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Aimer la fleur (To Love the flower) by JamesandLily4ever
Chapter 4 : An unlikely pair
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. This is just a fragment of my imagination before the Harry Potter series dies this July. *cries and sniffles* Now you may enjoy this new installment of Aimer la fleur!

Chapter: An unlikely pair

I stared into James’ eyes and he stared into mine as we danced to Lola Beggar’s music. That was until the music stopped and a new rapid song was announced.

“Now for our leading track single that you’ve been hearing on the Wireless Network on the radio,” Lola grinned. “The Limping Ghoul!”

I looked over at James and he looked at me.

“Who would name a song that?” I laughed.

James shrugged. “I don’t know, but I am definitely not dancing to that song! Come on, let’s go sit down. Do you want something to drink while we’re at it?”

I raised my eyebrow. “Get at it?”

“Going to the table, duh,” James sighed as he kissed me.

I smiled. “Lovely, I’d like to have… a bit of punch, if you will.”

He nodded. “I’ll be right back… you are going to our table, right?”

“Yes, you dolt, I am going there!” I waved to the table where Sirius and Marlene were sitting at.

James grinned, “Of course, fair lady, I shall get thy punch from the snacks table!”

He bowed and then left to the far off table that was toppled with goods from carrot cream cake to chocolate pudding pie. I smiled, as he looked indecisive at the mounds of sweets. He looked up and grinned. I blew him a kiss rather awkwardly without knowing it. I just felt the urge to do that I had to do just that.

James then started to wear a smile that stretched from ear to ear as he also blew me a kiss. My ears suddenly felt so hot and my face bubbled with a blush, I believe. I turned around and left to the table where Sirius and Marlene were.

Sirius was singing,”Take me, love, by the hand and dance with me,
Tell me if you agree,
Isn’t it true that I do limp like the limping ghoul?

Wiggle to the right and to the left,
from foot to foot and back again,
tell me if I’m deft,
but don’t you forget to kiss me then!
” Marlene continued.

Sirius wiggled his eyebrows and sang to Marlene, “Tell me, love, would you dance with me?
Tell me if you’ll dance the Limping Ghoul,
Then I’ll try and see,
If you’re really up to this duel.

Marlene nodded and stood up. Sirius did the same and stretched out his hand to Marlene. I just watched with disbelief.

I wonder if she did want to go to this ball with Samuel?

Marlene took it and the two of them retreated to the dance floor before I even sat down at the lonesome table. I sat down and watched the two of them continue to sing the lines of the song and dance together.

When did this ever happen? I asked myself as James appeared at the table with food and drink.

“Sorry that I couldn’t make it earlier, it was very hard to decide what you would like,” James uttered pleasantly. “Where are the two that were here?”

I nodded and motioned toward Sirius and Marlene. “They’re dancing… together.”

James’ eyebrows rose up to meet his hair line. “That’s really far fetched, but…” He looked over the throng of limping ghoul dancers. “He looks very happy with her and McKinnon looks happy with him.”

“I know. I rarely see her so happy,” I realized as I stared at the two of them.

They were still dancing and singing to each other the repeated words of this irritating song. To tell the truth, of course this song was irritating. It kept repeating:

Now do I limp like the limping ghoul?

James had finished engulfing his treacle tart and Butter Beer by the time the song had ended. Many quick songs later, Marlene and Sirius came back to the table. That was when I noticed that Remus and Elaine were not here at all. Oh well, they are probably in the common room where they’re alone, cozy, and warm.

Marlene grinned, “That was the best dance that I’ve had in ages!”

“Tell me about it, McKinnon, you know the steps pretty well,” Sirius complemented.

Marlene stared at him and I noticed that her cheeks were tinged with an upcoming blush. “I’d say that you should complement yourself, Black. You were very talented at dancing.”

“What do you mean that I was?” Sirius questioned hotly.

Marlene shrugged, “You said it, didn’t you? I know the steps pretty well. That means that I excel and you aren’t so well yourself.”

Sirius gaped and gave her a high-pitched voice, “Oh no she didn’t!”

“Oh, yes she did!” I laughed.

Sirius scowled at James when James started laughing too. “Did-did you hear how he sounded?”

“Yes, I did, James, Sirius sounded like a girl,” Marlene laughed along too.

Sirius grunted as he crossed his arms. “I do not mean to interrupt the laughter and I don’t want to sound very immature like some people that I know.”

“He-he said im-immature!” James laughed a bit harder.

I stopped laughing and wiped my eyes with my napkin. “Black, you are a great entertainment, let me just tell you that much!”

Okay, you know that I was just kidding, Sirius. You are the best dancer that I’ve met, even if you are infamous and all.” Marlene proceeded to wipe the tears from her eyes with her shawl.

Sirius sighed, “I know, I know, but I’m not that funny to be laughing over.” He proceeded to roll his eyes.

