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Life, Love, and Everything in Between by invisiblemaurader_1
Chapter 4 : Excuse me. He WHAT?!?!?
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The next morning, Cam stumbled into the kitchen, searching blindly for a cup, a mug, anything. "Coffee." he groaned, unable to open his eyes. Within moments, a steaming mug was placed in his hands. He drank the entire cup gratefully. When he opened his eyes, it was to find Aisley staring at him with an amused smirk. He opened his mouth to speak, but she beat him to it.

"Feeling human again?" she asked.

"Yeah, just a little bit." Cam answered, pouring himself another cup of coffee.

"Good. Maybe you can work on dressing yourself now."

"Huh?" Cam asked, obviously still confused. “What?” Aisley pointed at him.

“You’re not wearing anything but a pair of boxers...” Her voice trailed off, but her grin remained in place. It was quite obvious she was relishing the entire experience. “...and a sock. One sock.” Cameron looked down and blushed.

“” he stuttered. Aisley took one look at his face, which was so red that he could be reasonably mistaken for a giant tomato with facial features, and took pity on him.

“Go.” she said, pointing towards his room. “Get dressed.”

Cam was halfway out the door when she called after him.

“Hey, Cam!”

“What?” Cam stuck his head through the doorway.

“Nice body.” Aisley said, grinning at his look of profound embarrassment. To her, it was a good thing that Cam had stumbled blindly, and only semi-clothed, into the kitchen; it kept both of them from thinking about the events of the previous night. Which, she reminded herself, she had vowed to forget completely. Hopefully, her little vow would take affect soon.

“Hey, Aisley?” Cam retorted, bringing her back from La-La-Day-Dreamsicle Land.

“Mhmm?” she murmered.

“Shut up.”

“Whatever you say, Cameron.”


Within five minutes, Cam was back in the kitchen It appeared that Aisley was cooking breakfast. And it smelled delicious. Cam’s mouth started to water. Apparently, he made some sort of sound effect, because Aisley turned and looked over at him.

“Your food is on the counter.” she told him. He didn’t need to be told twice. Cam practically ran over. After he had taken a couple of bites, he swallowed blissfully.

“First you bring me coffee. Now you feed me.” He glanced over at Aisley. She just gave him a bland stare and then went back to what she’d been doing.

“You’re amazing. The perfect woman. Will you marry me?” Cam asked, only half joking. To his surprise, Aisley looked like she was about to murder him.

“No, Potter, I won’t.” she replied angrily.

“Well....bloody hell, why not?” Cam asked, feeling truly miffed and having no idea WHY he felt that way. “We’re perfect together. We like the sam Quidditch teams, we’ve got the same job. We grew up together. We know each other better than anyone else. And we like each other; we’re great friends. Merlin knows we have a good time together. We’d be good together, and you know it. Our families love each other, so that wouldn’t be an obstacle, and since we’ve known each other so long, you must know that I’m not an ax murderer. So why not?”

“I’ll tell you why, Cam!” Aisley shouted. “Because in that.....proposal, if you can even call it that....of yours, you forgot to mention one very important thing!”

“That you’re pretty?” Cam said hopefully. Aisley barely managed not to snort. Typical guy.

“No, you idiot. Never once did you mention whether or not I love you. Whether or not you love me. Do you?”

Cam looked decidedly uncomfortable. “No...I mean...I don’t...I’m not sure I’m capable of being in love with someone, anyone. But I like you, and respect you. And I care about you more than anyone else. Can’t that be enough?”

“Maybe for you, Potter, but not for me.” Aisley said furiously. “I don’t even know why we’re having this discussion, because we both know that you don’t actually want to marry me. But that’s one of the reasons why it isn’t enough. You asked me on a whim, as a kind of joke, not out of any real desire to be with me. When and if I marry, it’ll be for love. Nothing else. Not because a friend stupidly asked me because I made him breakfast, or because I know how to do laundry. But for love. If you don’t have love, then marriage is pointless. And don’t say you know me, Cameron Arthur Potter. You don’t know me at all.”

“Yeah? Name one thing I don’t know about you.” Cam taunted, enraged with both of them and wondering why they were even having this argument. She was right; he’d been joking around and had expected her to play along, but she hadn’t. And now they were having a huge row. Wonderful.

