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Ronnie Denner and the Son of Gryffindor by tycoon34
Chapter 3 : A New Life
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“Hermione, there is no way this could be kept a secret.”

“I know, Harry, but for as long as we can, it would be nice to keep it from starting rumors. Plus, do you know pressure you would have to be put through if were a descendent of Gryffindor?”

“No, I have no idea,” Harry said sarcastically, turning away.

"Come on, Harry. I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Of course you didn’t.”

“This isn’t about you!” Hermione gasped. “This is about protecting-“

“Stop,” Harry said abruptly. “We are being eavesdropped on. Your office isn’t the best place to be talking about this.” Harry turned to the door. “I suggest you leave before we find out who you are, son.”


Professor Granger was pushing us forward, and signaling for us to get in a single file line, in alphabetical order. I said by to Jack, who was an M, and made my way up to the front of the line. I asked the boy next to me what his surname was, Dinan, so I took my place in front of him. I was next to a very large boy in front of me, and Dinan, who was short and scrawny. Professor Granger then started to read off the names.

“Anthony, Ziggy,” She yelled, and a tall black boy went up to the old hat, which was placed on his head. Silence. “GRYFFINDOR!” Yelled the hat, and the far table erupted with cheers, as the boy walked toward the table in relief. After a few more kids where sorted into houses, Granger called, “Denner, Ronald.” I slowly walked up towards the stool, everyone looking at me. I sat on the stool, and Professor Granger placed the old hat on my head.

            Hmmmm, said a voice in my head, which made me jump. I have been waiting for you. You will do great things, Denner, great things. I know exactly where to put you. Then all of a sudden, “GRYFFINDOR!” It yelled aloud, and the far table erupted once again with hollers and cheers. I made my way to the Gryffindor table, smiling. I wonder why it said I will do great things; I have never even seen magic before. I though, and then I say two older boys of around 15 waving toward me to sit with them. I did, and the boy next to me patted me on the back.

            “Hey, the name is John McClaggen,” said the boy, who was smiling.

            “Ronnie Denner,” I said back. This must be Jack’s brother.

            “I saw you walk in with my little bro,” he said. “Cool you got chosen to Gryffindor. If Jack doesn’t I will skin him alive.” After more students were chosen into there houses, including the scrawny boy who was chosen to Gryffindor right after me, Jack’s name was called.

 “McClaggen, Jack,” said Professor Granger. Jack walked timidly to the stool, glancing at his older brother. He seemed surprised to see me there. Granger pulled the hat over his head, and after a few seconds it yelled, “GRYFFINDOR!” The table erupted once more, and John and his friend were hooting and hollering.

“Way to go, bro,” John said, patting his relieved brother on the back. “I knew you would be sorted to Gryffindor.” Jack took a seat next to me, looking quite pleased with himself. The sorting ended shortly thereafter (Ziggory, Davis…RAVENCLAW!). Then Professor Granger took a seat at what appeared to be the staff table. A strong-looking man with messy black hair then stood up from the middle of the table. Silence fell over the hall like a blanket.

“Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts,” said the man. “For those of you who don’t know me, I am your headmaster, Harry Potter.” Many gasps came from fellow first years. I didn’t gasp, but I did know why. I guess I would be excited if my savior from Voldemort was the headmaster of my school. He continued, “I hope you all have another great year here at Hogwarts. I have a few words to say.” He then took out a very long list from inside a pocket of his robe. He read slowly, “Hickle, Bickle, Bop, If you enter the Forbidden Forest, Mr. Filch will beat you with a wet mop. There are many things for me to say, but now is not the time to say them. Now eat!” The hall erupted with a sea of applauses and whistling. All of a sudden food sprouted from the empty golden plates on the tables. It was an endless supply of food, literally, whenever a plate was finished, it would refill itself again. John McClaggen and his friend, Greg Watson, were using there wands to make castles out of the drumsticks and mashed potatoes. It was the first time I had saw someone use magic out of their wands. I couldn’t believe that I would be doing the same thing shortly. All of a sudden the food stopped re-filling the plates, and silence once again fell on the tables. Potter stood up once again.

“Our caretaker, Argus Filch, has a ban once again on all joke supplies, especially from Weasly’s Wizarding Weezes.

“Ah man,” whispered John. “I love their fire works.”

