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Scream My Lungs Out by Missus Moony and Padfoot
Chapter 31 : The Name's Black... Sirius Black.
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A/N:  Both Missus:  Dudes!!!!!!  Missus Moony:  Sorry for the long wait... again.  We've both been extremely busy with work and whatnot.   Missus Padfoot:  Yeah, we know, we always have excuses.  But they're always genuine, we swear!  Missus Moony: Anyway, you guys are absolutely amazing, I don't think we've stressed that enough!  Missus Padfoot:  Yeah!  I mean, we now have over 42,000 reads, and over 670 reviews!  You guys just always put smiles on our faces and we're so glad to have a fan base as wonderful as you!  Missus Moony:  Look at us!  We're getting all sentimental!  Missus Padfoot:  Well, we are extremely loopy tonight...  Missus Moony:  'Tis true.   Ok, so this chapter is extremely amusing, just so you know... so, enjoy!  Missus Padfoot:  And don't forget to review!!!  Merci beaucoup!!!!  Missus Moony:  What the - stop with the french!!!!

Chapter 31: The Name's Black... Sirius Black.
Lily sighed as she picked up one of the parchments that was sprawled across the floor of the Head's Common Room and rubbed her tired eyes as she thought of her nice, warm bed. She and James had been sitting in front of the fire for hours trying to fine tune all the details of the Yule Ball and she was beginning to feel the fatigue of her exhausting week catching up to her. They had been practicing Quidditch a lot lately despite the fact that there wasn’t another match for a couple of months because of the chilly weather, their homework had increased tremendously because of the ever-approaching N.E.W.T.'s, and the Yule Ball was just a little over a month away. Lily was glad that she and James were just about done figuring out their plans, but was not looking forward to cleaning up the mess that they had made – Lily and James were sitting in the middle of a disaster area with pieces of parchment scattered everywhere that all needed to be organized before they went to bed.

James looked up from the papers he was shuffling through when he heard Lily's tired sigh and couldn't help but stare at the girl. She was still in her school uniform, but her feet were bare, her robes and sweater were off, and her tie was loose. James couldn't remember if he had ever seen her this informal and comfortable. Sure, they shared a common room together, but he still had never seen her in her pajamas or in sweats or anything – her clothes were always crisp and nice whenever he saw her. All of a sudden, James found himself admiring how pretty she looked in the firelight that night – her hair was more ablaze from the soft light than ever, despite the fact that it was a little bit tussled from running her hands through it so much because of her frustration of wanting to get their plans done, but James found that to be all the more fetching on her. He watched her as she bit her bottom lip as she read in a way that James found to be extremely sexy... then he realized that he was thinking lustfully about Lily Evans and he quickly averted his gaze back down to the parchments and ruffled his hair in agitation.

Lily glanced up at James' sudden movement. He seemed to be concentrating hard on his papers, but he suddenly stopped to take off his glasses and rub his face in exhaustion. Lily felt her insides melt as she admired James' flawless features – his tan, clear skin, his strong, prominent jaw, and his lean, muscular body that she could see clearly through the sweatpants and white t-shirt that he was wearing. She blushed and quickly looked away when James opened his eyes and put his glasses on, noticing that she had been looking at him.

“Well, I think that we're pretty much done!” said Lily as she tried to make the situation a little less awkward.

“Yeah, I say we call it a night – I'm bushed!” replied James as he stretched out his arms and yawned sleepily.

“So, all we really need to do now is wait for the night before the ball to make the preparations and make sure that the Prefects are all doing their duties for the next couple of weeks,” Lily said as she began clearing up the parchments.

“Yeah, and that'll be a chore, especially with those Slytherins, because knowing them, they won't do their jobs and they'll just slack off, waiting for others to do the job for them!” mumbled James, who was beginning to get a little grouchy, which was typical of James when it was late at night.

Lily looked up at James with a small frown on her face. “James, they're Prefects! They're all good at what they do and they're responsible, no matter what house they're in! Why else would Dumbledore choose them?”

