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Dance With Me by monee_malfoy
Chapter 4 : The Party
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Okay. Sorry that this took a while to get up. It's pretty long, so I hope it's okay for all of you! = )

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, they belong to J.K. Rowling. A lot of the dialogue is from 'The Notebook', so half of the plot belongs to the people who wrote that. The lyrics are from the Sarah McLaughlin song "Angel"

Chapter 4: The Party


Later that night, Hermione was in her room getting ready for the party. She had decided to wear something simple; nothing too flashy at all. She had put on a pair of capris that were dark gray and hugged her waist. They were slightly baggy in the legs, but came in and clung to the upper part of her calves. She also had on a black tank top that left about an inch of skin showing on her stomach. After putting on her mesh tennis shoes and applying some make-up, Hermione left, kissing her parents goodbye, and made her way up to the upper deck that the party was being held on.

As she approached the open doors, the fast-paced music reached her ears and she saw a fairly large crowd of people around her age inside the large room dancing. It was partially dark with only the colored lights inside the dance room providing light. Hermione walked into the room and immediately saw Rosalie and Michael dancing amidst the large group of people. She went and found a table off to the side of the dance floor and sat down in one of the chairs, her foot tapping to the beat of the song.

After a few moments, and a few songs, Rosalie and Michael made their way over to Hermione, whom they had just spotted, and sat down next to her. Rosalie was wearing a skirt and a tank top and Michael was in jeans and a t-shirt.

“Come on, Mione.” Rosalie panted. “Come dance.”

“No, I’m okay right here.” Hermione replied.

“Oh, no you don’t.” Rosalie grinned and grabbed Hermione’s hand, pulling her over to the dance floor.

“Rose!” Hermione exclaimed, trying to pull away. “Rose, really, I don’t want to dance.”

“Yes you do.” Rosalie countered as they reached the center of the mass of people. “Otherwise, you wouldn’t have come. Now stop being a weenie and dance.” Hermione rolled her eyes, but complied with Rosalie’s order.

She really did like to dance, but at the start of dances, she always felt a bit awkward. After a few songs, however, Hermione was having a blast. Michael had come back over to join them and was dancing with Rosalie. Hermione was dancing with a cute brunette boy that she didn’t really know, but she found that she didn’t care; she was having too much fun to be embarrassed about dancing with someone she didn’t know.

At the end of the song, everyone clapped and waited for the next one. They were switching out DJs and, after a moment, the next song began, to which there was an enormous uproar of cheers and clapping. Hermione was shouting and cheering with everyone else. Shake it Like a Salt Shaker by the Yin Yang Twins had come on and it was, indeed, an excellent dancing song. Hermione began to dance, slightly bent at the knees and shaking her hips, her arms out in front of her. She had been dancing with the brunette boy; however, a voice she was certain didn’t belong to him whispered in her ear suddenly.

“Mind if I cut in?” Hermione ignored him and continued dancing. “Is that a yes or a no?” he was amused now.

“Malfoy,” Hermione said without turning around. “If you’re going to dance, shut up and dance. If not, go away.” She felt him chuckle against her ear. Then, his hands slid onto her waist and he stepped up to dance behind her.

The song got to one of the more fast paced parts and the dancing, as a result, got more rapid. At one part, Hermione dropped to the floor and then came back up, rotating her hips so that her bum rubbed slightly against Malfoy’s nether region. Malfoy’s grip on her waist tightened slightly as the two continued to dance. As the song ended and another began, Malfoy snaked one of his arms across Hermione’s stomach and grabbed her side, spinning her around to face him. After a second’s hesitation, she began dancing again, Malfoy joining with her, neither of them breaking eye contact. Hermione raised her arms in the air about halfway through the song, and closed her eyes, drooping her head slightly downward, her hips still swaying in beat with the song. Malfoy pulled her closer, his hands on her hips, and the two danced more closely than they had so far that night.

