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Harry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords. by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 17 : The Depths of The Mind of Lord Voldemort
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The following day, Harry wrote a report and delivered it personally to Rufus Scrimgeour. When he had finished, he gathered his team members to do a task that he had failed to do the first day he joined the Ministry … arrange the newly built prison.

When they were all together, they all flooed to a building on a shore where the prison entrance began. Once inside, they signed their names on a book and they gathered the prison’s warden, who had generously offered to guide them around the prison.

Harry knew that the prison was on an island, five miles out from sea. When he climbed on the boat that would take them to the prison, he was handed a book that contained the names of the current prisoners and their level of imprisonment.

“As you may know, this prison is nothing like Azkaban. It has its advantages and also its disadvantages, over Azkaban. This prison is a large built prison, like any high security prison of the Muggle world, with the obvious magical protection required. However, as you will definitely know, we do not have the Dementors and longer,” explained the warden, climbing off the boat when they arrived on the wet and grimy island.

“Yes, I know that and that is something I plan on covering. Our main objective for this place is ensuring that the correct punishment and security is in place. I hope you know, that I will be eliminating as much use of wizards as I possibly can,” said Harry, flipping through the pages and reading up on some of the dreadful crimes committed.

“Why is that, sir?” asked the warden, slightly worried at his position as warden.

“Wizards can be corrupted, enchanted and hoodwinked into illegally releasing prisoners. Hence the reason why creatures were used for Azkaban. Do not worry; you will still have your position as warden. However, release papers will have to be confirmed by myself, the Minister, Gawain Robards and Albus Dumbledore, to prevent any type of deceiving acts,” explained Harry, handing the book to Moody, who began to scan the pages also.

“Right, walk me through the security of the entrance,” said Harry, looking up at the huge and wide walls and gates.

“There are twenty seven enchantments to prevent convicts from escaping. Beyond this gate, is a fenced area, where all incoming inmates are examined and magically weakened, before entrance into the prison. This is to ensure that their powers are practically dead,” explained the warden proudly.

“Okay. Firstly, you must know that there are thousands of extremely powerful wizards out there and a break out will be possible, even with the enchantments and magical weakening. Therefore, you need man power as back up. Have snipers lining the walls all around the prison. Also, have a few security trolls at this entrance,” said Harry, nodding at Ron who immediately began jotting things down.

“We did request snipers, sir,” said the warden, trying to defend a slight weakness of the prison. “The Minister refused us them.”

“That will most probably be because the sniper section of the Aurors is a very new and modern section. Snipers are only just being trained and are very limited in supply. The talent of hitting a moving target at a distance, with a wand is a fairly difficult task and only a few people can master it,” explained Harry, eyeing the interior of the entrance section. “I will get them for you. Now, I notice that there is also a very weak fencing around this section.”

“I wouldn’t go as far as to say weak, sir,” said the warden, glowing bright red.

“If he says it’s weak, then it’s weak!” snapped Charles, tensing up as he pulled deeper on his cigar.

“The fence is easily breakable. We will get the fences either made from very thick steel or concrete, with magical enhancements. Now, what is the next stage?” asked Harry, walking out of the entrance and finding himself in an entrance hall with six doors leading from it.

“Well, from that room, the prisoners are then sent to their cells. Prisoners are placed into six different categories, based on the nature of their crimes. Unit A is for the worse criminals, the murders, rapist and such. In this section, they have no social life. As the sections go further down, more privileges are opened,” continued the warden, handing Harry a list of the privileges offered.

“Okay. So, do the prisoners actually have anything bad about this place?” asked Harry, not seeing why the prison would be a feared place. “You have to understand, this place is replacing Azkaban. We don’t want the prisoners not to fear this place.”

“I know, sir. However, this place is new and without he proper man power or beings for security, we are unsure how to place the living conditions for the prisoners,” said the warden honestly.

“Right, this is how we will do it. Unit A prisoners will have no privileges, at all. There will be enchantments on their cells so they cannot sleep properly, so they cannot dream and only relive nightmares. That is what made the fear at Azkaban, the fact that they experienced their crimes over and over again, beating down on their conscience,” said Harry, walking over to the doorway to Unit A and opening the door. “This section needs better security. It needs more enchantments on the doors and some trolls in here to capture any attempts to escape.”