“Because he had to be fair to all the houses by having prefects from each house,” replied James, who was becoming more and more agitated by the second. “It doesn't mean that Dumbledore wanted to appoint those slime-balls as Prefects! He had to! If I were headmaster, I'd chuck the lot of them out of Hogwarts before you could say 'muggle'.”

“James, you shouldn't be prejudiced about the Slytherins just because you don't like a few of them – you're Head Boy! You represent the entire school, including the Slytherins!” Lily was becoming flustered herself.

“I'm prejudiced? These are Slytherins we're talking about! Or have you forgotten what they love to call you, Evans? Oh, and I'm so glad that we're back to scolding me for being the awful person that I am and telling me how I need to become such a saint-like person like you, thank you very much,” muttered James coldly, not looking up at Lily, who was trying her best to not let the hurt show on her face from James' harsh words.

“Well, Potter, the Slytherins are people just like you and me! Just because they're in that house does not automatically turn them into the stereotypical, nasty, pure-blood loving Slytherins that you always think of!” Lily's voice was rising as she was replacing her hurt with anger.

James stood up quickly with a bunch of parchments in his arms as he scowled down at Lily. “You know, you're starting to sound as if you like ol' Snivelous Snape more than you like me!”

Lily's jaw dropped in offense as she stood up as well and glared at James. “I did not say anything of the sort! Just because I don't hex Snape every time I see him does not mean that I don't hate him just as much as you! And I wasn't saying that all Slytherins are good, but that you can't just rule them all out as being bad people!”

James inched closer to Lily as he slammed the papers he was holding down on the ground. “You don't hate Snape! You're always saving his puny arse!” he yelled.

“That is my duty as Head Girl! To keep block-heads like you from starting dumb, pointless, macho fights!” Lily moved a bit closer to James as she too yelled and waved her arms about angrily.

“Oh, yes, Lily Evans always has to be the good, little hero!”

“Well, it's better than being the stupid, arrogant prick!”

Lily and James' faces were about two inches away from each other when they both simultaneously had the strong urge to grab the other and snog the crap out of them. But when they both realized their urge, their eyes became wide, and they both quickly turned away at exactly the same moment. James paced furiously for a little while, whilst Lily just looked down at her bare feet awkwardly.

Suddenly, James stopped pacing in front of Lily, threw his arms out and burst out angrily, “Dammit, Lily, just get out of my head!! I'm over you!” and quickly stomped over to his bedroom without looking at Lily and slammed the door.

Lily stood there in shock as she just realized what happened. A small smile began to tug at her lips and she whispered, “There's hope!” 


Two days later, unbeknown to their friend, Sirius and Remus found themselves walking through the castle as they headed towards the Quidditch Pitch.

“You know, Moony, I think I'm liking this whole 'lets-break-up-Daphne-and-James' plan we have going. It's been forever since we've carried out a good diabolical plot!”

Remus looked at Sirius incredulously, almost running into a suit of armor in the process.

“Padfoot, you hexed Snape three times just this week and ambushed James yesterday!”

Sirius waved Remus' comment off with a dismissive air about him. “That doesn't count - torturing Snivelous is like a daily routine, and I didn't ambush James!”

“Sirius, you forced Peter and I to hide behind a tapestry with you so when he walked by you jumped out and dragged him into the Charms room! If that's not an ambush, then I don't know what is.”

“Well, we had to talk to him - don't blame me for trying to make it a little more exciting!”

Remus couldn't keep the small grin off his face as he remembered James' face after Sirius had yanked him into the room and threw him onto one of the chairs before launching into a tirade about how he was being a hypocrite for telling Remus that Daphne wasn't right for him and then continuing to date her when it was obvious to everyone that Daphne wasn't right for James either.

When Sirius had pointed out how the only reason James was going out with her in the first place was because of her physical appearance, James tried to defend himself by mentioning how Sirius was guilty of the same thing. But Sirius had destroyed that argument by pointing out that he shagged girls, he didn't date them. He then paused after this comment and smugly added, “With the exception of Marissa, but we won't go into that.”

