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Lily's Secret by AshHa
Chapter 3 : Time For Class
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognize, that honor goes to JKR. 

Lily awoke at seven o’clock Monday morning, and excitedly climbed out of bed. After a quick shower and change, Lily hurried down her dorm stairs. She found Tyler coming down the stairs at the same time.

“Morning.” Tyler said as they headed for the door together.

“Morning to you too. I’m so glad to be back here! Petunia was a pain in the butt all summer, especially when Vernon Dursley was with her.” Lily shuddered at the thought.

“Harsh. My summer wasn’t that bad, but I’m still glad to be back. It’s sad, though, that this is our last year.” Tyler said.

“I know! I’m going to miss this place so much. What are you planning on doing after graduating?” Lily asked.

“Well, being a healer at St. Mongo’s seems like a good job, but I wouldn’t mind being a professor here.” Tyler said like he had really thought about it.

“I want to become a healer as well.” Lily said, “Although, being a professor here is also a good idea, and I’ve thought of maybe being an auror.”

“I know, it’s really hard to make up my mind, too.” Tyler said with a laugh, “See yah.” They had arrived at the Great Hall, and had to go to their separate tables.

“Morning, Alice, Frank” Lily said as she sat at the Gryffindor table. They barely acknowledged her with a wave as they continued to stare at one another. Ok, Lily thought, They are totally in LOVE, no question about it. So, she decided to leave them alone as she ate a very small breakfast.

“What’s wrong, Lily? Not hungry?” James asked as he sat beside her. She gave him a are-you-seriously-caring-what-I-eat look.

“Just wondering; with all this food, I’d be piling it all up on my plate in a heartbeat.” James said as he did pile his plate with food until you couldn’t see the plate anymore.
“Just a little nervous.” Lily said slowly, almost as if she wasn’t sure what was happening. It was a bit strange for James not to come up to her and ask her out, or brag about himself.

“You, nervous?” James asked, not believing her. After all, she looked for the spotlight with her good grades and attitude. Lily glared at him, and continued eating her breakfast of scrambled eggs and a banana.

“Aww, come on, Lily!  I wasn’t trying to be mean!  I’m just not used to thinking of you as someone who gets nervous.” James tried to explain. Lily continued to ignore him, and he finally gave up and spoke to his fellow Marauders.

“So, what’s it going to be this year?” Sirius asked excitedly. As Lily ate, she silently listened to their conversation. Luckily, none of the boys noticed.

“Well,” James looked around quickly, “I was planning on… Slytherin… party… red… heels …bright …Technicolor …So, what do you think?” Lily was only able to hear bits of it because James spoke below even a whisper.

“Great…” Sirius said with a glint in his eye. It was obvious that the prank involved embarrassing Slytherins because they all seemed happy with the plan. Lily kicked herself for not hearing it all because she could’ve stopped them.  Then again, it would be funny to watch the Slytherins be emabarrassed!!  Wait, did Lily just think that?...

Yep, she did.  Ok, she has to snap out of it!  Lily shook her head a few times, and remembered that she was Head Girl.  With that thought, she quickly became angry at the Marauders again for wanting to break the rules...  Ok, for breaking the rules.

Finally, Professor McGonnagal came around with the schedules, and they had Defense Against the Dark Arts with Ravenclaw first. They were all satisfied with that, so they stood and left the Great Hall. Sirius had to be drug away from the food.

“Why did you do that?” Sirius whined, “ I could’ve ate five more plate fulls!”

“We know!” Everyone said, annoyed by Sirius’ usual complaint. The Marauders continued talking, laughing, shouting hellos, and swooning the girls. Lily walked slower to keep away from their annoying ways.

“Hey, Lily.” Tyler said, walking up beside her, “It’s cool that we have the same class first, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.” Lily said with a smile. She was starting to feel happier around Tyler, “I was suspecting to have Double Potions with the Slytherins first, like always.”

“Ha, I never had Potions with Slytherins!” Tyler bragged.

“Rub it in, why don’t you!” Lily pouted.

“I just might!” Tyler smirked. Lily stuck her tongue out at him. He laughed at her childishness, and she quickly joined him.

Although neither could see him, James gave Tyler a jealous look. Of course, Sirius saw him, and he reassured him that it was OK. James felt a bit better, but he was still worried.

Lily sat beside Tyler, and the Marauders found a way to form a group in the middle of the class. The teacher wasn’t there yet, so everyone talked loudly and made guesses of who the new teacher might be. Their fifty-two year old teacher had finally retired.

“Good morning class!” A male voice boomed from the front of the classroom. Everyone immediately hushed and turned to see who it was. As soon as they did, loud laughter, courtesy of the Marauders, filled the room. Of course, it was hard not to laugh when they were. The teacher waited patiently for them to be quiet. He was used to the Marauders, being in Gryffindor last year.