“I am sure that will build fear, sir,” said the warden truthfully, interested in how Harry was thinking.

“As the Units and crimes go down, so will the intensity of their punishment. However, they will constantly be under the mental attack of their guilt. From Unit C and below, there will be time where they can socialise. Now, I think apart from the extra enchantments needed, we just need guards,” said Harry, looking around in thought.

Harry began thinking of the different races and began trying to think of a race that could not be corrupted and would not be guilty for their punishments onto the prisoners.

“Mark, you worked in the Department of Mysteries, you surely have heard about the different races. How are the Goblins doing these days?” said Harry, thinking back to how independent the Goblins of Gringott’s were and how they did not fear wizards.

“Goblins have always wanted to be a larger race in the Wizarding community; they could be the race we’re looking for. Do you want me to get it arranged?” said Mark, smiling at the ingenious ideas Harry was coming up with.

“Yes. Do the enchantments on this place, then go and speak to the chief Goblin. Offer them anything that is realistically possibly and under no condition must you offer them freedom. If the Goblins were free from the threat of wizards, they could be another force to worry about,” said Harry, standing up and shaking the warden’s hand.

“Right away, sir,” said Mark, before casting enchantment after enchantment on the cells.

“Right, everyone else is dismissed. We will meet again when our next mission is announced. Farewell,” said Harry, before leaving the prison.


Harry progressed to enter the Ministry on demand and when he had needed to get something done, but other than that, Harry spent most of his time at home … in his study.

Harry had finally decided that it was time to read Voldemort’s journals and to uncover many secrets of magic he was unaware of.

He spent a couple of hours organising the journals, placing them in order by date. Once he had done that, he grabbed the first of many journals and begun to read.

The journal of Lord Voldemort: Part one.
July 22nd 1945.

I have finally left that pathetic school and I am not on my own two feet, not that I never was. I have already paid a visit to my dear Muggle family, so that is something off of my mind. They shall no longer be apart of my life. They are no longer apart of my existence and the name is lost forever.
It is time I amassed a group of followers, for my first stage to power. Those select few, who had shown potential, at Hogwarts, are already under my power and our first meeting as a Dark Arts group is closely approaching. How dare Dumbledore refuse me a position at Hogwarts? My knowledge and experience is better than any of the teachers currently in place. That old fool shall one day meet his end and I shall do my study into the secrets of Hogwarts, mainly Slytherin, once he is gone. I need an army before I approach that man. I have never feared a man, woman or child and yet this man scares me so dearly. His power is great, but so is mine and it will be greater. Albus Dumbledore will be defeated by me, if it is the last thing I do. I will even die trying, although, I doubt Dumbledore would try to kill me, it isn’t his taste.
My research in the ancient magic has progressed quicker than I anticipated. Every book that resides in the Restricted Section of Hogwarts library has offered my knowledge on what this world possesses and what it is capable of. I have already found the location of where the magic of resurrection resides. It will be a place I must visit once I have gained my followers. For now, I will scale England in search for my followers.

August 19th 1945.

This is it. I have my army of followers and how promising they are. Dear old Lucius has shown his dark side, killing his first person on my command. Nott has impressed me slightly, he has mastered the Cruciatus Curse before any other of my followers. They are shaping up nicely; soon, I will be able to travel to Africa, where I can learn some more ancient magic.
I have mentioned it briefly to some of my closer followers and they seem anxious about trekking into the African jungles, where their form of assault is unknown and most probably undefeatable. They will come, or I will have to force them.

September 11th 1945.

Albus Dumbledore has angered me once more. His pathetic school has opened and some of my followers have had to return to his place of hell. However, that shall not stop them from coming with me on my search for ancient magic. It is planned. We travel in a week’s time, ready for anything.

Harry stopped reading. This part of Voldemort’s diary had revealed so much and it hadn’t even covered two pages of the journals. Harry laid it down and lent back in his chair, thinking.

Voldemort truly did believe in this resurrection magic and it intrigued Harry. Harry had known that it is rare that Voldemort is ever wrong. From reading just the first two pages, he had to admire that his nemesis was extremely intelligent and very independent.

Harry decided that in order to be completely better than Voldemort, he must accomplish everything Voldemort had accomplished. Harry continued reading into Voldemort’s writing on going to Africa.

