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Cravings by dracolover4ever
Chapter 7 : Finding Your Stranger
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Finding your Stranger

Hermione had become a silent ghost. She didn't talk, she barely ate. Every time she'd walk into a room you wouldn't notice her, even if you were staring right at her. She didn't want to talk to anyone. For a whole week she was like this.

The most she said was 'bump my meeting' or 'thank you' she didn't like going out anymore. Everyone thought it was because of Ron. He hadn't talked to her since the night he found out she cheated. But everyone was wrong. Hermione thought George might know the truth but she wasn't going to ask him.

Hermione grabbed the paper one day quicker than anyone should want to. She threw everything away but the entertainment section. She read it for a minute then tossed it away. George who had been near by, picked it up and read one piece he knew was the reason she threw it.

Dear JJ,
I'm dating this man, and we've been on rocks ever since he got a lot of money. I asked him to be serious about our relationship and he became someone I don't know. On New Years a friend and me went out to a party and I kissed a lot of men there. One man though I remember. His mask was stuck in my mind, and I thought I loved him. But you see I went into my boyfriend's brother's room, he's staying with me for a while. The mask was in there. JJ I think he may be the masked man. And to tell the truth I really was starting to like his brother anyway. I know I must sound like a terrible person who cheats all the time and can't be loyal, but that's not me at all and I just don't know what to do.
Brother's man
Brother's man,
You need to decide who means more to you. All though it was cruel to lead your boyfriend on. It will be made up for is you just make your choice and stick to it.---JJ

George looked where Hermione had run to. He walked slowly and tapped on the door. He opened it just a crake and peaked inside.

"How are you doing?" he had concern in his voice.

"Everyone thinks I'm terrible. Your whole family must hate me, they'll never talk to me again." Hermione cried.

George walked over to her and let her cry on his shoulder. "I'll never shun you Hermione. I know what it feels like to be shunned for nothing. You may have kissed someone but it was only a New Years kiss, just keep telling yourself that." He patted her back.

"George you've been so kind to me. I'm glad you've stayed so long. At first I figured I make you go to Fred in a week, but somewhere deep down I want you to stay here."

"I want to stay here too Hermione. How can I leave the memories, we've talked, walked in on each other, like a little soap opera." This made Hermione laugh.

"George Weasley!" She laughed. "How can you know how to make me feel better?"

"Hermione, you mean so much to me. You're a great friend, how could I not know how to cheer you up?" George hugged her tighter.

They sat there holding each other for hours. They would talk and play around. George got Hermione to eat a real meal. He was very proud of himself.

The next morning Hermione woke up. George was in a chair by her bed sleeping soundly. She decided she liked waking up to his face. Hermione went and pulled out a piece of paper. Under Ron's name there were four little marks, under George's name there were four. She added one more to George's side then put it away.

George started to wake up and Hermione went and made breakfast for the first time since George had come to stay. George was happy with the meal. They both started discussing what they were going to do that day.

"Well I'm going to go to work. But before I leave I want you to say that you'll call someone from your family."


"You heard me George Weasley I want you to promise me that you will make up with someone in your family." George nodded. "Say it out loud!"

"I promise to call my mum." Hermione patted him on the head.

"Good boy." She teased like she was talking to a dog.

"So if I had to promise so do you. I want to you talk to me about what is really bothering you." George said slyly.

"Fine, I'll talk if you do." Hermione grabbed her bags and stormed out the door.

Hermione had seemed to make a complete turn around. Everyone at work was amazed at how much she had changed in the last day or two. They all just ran around her, she was on a mission. She had ten patients done in three hours. She did her meeting and even helped out some other healers.

At lunch she and Melody went out. "So Hermione what's with the turn around?"

"Oh I've just been talking with George he's really helping me through with the whole Ron thing." Hermione said denying that he was the masked man.

"Well if he can do this for you why are you with his brother?"

"Melody! I love Ronald. George is just helping me out while Ronald isn't talking.

"Then why have you been calling him Ronald for the past year? What happened to Ron, Ronnie, and Ronnie-poo?"

"Oh shut your mouth." Hermione joked.

When they got back to the hospital Hermione went back to her mission. She didn't stop till everyone that could be saved was. She worked for two days straight with only three fifteen-minute breaks.

Hermione had gotten a call at three p.m. from Ron. She checked her message and left as quickly as possible. She met up with Ron at a fancy dinner place. They ate and talked.

"Hermione, what you did may have hurt. But it was only for New Years, right?" Hermione nodded. "Well I think our relationship is worth it to try again. I just don't want to lose you to some stranger. That would sting so badly. I just I always loved you Hermione."

"Ronald, what happened will only make us stronger as a couple." Hermione said the words but didn't believe in one of them not even the 'we.'

When she got home George was sitting on the couch reading a muggle magazine. He jumped up at the sight of her.

"Hermione, you were gone for so long."

"Ronald wanted to meet up after my two day shift. He talked I lied. It goes on and on."

"Well I called my mum, she listened. I think we're on better terms now." George told her.

"Good better is good."

George walked to his room and let Hermione eat. She took a shower and got herself all pretty. Then Hermione remembered her promise. She walked to George's room and knocked on the door.

"Come in." George said from behind the door.

"George, I didn't tell you what was wrong. It's just that… You know that kiss I had at New Years… Well I was wondering where you went that night."

"Club EZ." He said almost regretting it.

"Well I found a mask in your room. George I think that we may have kissed."

"I know. I have known for a while now, since the truth game."

"Well I just wanted to say there was nothing wrong with it but you know it can't happen again. I just, I guess I should tell you… I love Ronald." But the last was said so pathetically not even she believed it.

Hermione walked to George's door twisting the knob but didn't open it.

"Hermione, I did enjoy the kiss. But I know you will do what's best for you."

"Oh screw it!"

Hermione let go of the door and turned around jumping on to George's bed. She grabbed his head and kissed him forcefully but it slowly turned into a more passionate kiss. Hermione didn't even think about Ron. But she would later after this one kiss became so much more.


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