At the end of his lecture, Sirius merely nodded with satisfaction and mentioned how they were all going to miss supper if they didn't hurry.

Poor James. He had been shocked for the entire evening after that and barely spoke a word the rest of the night. He became so distracted that he never noticed Remus sneaking his keys to the Quidditch shed out of his bag…

As the two Marauders exited the castle, Sirius shook out the black cloak he'd been carrying over his shoulder and slung it on over his school uniform.

“Uh, Padfoot, what on earth are you doing?”

“Being sneaky!! I can't be sneaky without looking the part!! And everyone knows that Espionage Wizards always wear black cloaks!”

Remus sighed and palmed his forehead as Sirius started to dart behind random trees and shrubbery.

After a few minutes of Remus walking calmly near Sirius, who was by now humming his own theme song, the werewolf decided to ask the one question that had been running through his mind the last couple of days.

“Padfoot, do you really think this crazy plan of Marissa's is going to work? I mean, there are just so many different things that could go wrong!”

Sirius finished crawling behind a rock before raising his head jerkily to talk with his friend.

“Of course it's going to work! James and Lily were meant to be together!” Drawing a heart in the air with his two index fingers, Sirius continued, “She completes him!!”

Remus couldn't help rolling his eyes at the oldest Black's antics. Sirius grinned and, looking around, noticed two students walking in their direction.

“Oh no! Two Hufflepuffs at twelve o'clock!! Execute evasive action!!”

Sirius tumbled out from behind the rock and started to scurry up a tree. The only problem was that this late in the year there weren't any leaves left in the tree, so his position was painfully obvious to any onlooker. The two Hufflepuffs, who looked to be a pair of second years, gave Sirius a wary look before quickly passing as if afraid Sirius would jump out of the tree and pounce on them. Remus, the entire time, pretended that he had nothing to do with the crazy singing guy in the tree.

Once the two students had passed, Remus gave Sirius a stern look. “Come on, Padfoot, and get out of that tree!! We should already be at the shed - Marissa and Rebecca will be there any minute!”

Sirius grudgingly pulled himself out of the tree and began walking with Remus down to the Quidditch shed.

“You spoil all my fun!” Sirius complained, pouting at Remus.

“At least I'm not making you take off that ridiculous cloak of yours.” Remus retorted, trying not to hum the catchy tune Sirius had been singing as his theme song. 


“Come on, move it!” Marissa growled frustratingly as she pushed a very reluctant Rebecca down the corridor towards the Ravenclaw Common Room. Rebecca was digging in her heels into the floor stubbornly and grumbling to herself.

“I don't want to do this! I know there's some other way to get that annoying little squirrel down to the Quidditch Pitch!” mumbled Rebecca in a somewhat whiny voice.

Marissa was beginning to pant from the effort of pushing her best friend, and slowed to a stop, turning Rebecca around to face her.

“Rebecca, you want James and Lily to be together, right?” questioned Marissa as she wiped a bit of sweat off her brow.

Rebecca folded her arms as she knew that she was about to get one of Marissa's famous pep-talks.

“Yes,” she replied grumpily, “but -”

“You want to get that annoying whore away from your brother and out of your life, right?” cut in Marissa quickly.

“Of course! But -”

Marissa sighed exasperatedly and roughly turned Rebecca around and gave her a hard push.

“Then you gotta sacrifice yourself for about fifteen minutes and do your job!” exclaimed Marissa. “My plan is the only way! Now go! I've got to go do my own job! And believe me; I'm not too thrilled with it either...”

Rebecca stomped a few paces without Marissa's aid, the chains on her boots clanging with each harsh step. She then stopped abruptly to look back at her blonde friend with a glare.

“Fine!” she grumbled. “But know this – I take no pleasure in this whatsoever! I'm only doing this for Lily and my own sanity! And because it's the only plan we've got... even though it sucks!” 


Rebecca paced the corridor outside the Ravenclaw Common Room, growling to herself as she waited for a random Ravenclaw to appear.

