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Playing Cat and Mouse by SkinAndBones_
Chapter 4 : [4] Ground Rules
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Chapter 4
Ground Rules

Blaise prided himself for being able to get into someone head. Ever since he was young her was able to pick out someone's weakness and use it against them, or end up getting to them so that they remember him in some way. That had been his goal for Hermione. He hadn't wanted her to cling to him in an instant, but he at least wanted her to wonder, and Blaise knew when Hermione had left him in the Atrium he had left the mark on her that he had wanted.

Blaise had returning to the Slytherin common rooms soon after she had left, although he did wait an little bit in the Atrium before trailing the girl back to the castle, not wanting Hermione to think that he was following her in any way. For his whole walk he had been smirking, almost overly please with the reaction he had gotten, actually surprised that the lioness had been so docile, compared to the completely spiteful girl that she could be whenever Draco was around.

But perhaps that was it. Perhaps it was just Draco that turned her into the raging female that Blaise knew her so well as. After all, most of his encounters with her had been with Draco nearby in some way, Blaise and Draco had been rather inseparable over the last few years after all.

Without the blonde loaming over the situation, she had been rather, appealing. Not that Blaise was saying he was going for her. It was just a game after all. But in all honestly, it's not like they were trying to get Millicent to fall in love with them. (Blaise would never do that to Draco let alone himself.) They were trying to get a beautiful, smart, quick-witting girl to fall in love with them.

Blaise ran a hand through his hair lightly as he wandered into the common room, knowing it was empty just by the fact that it was so quiet. If the place was occupied, you almost always walked in on the sound of fast girl voices rambling on about the most resent rumors, or the sounds of heavy snogging. He found a breath coming from his lips as he relaxed slightly, always feeling more at home when in the common room.

"Where the hell have you been Zabini?" The voice came from behind the dark haired boy when he had turned to close the portal door behind him. Slightly louder then necessary, the volume and pure shock of the sudden sound caused Blaise's shoulders to flinch slightly in surprise. Draco had a smirk on his face when Blaise had turned around to see the boy nearly on top of him he was so close, and Blaise laughed in reply, slightly at himself and slightly at his friend as he gave Draco a bit of a shove to get him out of his personal space.

"Had things to do. People to see. Muggle-borns to have melt at my feet." Blaise replied, acting as if it was the simplest thing in the world that he was just out playing himself up in front of Hermione. He had caught a smirk flash over Draco's face as the blonde followed Blaise up the stairs to the dorm rooms.

"Oh really? I hope you're heart didn't break too hard when you found out that she was already in love with me." Draco replied, and Blaise let out a bit of a laugh.

"Oh the contrary Prince of the Egotistical, according to the maiden, she was rather confused by your display of affection." Blaise replied once the two had entered the dorms and he had let himself flop down onto his bed, which was one of the two beds nearest to the fireplace in the room. Blaise had taken this bed in his second year when he had found out the dorms where miserably cold in the winter. Of course, he only ended up switching with Goyle because of Draco, meaning Blaise was in debt to the blonde for it. Taking a moment to absorb the comfort of the mattress, Blaise found himself sighing slightly before loosening his tie a little and unbuttoning the top button of his shirt, feeling all the less stuffy by just by doing so.

"Making it easy for me to snake in and sweep her off her feet. She ended up practically shagging me with her eyes." He finished, feeling it necessary for him to leave out the fact that it had been himself who had been jumping ahead of the game seemingly uncontrollably. He let a laugh out when Draco had tossed a pillow at him roughly, not expecting it.

Draco ended up laying on the bed with him after a moment, a sigh finding his lips as well as he laid there, and Blaise turned his head to the side to perhaps see on the boys face the reason for that breath.

"I hate you." Draco muttered after a moment, glancing out of the corner of his eye before letting his lips curl slightly and tapping Blaise playfully in the stomach with the pillow again.

"Why Hermione huh? She's completely and totally against me in all ways. Honestly, if we were the last two people on earth, she would kill herself before even considering snogging me." Draco said, and Blaise let a frown cross his features before it turned back into a wide grin.

"Don't be such a Drama Queen. So she's a bit of a challenge. It's not like you don't like one every now and then anyway. And you can't deny the fact that you two are pretty well exactly the same, because you know you'd probably bet her to killing yourself if you were the last two people on earth." Blaise had ended up rolling over onto his stomach, making it so that he was laying right next to Draco, their shoulders touching in a way that would be uncomfortable for other good friends, but was little to nothing for these two. Resting his head on folded arms in front of him, he watched Draco adjust his arms to be crossed casually behind his head, a very common thing for the blonde to do when he was comfortable.

"I don't know, she has quite a figure on her. I'd at least consider it." Draco replied, defending himself, not even taking notice when his dark haired friend had moved closer.

