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Have A Little Faith... by fredthefrog252
Chapter 17 : Chapter 17 - Georgia, Jesse and Just Go To Sleep
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Disclaimer: ah, to own the harry potter world and buffyverse... hmmm. if i did in fact own them (which i dont) i would probably dye my hair bright green coz i would be rich and there's nothing anyone could do about it! mwahahaha! but as i don't and am in deed broke at this very moment (thanks to one kick-arse pirate costume used for the premier of POTC - johnny depp+orlando bloom=yum) so yeah i don't own the characters you recognise, they belong to jk rowling and joss whedon. shame but you know that's the way it is. see ya!

Chapter 17 – Georgia, Jesse and Just Go To Sleep
Everyone, excluding Faith, stared openly at her. She was short and slender with hair similar to James only a little longer, and purple. She was wearing a pair of faded jeans that were so ripped it was a wonder they could stay on, a black and white striped tank top and a fitted, worn leather jacket.

It might have been her hair, clothes or numerous piercings but Faith was right: she definitely stood out.


Faith threw her bag at Remus who, thanks to his werewolf reflexes, caught it, before she ran to the girl and tackled her to the ground.

They got to their feet laughing and made their way over to the others who were looking at them uncomfortably.

“Ok G, this is the gang. Gang, this is Georgia,” Faith said as she slung her arm casually around her friend.

“Hey gang,” Georgia smiled.

“Ok this is James,” Faith said gesturing towards him.

“He’s cute,” Georgia stated her eyes looking James up and down.

“He’s also taken,” Faith added noticing the look on Lily’s face.

“Oh right,” she said her eyes flicking over to Lily. “Lily, right?”

Lily nodded, the angry look remaining firmly planted.

“You’ll have to excuse her, she’s a bit of a whore,” Faith smirked.

Georgia’s chin dropped revealing a stud on the center of her tongue, “WHAT? No I can’t even act surprised, I am willing to accept the truth, I am hot.”

Lily smiled.

Georgias attention quickly turned towards the remaining group members.

“Honey who’s the hottie?” she said appraising Sirius.

“Georgia, Sirius Black, almost as much of a sleaze as you.”

“Oh wait he’s the one you screwed in the broom closet right?”

“To put it nicely,” Faith said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

“Sorry dude,” Georgia said ignoring Faith. “Unfortunately for you, I don’t do used goods.”

James laughed which caused Sirius to smack him on the back of the head.

“Besides I don’t want a ‘special friend’ that could challenge me as head whore, you are simply too good looking for my taste,” she shrugged before turning and pointing at Remus. “You on the other hand are perfect. Hot but more of the shy bookish type.”

Remus choked and looked wide-eyed at the girl.

“Georgia Reynolds, meet Remus Lupin,” Faith said barely concealing a smirk.

Georgia just looked at Remus thoughtfully for a few minutes before clapping her hands together, “Let’s motor!”

After collecting their bags (much to the delight of Sirius and James as well as amusing Georgia) the group wandered of to the multi story car park stopping in front of a large van painted in a zebra pattern.

“Whoa!” James and Sirius breathed.

“It’s a car!”

Georgia smiled running her hand along the side, “I call her, Loretta.”

“Loretta!” James sighed cocking his head to the side.

“Pile in!” Faith cried chucking their luggage roughly into the back.

Every one climbed into the van and sat on the bench-style seats. James and Sirius were in the front with Georgia (who was helping them to buckle their seatbelts) and Lily, Remus and Faith all sat in the back.

Georgia pulled a pair of aviator-styled sunglasses out of the inside pocket on her leather jacket and stuck her keys in the ignition.

After three attempts and a fist to the sticker-covered dashboard, Loretta roared to life.

There is one way to describe Georgia’s driving, violent. She swerved dangerously through traffic dodging pedestrians and other vehicles.

“Um, these seats are a lovely shade of pink,” Lily said.

“It’s magenta,” Georgia corrected her, honking her horn at a silver sedan that had swerved in front of her.

Lily and Remus sat there holding on tightly to their seatbelts, Faith completely oblivious to their life-or-death situation was flipping through a magazine, James and Sirius looked like they were having the time of their life, pushing buttons and winding down the windows. Georgia was busy swearing at some pedestrians.