“Alright then, Mr. Know-It-All. How about this. I speak six languages, other than English, fluently. I like walking on the beach at moonrise. I can quote ‘Hogwarts, A History’ verbatim. I like the works of Tolstoy, Mark Twain, and Emily Dickinson, and I listen to Tchaikovsky when I have the time. I know every line in the movie ‘Lost Boys.’ I continually suffer from a broken heart. I eat dry spaghetti when nobody’s around. And that’s just to name a few things.”

“Okay, maybe I don’t know you quite as well as I thought.” Cam countered. “But I know where you’re ticklish, and who was the first guy to kiss you. I know that you were at the very top of our graduating class. I know what you like to wear and how you brush your teeth. And I know how to make you laugh.”

“Yeah. But you also know how to make me cry.” Aisley pointed out wearily as she walked away.

Watching her leave, Cameron was feeling more and more confused. Had he actually Aisley? He pinched himself to see whether or not it was just some awful, horrid dream. Darn. Judging by the pain on his left forearm, it wasn’t a dream. Someone must have slipped something into his coffee- no, wait. If anyone had given him anything, it would have had to have been Aisley. And why would she give him something to make him lose it and propose (sort of) if she was just going to say no? Okay, so being high wasn’t a reasonable excuse. The more he though about it, the more he started to panic- he HAD no excuse. He’d just asked her to marry him as a joke, and she hadn’t played along. At about that time, his temper kicked in and he’d stated plenty of reasons he thought they would bee happy together. Except, apparently, the only reason she would accept. Love? Pssh. As he’d told her, he wasn’t mad e to love any one person. Women. Women and all their stupid emotional problems. Women with all their stupid emotional problems who dumped all of those problems on any guy who happened to be in the vicinity. As confused as he was, Cameron almost went in search of Aisley’ he figured he could probably cajole her out of her snit. Eventually, he might be able to persuade her not to just kill him and be done with it. But then he thought better of that idea (he had to admit, it was not one of his more brilliant ones). So instead, he left for the Auror’s Office, even though it was Saturday and he wasn’t scheduled to work. He figured it would probably be better for his well being if he just....stayed away from Aisley for awhile.

Meanwhile, Aisley was stomping up the stairs, furious with herself, and, more importantly, with Cameron. As she stormed into her room, she noticed Rebecca sitting nonchalantly on the bed. Great. Wonderful. She did not want to deal with any of the Potters at that moment, but they seemed to follow her like a plague of locusts.

“What do you want?” Aisley asked rudely. She conjured a couple of her trunks and started violently cramming as many of her things in them as possible.

“Well...” Rebecca drawled. “...Sirius and I, both blessed with extraordinary hearing, heard shouting downstairs and decided to play detective. Cam left in a hurry, so we hightailed it up her.” she finished, pointing at Sirius, who had just poked his head out of Aisley’s closet.

“A little help here?” he asked. “Your clothes attacked me, and now I’m kind of stuck.”

“You can stay that way.” Aisley retorted, having no idea why Sirius, who seemed fairly normal for a Potter, would feel the need to be in her closet. Maybe he was trying something on...

“He made me mad. I’m moving out. End. Of. Story.” Aisley finished through gritted teeth.

“Now, now, I’m sure that’s not all.” Sirius said soothingly, thought the effect was somewhat marred due to the fact that he was still trapped in a closet.

“And if it is all..” Rebecca trailed off evilly. “Well then, we’ll just have to tell Mum, Dad, Uncle Ron, Aunt Hermione, and all the rest of our large extended family that you’re being childish and hurting Cam’s feelings by moving out, and then they’ll interrogate you until you...change your mind.” she finished. Both Rebecca and Sirius gave Aisley identical ‘innocent’ faces. She was terrified.

“You wouldn’t.” Aisley paled visibly. The twins looked at each other.

“We would.” they said, nodding in unison.

“Blackmailers.” Aisley muttered.

“Yeah, we are. So spill.” Sirius said. After finally getting himself out of the closet’s clutches, he went over to sit with his sister on Aisley’s bed.

“Fine.” Aisley said with a sigh. “Your idiot brother just proposed to me! Is that what you wanted to know?”

“Um...yeah!” Rebecca said, her jaw dropping.

“Excuse me? He WHAT?” was Sirius’ response.

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