James grinned, “Of course not, Sirius. I know that you’re not serious about what you’re talking about.”

“Of course I’m Sirius!” Sirius scowled at James.

It was now James’ turn to roll his eyes. “I meant the other Sirius.”

“There’s another Sirius?” Sirius asked to himself.

I smiled. “No, Sirius, there is no other Sirius than you.”

“Prongs is just out of his head, thinking that there are two Sirius’ in this world. I advise you to stop dating him because it will cause a horror to your ego, Evans,” Sirius replied with alarm.

Marlene giggled as James rolled his eyes again. “Padfoot, you know better than to talk of the future damage that you’ll cause Lily, because I heard that your ego’s destruction is infectious.”

“Infectious? My ego?” Sirius was baffled and confused. “I thought that you meant yours, Prongs!”

“No, Padfoot, it is your ego that inflated a long time ago,” James argued.

“That was yours.”

“No, yours.”

“You forgot that it was yours!”

“No, my friend, it was your ego.”

James frowned and took my chocolate cauldron cake from my plate and smacked it straight at Sirius’ face. Sirius looked so funny, but I felt a dab of sympathy. He licked his lips.

“You threw chocolate cake at my wonderful, charming, beautiful, brilliant, radiant face to make me stop ranting about your ego?” Sirius scowled underneath the chocolate cake.

Some people who had seen what had happened had stopped dancing and watched what was going on. The two infamous friends (and popular pre-adults) were standing in front of my table were watched by more than twenty pairs of eyes. Marlene had stuffed her mouth with her knuckles and her face was so red. I just stared at James and Sirius.

Sirius walked between throngs of people to the snacks table to retrieve a piece of the vanilla ice cream-topped strawberry cake. He held it in his hand as he walked back and smacked it straight at James’ face. James carefully traced his finger over his eyes and ate the ice cream.

“Do you know what I’m thinking, Prongs?” Sirius asked.

James answered, “I believe so, Padfoot…”

A huge grin filled their faces as the two of them exclaimed, “FOOD FIGHT!”

Thousands of pastries flew in the air as I muttered a shielding charm around myself. Marlene’s eyes were as wide as saucers. She ducked underneath the table, but didn’t make it without being hit on the head with treacle pudding.

I shook my head as I looked up and saw some banana pudding gooping down the side of the magical shield. Then some treacle tart pudding, chocolate sundae, vanilla cream, and blue berry blend. James grabbed some apple cobbler in his right hand and pineapple gummies in his left hand just as something miraculous happened.

“Enough!” A loud voice boomed.

I jumped as the magical shield was wearing off. Everyone’s faces, dress robes, and bodies were caked over by pastries and even blended drinks. James’ hands dropped what they had as the hero of the day came through the crowd.

“What happened here?” Professor McGonagall asked as her eyebrows met with anger written on her face.

She was staring sternly at Sirius and James who still had pastries on their faces, but she was mainly staring at them because everyone was pointing at them. I reinstalled the shield around me again as Professor McGonagall looked at me.

“What happened here, Miss Evans?” She asked.

I was standing up now, actually, as I told her, “I don’t know, Professor, but I only heard Food fight and that was it.”

“Are you sure, Miss Evans? If you are lying your title as Head Girl will be taken away, understood?” Professor McGonagall asked sternly.

I nodded, suddenly feeling many eyes on myself. I tried to move my leg and realized that I couldn’t. Marlene was holding on tight to my shins. She looked up at me and I could see her eyes glittering with fear.

I looked up and noticed that Professor McGonagall was looking under the table as well.

“Who is down there?” McGonagall asked tersely as she peeked underneath the red cloth.

Marlene’s grip on my shins turned tighter. Then it eased as McGonagall questioned, “Miss McKinnon, what are you doing underneath the table?”

“My lord, was she really?”

Professor McGonagall sneered, “Mr. Black, please keep your thoughts to your self.”

“Yes, Professor McGonagall,” Sirius replied in an upset tone as Marlene stood up from underneath the table.

The Professor turned back to Marlene. “Miss McKinnon, do you know who started this?”

“Professor…” Marlene drawled as James and Sirius looked at each other. I just stared at what was going on in front of me since I didn’t know what had begun the food fight.

The apparently annoyed teacher questioned, “Yes, Miss McKinnon, what were you saying?”

“Professor… I started the food fight,” Marlene answered quietly.

I gaped at her as Sirius confronted Marlene’s answer, “No, Professor McGonagall… I started it.”

The Professor rested her hands on her hips and then proceeded with uttering, “Both of you, follow me.”

Sirius and Marlene, whose face was obscured by her shoulder length dark brown hair, followed the scowling Professor. I stared after them and found it so odd that Sirius had taken the blame right after Marlene had taken it even though James had started the mess. James right now was staring at the ground blankly.

