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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 13 : Chapter 13: Fists, Fights, and Friday nights
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Chapter 13: Fists, Fights, and Friday nights 

A.N.: This wonderful banner was made by Overdose x3, a fellow Duff hater.

“What,” Jamie asked, terrified. ‘Could she have kind of permanent disease,’ Jamie thought, ‘oh god, I knew Hogwarts was a bad idea. Stay positive, Jamie, Stay positive.’

“I don’t think Rory should be traveling,” Madam Shaft explained, “So I don’t think it’s a good idea for her to go home for Christmas break next week.” Jamie sighed relived but then sad, that meant that she was going to have to stay here.

“I’m fine with that,” Jamie sighed. Normally she’d be more upset, but Rory being ok was better news. She placed Rory in her crib, “When can she come home?”

“Tomorrow, I just want to watch her,” Madam Shaft said, before leaving the room to take care of her other students. Jamie smiled at her daughter,

“We’re half way there,” Jamie whispered. Jamie sang softly, and drifted off for a few minutes before Tyler shook her awake.

“Sorry to wake you, love,” Tyler said, watching Jamie sit up groggily, “But I just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“Rory’s not allowed to go home for break,” Jamie sighed. Tyler looked disappointed,

“Oh, well. I will go take us off the list, and owl mom and dad,” Tyler said. Jamie smiled; he was so good to her, but some things she had to deal with alone.

“No, Tyler, I want you to go home for break,” Jamie said, “I don’t want mum and dad to be alone.”


“No, Tyler, you’re going,” She said, “You have no choice.”

“I’m worried,” Tyler said, “About leaving you all alone.”

“I got pregnant, Tyler,” Jamie said for what felt like the millionth time, because she said it so much in her head, “I have to deal with this.”

“Jamie,” Tyler whispered, “You say it like you blame yourself.”

“Tyler, blaming someone would mean I was unhappy, and I’m not. I’m glad it happened, because if it didn’t I wouldn’t have Rory. Sure the timing could have been better, but if it happened at a different time with a different guy it wouldn’t have been Rory right? Please, just, please go sign me up to stay here, and owl mum and dad.”


Sirius was bored. Remus and James were packing to go home, and Peter was no where to be found. He had taken to wandering the halls, with no destination. A group of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor couples came down the hall. He bit the inside of his cheek; it was his old group of friends. When he and Jamie were going out she wanted to do things with other couples, considering Lily refused go near James. These were the kids they hung out with. Imagine that three years later they were all still together. Of course the part of Sirius wished that that was him three years ago. The part that had forgotten about the bet.

“Hey, Sirius!” One of the guys, Brian, said. The rest of the guys all shook hands with him. He nodded to the girls, who stared back. They knew what happened.

“How’s Jamie,” One of the girls said. She had not used a friendly tone, and Sirius could tell this was not going to be a nice conversation.

“She’s good. Took a year off,” Sirius commented as if he was still in a relationship with her. They all knew he wasn’t.

“Typical,” One of the girls muttered.

“Excuse me,” Sirius said, raising an eyebrow remaining polite. The boyfriends watched interested, not knowing when to step in.

“Just that,” The girl continued, latching herself to her boyfriends arm, “Sirius Black has the best girl he ever could have and throws her away. Betting on people’s lives isn’t a good idea, Black.”

“I agree,” Sirius said shocking them all, “I did mess up the best relationship I ever had.” There was an awkward silence as footsteps came down the hall. People were leaving for the train.

“Sorry, but I must be going,” Sirius smirked before quickly walking away. He couldn’t help but feel a pang in his heart, those were his old friends, and here he was alone. He ran up to the common room to say goodbye to James and Remus. He leaned against the door way watching Jamie, who was hugging Lily goodbye. Her beauty amazed him, and also frightened him. He didn’t know if he loved her or if he was just attracted to her. He hoped it was the latter; Sirius Black didn’t fall in love.

