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The One by jeighsone
Chapter 1 : The One
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This story is dedicated to my future husband whom I still have never met yet.Actually ,this story truly happened ,the part of being inlove with Harry Potter.I fell inlove with this guy who truly broke my heart so now I'm afraid of loving again.This story is dedicated also to my FAMILY, FRIENDS,THE PEOPLE WHO REVIEWED MY STORIES and to SHAR who posted my 2nd story "THE COMMON ROOM" into her awesome can post your story there too,It's a HP fanfiction site.Thanks, Shar!It really means so much to me that you really appreciate my story!(sniff!) And lastly to AYDRIAN who inspired me to write more stories.......I never met a guy who writes very good romantic stories.He's more romantic than I do!I bet he really is.
===>Okay,okay..I'd like to clarify it to someone!AYDRIAN AND I ARE JUST FRIENDS!REALLY.I just never met a nice and sensitive guy who writes great stories so he just inspires me and he lives in Arkansas and I'm in Ireland so..hello?We're just really good friends that's all who just admired each other's work so we dedicated our current stories to each other.


Once when I hit adoloscence,I learned to admire... and I learned to appreciate.

There's Draco Malfoy who became my first crush on my first day at Hogwarts.

I remembered when Professor Mc Gonagall placed the Sorting Hat on my head and I looked around nervously into the Great Hall.My eyes then rested on Draco Malfoy who like everybody else,waiting to be sorted.His metallic silvery gray eyes met my hazel ones.Right then and there ,I had a crush on him.I memorized his schedules,his likes and dislikes,his character ,all about him.We became friends but not that really close .It's been a highlight of my day when he greeted me and smirking at the same time whenever we collide.I'm so young back there,knowing that maybe he's really the one for me.....then I saw him kissing Pansy Parkinson in the lake.My heart shattered into pieces.I realized that it's all just a crush.

There's Oliver Wood whom I really admired when I watched Quidditch matches.

He's the captain of The Gryffindor team.Tall with a body that never quit,wavy brown hair and a nice smile.He used to ruffle my hair when he sees me and calling me his pet.I was in a stage that maybe.....He likes me.I watched and cheered him in his matches looking like a geek jumping up and down in the bleachers waving a banner that said"KNOCK 'EM WOOD!"We became close then he confessed to me that.....he's inlove with... the chaser of the Gryffindor Team Angelina Johnson.

Then there's Harry Potter.The Boy who lived from the evil clutches of the Dark Lord.

I always thought he's appealing in a silent kind of way.He's not that good looking but if you stared at him much
longer,that's when his true looks will show.We became friends when Professor Sinistra assigned us to be partners in Astronomy class where we would watched a meteor shower in midnight.We had fun.Harry had his arm around me when I became cold from the cool evening air.When a meteor finally fall from the sky,Harry closed his eyes and said that he wished the best in me.I knew right then and there that I'M INLOVE.On every occasion that's important to him like Christmas and Birthdays,I showered him with gifts.I do things for him just to make him love me.One day a friend told me that Harry's inlove with....Cho Chang.My heart really break into pieces as I spend the night into the Hospital Wing crying my eyes out with Madame Pomfrey nervously patting my back trying her best to calm me.I vowed to tell him that I love him the next day and after that I can hate him in peace and my heart could heal.I owled him the next morning.I avoided the places that I knew that he's there.The next day ,I recieved a letter from him.He told me that he's thankful to me for being his friend and he's really inlove with Cho and there's a possibility that she's inlove with him also.I cried wishing for a hundredth time why I let myself fall inlove with someone like Harry Potter.I'll never forget the first time I fell inlove.I welcomed Harry into my heart but when I knocked into his heart,he didn't open it.His only answer that it's occupied by someone else and that's.... Cho.

Since then,I become afraid of falling inlove again.I had a little crush on Ron Weasley,Harry's bestfriend when he asked me to dance with him in the Yule ball.He's very nice to me and he always make me smile.I stopped myself from falling and ending up hurting again.then I saw him hugging Hermione Granger....which hurt me a little bit.

I have crushes on the guys that it's okay at first,we're close and everything then they'll end up breaking my heart.
Harry is the only guy that touched my heart and the one who taught me how to love.He always have a special place in my heart.

I really enjoyed on loving myself more right now.I concentrated more on my studies and enjoying the company of my friends .As the saying goes,Love truly happens the least you expected it.

One day,someone approached me to ask if I had an extra quill.

I looked up and saw a boy smiling down and staring at me.His hair is raven black,his eyes are black too like an evening sky dotted with stars.I handed him my quill then he sat down beside me and he striked up a converstaion.He asked me things no guy had ever asked me before like all I said was very important to him.he always accompanied me when we visit Hogsmeade,always there when I have problems,the first to smile when I had a beautiful day and eventually,he became my first boyfriend.He told me he loved me one night while I'm saying goodnight to him.He held my hand,spoke those 3 words and enveloped me into his arms.So this is love,I thought as I felt the warmth of his arms and the hard thumping of my heart that I didn't feel to anybody else icluding Harry.Then he leaned down and kissed me on my lips.I felt tears poring in my eyes as I kissed him back knowing that these are tears of happiness instead of sadness that I shed to Harry .We're still together through the years and ended up into the altar where he lifted up my veil and kissed me to sealed our love.I know that he's truly The One for me,My soulmate,my destiny and the other half in my life.


Hope you'll love this!
Thanks for Reading!I'll really appreciate it if you rate it and if you review it so I can keep writing!The more Reviews,The better!

Sayonara!:) I'll be waiting!(^,^)

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