"You noticed too? I was wondering if I had been seeing things." Blaise said, letting a smile crawl over his features as he saw one on Draco's.

"She wasn't all tangled up in her robes today, that's why." Draco replied, sounding slightly absentminded as he let his eyes fall shut while saying the words. Blaise watched him silently as he lay there, gorgeous even though lightly lashed eyelids covered his striking gray eyes. Blaise followed the line of his slightly pointed nose, the seemingly permanent curl on his lips, the sharp contour of his jaw coming in from his chin and leading up to his hairline. The boy always liked how Draco's hair fell over his eyes at times. Draco complained about it often, threaten to cut it off or wear it like he did back in second year, but Blaise knew he would never change the long strands of bangs that played around his vision constantly. Blaise liked them too much.

Blaise shifted slightly, shouldering Draco faintly to get the boys attention back before speaking.

"We should set down some rules. We didn't last time." He remarked, and Draco shrugged, nodding slightly before letting the back of one of his hands lay over his eyes delicately, as if to block out the dim light from the torches in the room.

"Your game, you first." Draco replied, and Blaise paused for a moment, thinking before rolling over again, this time towards his bedside table, rummaging in the drawer for a piece of parchment and his Quick Quote Quill. The quill had been a gift from his mother when he had told her he wanted to be a writer the year before. It wasn't exactly convenient for writing a novel, but for little things like this it was prefect.

"One. The winner is the first one to get her to say, "I love you." No words or mind tricks to make her say it." Blaise said, watching the quill spark to life against the parchment as he quickly copied down what he had said. Blaise turned his eyes back to Draco, who had been smiling slightly.

"Ok. Two. A player will not interfere with the other. Once a player is alone with her, said player has right over her until he leaves. Exceptions include times that she might bring the opposing player into the situation without prior notice, in which case the unwelcome must figure out a way to leave as quickly as he is able without drawing suspicion." Draco said, letting his voice take a tone that mocked someone of superior intelligence, making fun of the way the rules were being dictated. Blaise let out a bit of a laugh at his tone.

"Three. No player can spend more then four consecutive hours with the playee, by chance that any longer might be considered interference with the other players chances." Blaise ended up getting a bit of a laugh from Draco with his addition to the blonde's prior rule, both boys knowing very well that he had tried to slip that in to perhaps give himself the advantage of winning by just always being with Hermione.

"Four. The game is not talked about outside private conversations. It cannot be used to sway Hermione's decision, and it cannot be told to an outside party. Each player can talk as much or as little about his strategy as he wants, but neither can milk the playee for information." Blaise rolled his eyes slightly at this one, showing it as being a playful tease towards Draco's unimaginative rule. This one had been a basic rule for all their games. In reply to the look, Blaise received a bit of a shove of his head from a slender fingered hand.

The dark haired boy took a moment to think up a new one, and when he did he let a smirk fall over his features, debating beforehand if he would be going to far with this rule, but knowing that it was necessary for him to make it of he wanted to win.

"Five. Hermione gives the first kiss. No exceptions." Blaise laughed rather childishly at Draco's face at this one, curling up his body slightly to protect himself as Draco attacked him with a pillow once again.

"That's hardly fair Zabini." Draco commented, and Blaise faked a frown, even though he knew it was true. It wasn't exactly fair, but then again, it wasn't fair that Draco had a way of getting whatever he wanted through a kiss. Somehow the slender, blonde haired, Slytherin heartthrob had mastered the art of making out, and in doing so found his own power, and found a way of making others submissive to that power.

After all, Blaise had encountered this first hand, in more ways then just one, and he knew exactly what Draco could get with a kiss.

"Aw why? Because then you would actually have to make her fall in love with your personality?" Blaise asked, poking fun at the blonde's less then appealing qualities, getting another hit, although this one was slightly more gentle then the others.

"That's exactly why. You're just trying to make it more impossible then it already is." Draco complained, letting himself settle on the bed again, this time sitting up as Blaise stayed laid on his back. The dark haired teen took this moment to snicker to himself slightly, but when a seriously annoyed look slowly crawled over Draco's face as he sat, a pang of guilt hit Blaise. He hadn't meant to actually upset the boy.

"You need to specify exactly what type of kissing you mean then, I don't want to loss on a technicality." Draco added after a moment, looking over his shoulder slightly at his friend. Blaise let out a breath, signifying himself thinking, even though he really wasn't, before turning his blue eyes back to the steel of Draco's, seeing that little bit of annoyance in the storm that was the blonde's gaze.

"Well," Blaise started, lifting himself to sit like Draco was, pulling a leg up onto his mattress so that it was folded under him slightly. If the boy was going to get all flustered about it, Blaise would just have to make it up to him.