“She’ll love you, Lil,” James said, “Calm down.”

“Meeting the mother is an important step, James,” Jamie laughed.

“SEE!” Lily shouted, causing Jamie to laugh more.

“Go on, you’re gonna be late,” Jamie whispered, “Write me.” After a quick hug with James and a long hug from Lily the couple was gone. Jamie turned to Tyler, giving him a sad smile. She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes. She pursed her lips together,

“Tell mum and dad I said hello, and that I miss them.” Tyler nodded, Jamie jumped on him giving him a huge hug, “Happy Christmas, I’ll miss you.”

“Aw, baby,” Tyler whispered, “I’ll miss you too. I already said goodbye to Rory. We’ll send her our presents.” Jamie nodded and bit her lip to keep tears from flowing over. Like that Tyler was gone.


“You sure you don’t want to come home with us, mate?” James asked Sirius, while standing in front of a carriage.

“Nah, I heard there is a lovely maiden staying here that I have had my eye on for a while,” Sirius said winking. Lily laughed at him as Tyler appeared behind him.

“Leave her alone, Black,” Tyler said in a monotone.

“Will do, Smith,” Sirius snickered. If there was anything Sirius liked to do it was piss Tyler off. Tyler had never really liked him, and tried to break him and Jamie up. Tyler rolled his eyes at Sirius. The last carriage took off, leaving them to have to wait for the second round.

“He’s not kidding, Black,” A voice said, clapping a hand on Tyler’s shoulder, “Leave her alone.”

“Didn’t she reject you, Tutee,” Sirius barked with laughter. He didn’t know why suddenly they were deciding to fight with him.

“Sirius,” James warned. James saw that they were getting into rough territory. ‘Where are these damn carriages,’ James thought needing to get Tyler and Colin away from Sirius. He looked at Lily and saw her doing the same thing, looking to intervene.

“Didn’t you win a couple of gallons for sleeping with her,” Colin snapped back.

“I made a mistake,” Sirius whispered, in a low, raspy voice, “I realize that.”

“Of course she disowned you after that,” Colin continued, acting as though he didn’t hear Sirius, “But I bet you’re used to that.” Sirius couldn’t take it any more; he dove at Colin and punched him in the face. His nose made a sick kind of crunching noise. Colin and Sirius began to roll around on the ground, fists flying. Tyler and James began to try to pull them apart, but it was difficult.

“Hey, Jamie,” Lily screamed. Colin and Sirius immediately jumped apart. Tyler grabbed Colin, while James grabbed Sirius.

“Hey look, the carriages,” Sirius mumbled, slightly relived that Jamie wasn’t really there, “I’ll see you soon mate.” He gave James a hug and Lily a peck on the cheek, before marching back up to the castle. He quickly decided his busted lip wasn’t worth going to the hospital wing for, so he went back to the Gryffindor tower. He took a deep breath seeing Jamie sitting on the couch, reading a book. He slowly walked over to her, forgetting about the bruises on his face.

“Sirius,” Jamie gasped, “What happened to you?!” She began to run her fingers over his face, making sure nothing was broken.

“It’s nothing,” Sirius grinned down at her. She quickly pulled out her wand and performed a few spells. Sirius felt his face tingle and wondered if it was from the spells or from her hand.

“Sirius Alexander Black, tell me what happened,” Jamie said, putting her hands on her hips looking very motherly.

“It was a fight with a Slytherin. It was nothing,” Sirius gave her a cheesy smile. Jamie rolled her eyes and pulled out her wand again. After a few more indications he was as good as new. Sirius felt his breath hitch realizing how close they were. She didn’t move back, and neither did he. He took a deep breath trying to calm his self. When that didn’t work her knew he had one option.