She had been standing there for only a minute or two, (though it felt much longer to the poor girl), when a first year came around the corner. The girl gave Rebecca a wary glance and tried to sneak by her into her common room, but Rebecca reached out and snagged the girl by her robes.

“Hey, I need you to do something for me alright?” Taking the quivering girls silence as a 'yes', Rebecca continued. “I need you to go in and find Daphne Holmes and tell her that James Potter is running around naked in the corridor.”

The first year looked immensely confused but tearfully nodded her head. Before she could escape to the common room, Rebecca hauled the girl in close to her and leaned down so she could look the girl straight in the eye.

“You'd better do this, because I know who you are and I'll hunt you down! Got it?!”


“Peachy. Now, get!”

It was apparent that the shaking first year was too scared to move on her own, so Rebecca shoved her towards the entrance and watched as the girl scurried away.

“I swear, she looked as if she was about to piss in her pants or something,” Rebecca chuckled to herself.

Leaning up against the wall next the entrance, Rebecca folded her arms and glanced at her watch, waiting.

Forty-five seconds later, Daphne tumbled out of the common room.

It took a moment for her to realize that not only was James not naked in the corridor, or even present at all, but the bane-of-her-existence was leaning up against the wall, staring at her.

Daphne turned and attempted to dart back to safety, but Rebecca used her quick reflexes to snag the back of her sweater before she could escape. “I'm beginning to notice a pattern with my dealings with Ravenclaws,” muttered Rebecca as she rolled her eyes, totally oblivious to Daphne's flailing.

Dodging one of her waving limbs, the Gryffindor took a deep breath and plunged ahead with the plan, reminding herself that she was supposed to be strong and not give into the intense urge to maim the annoyance in her grasp.

“Daphne, I thought about what you said and realized you were right - we do need to become friends.”

At her proclamation, Daphne's struggle for freedom abruptly stopped and she twisted around to get a good look at her captor.


Gritting her teeth, Rebecca attempted a grin, though in all honesty it appeared to look more like a wince. “Of course. We really just got off on the wrong foot-”

Daphne smiled brightly and looped her arm through the raven-haired girl's limp one and let herself be led away. “Oh, I'm so glad you finally came around!! You were positively frightening the other day! I thought to myself, now there is absolutely no reason to act like that! Oh, do you have something in your eye? It's twitching rather badly.”

Rebecca ground her teeth together, trying to block out the sound of Daphne's voice as her eye twitched in annoyance. “No, it's just the musty castle... dust, you know.”

“Oh, I know just what you mean! Some of the places in this castle are just dreadful! And the weather here is just awful! You'd think with a Headmaster as powerful as Dumbledore that he'd just wave his wand and move Hogwarts someplace tropical, like the Bahamas! Though, could you imagine Dumbledore sitting on the beach rubbing sun-lotion of his crooked nose? Or Slughorn for that matter? Oh, that would be so amusing!”

Daphne let out a loud, high-pitched giggle.

Rebecca ground her teeth together again and focused on putting on foot in front of the other as she led Daphne through the Entrance Hall and started towards the Quidditch shed, with Daphne still prattling on beside, none-the-wiser.

“Oh, think of all the different creatures we could study there with Care of Magical Creatures! We could learn about dolphins and giant seahorses!! Though, I just know that I would burn terribly!! I always burn easily right after winter, and you would figure, being in the Bahamas, that the sun would be a lot brighter than what it is here, it always seems so gray here during the winter. But on the downside, I think I would miss the trees here. You don't think there'd be English trees down there do you?”

Thankfully, by now the Quidditch shed was in sight, along with Marissa and Amos Diggory, who were standing around ignoring Sirius and Remus who were “hiding” behind the shed. Amos was positively hanging off of a disgruntled and extremely annoyed Marissa while it looked as if Remus were trying to hold Sirius back from annihilating Diggory.

Before Daphne could continue along her train of thought, Rebecca cut her off, pointing towards Marissa and Diggory.