"Why don't you give me a few examples and I'll tell you if I consider it kissing or not." Blaise had a smirk on his face, one that gave away his meaning almost as plainly as explaining his thought process in intricate detail would. Of course some might not have understood what that gaze meant, but this was Draco he was talking to.

"And have someone walk in?" Draco asked, his eyes rolling, but only after they had given away his obvious interest in the offer. Blaise copied that bit of an eye roll, moving a tad closer to the boy in a very discreet manner, although he knew Draco had realized, because when Blaise's shoulder touch his he had tightened up every so slightly.

"You know Crabbe and Goyle are down in the kitchen pigging out on leftovers from dinner like they are every other evening, and Theodore is sneaking around the grounds with Pansy's friend Justine. Anyway, doesn't the risk make it all the more exciting?" Blaise retorted, seeing his view on the situation falling into Draco eyes as he spoke, again moving closer so now he was able to smell the familiar scent of his friend. Draco had a fresh smell, like that of morning dew, covered by the strong driftwood and cinnamon scent of his cologne. Blaise was sure it was ten times better then his smell, his being no doubt musty like the books that he spent most of his time with. Blaise would kill for an extra few moment of his friends scent tickling his senses in his daily routine.

Blaise enjoyed being close friends with Draco because he was probably the only person who could persuade Draco into doing things that he thought were stupid at first contemplation. Draco was one to go with his first instinct, and if he thought something wouldn't work at first consideration, he didn't do it. But, Blaise had a way of convincing Draco to weigh the odds. The teen remembered persuading the boy to sneak out of the common room in fourth year and steal some of Snape fire whiskey. At first Draco had denied the offer, saying the risk of being caught was too high, but Blaise ended up making up a story about Snape being away for the long weekend and they would never be found out. The story wasn't true, but they weren't seen and they ended up having the best night possibly out of all the nights they had spent at Hogwarts.

Draco had surprised Blaise with how quick he had given in, and how quick he suddenly had his lips connected with the other boys. Blaise couldn't help but smile the slightest bit at his triumph, breaking from Draco for a moment to take in a breath that he hadn't gotten the chance to take before being attacked. Draco allowed it before starting at him again, rougher this time now that Blaise had accepted the kissing. Those familiar slender fingers ended up tangled in dark hair soon after as Draco held Blaise too him, a signature Malfoy move.

"I knew you'd see it my way." The blue-eyed teen said as he brought a hand up to the one that was in his hair, scratching nails playfully over the blonde's wrist. Draco pulled away for a moment, Blaise smiling ever so slightly before nudging his nose against the other boy's and then snatching a large piece of his shirt and tugging it to bring the boy with him as he laid down.

"Unfortunately." Draco replied, Blaise hearing from the blonde immediately after those words a sound that reminded him very much of a cat's purr as the black haired boy finally ran a hand up from the back of Draco's neck and into the hair of his company. The sound made a smile come on his lips while locked with the other teen's. Draco had always had a thing about hair. He liked to play with anyone else's and he melted when someone played with his. That was probably one of the only reasons he went out with Pansy from time to time. He adored how much she touched his hair.

Draco's kept one hand somewhere around Blaise's neck or jaw, using it to pull the boy into harder kisses, one which Blaise would have done just as roughly even if the blonde wasn't pulling him. When not pulling at him the hand would rub at his neck slightly. His other hand roamed over Blaise's ribs, his thumb and fingers pressing ever so slightly so that they trailed over each rib through his white cotton shirt, as if count them, Blaise replying with his own pleasant sound at the sensation. The hand that was still fisted in a piece of Draco shirt pulled at it again sharply, bringing the blondes lean frame closer in a quick motion.

This is what Draco could do with a kiss. His kisses made the person being kissed want to do anything to please him in return. His kisses made the person helpless, lead them somewhere that included only being kissed, and Blaise knew this all too well. Blaise found himself biting roughly at his own lip when Draco had moved to his neck, a gasp when the blonde had bite at the tender skin at his collar bone, only making a smirk find Draco's lips against the skin.

It was at times like this when Blaise understood the girls that fawned over Draco like he was a god; a god of sex appeal and of pleasure, supplying the woman with something to fantasy about, something to hope for, a goal to reach. Draco supplied satisfaction to the animal urges that all humans had, therefore making him very powerful. The dark haired boy felt a burning his chest, the ghost of losing the last bit of control over himself. It was ironic, because losing control was what the boys were trying to avoid by doing what they were doing at the moment.

"I think I'd consider this kissing." Blaise breathed, trying his best to bring himself back to reality, hearing a chuckle from Draco through the throbbing beat of his heart in his ears. Blaise eyes rolled back as he craned his neck, Draco's touch following over his Adam's apple, light like a feather now. He knew somewhere behind the kisses his hand was tight in Draco's hair, but that was beyond him. The blonde paused away from the skin he had been trailing lips over and Blaise brought his head back down slightly and crashed his mouth with the boys again, having his lower lip tugged slightly by Draco's straight teeth, teasing him, causing a moan to come from his throat.