Hermione realized, and she hated to admit it to herself, that she was actually having a good time dancing with Malfoy. Granted, she knew he could dance, it just all seemed so different from the way they had danced the other night. Hermione rocked her hips slowly back and forth to the beat of the song. Her hips were practically touching Malfoy’s hips and she noticed, with immense satisfaction, that Malfoy was enjoying their close contact. He leaned forward, still dancing, and brushed his lips against her ear.

“I never knew you were such a naughty dancer, Granger.” He whispered and chuckled lightly. “I wonder what other secrets you’re hiding.”

“Keep wondering, Malfoy.” Hermione whispered back in his ear. “Because you’re never going to find out.” He gave her a conniving smirk as the song ended and she took a step back from him. “Now, if you’ll excuse me,” she said. “I think Rosalie is trying to get my attention.” With that, she walked over to the table Rosalie and Michael had just sat down at and plopped down into a chair next to them.

“Well, someone is certainly enjoying herself.” Rosalie grinned knowingly. “Looks like you and Draco rather enjoy dancing with each other.” Hermione scoffed.

“It’s just dancing, Rose.” Hermione stated. “Malfoy and I can’t stand each other. He was probably just wanting to dance with me to torture me.”

“I don’t know.” Rosalie grinned amusedly. “He looked like he was enjoying himself from where we were at.” Hermione rolled her eyes.

“Malfoy is just a pervert who was wanting to get a chance to feel up a girl without getting slapped in return. Fast dancing is just an excuse for it to be legitimate for him to touch someone.”

“So you let him use this dance as an excuse to touch you?” Rosalie prodded.

“No!” Hermione exclaimed. “If you would care to realize, I wasn’t letting him feel me up on the dance floor.” Rosalie laughed.

“I don’t know, he seemed to be getting pretty close.” Hermione huffed and opened her mouth to retort angrily, but before she could say anything, Malfoy appeared beside the table.

“Excuse me, Rosalie, but do you mind if I borrow Hermione for a moment?” Hermione was seething as Rosalie grinned widely. Rosalie looked right at Hermione, then back up at Malfoy.

“Not at all, Draco.” She said sweetly. “Have a good time.” Malfoy gave her a sly grin and Rosalie winked in return.

“Actually,” Hermione interrupted. “I think I’m going to go back to my room.”

“Oh, no you don’t.” Malfoy said, grabbing her hand as she tried to walk away. “This is our cue.” Hermione listened as he drug her off to the dance floor, Rosalie waving to Hermione as she left. As they came to a stop, Hermione realized what he was talking about. A slow violin arrangement was floating over the crowd, many of whom didn’t know what to do to this kind of music. Many of them were looking around a little uncomfortably as the tango began to play.

Hermione decided to humor Malfoy and play along with him. They were standing across from each other, a few feet apart as the music hesitated. The violins jumped back in again and both Malfoy and Hermione twisted their feet and stomped. At this movement, everyone on the dance floor looked at the two, forming a sort of circle around them. The violins changed tempo rapidly again and Hermione and Malfoy met in the center, pressing the palms of one of their hands against the other person’s, and walking in a circle, staring each other right in the eyes. Malfoy twirled Hermione, then pulled her back in, her back to his chest. As the music slowed, Malfoy slowly ran his hands up Hermione’s sides, all the way from her hips to her underarms, and underneath her forearms, all the while running his lips along Hermione’s neck. Hermione shuddered inwardly at this light touch and her eyelids drooped slightly. Draco’s hands met hers and he clasped her hands tightly in his. He brought both of their right arms into Hermione’s stomach, and the other he left extended as the two stepped with the music, dancing the true part of the typical tango. Malfoy twirled her again. Then, still with her back to him, she started to pull away. He held onto her hands as her arms stretched out behind her, her right foot kicking up behind her, her toe pointed. The violins switched pace again, and he pulled her back to his chest, this time, twirling her to make her face him once again. He spun her out, then back in, and then stepped forward, bearing down on her slightly so that she was forced to kneel, one of her legs stretching back behind her on the floor. The entire crowd was watching with wide eyes and dropped jaws as the two teenagers danced with such a passion and such intensity.