“Oh, look. There's Marissa, why don't we go and say hello to her?” said Rebecca dully, resisting the enormous urge to just rip Daphne's hair out.

“Oh, that's a splendid idea! What a coincidence that we'd meet them on our little walk! I've never really gotten to know her before, but she seems very nice!”

Marissa, noticing their approach, suddenly clapped a hand over one of her eyes and started to wail. “Oh no!! I think my contact just fell out!! One of my expensive, magical contacts!”

Diggory immediately fell on his knees and started to hunt through the surrounding grass for the “missing contact”. “Don't worry, my love! I'll find it for you!” he exclaimed rather pompously as if he were trying to be the valiant hero.

“Oh, dear! You poor thing!” exclaimed Daphne, who hurried up to Marissa to put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Oh, this won't do at all!”

“I think we should help Marissa find her contact, don't you?” Rebecca asked Daphne in a somewhat monotone voice as if she were reciting lines that Marissa made up for her.

“Well, of course we should help her!” Daphne started search the ground for the contact without actually getting on the ground as both Marissa and Rebecca joined Diggory in getting on their hands and knees. She looked as though she were afraid to actually get down on the ground for fear of breaking a nail.

“You know, it's a good thing that Rebecca and I settled our differences today!” Daphne began to ramble. “If it hadn't have been for that, we would have never come down here in the first place and then you wouldn't have us here to help you!” She sighed. “I'm so glad we're friends now, Rebecca. I mean, I thought that you would never ever want to be my friend! Especially now that James and I aren't togeth – AUGH!!!!!!”

Just at that moment, something had run full speed towards the group and had pushed Daphne roughly so she tripped over Rebecca's crouched form and tumbled straight into the open broom shed. Another figure dashed up to Amos Diggory, grabbed him around the middle and tossed him into the broom shed as well. Then, Sirius ran straight for the two doors to the shed, and slammed them shut, while Remus muttered a quick locking spell. Panting, the two boys leaned their backs against the shed, folded their arms, and looked quite satisfied with themselves.

Sirius suddenly faced the door and put his ear up to it eagerly as Rebecca stared at the two boys incredulously. “Do you think they're getting it on yet?”

“You dolts!” yelled Rebecca as she pulled herself off the ground. “Daphne was just about to say something important!”

The group ignored Rebecca as Marissa joined Sirius and Remus at the door, trying to listen to see if anything was happening between Daphne and Amos.

“Probably!” Marissa replied to Sirius' question. “I mean, it's Diggory! He's horny as hell! He'll snog anything that's female and moves!”

“Is that how you got him down here?” inquired Sirius with a twinge of jealousy in his voice. “Did you promise him a snog session?”

“Actually no!” said Marissa with a smirk. “I just snapped my fingers and said, 'Come with me, Diggory!' He obliged immediately and followed me like a puppy dog. I didn't say anything else!”

Rebecca sighed in frustration. “You guys have the worst timing in the world!” she growled angrily, continuing in her rant as if the conversation between Marissa and Sirius didn't happen. “It sounded as if Daphne was about to say that she and James weren't even together any more but I didn't hear all of it because you guys had to jump the gun!”

Sirius stopped trying to eavesdrop on the couple in the shed and looked at the seething goth. “What are you talking about? You know Daphne; she was probably just saying nothing as usual. She just rambles on!”

“No, I'm serious! I think she said that she and James weren't together! And if that's true, then we did this dumb plan for nothing! I suffered for nothing!!!”

Remus wiped his forehead in agitation. “Are you kidding me? All that for nothing?”

“SHHHH!!!” shushed Sirius as he and Marissa pressed their ears to the door again.

“Oh! Yep, they are definitely getting some action!” Marissa giggled.

Remus backed away from the shed with disgust. “Man, I had to listen to Sirius' dumb tone-deaf theme song for nothing? This is just great.”

“I am not tone-deaf!!!” replied Sirius angrily as he finally pried his ear away from the door, thoroughly insulted.

Marissa cut across Sirius' sulking. “If James and Daphne had broken up, we would have known about it, Becs. He would have told you, let alone Sirius and Remus.”