Lola Beggar broke the deadly silence, “Well, The Limping Ghoul is over with now… Er… what do you all want to hear now?”

A group of girls yelled, “Evol and Sessik!”

Now Lola was in a better mood as she grinned, “Right-o then, are you serious that you wanna hear Evol and Sessik?”

More people joined in the cheering crowd, “Evol and Sessik, Evol and Sessik, Evol and Sessik!”

“Fine then, that song it is!” Lola beamed and started up the band.

Words lolled out of her mouth to form a slow song, “I’ll tell you of two people named Evol and Sessik.

The two of them the unlikely pair,
One was more different than the other!
Evol loved to adventure and dare,
While Sessik was fond of long love, it was rare.

I’ll tell you of two people named Evol and Sessik.

I waved my wand as I recited the cleaning spells I had learned from one of Alice’s Mother’s cleaning books and took away the magical shield. James was waving his own wand at his face using the disappearing charm for the cream on his face. I sighed and walked up to him.

“James—ah!” I almost slipped on some apple cobbler and pineapple gummies.

I should have never brought these high heels… I grumbled to myself.

James caught me and the two of us fell since my legs felt like jelly and I lost my balance. Various people ignored us while some just avoided us as they passed by dancing or going to their tables. I smiled up at James and waved my wand at his face.

“That’s how you clean your face and other things with magic, my dear,” I grinned.

James sighed, “Aw, thank you, my precious Lily.”

“Do not sigh at me, young man!” I growled and crossed my arms.

James opened his mouth to say something, but instead uttered, “You have apple cobbler underneath your dress robe, you know.”

I felt something pillow soft under my back. “I have pineapple gummies too… eew…”

“Terrible combination, I swear,” James sighed.

I nodded. “Can you do the proper cleaning spell to get it off my back and the floor?”

“Yes, Lily, I’ll do that,” James agreed.

I tutored him in the use of the spell and then just as I sat up I heard him do the proper spell. I yawned just then and rubbed my eyes of my sleep. James sat up as well and stood up. Then he helped me regain my stature. My lips curled into a grin of thanks.

“Look at the time, folks! It’s the end of the Ball… and that brings us to a close. The last song belongs to Headmaster Albus Dumbledore’s music,” Lola announced and then questioned our professor. “What is that song called, Professor Dumbledore?”

“Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, Miss Beggar,” Dumbledore notified as he waved his wand.

The song began as students started to dispel from the room. James nodded off.

“We should get to the dormitory now, Lily,” he yawned.

I uttered, “Yes.”

“After you then, Mademoiselle,” James kissed me as he held my hand.

I smiled and followed him out.

What a day, right? I asked myself.


Once we had returned to Gryffindor tower, we were introduced to the presence of two of our housemates. Sirius was lounging in an armchair while Marlene was sitting down on the floor, her head lolling to the side on Sirius’ legs. She seemed to be falling asleep, but staring into the flames.

James looked at me and raised his eyebrows and I raised mine as well. Then the two of us went up our own staircases to our dormitories. We stopped to look down upon the pair sitting down in front of the fire. Sirius stood up with Marlene and then the two of them exchanged a couple of words.

When Sirius was going up the boys’ staircase Marlene exclaimed, “Sirius, wait!”

“Yes, McKinnon?” Sirius answered.

Marlene answered, “You know that you can call me Marlene and I’m here whenever you want me.”

“I’ll be there for you as well,” Sirius added.

Marlene added, “Just don’t use me as a last resort to Balls, okay?”

“Of course I won’t, Marlene.” Sirius grinned, “After that kiss, why would I?”

I gaped down as I saw Marlene blush. I looked over to the Boys’ staircase where James was hunched down like I was. He was gaping too. I waved hurriedly and pointed to my door and waved a hand up at him. James nodded and went into his own dormitory. I blew him a kiss when he came back to close the dormitory’s door.

I retreated to mine, closing the door quietly behind me. Just as I changed into my nightgown I wondered about Evol and Sessik. They were the unlikely pair; one was shallow while the other was love drawn. When I lay down, I reached for a piece of parchment and wrote down the song’s name. That was when I noticed something so funny.

Evol was ‘love’ backwards and Sessik was ‘kissing’ backwards. They were the unlikely couple just like Marlene and Sirius.

No wonder Marlene was stuck up on Samuel. Samuel looks alike to Sirius! I realized as I giggled, blew my candle out, and fell asleep in dreams of James and Madame Puddifoot’s.

A/n: Comments, reviews, ideas, or concerns are encouraged! Just tell me and I’ll reply. :D Anyway… what happened in McGonagall’s office? You’ll find out in the next chapter. Lily and James don’t get along after a little misunderstanding with a new character.

With bunches and bags full of Hershey chocolate,

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