Harry discovered maps and well drawn out plans folded in the book. Harry flicked through them and felt a headache occurring, from the mass intake.

Then and there, Harry decided that he will go to Africa, just as Voldemort did. However, he must plan it intently, just as Voldemort did.

Just as Harry was going to call it a day, he found a small angered sentence written by Voldemort, whilst being in Africa.

I am furious. I know that this tribe holds a prophecy of some sort and many ancient devices and spells that we are not in knowledge of. However, they are not giving. They are very loyal to their country and their leaders. Maybe a few deaths ought to happen …

A prophecy. Harry sat there, thinking over in his mind of what the prophecy, spells and devices could possibly be. However, his imagination came up with many things, yet it could be any of them.

Then it hit Harry. He was a Colonel of the Ministry and he had access to all areas, including the Department of Mysteries, where Luna was researching ancient magic.

He climbed out of his seat and flooed to the Ministry, quickly progressing to the lowest level of the Ministry, the Department of Mysteries.

When he entered and passed the security section, he found himself in a familiar circular room of doors. Harry knew that the Department of Mysteries had increased its amount of mysterious rooms and that he had no idea what most of them were.

When Harry was through a door and into the offices, where all the Unspeakables worked, he was glad to see that his more organised formation of the offices was fully appreciated and in full working order.

He crossed the many corridors and eventually found the office he was looking for. He knocked politely and then strode inside, shutting the door behind him.

Harry’s eyes landed first on Luna’s dirty blonde hair, where she sat with her back to him, hovering over a huge stack of paperwork. Then his eyes landed on the many documents and images all over the walls. Then eventually on the team leader, Luna’s boss, and his partner.

“Welcome, sir. How many I help?” said Frank Stevens, snapping to attention, alongside Alan, Frank’s partner and then finally Luna.

“At ease. I am here to talk to Miss Lovegood,” said Harry, turning and strolling over to Luna’s work space.

Once Frank and Alan had sat back down and buried their faces in work, Harry sat down and signalled for Luna to do the same.

“Hi, Luna. I’m here to ask a few questions about your line of work,” said Harry, in a low voice so that they were discussing secretly.

“What is it, Harry?” asked Luna, focusing all her attention on Harry.

“I’ve recently begun focusing my attention on the countries that are in allegiance with our defence against the new Dark Forces. I was wondering if you could offer us any background information on Africa,” replied Harry, creating an excusable reason why he was asking.

“What do you want to know?” asked Luna curiously. “Africa is mostly known for its brilliant natural resources. They have things like wood, stone and obviously fruit. However, they also have the largest source for wild animals.”

“Yeah, I know that. I wanted to know if they had any sort of magical advantage over any normal Wizarding community. I heard rumours about tribes in the jungles,” said Harry, slowly and carefully forcing the conversation in the right way.

“Yes, they have many tribes, all of which contain some element of ancient magic. There is a leading tribe, the Acordona Tribe. They have many ancient spells and artifacts supposedly. However, all our attempts to get to this tribe have failed. They are extremely protected and have many security methods, magical and none. They are a serious danger to anyone stepping into their territory,” explained Luna, recalling her research in ancient magic and knowing that Africa was the main source.

“What kind of magic is it they’re protecting?” asked Harry, his heart pounding more and more as he found that Voldemort was true on his information.

“We aren’t sure. We can’t get research from their base, as it is simply impossible for us to gain access. For years we have tried, yet failed. The last decade we have just given up and decided to find out by other methods. We do know that they have a lot of focus on healing and defence. They also know the true method behind the creation of spells, as well as spells we are completely unaware of,” replied Luna, glad that someone was listening to her research. “For all we know, they could have a spell that defends against the Unforgivable Curses.”

“Wow, thanks. Has the African Ministry attempted recovering such information?” asked Harry, pressing for more.

“They have, many times. However, they have failed, just as we have. We have sent in hundreds of Aurors and none come out or if they do, they come out all messed up and completely oblivious to their surroundings, much like the way a Dementor forces their victims,” replied Luna, realising the jealous looks being cast by her co-workers.

“Okay, thanks for talking to me. I have gained all I need,” said Harry, standing and giving Luna a brief hug. “I’ll see you at home.”

