Sirius’ old cupboards and things over Christmas.” Ginny said as she pulled out a few rolls of scrolls. “There’s something here about flooding the Slytherin’s common room” Ginny spread the roll out over the table. Harry glanced at it and noticed a few words scribbled down the side. Valentine’s ball. Girl’s bathroom-Myrtle or April, maybe Lily.

“I’ve done some background research and I found out that this kind of thing was never done.” Jenny said.

“You asked Sirius?” Harry asked.

“No, why would he have done that?” Jenny asked.

“Because he was the biggest joker in school,” Ron suggested,

“And because it mentions your mum and Harry’s mum on the side here.” Hermione said pointing out the names. Ginny shrugged and rolled up the parchment and slipped it into her bag.

“Doesn’t matter, the point is that it hasn’t been done yet.” Ginny said.

“As long as you don’t flood the swamp,” Hermione started, “I won’t tell you off.” Ginny grinned. Hermione was referring to the magical swamp that Fred and George had created before they left school last year. A small part of it still remained under a window. It was currently roped off but every time someone passed it they would start to tell the tales of Fred and George’s many adventures.

“Great!” Ginny said, “Come on Jenny, we’ll be late for Potions. I don’t want Snape shouting at me again.”

“At least that’s all he does to you.” Harry muttered. Jenny smiled and kissed Harry.

“See you later.” She said as she skipped off with Jenny. Harry stared after her and it took a few minutes before he realised that Hermione was waving her hand in front of him.

“Huh?” Harry said coming out of his reverie. Hermione was smirking while Ron was grinning.

“We should be getting to classes as well.” Hermione said.

“Oh, ok.” Harry said groping for his bag.

“Ron.” Neville said as Ron got up.

“Yeah?” Ron said.

“Is Ginny still going out with Dean?” Neville asked. Ron frowned and shrugged. Ron turned to Hermione, who was trying to put her newspaper into an already full bag.

“Hermione, is Ginny still going out with Dean?” Ron asked her. Hermione looked up and thought for a while.

“No, I don’t think so. They broke up soon after we got back. Why?” Hermione asked. Ron had gone slightly red.

“Why did they break up?” Ron asked heatedly,

“Something about Ginny liking someone else, then it turned out that Dean had an fling with a muggle girl over Christmas and so on and so on. So obviously Ginny got really annoyed, cursed his robes-” Hermione said like it was a long story.

“So that’s why he turned up half naked to Charms.” Harry said as though it were a revelation. Hermione nodded

“Ginny did a really complex spell on them that allowed him to see the robes but to everyone else he wasn’t wearing them.” She said proudly, “Though I did master that charm in fourth year, Ginny did really well.”

“Ok.” Ron said slightly amused. They all started for the entrance of the great hall. A small brawl had started out amongst the Slytherin Trolls and they were fighting with a few toast fingers.

“Why did you want to know?” Hermione asked curiously. Ron looked at Neville, which caused the other two to look at him. Neville turned red and went slightly shy

“I just wanted to know that’s all.” He said but never finished as an owl swooped in front of them and landed on Hermione’s shoulder.

“A bit late for post isn’t it?” Hermione asked as she stroked the owl. She obviously hadn’t noticed the letter attached to the owl’s leg. Ron, Harry and Neville had and so had many other people around them.

“Um, Hermione.” Ron said slowly. Hermione looked at him and then at the letter that he pointed to. Hermione’s mouth dropped in shock as Harry began to detach the black envelope from the owl’s leg. The owl flew off through the open doors to the grounds. Harry flipped it over to see the crest for the ministry of Magic as well as an address

Miss. Hermione Granger
Gryffindor House
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry uncertainly held it out to Hermione.

“It’s for you.” He said dryly. His mouth had gone dry and his face was pale. For once his hair wasn’t sticking up but lay limply on his head. Hermione took the letter from him trembling and slowly began to open it. Ron and Harry watched Hermione’s eyes as she read it. Normally her eyes darted across the page so quickly they were a blur but her eyes hardly seemed to be moving. Hermione finally got to the bottom of the page. Neville wasn’t with them anymore as he had excuse himself to get to his lesson.

Hermione just held the letter for a few minutes before she let it drop to the floor with her bag. Her eyes were filling with tears and Harry and Ron looked at her sympathetically. Harry pulled her into an embrace while Ron picked up the letter and folded it up. No matter how tempted he may have been to read it he would respect his best friend’s privacy.

“They’re dead.” Hermione whispered as she began to sob into Harry’s robes. “He killed them.” Harry stroked Hermione’s hair slightly and looked at Ron for a bit of help.

“I’m sorry Hermione.” Ron said as he went over and pulled Hermione into a hug. Hermione let go of Harry and let Ron hold her.

“He actually killed them!” Hermione said slightly louder. A few people were watching them. Harry got out his wand and gave them all a look to get moving, which they did. Anyone who could fight against Voldemort and live could easily take on a student. Harry picked up Hermione’s bag and turned to Ron and Hermione.

“Come on Hermione, we’ll take you back to the common room. I don’t think you should go to lessons today.” Harry said as he put a hand on Hermione’s back for reassurance. Hermione nodded and let Ron and Harry take her back to the quiet and empty common room. Hermione lay down on the sofa and cuddled a cushion tightly. Harry sat on a bit of the sofa that wasn’t occupied by Hermione’s body and Ron sat on the floor.

“Do you want us to stay with you?” Ron asked sympathetically. Hermione nodded and let tears stream down her face. Ron looked very guilty for letting Hermione get so hurt. He looked up to Harry who was staring in the fire, Voldemort was really trying Harry’s patience now. First his parents, his sister, a few students, Percy and now Hermione’s parents. Harry had to kill Voldemort soon. Voldemort was not going to get away with killing Hermione parents. Harry picked up the letter and opened it up slowly. On the way Hermione had said that they could read it if they wanted to. Harry’s eyes skimmed over the letter and one sentence stood out particularly.

…We are sorry to inform you that your parents, Mr and Mrs. Granger were killed by you-know-who himself…

Harry threw the letter to the table, the Ministry couldn’t even have gone Hermione the courtesy of saying Lord Voldemort instead of You know who! Harry stood up and paced slightly. Hermione watched him behind teary eyes.

“What are you doing?” Ron asked.

“Voldemort is not going to get away with this.” Harry said dangerously. “Hermione, I promise I will kill him for you, I will make sure that your parents will get revenge for it.” He said looking directly to Harry. Normally Harry would expect Hermione to say something like he was being unreasonable or that Harry was being stupid, that’s what the Hermione like voice at the back of his head was saying but to Harry’s surprise Hermione nodded.

“Make sure it’s painful” She stammered through her sobs. Harry made a silent pact, there and then to do as Hermione requested.

A/N:-you can tell i'm in a good mood because i've killed someone. I know it's really random because when i'm in a good mood i either kill a character or i Make them fall in love and seeing as half the characters are in love anyway i thought i'd kill someone....You see (this may sound lame) i got 100 reviews from all you brilliant people, all those reveiws i'm going to lose if this site shuts down :(

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