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Lily and James-The Real Story by NikkiRadcliffe
Chapter 1 : Shopping along with Bad News-Part one
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Disclamer:I don't own any J.K Rowling character just Arrianna,Mia,Eliza,Veronica,and Serena

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“Lily darling it’s time to wake up. We have to go shopping today. I want to make sure we get you new clothes before you go back to Hogwarts. You keep out-growing everything I buy over summer. Oh and wear something nice.”

Lily Evans groaned as she awoke to her mother’s voice. When it came to summer she never was a morning person. She only was a morning person when it came to Hogwarts and that was because the classes fasinated her.

Glancing at her clock she realized just how early it really was. 7’oclock, great her mother wouldn’t even allow her to sleep till 9. What was so important that she needed to go shopping at 7 in the fricken morning? Besides the fact she had to go shopping with her mum. She would much rather go shopping with the Gryffindor Angels. The Gryffindor Angels were her friends Arianna Highlander, Serena Main, Veronica Child, Eliza Knightly, Mia Leroux, and herself. They were a group of what the boy's called the finest girls to see, and they hated the Maraduers. Yet of course she had to go shopping with her mother.

As she got out of bed she couldn’t help thinking about Hogwarts. The magnificent castle that held her second family. Her last year at Hogwarts was this year and she had no clue what it would be like outside of Hogwarts. All she knew was she was going to go to school for becoming a Healer.

She opened her closet and looked at the few clothes she had left. She definitely had some serious shopping to do. None of her clothes had fit her since she had returned home it seemed. She grabbed a pair of black shorts and a green tank top with glitter on the top part. Finally she topped off the look with her makeup and she was ready to go. Her friends would have complimented her if they could see her.

Lily dashed down the stairs hoping her mother wasn’t going to shout at her for taking too long. Making her Mum upset was the last thing she wanted to do this summer. Her mother was known for her fiery attitude when people were late.

Going into the kitchen the smell of breakfast filled her nostrils. She sat at the table grabbing a stack of pancakes, trying to ignore her sister’s glare. Instead she looked at her father and said, "Good Morning Daddy."

“Morning Sweetheart! Your mother told me to tell you she was in the car when you’re done with breakfast. Oh and Petunia you are to go with your mother and sister shopping. There is no exception, so don’t even start complaining about it,” he said. The last part with a stern look on his face.

“Fine I’ll leave with mother and the freak. Nobody said I have to enjoy it. So don’t expect me to.” Petunia said emphasizing “freak”. For the past 6 years Lily had gotten use to her sister calling her that.

“That’s fine dad. I’ll finish my pancakes and go meet Mum.” Lily exclaimed flashing her father her gorgeous smile.

She quickly finished her food and raced to meet her mother. Her sister was not far behind scowling under her breath.

Outside the sun beamed down on her. Everything seemed so alive unlike the gloomy inside. Children were already playing. Lily glanced over at her neighbor’s house and saw her friend Emma sitting on the porch. Emma was her only Muggle friend who knew she was a witch.

“Mum could I invite Emma to come shopping with us? Please! I’m sure she can use some clothes too!” Lily said looking at her friend. She really didn’t want to leave her friend alone and have to be stuck with her sister all day.

“Sure dear. Hurry up and ask her though. We have a lot of shopping to do and the shop opens in 30 minutes. And make sure it’s all right with her parents,” Amber Evans hollered as her daughter raced towards her friend.

“Hey Emma mum says you can join us for a day of shopping. As long as it’s alright with your parents of course,” Lily said as soon as she reached the Taylor’s house. Emma was wearing an outfit similar to hers except Emma’s tank top was lilac and her brown hair was pulled back.

“Your mum still on with the go check with her parents routine. I mean come on we are 17 years old. My parents let me go anywhere as long as it’s not a club and there’s no drinking. I’ll be right back. I need to grab some money and just to make your mum happy I’ll tell my mum where I’m going. I probably should grab my cell phone in case my family needs me with anything. How much money do you think I should bring?”

“Yea Mum’s still on with the parent’s thing. I swear she still treats me like a little kid. Bring as much money as you think you’ll need. We have some major clothing shopping to do. Now hurry up I don’t want to keep mum waiting any longer.”

Within 5 minutes both girls were in the car and chatting happily.

“Now Lily darling we have two formal gowns we must buy for you. I suggest we get these first and then buy your clothes.”

“TWO formal gowns! What the hell will I need those for?”

“Lillian Marie Evans watch your mouth. If you must know there are specific reasons you need these gowns. You are going to be going to a formal party next month and I received a letter saying you are required to wear a gown. The other dress is for your 7th year ball your professor explained to me. You really should wear something new to this. So before you ask no you may not wear the same dress to both events.”

“Lily that dress was made for you. It goes perfectly with your eyes. Your going to be the most gorgeous person at that party. All of the men’s mouths are going to drop,” Emma said as Lily walked out of the dressing room wearing an emerald dress that accented her eyes. The dress clung to each of Lily’s acquired curves.

“Yea I’ll have a great time showing my true self to those I don’t even know. I don’t even know who I’m trying to impress.”

“I wouldn’t say you don’t know my family if I were you Evans,” a voice came from behind Lily. She chilled the instant the person began to talk for the voice belonged to none other than James Potter.

Lily whipped around to see James Potter grinning. “What the hell are you talking about Potter?” She said spitting out his last name in disgust. “There is no way in hell I’ll be there! Guess you’ll have to have fun without me.”

“Oh contraire my Lily flower. It would kind of hard for you to miss the party if you shall be living there. Missing it would be rude of you since you will be a guest in my family’s home.” James said amused by her shocked face.

To Be Continued……………………………………….

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Lily and James-The Real Story: Shopping along with Bad News-Part one


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