Malfoy pulled her back up and, as the music grew faster in pace, he stepped in time with her, spinning and twirling her until the final note held out and he dipped her backwards, supporting her back with both of his hands, one of his legs stretched behind him. One of her legs was wrapped around his waist and the other was stretched on the floor in between his legs. Both were breathing heavily and didn’t break eye contact. The sudden clapping of the crowd, however, snapped both of them out of their reverie and Malfoy brought her back up to a proper standing position.

Hermione looked over and saw Rosalie and Michael staring at them with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. Rosalie had a wide smirk on her face that Hermione rolled her eyes at. She knew exactly what was going through the girl’s head and, quite frankly, she didn’t want to hear it. She was just planning a way to leave without Rosalie seeing, when she felt someone’s warm breath on her neck.

“Would you like to go for a walk?” Malfoy whispered in her ear. Hermione’s immediate impulse was to refuse, but she caught herself and agreed, thinking that it probably wouldn’t be too terrible.

“Sure.” She replied. Malfoy took her hand in his and led her out of the dance hall and out onto the deck. She pulled her hand from his once they were outside and he put his hands in his pockets. They walked around the entirety of the deck in silence for a few moments. Then, Hermione found herself bursting to ask Malfoy a question that had been floating around her mind for the past couple of days.

“Malfoy, how come you’re being so nice to me?” she blurted, unable to hold it in any longer. He looked down at her as they walked slowly, a mildly puzzled look on his face.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“You’re always such an arrogant twit to me at school.” Hermione said. Malfoy raised his eyes to the ceiling and nodded slightly in agreement. “And yet, you find out that I’m on this cruise too and all of a sudden, you’re treating me completely different than you have for the past six years.” Malfoy came to a stop next to the rail of the deck at the back of the ship. Hermione stopped next to him and looked up at him as he leaned against the rail, looking out at the ocean.

“I don’t know.” He finally said. He had said it so faintly that Hermione almost didn’t hear it. He sighed and looked down. After breathing deeply, he looked up again and over at Hermione.

“I think,” he began. “That when I was dancing with you the other night, by mistake, of course,” Hermione glared at him. “I felt some sort of pull to you. Even as we were dancing, I didn’t want to leave. That’s why I had asked you to meet me later that night. I didn’t know who you were. All I knew was that there was this girl that I met that was incredibly amazing, and I only had known her for a few hours.” He paused and looked Hermione in the eye, his eyebrows furrowed in thought as if he was trying to find the answer himself.

“When I took off your mask and saw who you were,” he continued. “I wanted to just ignore the ball and the dancing that we had done and go back to treating you like dirt.” He stared intently at Hermione for a moment. She marveled at the pure sincerity that Malfoy was speaking with. She didn’t understand why he was choosing to open up to her and show her a side of himself she had never seen before, but she didn’t interrupt him either.

“But I couldn’t.” Malfoy whispered. “For some reason, I couldn’t make myself hate you again. It was like you had somehow gotten under my skin and forced me to see you in a different way. When we danced that night, I felt a connection to you, and even after I knew who you really were, I could get rid of that feeling.”

Hermione was shaking her head slowly, not wanting to believe a word he was saying. This was Draco Malfoy for Merlin’s sake! This was the Slytherin Prince himself. The boy who had hated her and her friends for the past six years. The boy who taunted her on a daily basis at school. She was tempted to pinch herself just to prove to her mind that she wasn’t dreaming and that Malfoy’s alter personality was standing in front of her.

“What?” Malfoy asked quietly, watching her as she stood there, shaking her head slowly.

“N-no.” Hermione spluttered.

“No?” Malfoy questioned, not quite understanding what she meant.

“Malfoy,” she sighed. “Draco…” he looked mildly surprised at her use of his first name. “This cant possibly be true.”

