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The True Son by Potter n Mione
Chapter 10 : The First Deed
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Harry and Minerva raced frantically through the throng, desperately trying to get to the scene of the crime.

“Harry!!!” A voice yelled. It was Hermione! Harry sped toward her, relieved, with McGonagall right on his heels.

“Mione,” he called, “What happened?”

“Death Eaters! They are here!”

Death Eaters! They were in the alley! On a suicide mission! Hermione, Harry and the other two would have to round up all the wizards and get them to safety. But how, the entrance to the street was swarming with the perverted followers of the Dark Lord, and there was no other way to get out! The only possible compromise to getting the people out would be to force them all into a small, magically shielded space; leaving the rest of the alley clear for battle.

Deciding that the compromise was the right solution, Harry motioned for the others to pull up their hoods and transform, while he pointed a finger at his throat, and began to speak.

“Attention, all shoppers, there are Death Eaters in the alley. Please remain calm and proceed to the far end of the alley for security reasons. Thank you for your cooperation.” Almost as soon as, Harry finished addressing the crowds they all hurried to obey his orders and pressed nervously up against Gringotts, waiting for further instructions. Hence, seeing that all customers had actually listened to him, Harry raised his shimmering palm and summoned up all his power from deep within him.

“Varya Turma!” The elf intoned, watching silently as an elven ward rose slowly from the dust, and enclosed all the vulnerable wizards. Finally, with that business fulfilled Harry turned to his beloved and handed her his mother’s sword.

“Prepare for battle.” The young man then averted his gaze and surveyed the oncoming surge of Death Eaters, immediately selecting his first target before drawing out his blades. Feeling his hands channel power to his sword, Harry Potter advanced on the enemy, smiling with pleasure as he sailed right over his target’s head and landed on her back.

“Surprise… surprise, Bella.”

“Potter, get off my back for a proper duel.”

“I don’t think so, Bella. Tell me, does this hurt as much as the Cruciatus Curse?” The warrior asked, twisting Bellatrix Lestrange’s arms behind her posterior until he heard a snap. Abandoning the injured female in the dirt, Harry jumped off her back and grappled another Death Eater before brutally wounding him with his magical sword. The entire battle continued in this manner, with all four elves dueling and defeating the evil, which included Snape, Malfoy Senior, and Malfoy Junior. At last, the conflict was over and the elves stepped back admiring their handiwork.

“Why did you not kill us when you had the chance?” Snape called out, groaning on the ground. “Are you chicken?”

“Do you see your master standing before you, Snivellus?” With that, Harry and Hermione collected their workbooks, and the undefeatable foursome went on their way home.

“What do you want to do now that we’re home, Harry?” Hermione kissed her fiancé, lovingly.

“Let’s go to the Hall, Mione. There’s someone I want to introduce you to.” Harry swept up his girl and once again carried her to the Hall.

“Hello, Father Godric and Mother Rowena. May I introduce you to my bond, Hermione?”

“Ah, hello Harry. Rowena and I were wondering when you were going to come see us.” Godric beamed, benevolently down at the couple.

“And, you have found a bond, well done.” Rowena applauded, “She is quite a lovely, young elf.”

“Say,” Godric started, “Isn’t that your mother’s sword at Hermione’s belt, Harry?”

“Aye, ‘tis.” Harry replied.

“Wait a sec.” Hermione interjected, “What do you mean, “your mother’s sword”? This wasn’t Lily Potter’s sword… was it?”

“Look at the hilt.” Harry said, shortly. And sure enough, when Hermione turned the blade over, there was a bronze eagle entwined with a lily flower on the hilt.

“But, why?” Hermione speculated, “I am not worthy to bear such an instrument.”

“ I entrusted it to you, Hermione, because in my eyes you are the only woman worthy of, not only bearing but also, using the sword of my mother.”