“Goodbye, Harry,” said Luna, before turning back to her work.

Harry strode swiftly from the Ministry and rushed home. He was now desperate to get to this tribe. Voldemort was successful in finding them and talking to them. They even returned alive, although, some followers may have died.

Harry was sure he could recover the magic being protected by the tribes. He knew they had beliefs in the gods and they would certainly know who the Prince of Souls was, if he stood in front of them. Harry was certain that if that didn’t work, he could simply force them to hand over the information.

So it began, Harry locked himself in his study for hours on end. He poured himself over Voldemort’s journals and read about how many deaths had been caused by him and many ambitions of Voldemort.

Harry slowly began feeling his need to discover the things Voldemort failed to find. Voldemort had given Harry the basic knowledge needed on the items or spells and he longed to create or discover them. His addiction to progress was slowly maturing and beginning to control him, just as his knowledge and power addictions had consumed him slightly.


Over the period of five years, Harry had locked himself more and more in his study. Even on Bradley and Jessica’s birthdays and Christmas’, when everyone was downstairs celebrating and opening gifts, he still locked himself in his study.

His children and Ron’s, were now nine years old and had begun learning basic magic. Harry was so impressed to see his girl produce the Levitation Charm and his boy master the Disarming spell.

Over the five years, Harry and his Elite Auror team had done many missions together. They had drawn their attention onto the Werewolves that attacked the Quidditch World Cup. Over these five years, there were many arrests made, but the entire world was full of dark wizards, who’re willing to join a new dark force. Once one being was arrested, another five would replace them.

He had become completely consumed with need and the Dark Arts itself. Harry wanted to learn spells classed as Dark Art material, but he feared in his approach. He had been warned by Dumbledore the risks of becoming drawn to the Dark Arts.

However, Harry was confident that he had completed all magic relevant to legal magic and he had spent the following years mastering every aspect of his magic, making him more powerful and more dangerous.

Harry had completed his King of Earth magic and he could perform every piece of magic offered to him through that. Harry had also completed all his Prince of Souls magic, although, he was slightly shaky on some aspects.

He could remember when he tried controlling a shopkeeper, but felt that he was extremely weakened after it. Although, other than that, he was a master of magic and people was beginning to sense it even more.

Harry’s personality had not taken a turn for the worse, like it had when he last went through a huge magical increase. However, people around him could feel his magic and they could feel his raw strength.

Hermione had slowly realised how Harry had begun to gain a bigger addiction to power and knowledge, yet she did not attempt to talk to him. He seemed so on the edge since he began locking himself away.

Instead of approaching him herself, she contacted Dumbledore, who immediately rushed to their house, ready to approach Harry.

“Oh, Albus. I am so glad you came!” said Hermione, rushing over and giving her old mentor a warming hug.

“Your owl seemed so stressed. I must ask for forgiveness, as I never explained fully what Harry’s addiction could do to him. He has been consumed I believe and I fear that his magic has gone beyond controllable. I am sorry Hermione, he is slowly becoming the human-god that is the Prince of Souls,” said Dumbledore, smiling weakly as he watched fear creep into Hermione’s face.

“Will you please talk to him?” asked Hermione hopefully, her desperation evident. “I can feel his magic, Albus. I never thought I would be scared of Harry, but I am now petrified. I am worried at what he will do next, now he has accomplished everything with legal magic he possibly can.”

“He has accomplished it all?” asked Dumbledore urgently, showing that he did not expect Harry to master everything about magic he could. “There are only two forms of magic that Harry is open to explore. There is obviously the Dark Arts, which I fear he will get involved with. Then there is ancient magic, something that has never been mastered by a normal wizard.”

“Am I losing him, Albus?” asked Hermione quietly, placing her hands on her head in stress.

“I doubt it, Hermione. Harry loves you and he will always be there for you. If you had spoken to him before now, I am sure he would have realised and seized his exploration of magic. However, I doubt anyone can prevent him from progressing even further,” replied Dumbledore, sighing slightly and nodding his way from the living room and up the stairs.

Harry had already sensed Dumbledore’s presence in the house. He sat up and waited for the knock from Dumbledore. When it came, Harry waved his hand and watched as the door swung open freely, something that Dumbledore noticed immediately.