“Yeah!” piped in Sirius. “You probably heard her wrong, Rebecca. Maybe you should go have Madam Pomfrey check your ears,” he said with a slight taunt.

Rebecca shot a nasty glare at Sirius and was about to reply tartly when a voice sounded behind her.

“Hey guys, what's going on?”

The whole group jumped as they turned and saw James approaching the broom shed, fully dressed in his Quidditch uniform.

“Prongs, old boy!” exclaimed Sirius as he rushed over to James and roughly put his arm around him. “Ready for Quidditch practice are you? You should probably get your broom from the shed, right?” Sirius winked over at Marissa slyly.

“Uh, I've got my broom right here, Padfoot.” James held up his broomstick as Sirius looked down sheepishly at it.

“Oh, right. I was, uh, just testing you... ” said Sirius, who was rather embarrassed.

“Er, James, you should be a good brother and get Rebecca's broom out of the shed then!” Marissa cut in, trying to save Sirius.

James looked over at Rebecca who grimaced at him and nodded helplessly.

“Ha! Are you kidding? With all the anti-theft charms she has on that thing? No way!”

James began to look around on the group, wondering what the heck was going on. He looked over at Remus, who was pretty much the sanest one there, to try and get some insight as to what was going on, but all James received from him was a shrug.

“Well, uh, then why don't you be... a doll, James, and er... get me mine?” asked Sirius hopefully, with a cheesy smile on his face as he fluttered his eyelashes at him.

“What's with you today, Sirius? I'm not your servant, you can get your broomstick yourself, you little girl!” James laughed as he tried to shrug off Sirius' arm and head for the Quidditch pitch.

Marissa sighed exasperatedly.

“James, just look in the damn shed!!!” she shrieked as she waved her arms around crazily, pushing James towards the shed.

“What the – fine! Fine!” exclaimed James as he was shoved to the shed doors, his nose almost hitting them from Marissa and Sirius' force.

James searched his pockets for his keys to unlock the door. “Where the crap are my keys?” he muttered.

“Oh! Er, here, mate,” replied Remus, pulling out James' keys out of his own pocket.

James looked at Remus suspiciously as he took the keys from Remus' hand. “Okay... ”

James quickly unlocked the shed and pulled open the doors to find Daphne and Amos completely lip-locked in a tight embrace.

James raised his eyebrows in shock. “Well, that was fast,” he said calmly as he watched the two making out furiously, both oblivious that the shed doors were open.

“Heh heh, yeah, the little tramp – wait, what?” Sirius stopped himself mid sentence when he realized what James had said and that James wasn't furiously angry.

The whole group stared at James incredulously.

“Daphne and I broke up this morning,” James shrugged as he closed the doors to the shed.

Remus smacked his forehead, Marissa's jaw dropped, and Sirius cowered away from a snarling Rebecca.

“See?! I told you!!! But did you listen to me? Noooo!”

“What?!? I didn't know!!!” cried Sirius as he ran around the shed, trying to avoid being hit by James' broom, which Rebecca had hijacked and started to swing at the Marauder's head.

“Well, if you had listened to me than you would have!! I need my ears checked, huh? Well, what about you?! Mr. I'm-so-smart-that-I-don't-have-to-listen-to-a-bloody-thing-that-Rebecca-says!!!”

James watched in amusement as his sister chased his best friend around before a thought suddenly dawned on him.

“Wait a minute, did you guys set this up to break me and Daphne up?! That is low!!” James growled angrily at his friends.

“Well, you broke up with her anyway, so it doesn't matter!!” Marissa defended, waving her hand about dismissively.

“Besides,” Remus added as he put his hand on James' shoulder, “she wasn't good for you, mate.”

James stared at his friends for a moment before comprehension ran across his face.

“Wait, you were doing that for me?” A goofy expression settled on the bespectacled boy's face. “Aw, you guys were worried about me!”

Remus traded a glance with Marissa, trying to figure out how James went from being insulted to being sensitive within the same conversation.