“You always know how to make a girl fall in love with you, Harry.” Hermione mentioned, drawing her fiancé in for another passionate kiss.
“Anything for you, love.” Harry responded, breaking the kiss in order to bid Godric and Rowena adieu. And having done so, Harry led his betrothed over to the divan where they succumbed to another round of ardent snogging before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

“Oi, lovebirds! Rise and shine, we have work to do.” Reacting to the voice, Harry slowly forced his eyes open and blinked. The boy gasped in surprise, for Elrond’s face was right in his view! Harry then, hastily roused his dozing fiancée saying:

“C’mon, love. You need to wake up now.” When both Harry and Hermione were awakened Elrond, Minerva, Galadriel, and Celeborn joined them on the divan.

“Okay, first of all,” Minerva began, “As elves, both of you have a natural sword fighting ability especially you, Harry because your Quidditch talent allows you to hurdle easier. Unfortunately, even elves have their weaknesses, which is what Galadriel and I witnessed today. The two of us, have discovered that you are struggling to harness your power and to use it in battle. All elves are born with knowledge, so while you have the knowledge of magic in battle, you lack the control over it, and this is what we must improve.”

“In order for you and Hermione to improve, Harry.” Elrond continued, “We brought in some old friends of yours: say hello to Masters Wormtail and Dung.” Whereupon, Peter Pettigrew and Mundungus appeared in the room, not knowing where in the world they were. As if someone had slapped his face, Harry sprang off the sofa, snarling with anger.

“Where’s the locket, you daft piece of filth?”

“I… I have no idea what you are talking about… Harry.”

“I wasn’t talking to you, you stinking traitor.” Harry reproached, sending a strong electric shock into Wormtail’s chest, knocking him out. “Now, aren’t you going to answer me, you bloody piece of muck?”

“The locket…? I don’t have it… sir.”

“You, lie.” Harry verified, breaking both of the trembling man’s legs with one swift movement. “Give it to me, now.” Mundungus stared at the young man, who was so angry he was frothing at the lip, flabbergasted.

“You heard him,” Hermione spat in contempt, flaying Dung’s rear with magic. “Answer him.”

“I have it… here, sir.” Mundungus gasped, painfully reaching into his pocket and lifting out the ornament.

“Good… good.” Harry snatched the locket, covetously before stuffing it into his receptacle. The boy shot the whimpering man one last look of disdain, and turned his attention to the stirring Wormtail.

“What should we do with the turncoat, Hermione?”

“Why don’t we ask him, Harry?”

“Good idea. Well, Wormtail, which do you like best: death or torture?”

“Oh, please… Harry… please… show mercy. No, torment… please…I don’t want either.” At this, Harry sent another shock through Wormtail’s convulsing body, and erased the pathetic man’s memory before glancing at Elrond.

“Send them both back.” The exhausted elf said. Thus, obeying the young man, the elven tutor sent the scum to wherein they came  with a clap of his hands. Immediately afterward, both Harry and Hermione collapsed in shame.

“Oh… one thousand transgressions have I committed.”

“Calm, yourselves.” Minerva soothed, wrapping an arm around each of the ashamed. “We merely wanted the two of you to know what it is like to be the enemy, and to know how to battle their way. I have faith in you, and you will not do that again. Not unless, Voldemort forces you to sink to his level.”

“Where did you find Dung and Wormtail, Elrond?” Harry asked.

“Apparently, Mundungus had been rescued from Azkaban by Voldemort and his men, and in return he promised to reveal the headquarters to Wormtail. For, Celeborn and I found the two lackeys outside the headquarters with this intention.”

“I see,” Harry replied, thoughtfully fondling with Hermione’s hair. “Oh, Voldemort is such a fool!”

“Indeed, he is.” Hermione decided, “Since, you have now attained the third real horcrux, Harry, when shall you destroy it?”

“Not, today I need to recuperate, having wasted my energy interrogating the two idiots.”

“Both of you have accomplished much, today. Galadriel praised, “The horcrux can be taken care of some other time.”

“Yes,” Celeborn disclosed, “Tonight shall be a period of rest and relaxation. Why don’t you tell the young ones what Lily did to James that one time, Minerva?”

“Oh, yes. The one time I ever had to give my daughter detention.” Minerva laughed, good-naturedly. “You see…” And so, what had begun as a hectic day ended as a night of story telling.
A/N: Varya Turma means protection shield.

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