“LOOK, IF YOU DON’T LIKE MY DRIVING GET THE FUCK OFF OF THE SIDEWALK!” she shook her head muttering about something along the lines of “stupid pedestrians.”

There was a scream and a loud banging sound as Georgia reached across and pulled the door, that Sirius had apparently opened, shut.

“Rule number one: NEVER open the doors while we are moving!”

Georgia, getting sick of the silence that followed the near death situation, reached over onto the dash and turned on the radio.

An old rock song began playing on the radio.

Georgia sang along and was surprised to hear that she was not the only one.

“What? I’m a Queen fan,” Lily shrugged.

Turning back to face the road she sang along with the red head.

Soon Faith had joined in.

The song went on for a few minutes before a guitar solo began.

Faith turned to Lily and the pair nodded before banging their heads up and down violently with the start of the new guitar riff.

The three girls laughed as the remaining passengers looked at them, at a loss for words.

“We’re here!” Georgia cried pulling up infront of a large apartment block.

She helped James and Sirius out of their seatbelts and then the others with their bags before leading the way up some stairs and into the building.

The doorman smiled and nodded at Georgia but his face froze and his eyes widened when he caught sight of Faith.

“Cliff, I’m taking my break now,” he called over to the security guard before limping out the door as fast as his injured leg would carry him.

“What did you do?” Lily asked looking at Faith.

“What makes you think I did something?” Faith huffed indignately.

“He took one look at you then ran scared!”

“Ok so a minor prank that went wrong,” Faith said.

They walked up the stairs to the eleventh floor. And into the appartment 11B.

“Home sweet home!” Georgia said throwing her keyes into a glass bowl on the counter by the door.

They were standing in the main room. There was a kithen to the left with an old looking fridge and microwave. The counter was black and the cupboards were a green colour but the paint was chipping so that you could see some sky blue here and there.

The dark purple that covered the walls was trimmed with black. The lights gave off a dull yellow glow, The brown sofa was torn and freying, the tables and cabinets were home to anything and everything, there were clothes and shoes scattered everywhere. There was a pillow and some blankets on the couch and a space had been made infront of it where there now lay a matress.

“Nice to see you’ve cleaned up for us,” Faith said flopping down onto the couch.

“Well you’ve brought guests, I couldn’t just leave it in its normal state!” Georgia smiled.

“Right,” Faith smirked.

“So sleeping arrangements: Lily and James are in that room there,” she pointed to a door in the corner. “Remus can have the couch, which leaves buggles and the man-whore on the floor.”

Faith’s eyes, which had been closed as she rested on the couch, snapped open.

“What?” she cried.

“I’m not sleeping with her!” Sirius said.

“Well I think it’s a little late to be saying that,” Georgia smirked. “Now for the grand tour. This is the living, kitchen and dining area as well as guest room when there’s more than one person staying. There’s the actual guest room-” she pointed to James and Lily’s room “-there’s my room-” she pointed to a door next to James and Lily’s room “-and there’s the bathroom,” she concluded pointing to another door next to a large book case.

“Where does your roommate sleep?” Faith asked looking around for another door. “Speaking of which when are we gonna meet him?”

“Jesse sleeps in the room that comes off of the kitchen,” she explained pointing to a door next to the fridge. “Um, just before he gets her I have to warn y-”


The door to the apartment slammed open and a tall man with brown hair stepped through.

“Smash!” he cried waving a dead chicken around in his hand.

“What did he say?” Lily asked quietly.

She was sidling behind James, and she had good reason to. Jesse was about 6’4” with olive skin. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and red flowered shorts with a pair off white ski boots. He had a tiny green fez perched on his head.

“SMASH!” he called.

“What is he going to smash?” Sirius asked timidly.

“No not smash,” Georgia said as an abnormally large rottweiler came bounding over from the kitchen. “Smash!”

The dog leaped over the couch and landed on Jesse who laughed and held out the chicken. Smash took the chicken in his mouth before bounding of to Jesse’s room with Jesse not far behind.

“He’s a little eccentric,” Georgia explained.

“Move over!” Faith huffed, shuffling about.

“No!” Sirius replied tugging on the blankets. “This is my side of the mattress!”

“Urgh!” Faith cried, tugging the blankets back.

“Hey! Those were mine!”

“Not even!”

“Yes they were!”

“No they weren’t!”