“Your wand-less magic has truly out performed any other’s achievements. I think you know why I am here, Harry,” said Dumbledore, strolling over the office and examining Harry’s hugely increased library, instead of sitting facing him.

“Yes it has and yes, I know why you’re here. As soon as you entered the property, I immediately knew why you were here. That’s something the King of Souls has gifted his Prince with. I can sense and actually see what a person is thinking, with a simple tweak of my power. Isn’t that amazing?” said Harry, his excitement leaking into his voice.

“Very …” said Dumbledore, eyeing the open journals of Voldemort. “Have you read all of these, Harry?”

Harry looked at the journals and summoned them with his mind. He placed them all securely in his desk and returned his gaze on Dumbledore.

“Yep. Voldemort was an extremely intelligent, determined, ambitious and independent man,” replied Harry, watching Dumbledore progress further in his browse of Harry’s texts.

“Are you beginning to like Voldemort?” asked Dumbledore, immediately aware of Harry’s admiration to the enemy.

“Of course not. But even you have to admit that he was truly great. He was everything he said and was rumoured of. A worthy opponent if you ask me,” said Harry simply, summoning two glasses and a bottle of Firewhisky. “You know, I’ve started drinking more. I never actually liked it, unless I was going to get drunk.”

“Yes, I must admit, I drink more than my youth. It is something knowledge forces you to do. Magical alcohol contains essence of stimulation, providing you with a much better concentration,” said Dumbledore, smiling slightly and accepting his drink. “Thank you.”

“At least I’m not the only one,” said Harry cheerfully, easing his alertness of their conversation ever so slightly.

“I’m curious, Harry. What do you intend on accomplishing next, now that there is no more magic for you to learn?” asked Dumbledore, finally getting to the point.

“There is always magic, Albus, you told me that. I am interested in discovering or creating something. I just don’t know what, yet,” replied Harry, drinking deeply from his drink.

“I will encourage you do that, within reason. It is a great thing, to create or discover. It gives something to the world. In my opinion, I think you should choose a section of Defence Against the Dark Arts, research a section and then invent a device to help with something we have troubles with. A book could even be written,” said Dumbledore, shivering as he felt yet another smash of Harry’s power wash over him.

“You’re right. How about a cure to the curse of being a werewolf?” suggested Harry, already thinking of things to invent. “Or possibly how to use Muggle electrical equipment in a magical atmosphere?”

“A cure to being a werewolf has been researched intently for years and is still in research. We have come up with a potion to keep the cursed one in their right minds, as you already know. The research of Muggle equipment, is currently under go at the Ministry. They are extremely close. The plan is to actually recreate the items, using magic instead of electricity,” said Dumbledore, sipping his drink slowly.

“Yeah, I heard about that. The Ministry is currently trying to invent radios, so that Aurors can talk whilst on missions. It will serve better than owls or alerts, which can be intercepted,” said Harry, eyeing Dumbledore’s slight unease. “You can feel my power, can’t you?”

“Yes, Harry. I must admit, it is slightly unnerving. You must control it, or you will cause concern with people. Actually feeling the power of someone is extremely rare and has only occurred with a few people and for it to be happening whilst you’re not using magic is even rarer. You can be classed as dangerous, as it is something people have not felt,” replied Dumbledore honestly. “You’re scaring Hermione, Harry.”

Harry immediately dropped his pride in his power and instantly felt disgusted. His power had created fear within the person he loved. He looked away from Dumbledore in shame.

“I will get onto that immediately. Now I have nothing to learn in normal magic, I think I will learn how to control this outburst of power. I will also cool things over with Hermione. She is someone I want to never fear me,” said Harry, waving his hand once more and creating Dumbledore’s glass to empty and the door to open. “Thanks for opening my eyes, Albus. You’re a true friend.”

Dumbledore nodded and took the hint. He placed his glass on Harry’s desk, waved slightly and left the study. Harry slammed the door behind him in anger, using his magic. He stood up and screamed in frustration. What had he done?
Well, here is the next chapter. Some people rose questions on when Voldemort's journals will appear and here they are. I hope the chapter was ok and I hope you will continue to read to the next.

Please note that just because I am a trusted author, it doesn't mean I will update all the chapters at once. I require feedback from a chapter at a time. So, please don't pressure me to add a chapter. Thanks.

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