“And why not?” Malfoy demanded.

“Because!” Hermione said indignantly. “You’re Draco Malfoy. I’m Hermione Granger-”

“Now that we’re acquainted, what’s your point?” Malfoy interrupted, a smile playing around the corners of his mouth.

“This isn’t right.” Hermione stated. “There’s no way you could possibly have feelings for me.”

“Well, you can keep telling me that,” Malfoy said. “but that’s not going to make them go away. Trust me, I’ve tried that already.” Hermione gaped at him.

“But…I…you…how?” Hermione was at a loss for what to say. She didn’t know how to explain to Malfoy exactly how bizarre this situation was. It seemed as if all the laws of the universe had decided to completely disappear and laugh at what fate would make happen.

“How what?” Malfoy asked, quite obviously amused at her flustered nature.

“How is it that you can go from hating me, to being attracted to me in a period of days?” Hermione asked. “You really don’t understand how strange this is, do you? This isn’t you. This isn’t the Malfoy that everyone knows. The Malfoy everyone knows would be ridiculed and ostracized if he were ever attracted to a-a mudblood.” Hermione struggled to spit out the word she had come to hate. The word the boy in front of her had directed at her continuously ever since their second year. Malfoy’s face contorted ever so slightly at Hermione’s use of the word.

“What’s the matter, Malfoy?” she asked coldly. “Don’t like hearing that word anymore? What’s gotten into you? What happened to the Malfoy that we all know and hate? Who are you?” Hermione was becoming slightly hysterical, not understanding whether it was all just a trick, or actually sincere. Malfoy interrupted her rant by suddenly cupping her face in his hands and staring intently into her eyes. Hermione found herself stopping abruptly in her rant and gaze back into his eyes. She had never realized how piercing, how beautiful his gray eyes could be.

“You want to know what’s changed me?” he breathed, not breaking eye contact. Hermione nodded slightly. “You, Hermione Granger.” Her eyes widened, not believing that Draco Malfoy was admitting to liking her. “You’ve done something to me. I never used to mind bullying people, picking on people, acting more superior than everyone else. It’s how I was brought up. But after that night, I couldn’t get you off my mind. Not only had you done something that kept me from ridiculing you, but it seemed as though I had suddenly changed overnight. Trust me, Hermione. The past few days, I’ve been wishing I could change it.” He was shaking his head disbelievingly. “I’ve been trying to convince myself that I should just get over it, let it go, because it could never work…but I can’t. You’ve done something to me. You’ve changed me, in those few hours that we danced, something about you got inside me and changed me, and I don’t know how to change back.”

Hermione realized, as he finished talking, that her mouth was partially open. She closed it quickly and swallowed hard. Something was clawing its way around her stomach, something she didn’t want to recognize, but she knew she couldn’t avoid it much longer. She finally had to make herself face the truth: she was falling for Draco Malfoy. Everything that he had just said to her made her realize that she felt the exact same way.

“You-you called me Her-Hermione.” Hermione struggled. Even after Malfoy’s pronouncement, all she could focus on at the moment was that he had called her “Hermione,” something she had never heard him call her. And somehow, whenever he had just said her name, she felt a shiver of satisfaction run up her spine. Malfoy smiled lightly at her.

“That’s all you can say?” he chuckled. “It is your name, isn’t it?”

“Well, yes.” Hermione agreed. “But you’ve never called me by my first name before. It’s always been ‘Granger’ or ‘mudbl-’”

“Don’t forget you said my first name too.” Malfoy interrupted her, not wanting to hear her say that word again. Hermione paused, not saying anything. Then she looked back up at him and started laughing. Malfoy furrowed his eyebrows slightly, trying to figure out why she was laughing.

“And what do you seem to find so amusing?” he asked.

“I don’t know.” Hermione giggled. “I guess just the absurdity of this whole situation.” Malfoy smiled, a genuine smile, and Hermione was taken nearly breathless at how handsome he looked when he really smiled. She looked at him for a bit.