“Would you two please shut up,” Remus moaned groggily. “Some of us are trying to sleep.”

“Fine! We’re top ‘n’ tailing it,” Faith said crawling around so that her head (along with her pillow) was at the other end.

There was silence so Remus lay back down and closed his eyes, finally being able to sleep.

“Get your feet out of my face!” Sirius hissed.

Remus groaned and flopped his head onto his pillow.

“Get yours out of mine!” Faith hissed back.

“Look, roll over so that your back is facing the other person and that way your feet wont be in each other’s faces.” Remus snapped.

Again, silence. Soon the only sound that filled the room was the deep breathing of the others but Remus still couldn’t sleep. He sat up and rubbed his eyes.

Must be because I’m still on London time. He thought as he stood up and crept towards the kitchen.

He poured himself a glass of water and leant back on the counter.

Through the dark he could see a figure dancing around carrying a basket of washing.

When she stepped into the light from the street outside that was coming into the room through the windows, Remus could see it was Georgia. She was wearing her underwear with a red tank top that had been ripped around the middle leaving a large section of her midriff showing. She was wearing a set of old-styled headphones and was obviously dancing o the music.

He choked on his water and dropped his glass. The sound of the breaking glass caused Georgia to look up and see him.

She let out a quiet squeak and dropped her washing.

“What are you doing up?” she asked lowering her headphones so that they hung around her neck.

“Couldn’t sleep,” Remus said averting his gaze.

Georgia fixed him with a confused look before glancing down at herself. She let out another little squeak before reaching into the washing basket and pulling out a large green t-shirt that obviously belonged to Jesse and slipping it over her head.

Remus smiled embarrassedly rubbing the back of his neck.

“What are you doing up?” he asked.

“Oh I gotta go to work in about an hour so I thought I’d fold some laundry first,” she said gesturing towards the basket.

“Work? It’s only one o’clock.”

“I work the graveyard shift at a local radio so I gotta be there by two-thirty,” she shrugged.

“When’ll you be home?”

“Oh about seven, just in time for breakfast.”

“So you do this every morning?”

“Hell no,” she laughed. “Only on Mondays. But I have a couple of other jobs through-out the week.”

“Oh ok.”

“You should go to sleep, big day later.”

“Mmm, probably. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Remus.” 


“…Jesse no! There are other people in the house…”

The sounds drifted through the door. James opened his eyes and blinked a couple of times looking around the unfamiliar room.

It was a beige colour with a large chest of drawers. On either side of the bed were mismatched tables. His eyes caught sight of Lily asleep on his chest. At least something was familiar.

He leant over and kissed her on the head. She began to stir.

“Morning love,” he smiled as she looked groggily up at him.


A loud crash and someone speaking rapidly in Spanish interrupted them.

“Want to go see what’s happening?” James asked.


They climbed out of bed and into some clothes before walking out into the main room of the apartment.

In the Kitchen Jesse was cooking something that smelt good, whatever it was. Georgia was cleaning up some glass that was on the floor.

Remus was just waking up and Faith and Sirius were still fast asleep. Sirius had his arm draped over her feet and was snoring loudly. Faith was laying on her stomach at the other end of the bed, her mouth open.

“Buenos dias!” Jesse cried noticing them enter the kitchen. “Mi nombre es Jesse. Confío en que dormiste bien?”
(A/N – Spanish to English ~ Good morning! My name is Jesse. I trust you slept well?)

“Um…” Lily began looking at Georgia for help.

“Just smile and nod,” Georgia instructed.

Lily smiled and nodded.

“Eso es bueno!”
(That is good!)

“He’s from Barcelona,” Georgia said shrugging.

“So he doesn’t speak English?”

“Nope, just Spanish.”

“Buenos dias!” Jesse cried again as Remus entered the kitchen. “Mi nombre es Jesse. Confío en que dormiste bien?”

“Hola Jesse, mi nombre es Remus. Dormí bien gracias,” Remus replied.
(Hello Jesse, my name is Remus. I slept well thank you)

“Wait you can understand him?” Georgia asked looking at Remus.

Remus nodded.

“Thank god!” she exclaimed. “I’ve been living with him for two months and I haven’t got a clue what his saying.”

Remus smiled.

“Tú tienen gusto de un poco de desayuno?” Jesse asked the group at large.

“What did he say?” Georgia asked eagerly.