“He has the full list of banned items on his office door,” Potter continued. “However, new this year, joke items will be allowed in your dormitories and in the common rooms.” At this sound, the hall erupted with cheers, which lasted a good five minutes until Potter calmed everyone down. “If these privileges are abused, though, you will lose this privilege. Again, like always, our Gamekeeper, Hagrid would like to say that the Forbidden Forest is, well, forbidden.” Hagrid, who took us on our boat ride to the castle, gave a small nod, but you could tell he liked being mentioned by Potter. “Prefects make sure you lead first years to their dormitories, and Class schedules will be given out tomorrow. Good night” At this laughter, talking, and whispering broke out through the hall. Prefects (John’s friend Greg was one of them) were trying to get a hold of all the first years. Jack and I went over to him, and ran into a bunch of girls and boys whispering madly. They were talking so fast that we couldn’t catch what they were saying.

“I can’t believe….just amazing…how could it….Gryffindor?”

“Wait what are you saying?” I asked, wondering why they were talking about Gryffindor.

“Didn’t you here?” A blonde boy answered. “A 5th year overheard Potter talking to Granger that a descendent of Gryffindor is in OUR class!”

“What?” Jack and I said in unison.

“Yea, that’s what he heard for sure, and Potter told Granger that someone was eavesdropping, so he ran.”

“Did he here them say who it is?” Jack asked.

“No, only listened to half the conversation…” Jack and I kept walking through all the moving stairs that led us to the 7th floor, and we reached a large picture of a fat lady wearing a pink dress.

“Filbuster,” said Greg, and the lady nodded and opened her portrait. We climbed the steps into the common room, which was amazing, filled with moving portraits and big, cozy chairs, and three fire places throughout the room. “All first years gather here,” he said, and we all gathered around him. “First group, you will follow the first year path and go to dorm 1. Here are the names: McClaggen, Swindle, Anthony, Dinan, Denner, get a move on now!”

“Cool, we are in the same house, lets go,” Jack said, motioning for me to go up to the boys dormitories. We followed the first year sign, and went into an octagonal room with a six dormitories and a bathroom. We went into dormitory 1, and saw that two boys were already in there. One of the boys, who was a tall black boy with long dreadlocks, I remembered got sorted first. The other one, who was tall and had long, shaggy black hair, I remembered, being sorted into Gryffindor, too. “Hey,” said the black haired one, not looking up, he was messing with a miniature version of a broomstick.

“What’s up, man,” said the other boy, however standing up and shaking our hands. “Name’s Ziggy, this place is pretty cool, huh?”

“Ya it is, my names Ronnie,” I said, and Jack introduced himself.

“You gonna say your name?” Jack said to the boy playing with the broomstick.

“Oh, sorry, I can’t get this stupid broom to fly,” he said, he did look sorry, and he got up and shook our hands. “The name’s Ryan.”

“Hey what’s up,” Jack said, I shook his hand afterwards. “This place is pretty cool, I am an only child, I didn’t know what to expect,” he said, sitting back down on his bed. I put my trunk in an empty trunk, and hopped on my bed. Jack did the same. We all talked for a little bit, and then Ziggy said: “Aren’t we supposed to have another guy too?”

“Ya, I heard Greg read Dinan off the list…” Jack said wondering. After a few more moments, the dorm door blasted open, and the small and scrawny boy that stood next to me during the sorting was standing in the doorway, and disturbingly, too.

“Dude where the hell are your pants?” Jack shouted. Ziggy shut his eyes, and Ryan looked shocked. The boy was standing there with no pants or underwear.

“I-I accidentally walked into a 6th year dorm, and I started to undress out of my school r-robes, and they placed a curse on me, and now every t-time I try to pull my pants up, it s-sends a shooting p-pain in, well, you know..” said the boy, who was terrified.

“Ok come on, I’ll take you to the Madam Pomfry’s office. What’s your name anyway?” Jack said, lending a hand to the naked boy.

“Z-Zach,” said the boy.

“Ok Zach, let’s go.” And Jack led Zach out of the dorm. Everyone stood there in silence for a little bit.

“Wow that was small,” said Ryan finally.