“I had a lot of fun tonight.” She said quietly.

“Really?” Malfoy asked.

“Yeah.” Hermione nodded. “I haven’t been partying like that in ages.” Malfoy laughed.

“Why not?”

“Because, I’m busy.”

“Doing what?”

“Studying. My summers are almost as busy as the school year.”

“How’s that?”

“Well, I read a lot, I study-”

“All during the summer?”

“Yes. How am I supposed to keep up with my studies if I don’t continue over the summer?” Malfoy shook his head at her.

“You’re relentless.” He said. Hermione smiled.

“Then I have other lessons that I take during the summer. I spend time with my family, and-”

“Wait, other lessons?” Malfoy interrupted again.

“Yes.” Hermione laughed. “Piano lessons and Latin and French lessons.”

“Damn.” Malfoy was looking at her, impressed. “Why, in the name of Merlin, are you taking Latin and French lessons?”

“It helps with my studies at Hogwarts. Most all potion ingredients and most spells and most incantations have a Latin root. And learning French will help me with after Hogwarts.” Malfoy grinned at her, shaking his head slightly.

“What?” Hermione asked.

“You’re crazy.” He said.

“Why?” she replied.

“Do you do anything for fun?”

“What do you mean?” The two of them were leaning against the rail of the ship now, gazing into the ocean.

“I mean, do you ever do anything for you?”

“I don’t know what you mean, I love learning new things. I love staying busy and studying. I’m a bookworm, Malfoy.” Malfoy shook his head at her despairingly.

“Come here, I want to show you something.” He said after a moment.

“What?” Hermione asked as he started to walk toward the stairs to the very upper decks of the ship.

“Just come on.” Malfoy said. Hermione hesitated a second, then followed him up the stairs. They reached the very top deck where there were several birds circling around. Malfoy walked to the rail of the deck and sat down, dangling his legs off of the deck over the rushing water. He turned toward Hermione as she hung back by the wall.

“Come here.” Malfoy said, as he lay on his back.

“What? No.” Hermione said, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Why not?” Malfoy asked.

“Because I don’t want to.” She replied.

“See, that’s your problem, Hermione.” Malfoy said. She looked at him. “You’re too uptight. You don’t do what you want.” Hermione just looked at him as he put his arms behind his head and gazed up at the sky, his white-blond hair falling behind him on the deck.

“Alright then.” Hermione finally said, walking over to him. She sat in front of the rail and slid her legs over the deck, letting them dangle over the edge. She laid back, her arms by her side, and looked over at Malfoy, who smiled as he kept his gaze skyward.

“And what happens if one of those birds attacks us?” Hermione asked.

“We have our eyes clawed out.” Malfoy said calmly. Hermione looked over at him, startled. He chuckled.

“Just relax. You need to learn to trust.” He said.

“To trust?” she inquired.

“Yes. Trust.”

“Oh, yes.” She said with a slight hint of sarcasm in her voice. “Trust the boy who picked on me for the past six years.”

“Hey, I resent that remark.” He said. She looked at him, her eyebrows raised. He looked over at her and grinned. “I’m not a boy.” She rolled her eyes. “I’m a man.” Hermione snorted. She sighed as the two of them went back to gazing at the stars.

“Writing.” Hermione said after a couple moments of quiet. Malfoy turned his head to look at her.

“What?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

“You asked me what I do for me.” Hermione clarified. “I like to write. Poetry, mostly. The world is so crazy and chaotic. Every day there is the growing threat of danger. I don’t lead the perfect life I appear to. But when I sit down with a pen and paper, all of my frustrations just flow right out of my pen and onto the paper, and I feel at peace.” Malfoy just stared at her as she gazed at the stars. He was beginning to wonder if she would ever cease to amaze him.