Blaise, even though enjoying the domination a little too much, soon felt impossibly helpless in the situation, and that's something that could get to a boy if it lasted too long. See, boys liked knowing they were in control, which was probably the biggest problem with same sex relationships. No one could exactly be happy all the time. But there was other ways of showing who's was in control, and Blaise knew he was going to have to resort to this 'other way' when Draco had refused Blaise's silent suggestion to roll over.

Blaise lifted his head slightly off the bed for another kiss when Draco had moved away for a breathe, stealing the slimmer boy's lips back a little quicker then he would have liked, but Blaise's lips were accepted hastily none the less. This kiss was Blaise's last attempt at dominance though, and he knew he had succeeded when Draco pulled away shapely, the result of a nip from Blaise on his lower lip.

"Ow." Draco said, his voice a whisper but all the same came out in a wined tone. Blaise smirked ever so slightly at the pause in their dreaded hormone induced session, the pressure that had been forming inside of him diminishing now as the pace of their escalating snogging stopped all together. What was expected of Draco now flashing in Blaise's eyes with that smirk, and the blonde sighed, knowing exactly what that bite had meant, then snagged the boy by his shirt, pulling him over as Draco's back found the bed, starting another kiss, with Blaise forcing into it overtop the blonde this time.

All in moderation. Both parties can be pleased as long as neither was too selfish. They had learned that a long time ago.

Blaise had always liked mornings. Even though the morning usually symbolized dragging yourself out of the comforts of bed and facing another boring day, for Blaise it simply symbolized a new day with new things to do. Morning included many wonderful things. Things like sunrises and the smell of morning dew on grass, perhaps because it reminded him ever so slightly of Draco, the intoxicating silence because everyone was still sleeping, the feeling of warm crisp cotton sheets. And, he couldn't forget the breakfast at Hogwarts. Breakfast had to be Blaise's favorite meal of the day.

The boy munched away at his pancakes that morning while thinking about nothing in particular, keeping his eyes out for Hermione for no reason really while watching Draco from across the table idly as he whispered sweet nothings casually into Daphne's ear. He ended up shaking his head slightly at the blonde, never really understanding Draco's infatuation with flirting. He would flirt with a plant if no one were watching.

The worst part of Draco's little playful suggestions to anyone nearby was the fact that Blaise ended up having to be look out, only because if he didn't do so, and Draco got caught being the man-whore he was, Blaise himself, being a close associate with Draco, would also be considered one, and Blaise refused to let Draco have power over that.

Blaise spotted the long dark hair of Draco's current girlfriend, and then discreetly moved his hand to block his lips before clearing his voice rather loudly. Twitching his head in Tracey's direction when Draco had caught his eye, he let a smirk crawl over his lips again and turned eyes back down to his food after he'd rolled them slightly.

"Tracey." Draco said when he had looked over at the approaching girl, shooing the hand of Daphne off his leg before giving a smile towards his girlfriend and beckoning her to sit next to him. She sent one of her thin smiles in his direction and continued over, trailing a hand over his shoulders before taking a seat next to him. Well, practically on his lap actually. She kiss him quick and smiled evilly when she pulled away sharply, Draco replying by bring a hand to her cheek and leading her back for a longer snog, Draco ending up pulling her the rest of the way onto his lap during the kisses.

"And where were you two last night? I was looking forward to doing some homework in the common room together after dinner but both of you just up and disappeared." Tracey asked after she had broken away from the Slytherin that had been stuck to her face, her lips turning into a slight pout as she rested a hand on Draco's shoulder and played with the fuzz hair at the back of his neck. She hadn't even looked in Blaise's direction, but he ignored that fact, knowing it was only because Draco was staring at her with his stormy gaze.

"Nothing in particular. We both had things to do I guess." Draco replied after he had released her from his gaze and moved it to Blaise for a moment, then turned it down to the food in front of him. Blaise watched the girl make a bit of a face before sighing playfully.

"Ah, had some guy stuff to do I would presume?" she asked, making a bit of a laugh in the back of her throat, this question directed more towards Blaise, considering Draco had taken a mouthful of orange juice.

"You could say that." Blaise said, letting his lip curl slightly when Draco had caught his glance over his juice goblet, those steel eyes smirking with him.

A/N: Ok, so, very flustered writing this chapter xD but then again, I had so much fun! By far my favorite chapter because it definatly shows how much joy both boys get from sneaking around, and it shows sort of how twisted they both are hehe

hope you liked it. :)

xx SkinandBones_ aka Danielle

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