“Well, since everyone knows who I am, let’s skip the intro.” Damon Carl told the class with his pearly white smile.

“No way!” Sirius shouted, “YOU can’t be our teacher!” Nods from James and others agreed. Damon… Professor Carl, smirked and shook his head.

“Defense has always been my favorite and best subject. So, yes, I can be your teacher.”

“But, you… You’re nothing but a prankster, jock, and all around rule-breaker!” James exclaimed.

“Yes, but I happen to be stricter now that I’m your teacher.” Professor Carl explained slowly and clearly so they all understood.

“But…” Sirius still couldn’t believe that his role-model was a teacher of all things.

“Now, Mr. Black, please don’t think too much about it. I really don’t want to make you work too hard on your first day back.” Professor Carl joked. Sirius smiled as he saw the old Damon in him.

“Now, we’re only going to review today.” Professor Carl took the teaching position, “Someone, other than Miss Evans, please tell me what a boggart is.” Lily looked at him in disbelief; never before had a teacher not let her answer.

“A boggart is a shape-shifter. It takes the shape of the greatest fear of the person closest to it.” Tyler answered with his hand up.

“Correct.” Professor Carl said, “What is a dementor?” He picked a Gryffindor girl, Susie, to answer.

“It’s a soul-sucking monster.” Susie simply responded.

“Well, that’s certainly the shortest description I’ve ever heard.” Professor Carl said, “Ok, now a werewolf.”

“A werewolf is a person who is forced to change into a form of a monster every full moon. He doesn’t know what he is doing, and has the ability to kill almost anything.” Lindsey described truthfully. No one noticed, but Remus flinched at the monster part.

“Very good.” Professor Carl said, “Ok…” He took a look around the room and noticed that Sirius and James were absorbed in a game of hangman. “Sirius, what is an animagus?”

“A human that can willingly change into the animal that they chose when first becoming one.” He answered quickly, without taking his eyes off the paper, “Oh, J! James is the coolest guy at Hogwarts… Wait… James! I can’t believe you made me read that!” Sirius pulled James into a headlock. Professor Carl sighed and left them to it. He knew he’d never be able to stop them.

“Anyway, class, can anyone tell me what a gun is?” The class looked away from the fight, wondering what that was. James and Sirius didn’t stop fighting because they both knew what it was.

“A gun is a metal weapon used to shoot a bullet, or a hunk of metal.” Lily answered, being muggleborn.

“Correct, Miss Evans.” Professor Carl admired, “The reason I brought up a gun is because we all need to know what muggles use to kill one another and how to recognize and protect ourselves.” He pulled out a gun that wasn’t loaded, “ This is a gun.” The class warily looked at it, “To protect yourself, use the spell Buliaproof. Now, everyone stand and practice. The shield should be black and look like a wall.”

The class, except Sirius and James who were still fighting, stood and did as they were told. Of course, Lily earned ten points to Gryffindor for performing it correctly on her first try.

The class ended quickly because of all the fun they managed to have. Professor Carl let James and Sirius off this once for their behavior, but told them that acting up again would lead to a detention.

“That was interesting.” Tyler said to Lily as they walked to History of Magic, another class they had together.

“Yes, I had expected that Da… I mean, Professor Carl wouldn’t be a very good teacher. It’s nice to know that he’ll make the class fun, yet enforce the rules.” Lily voiced her opinion. Tyler nodded in agreement.

“Hey, you two! How dare your run off without us!” Lindsey cried as she and Kara walked up beside them.

“Sorry.” Lily laughed. They made it to History of Magic through bursts of laughter and chatter.

Unfortunately, Professor Binns hadn’t given up and they sat through a boring class. Lily and a few Ravenclaws were the only ones who took notes. After class, everyone begged them for copies, and everyone managed to somehow get a copy.

Lunch was next, followed by a free period. How Lily managed to get through that time with the annoying Marauders, she was never able to figure out. But, six years with them had made her used to their disruptions.  Then again, she was in her sanctuary the whole time, so the Marauders couldn't bug her that much.  What I mean is that the Marauders, except Remus, never entered her domain... the library!

Not to anyone’s surprise, Lily spent half of her lunch and all her free period in the library. She was catching up on what she had forgotten last year… Yah right, she studied over the summer so it was hard for her to forget any of it.

The Marauders, on the other hand, spent their lunch in an eating contest, and their free period making the final adjustments on their beginning of the year prank. Of course, they still had same time left over, so Remus explained the plan to James once more, very clearly. James listened closely, and took his words to heart, as lame as it sounds. From that point, no one knew what either of the plans were, but knew they had to be good. Oh, and they would be, no questions about it. With the Marauders minds set, they wouldn’t give up on anything, and their goal was VERY important to all of the Marauders.

A/N: I hope you like it!  It's a bit longer than usual, so please don't complain.  Don't worry, the plans will soon be revealed... I hope...

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