Just then, some twittering birds, who were wrestling in the air, brought their fight closer to the pair lying on the deck. Hermione screamed and jumped up, running to the wall. Malfoy jumped up too, following her at a slower pace, and stopped a few feet away from her. He looked over when he heard Hermione’s laugh. She was leaning against the wall for support, hysterically laughing and clutching her side.

“What are you laughing about?” Malfoy asked, bewildered. Hermione looked at him and continued laughing, calming down a bit. Malfoy couldn’t help but feel a smile break across his face at Hermione’s carefree laughter.

“Would you like to dance with me?” Malfoy asked suddenly. Hermione smiled at him for a moment.

“Sure.” She said. Malfoy reached out his hand and she took it. He started leading her back out to the center of the deck. “Right now?” she asked. Malfoy nodded. “But we don’t have any music.” She pointed out.

“Well then, we’ll make some.” He said as he pulled her close to him and started to sway. He began humming a song that she quickly recognized.

“You’re terrible at keeping a tune.” She laughed. He nodded and laughed with her. “But I like this song.” She looked up into his eyes as he stared back into hers. He smiled at her and she smiled back. He pulled out his wand and waved it, muttering something under his breath. Hermione smiled even wider as the song started playing around them, as if amplified by a stereo.

Spend all your life waiting
For that second chance
For a break that will make it okay
There’s always some reason
To feel not good enough
And it’s hard at the end of the day

Hermione leaned closer to Malfoy, falling more closely into step with him. He tightened his grip around her waist and leaned his face closer to hers, resting his cheek against hers. She felt her eyes slide shut, enjoying the tingling that filled her body at Malfoy’s touch. The night air around them was cool and the stars were shining bright.

I need some distraction
Oh a beautiful release

Memories seep from my veins

And make me empty

And weightless and maybe

I’ll find some peace tonight

In the arms of the angel

Fly away from here

From this dark cold hotel room

And the airlessness that you fear

You are burnt from the wreckage

Of your silent reverie

You’re in the arms of the angel

May you find some comfort there

Malfoy pulled his face back and looked at Hermione, his brows slightly furrowed, his eyes deep and thoughtful. She looked back into his shining silver eyes, willing him to tell her what he was thinking.

So tired of the straight life
And everywhere you turn

There’s vultures and thieves at your back

And the storm keeps on twisting

You keep on building the lies

That you make up for all that you lack

It don’t make no difference

Escaping one last time

It’s easier to believe

Than this sweet madness oh

This glorious sadness that brings me to my knees

Malfoy smiled a warm, small crooked smile. He dipped Hermione slowly backward, and then brought her back up, swaying with her in beat with the song.

“This is mental.” He whispered in her ear as he rested his cheek against hers again. “I don’t know what you’ve done to me, Hermione Granger.”

“And I don’t know what you’ve done to me, Draco Malfoy.” Hermione countered. Malfoy pulled his face back to look into her eyes, not sure if he was hearing her correctly. They gazed into each other’s eyes, still swaying to the music.

In the arms of the angel
Fly away from here

From this dark cold hotel room

And the airlessness that you fear

You are burnt from the wreckage

Of your silent reverie

You’re in the arms of the angel

May you find some comfort there

You’re in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort there

As the song came to an end, Hermione and Malfoy continued swaying, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. Malfoy brought his hand up to Hermione’s cheek and brushed his fingers against her cheekbone. She closed her eyes a fraction at his soft touch. Then, he leaned down and touched his lips to hers. Hermione’s eyes closed the rest of the way and she was amazed at the softness and the tenderness with which he was kissing her. She kissed him back, her arms snaking around his neck as his wrapped around her waist. He pulled back and looked into her eyes, leaning his forehead against hers. He had a small smile playing around the corners of his mouth and she was smiling broadly at him.

“Never, in a million years,” Hermione whispered. “Did I see this coming.” Malfoy grinned at her.

“Neither did I.”

Alrighty then....How was it...Your reviews are much appreciated...please leave them!!! Much love!!!


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