“Well, yes, partly we did do this for you. But we also did it for the sake our own sanity.”

“And for Lily.” Marissa muttered under her breath, though at James' questioning glance, she pretended not to notice and instead watched Sirius try to dodge a particular close aim from Rebecca as he swore profusely.   

“James, why did you break up with Daphne?” Remus asked curiously as he pulled his cloak tighter around his neck. It was becoming freezing, and Remus had been outside for about an hour now.

James shrugged his shoulders as he shifted uncomfortably. “Well, I thought about what Sirius told me - about Daphne not being good for me and how I wasn't good for her either, and I realized that the whole relationship was pretty pointless. So after thinking about it a little more, I told Daphne we should probably go back to just being friends.”

Marissa and Remus stared in shock at James.

“And she just let you off like that? With that lame excuse?!” Marissa asked incredulously.

James rubbed his neck awkwardly. “Well, yeah! Why is that such a big deal?”

Marissa gaped at the oblivious Head Boy. “Because Daphne was obsessed with you!! Why on earth would she let you go that easily?!”

“Well, she agreed that it was probably for the best. Although, she did mention something about terrifying family members.”

Marissa smacked her palm to her forehead repeatedly. “You mean we could have set Rebecca on Daphne ages ago and gotten rid of her?! Why the heck didn't we think of that?!”

“Well, Rebecca probably didn't think of it because I got all the brains in the family and you, Marissa... you're just not that smart,” replied James cheekily as Marissa's eyes narrowed and she pursed her lips in offense. “So you two were doomed to be dimwitted and unable to think up a good plot. Though, trying to break us up wouldn't have done any good since I was going to break up with Daphne anyway because I was no longer in denial about Lily -” James quickly cut himself off, realizing what he had said, and suddenly feeling self-conscious as not only were Remus and Marissa staring at him, but Rebecca paused mid-swing to stare at her brother, wondering if she'd heard him correctly.

Looking around for an excuse to escape, James suddenly noticed a few members of the Quidditch team approaching and confirmed the time on his watch.

“Oi!! It's time for Quidditch practice!! No more time for idle chit-chat, we got to get a move on! Sirius, get out of that tree! Rebecca, give me back my broom! You'd better not have knocked it against the branches while you were swinging it, otherwise I'm writing Mum! Now get your things together!”

As Sirius climbed out of the tree, dodging one last swipe from Rebecca, he had a sudden thought occur to him when he faced the Quidditch shed.

“Wait, I don't want to go in there!! They're- um- doing stuff in there!!”

Folding his arms and giving his twin and best friend a chastising glare, James stood his ground. “Well, you should have thought of that before you locked the two of them in there.”

“Hey!” yelled Rebecca angrily at her brother as she roughly pushed his broom back into his hands. “Not my idea! Blame Marissa! She thought of it! And those two nitwits agreed with her!” She pointed at Remus and Sirius, both of whom looked slightly offended, as she made her way over to the shed reluctantly. “I was just dragged into it!”

Marissa leaned towards Remus and mock-whispered in his ear with a smirk on her face. “What if they're doing it on the Beater bat collection?”

Rebecca promptly paled and stomped her foot in frustration as Remus looked thoroughly disturbed . “That is disgusting!! I'm not touching my bat with nasty Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff germs on it!! Stupid, horny teenagers with their sexual tensions!!!” 

A/N:  Both Missus:  SHE'S GONE!!!!!!!!  *choir singing in the background*  Missus Padfoot:  Halleluia!  Missus Moony:  Praise the Lord!!!!  Missus Padfoot:  Yeah, you guys weren't the only ones who were annoyed with her...  Missus Moony:  Haha, so please leave us a review and tell us what you think of the chapter!!!  Missus Padfoot:  Oh, and we're trying to move things along here, so don't be surprised if things start moving a little fast now... the Yule Ball will be here before you know it!  Missus Moony:  Stop giving hints...  Missus Padfoot:  What?  I can't help it...  Love you guys!!!!!  Missus Moony:  Uh huh.  Ditto.

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