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Cravings by dracolover4ever
Chapter 6 : Stranger's Name
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Stranger's Name
Hermione couldn't pay attention during work. She couldn't remember anyone's names or where her office was. She walked around like a zombie, and everyone could tell. They asked her what was wrong all the time but she didn't answer.

"Hermione a George Weasley called. He said that he was sorry, and hoped he could still stay with you. He wanted to know if you be home for dinner."

"Yes Melody. Tell him yes for everything, please." Hermione said without much enthusiasm.

"Hey you got my name right! That's the first time today you have gotten it." Melody picked up the phone and called George back.

"Yes sir, okay I'll ask real quick. Hermione he wants to know if you're okay, he said you looked a little pale when you left today." Melody held the phone up and Hermione started screaming.

"Why does everyone think that? Sure I'm having an off day but I'm fine. I'm not a mental case or anything. I'm not a bomb that will go off at any moment. Do I look like a bomb, because I didn't when I got up this morning."? Hermione kept screaming as she walked away.

"Did you hear that sir? Oh okay. I don't think there is any reason for you to come over no that might just make her mad." Melody hung up the phone and ran over to Hermione. "Your next patent is a young girl, she has a very bad temper her brother seemed to put her under a spell. They deny it though. Her parents just want to figure out if she's changed because of a spell or on her own free will."

"Okay, what room number?" Hermione didn't stop walking.

"The room we just passed." Melody led Hermione back to the room.

"Okay little girl I need you to open your mouth for me." Hermione looked down the girl's throat. There was a definite magical trace.

"Well I don't remember my brothers' doing anything to me." She said nastily.

"Well that's what I'm going to fix." Hermione gave the girl a potion and she got back to normal, and then went to beat up her older brothers'.

"Well done Hermione. Even when distracted you get the problem solved." Melody said cheerfully.

"Melody was that my last patient for today?"

"Yes Hermione. No more till ten tomorrow, but you have a meeting tomorrow at nine. They swear that they won't take up a bunch of you time though. You could even go and get it over with now if you're worried." Melody read of her notes.

"No I want to go home. I just need to eat something and sleep. It's seven o'clock already. I'm going home. You can to if you want, just make sure the phone will take the messages." Hermione waited for Melody then they walked to Hermione's car.

"Here I'll give you a ride to your car." Hermione drove around the parking lot till she found Melody's car. Melody got out said thanks then Hermione drove on home.

"George?" she said the second she was in the door.

"Here Hermione let me help you." George came and supported Hermione all the way to the table where the food was set up. "Here eat, breakfast for dinner. I know you love those pancakes!" he laughed.

"Oh George I'm sorry, I felt like I took my anger out on you last night. I really didn't mean to. It's just you even seemed upset and I didn't know what I did to you. God these are great!" she took another large bite and almost fell asleep in the syrupy mess.

"Hermione you didn't do anything wrong. Ron said you aren't over that's a good thing right? Ginny obviously knew already. Everything will work out just how it was meant to. Fate has a funny way of showing you what is supposed to be. You just have to look for the signs." George took a bite of his pancakes. "God I'm a good cook."

Hermione laughed at him. "You always know how to make me feel better, how is that?" Hermione said being serious.

"Well mm always said that I was always one of the more sensitive of her boys. That's why I became a prankster. I didn't want to know as the sensitive Weasley!"

"Wow, I mean I always knew you were better than Fred but if your mum said that… maybe I picked the wrong Weasley." Hermione said it kind of joking, but she really kind of believed it.

George got a look on his face; he seemed to think so too. He just kept eating and didn't stop till all of his food was gone. He got up and cleaned his plate off. Once he was done he came back and got Hermione's stuff. He cleaned it all off then carried Hermione to the bathroom. He set her on the floor threw her a robe and turned on the water.

"Get cleaned up. I'll be in my room if you need me." George felt like he was taking care of a little kid who couldn't do anything when they got sad.

After twenty minutes of sitting in his room he decided to switch things around. When he heard the water turn off he called for Hermione.

"Could you help me?" He asked as she came to his room in only her robe. "I want to switch my bed around to the other wall."

Hermione said a spell and the bed flipped over. She looked around the room, her eyes rested on a china doll. It was one that looked just like Ginny. But there was something on it that she recognized.

"Oh that, mum got it for me when I said I hated Ginny, I didn't want anymore siblings when she was born. Mum said to take my frustration out on the doll and not on Ginny. But the doll was so pretty I couldn't do anything to it." George sat down on his bed.

Hermione climbed over George and went to the bookshelf were the doll was. She fingered the mask that was on the dolls face. She looked at the details and the style. She knew where she had seen it before but she wasn't willing to say it.

"George is there anything else you need me to flip?" she didn't take her eyes off the doll.

"Well if you wouldn't mind putting the bookshelf over there." He pointed to where the bed had been.

Hermione said the spell again and the bookshelf moved. She walked over and pretended to look at the few books on the shelf, but she really couldn't stop looking at the mask.

George patted on the bed and Hermione sat. They were silent for a minute not knowing what to say.

"So how was work, besides the screaming I heard when Melody called me back."

"Oh it went fine. I had problems with names and faces. I couldn't remember anything. People kept asking me if I was all right. I just wanted them to all shut up." Hermione said not facing George.

"Has that doll got you in a trance?" George questioned laughing at the thought.

"George whose mask is that?" Hermione asked with a this-is-important voice.

"Well it's mine. I've had it for years now mum made it for me one Halloween. It's one of a kind. Or so mum says." George looked at her with a wondering eye.

"Have you ever lent it to someone?" Hermione asked in her serious voice.

"No, well Fred might have taken it for Halloween a few years back but other than that no." George gave her a more questioning look.

"So you are the only person who has that mask and you are the one person who has wore it in years? Have you worn it lately?" she asked

"Yep just wore it for a party on New Years."

Hermione jumped from the bed, she ran to the door muttering something about clothes and bed. She ran to her room and locked the door. She got dressed in Pajamas and got in bed. A tear rolled down her cheek. She pulled her leg out of the covers and looked at her heart. Now it read in bigger letters GEORGE WEASLEY.

"Oh god Ronald I'm so sorry!" she whispered through her cries, but really she was crying because she was happy.
A.N. I only own O.C.'s and the plot everything else belongs to J.K.

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Cravings: Stranger's Name


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