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Life, Death, End by gryphoness
Chapter 1 : Death of a Twin
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Fred and George Weasley backed up against each other, their wands held high; the Death Eaters were so close they could smell their rank breath. In the gloom they could just make out twelve in a circle around them, though they knew there were more. George whispered to his twin. "Damn it, where’s the others?"

"Something must have gone wrong."

"Get out?"

"Sounds good."

But before they could Disapparate out, one of the Death Eaters stepped forward and spoke in Lucius Malfoy’s cold voice. "Not so fast, scum. AVADA KEDAVRA!" A green flash filled the alleyway.

Fred crumpled, his lifeless eyes looking into the sky. George forgot that he was in a clearing full of Death Eaters, forgot that he was about to die, forgot about everything except his twin as he knelt, tears streaming silently down his face.

Malfoy spoke again, his words biting like cold ice. "I must say, I was looking forward to doing that. There are too damn many of you to begin with and you have gotten in our way too many times in the past few months. You know, when I’m done here I think I’ll move on to that pitiful excuse of a house." George muttered something. "What’s that, Weasley? Did you say you like my pants?"

George looked up, his eyes burning with the fire of a wronged person out for revenge. "I said that you shouldn’t your owls before they hatch."

"And yet they’re so close to hatching it almost seems foolish not to count them."

"Not," George rose stiffly to his feet, "if I have anything to say about that." His eyes started to glow; he raised his wand, and committed the foulest crime known to Wizardkind, out of love. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Lucius Malfoy crumpled to heap, just as Fred had. Debt, paid in full. George rounded on the other Death Eaters.

No one quite knows how many died that night. It is entirely possible that some of the Death Eaters left alive carried the bodies of their dead comrades back. Or that hungry strays dragged some away to be devoured. All anyone ever knew is that in the morning Muggle police found the bodies of 27 men and 6 women, two of them redheaded twins.


Arthur Weasley walked through the door of his home to find the rest of his family, minus Percy and the twins plus Harry and Hermione seated at the table. "Where’s Fred and George?"

Mrs. Weasley replied. "I don’t know. They said they were doing something with some others but they should’ve been back an hour ago."

"You don’t think?"

Mrs. Weasley rushed into the living room to check the clock that told the whereabouts of the various Weasleys. She soon came back in ashen faced. "Two of the hands… they’re gone."



Ron Weasley faced the sneering face. "Do you know why?"

"Oh, I know why." Draco Malfoy replied. "It’s because you love that mudblood, Granger."

"DON’T EVER CALL HER THAT AGAIN!" Ron bellowed. Malfoy seemed to quail slightly. "On second thought, I think I’m just going to not even bother to give you a chance. And no, it’s not about Hermione Granger. It’s about your father, and two twins. My brothers."

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Life, Death, End: Death of a Twin


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