“Would you like some breakfast?” Remus translated.

Everyone nodded.

Jesse began serving scrambled eggs on to five plates and then handing one to everybody.

“Tú tienen gusto de un poco de desayuno?” Jesse asked Faith and Sirius as they stumbled into the room rubbing the sleep from their eyes.

“Say what?” Faith asked.

“He wants to know if you would like some breakfast,” Remus said.

“Oh yeah sure,” Faith said flopping onto a barstool.

“Sí,” Remus replied for them.

Jesse smiled and served up another two plates of eggs and handing them to Faith and Sirius.

Once everyone had finished eating and had gotten dressed in muggle attire they sat around on the couch and makeshift bed.

“So what’s the plan for today?” Lily asked looking between Faith and Georgia.

“I don’t know,” Faith said turning to face Georgia. “G said she had something planned.”

Georgia sat there smiling.

“Well seeing as how y’all are new to the whole muggle thing, except Lils of course, I’ve decided that we are going to go do muggle things.”

Everyone nodded.

“And thanks to my friend Ted, who does sports at the radio station I work at, I have manages to get tickets to see the Boston play Detroit in baseball!”

“The Sox vs. the Tigers, ARE YOU KIDDING?”

“Nope,” Georgia smiled shaking her head. “We leave in an hour!”

“I LOVE YOU!” Faith cried jumping over and hugging her. “I love you, I love you, I love you,” she said kissing Georgia all over her face. “No matter what I say I’ll always love you! Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and-”

“Yeah I get the point!” 

Faith and Georgia sang loudly as they sat in the front of Loretta, arms around each other, drunk.

Georgia hung on to the last note.

“Georgia I think now might be the time to breath,” Lily suggested as Georgia continued to hold the note.

Because Georgia had insisted that there was no such thing as a baseball game without beer, Lily was the only one capable of driving. Sirius, James and surprisingly Remus all loved the taste of beer as they tried it for the first time.

Faith unclipped her seatbelt and stood up on the seat so that only her legs and waist remained in the car, the rest of her was poking out of the sunroof.


There was a lot of cheering and honking of horns from the nearby cars, all of whom were sox supporters.

There were a few whistles and catcalls as she was wearing very little.

Before leaving Georgia took Faith into her room and when they both came out they were chatting animatedly about one of the in fielders. It wasn’t until the first home run was scored did the two reveal what they had been doing in Georgia’s room. They both began screaming loudly and then ripped of their jackets to reveal two red leather bikini tops with “RED SOX” written in white across the front.

“Faith, get down!” Lily said taking her hand from the wheel and tugging on Faiths jeans.

Faith flopped back into her seat and the van filled with giggles.

“Ooh, Faith got in trouble!” James and Sirius chorused. They were giggling and incredibly drunk.

“Shut up tossers,” Faith retorted.

“Turn left here Lils,” Georgia said.

Lily turned down the street and following Georgia’s instructions they made it back to the apartment.

“Jimmy’s?” Georgia said tripping over Faiths bag as she stumbled into the apartment.

“Yeah, I haven’t had Jimmy’s in ages,” Faith replied.

“Ok I’ll go make the call,” Georgia said stumbling over to the kitchen where there was a phone imbedded in the wall.

While she called “Jimmy” the others flopped onto the couch and mattress while Faith went and grabbed a couple of cans of soda from the fridge then chucking them to everyone.

“Any of you lot allergic to soy?” Georgia called.

They all shook their heads.

Georgia continued to talk on the phone.

“Dinner should be in about half an hour,” she said falling onto the mattress next to Faith before accepting a soda.

“Awesome what are we having?” Sirius said eagerly downing some coke.

“Jimmy’s gourmet Chinese cuisine!” Faith smirked. 

A/N - hey there guys! wow what speedy validation is going on! i mean althought it was rejected it happened twice with in two days! but anyways!  i would like to say that although you don't read of the singing the song planned for the chapter which you should listen to if you want the best effect is Bohemian Rhapsody  by the ever-so-talented Queen. i do not own the lyrics, music or any other aspect of the song nor do i pretend i do. they are theirs and theirs alone! hmmm, silly peeps i don't think i could write something so awesome as that song i mean, did you see my little "poem" a couple of chappies ago? i think my point has been made, sorry about the wait, reviews would be quite lovely! xoxox :o)

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