After that night, Zach was able to find the dormitory fine, and was able to keep his pants on after that. We got our schedules the next morning, and I had all the same classes with Ziggy and Jack. We sat together in all of our classes, and I found that all teachers were very nice. Professor Granger, the Transfiguration teacher, was really nice, and a really amazing witch from what everyone has told me. She helped Potter destroy the remaining of Voldemort’s horcruxes, and she earned herself an Order of Merlin, First Class, along with Potter. Professor Sprout, the Herbology Professor, gave me ten house points for being the first to identify the plant we were working on, which I had read in some pre-reading before I left for school. I was amazed on how easy magic was, though. I have gotten myself a new nickname in school: First –time Ronnie. It seemed as though I would get it a spell right on the first try every time. This didn’t hurt my popularity either. I mean, I always had friends back home, but not like this. Even the teachers were fond of me.  Like in Charms class one day, Professor Flitwick was so pleased with me when I lifted a feather into the air and flew it around the room, the first time I tried it. He gave me ten points for Gryffindor. I felt guilty, though; because sometimes I had the feeling that Jack would get jealous when I would do things before him. He didn’t show it, and we are still good friends, but he just seemed a little bothered sometimes. I wasn’t as popular as Ryan, though. His looks seemed to take him far, and he wasn’t a bad wizard, either. All the girls seemed to be all over him, and he already had a girlfriend. I thought it was kind of stupid to have a girlfriend when you are twelve, but that didn’t hurt his popularity, either.

But even through all the success, there was one teacher who wasn’t too fond of me. Every time I stepped foot in my Defense Against the Dark Arts class, it seemed as though my teacher, Herodotus Salvodar, was just looking for an excuse for punishing me, or taking away house points. Salvodar was a short and stocky black haired man with dull, gray eyes. He always walked around with a cane, and would spit into a cup every couple of minutes. He was the head of Slytherin, so of course he hated all us Gryffindors. He especially disliked Ryan, though. Every time Ryan made a joke and made someone laugh, he would dock off ten house points. Even one time Ryan had made fun of Malfoy, making me laugh, and Salvodar took off ten points apiece, and both of us detentions. Ryan was upset, and almost lost his cool until I told him to shut up and sit down.

Another antagonist in my life was Malfoy. He was very different than the innocent boy in the compartment. He was quite the opposite actually. He was pompous and arrogant, and always showed off in front of a crowd. Jack must have hit a soft spot because Malfoy was always looking to mess with Jack, Ryan, Zach, or me. He would never mess with Ziggy, though. Even though Ziggy was a Gryffindor, he was pretty well liked by everyone in the school, even Slytherin. He wasn’t like Ryan popular, he is just a very easygoing person and everyone likes him.

I also liked how all of got along. We had become instant friends since seeing each other for the first time in our dorm, and they had really made school fun. I had slipped off my clothes in the dorm, pulled on a towel, and made my way out of the dorm and into the bathroom. I took a nice, long shower, I needed it after a long day, I was still mad at Zalvodar for giving us detentions. After twenty minutes I got out, dried off, and hung the towel up on the towel rack. I then opened the door to the octagonal-shaped room, where I met a fellow first year Daniel Brock.

“Get some clothes on, Denner. No one wants to see you naked,” he said smiling.

“Don’t act like your not impressed, Brock,” I replied, also smiling. I walked into my dorm, and saw that Ryan was already asleep. “What’s up with Ry?” I asked.

“He said he had a killer headache. I told him to go to Madam Promfry, but he refused. He just said he would go to bed,” Jack said, looking up at me. “You want to go down to the common room or you want to stay here for tonight?”

“I’ll just stay here, I am tired, too,” I said, rummaging through my trunk. “Where the hell is my underwear?”

“I dunno, but you better find it fast, I don’t want your ass in my face any longer.”

“Look away then. If Ziggy took it again, I’m gonna kill him.”

“Zig hasn’t even been here all day, he is in the common room now.”

“Hmp.” I kept looking through my trunk, and then under my bed, then finally, I found my only clean pair on top of Zach’s trunk. I pulled on my briefs, and then climbed into bed. “Where is Zach anyway?”

“Common room”

“Ok, I’m going to bed, see ya tomorrow.”

“‘Night. Oh ya, by the way, since tomorrow is our first weekend, I am taking you to play Quidditch.”

“Awesome, thanks Jack.”


I sat there in bed for a few moments, thinking of my friends. Back home, my friends and I would hang out and stuff, but we would always try to act “cool” around each other, we never actually talked normally. But here, when all of us are around, including Ryan, we just act like normal people. Like tonight, if I walked around naked at my old house when my friends were around, they would either make fun of me or shut their eyes. But here, no one cares, they might make a joke, but it is just normal, because we are all friends. And we do things for each other and stand up for each other. I could tell I will be much happier here than anywhere else. 

Author's Noter:
Thanks everyone who has read my story so far. The first three chapters basically set up the scene. Next chapter is when everything starts to begin, and things move a little quicker. Please review and be honest! I really want and need reviews to make my story better!




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