“Jamie,” He moaned. Jamie looked at him surprised, but didn’t have a chance to say anything because his lips crashed down on hers. Jamie felt the old passion that she missed so much. She wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. Sirius felt as if fireworks exploded inside him. Every feeling that he ever felt about Jamie returned. Not that they ever left, but they were stronger. He ran his tongue along the seem of her lips, asking for entrance. She gave it, while running he hands through his soft hair. Sirius backed them up to the couch when Jamie realized that this was wrong. She pushed his chest back, and looked down taking a deep breath.

“What,” Sirius said lifting her chin, “Did I do something wrong?”

“Kara,” Jamie said slowly. Here she was snogging him, and he had a girlfriend!

“We broke up,” Sirius lied. He had wanted to break up with her but she never would let him. She would either kiss him, and make him forget, leave, and make him forget, or cut him off, and make him forget! All in all, Sirius Black had never been with a girl, other than Jamie, for so long. Jamie smiled at him.


“Promise. So tomorrow night, dinner?” Sirius said.

“Sure,” Jamie nodded; trying to decide if this was a good idea. It was just dinner, right? “Well I’m going to go catch a couple more hours of sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yes, meet me down here at seven. I bet we’ll see each other before then, though,” Sirius said, wringing his hands nervously. Jamie disappeared up the staircase. ‘I better go break up with Kara,’ Sirius thought, before exiting the portrait hole quickly.


“Hey, Kara,” Sirius yelled seeing her up ahead with her friends. She smiled at him and told them to go on. She finished putting lip gloss on, which she did a lot, and walked over to him.

“Hey, baby,” Kara grinned, “So for tomorrow night I was thinking dinner?”

“Kara, listen,” Sirius started, “I don’t…”

“You know somewhere nice,” She continued, not hearing him, “In Hogsmed maybe? Oh, will you take me to that restaurant that James took Lily?” She continued to babble.

“Kara,” Sirius barked, “You haven’t been listening to me. I need to…”

“Oh, Sirius!” Kara cut him off again, he sighed, “We haven’t said hello yet.” She placed his lips on his and Sirius forgot what he came to say, again. He didn’t feel passion, or anything. It wasn’t even a good kiss. All he felt was wet, slimy stuff on his mouth. He hoped it was lip gloss…


Jamie reached her common room. It was only twelve, so instead of taking the secret passage to the hospital wing, she decided to walk. ‘Clear my head,’ Jamie thought, ‘I hope. I don’t like Sirius. Well maybe. A little. But he’s cute. A bastard, yes, but a cute bastard!’ Jamie sighed, how come Sirius was the only one who could confuse her like this? He had changed, he was truly sorry. She could see that by looking at his eyes, but was he still lying to her about stupid things?

As Jamie rounded the corner she found her answer. Kara and Sirius were lip locked and didn’t look to be stopping. Jamie surprised herself by not crying. She didn’t move. She just shook her head while giving herself a small laugh. ‘Some things never change,’ she thought, before turning around and walking the other way.


“Kara, stop!” Sirius pushed her away from him.

“What’s wrong, honey bee,” Kara asked.

“You know what’s going on; you’ve tried to stop it for a month. I don’t like you, Kara. I don’t want to be with you!”

“You don’t mean that,” Kara snapped, “Going to go be all alone? Late nights thinking about me? ”

“No,” Sirius smiled slightly, “I’m going to be with the only girl who ever mattered to me.”

“Please, Smith? She’s such a whore,” Kara was applying more lip gloss.

“No, you are,” Sirius said walking away. Kara glared at his retreating back. ‘There is something wrong with that girl. I’m going to find out.'

a.n.: another chapter i know. guys you made me sad last chapter at the moment my reviews went from 83 to 44. it made me sad =(. please review guys, it makes me feel better about myself. thanks to all you who wished me luck in my play. PLEASE REVIEW!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

“Come in,” Lily called. She managed to hold in her groan when she saw it was James. James sat on her bed.

“Hello, love,” He said smiling.

“Hey,” Lily replied. James kissed her on the lips. Before things got too far, she pushed him away

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