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When the only person you can trust is someone you shouldn't by manic_rage
Chapter 4 : Guess What? & Sleeping Together
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Guess What? & Sleeping Together

When they got to the Great Hall, Harry had no time to ask Wednesday how she knew about his father and his friends before Snape came up and snatched her away.

It was a few minutes before Snape said anything to Wednesday, he waited until they were in the safety of his dorm before he started yelling.

“Guess what we found at Casey’s house?”


“This!” he yelled holding up a bag with white powder, she looked at it then to him.

“That all went up his nose. I didn’t need any help in being hyper.” She said and he looked at her, his eyes still blazing.

“You promised me you would stay safe.”

“How safe can I be in my line of work, father?” she asked cruelly and he looked at her, shaking his head.

“Don’t call me father, or dad. How many times have I told you this Wednesday?”

“Enough times that I know it annoys you. What have you always taught me father? Find their weakness and exploit it.” she said heartlessly, much different from the tone she had been using the last few hours.

“You are still my daughter.”

“And sometimes we both wished I wasn’t.” she said looking him in the eye, he could not deny it.

“Anything else?”

“No. If you are needed for anything I will make sure you get the message.”

“By the way, Snape. There is more then meets the eyes with them, I wish you could see it in them. At least my mother could.” she said walking out, and silent to the Great Hall, catching the last part of lunch.

As she sat next to Harry and Ron they looked at her, wanting to know where she had been.

“Snape was bugging me as usual. Like I am going to forget that I have to be on my best behavior here. Hello it’s a boarding school. How much trouble can I get into.” She said and Harry looked at her seriously.

“Um Wednesday.”

“Yes Harry?”

“How did you know about the Hogwarts students who were animuguses?”

“I know some people that know some people.” she said and Harry looked at her, now he was not sure she was completely trust worthily.

“Who though?”

“My mom knew your mom, your dad knew my dad, your dad knew my mom, your mom knew my dad.”

“Can I talk to them. I love to hear more about my parents.” asked Harry, he knew if she answered this wrong then she was not someone he could trust.

“Its not really anyone’s business Harry, but both of them are dead. I have a guardian and I don’t like talking about it.” she said as she grabbed her bag, walking out as she smiled at her acting.

Years of being her fathers daughter taught her this.

By the end of the day, Wednesday and Harry had made up and he loved to listen to her talk about everything she had done with the teams and music.

But after dinner she followed Malfoy and Hermione to their dorms and was not surprised when Hermione disappeared in the bathroom, leaving her and Malfoy alone.

“I know I have seen you somewhere before.”

“Its your imagination.”

“Are you really Snape’s daughter?”

“Would I lie? Even better question. Why would he lie about having a daughter?”

“He’s lied before.”

“About not having one. To protect me. You see my mother and father, two very different people Malfoy, and not a lot of people liked seeing them together.” she said; she was so good she could even get sympathy out of him.

“So your going to need to get soon.”

“Excuse me?”

“Well there are only two dorms, two beds and three of us. There is also a couch. I am guessing this is where I am sleeping unless you can make another bedroom appear.”

“Couldn’t you?”

“Not really worth it. Plus I like couches.” she said as she took off her coat and then her first layer.

“You could always have my room.” said Malfoy and she looked at him for a moment, smiling weakly.

“That’s fine. Thank you for offering though. Very nice of you. But I’ll live.”

“Ok. Suit yourself.” He said walking up to his dorm, leaving Wednesday with a smirk.

“Like father, like son.” She said as she walked over to the bathroom, muttering a spell as her hand touched the knob.

“Don’t pay any attention to me miss Crazy Bitch, I just want to wash my face.”

“You know them?”

“Yep. Met them on tour, lovely guys.”

“Lovely?” Hermione asked skeptically and Wednesday nodded and she wetted her face.

“Yeah. Not too weird, not too normal.” She said and she lathered the soap on, speaking without laughing. “I hear you have a court date coming up.” she said and Hermione looked at her as if her heart just stopped.

“How did you know that?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell.”

“How do you know this?”

“Dumbledore told me. He asked for some advice.”

“Dumbledore asked you for advice?” she asked and Wednesday nodded as she wiped her face clean.

“Even the wisest still need council Hermione.”

“Why did he ask you?”

“Because I have been in that situation a fair few times. He wanted to know if there was anything anyone could do to help. I told him to back off.”

“Thank you.”

“No need buttercup. From one to another. 'Night.” said Wednesday as she walked out.

Hermione quickly dried off and slipped into night clothes she had placed out during lunch and walked out into the common room only to find Wednesday laying on the couch.

“Don’t you have a bed?”

“Yes, what does this look like?”

“A couch.”

“Oh, well that explains a few things. Don’t worry. Even Malfoy offered me his bed, but I don’t want it.”

“Are you sure? The beds are kind of big and I bet we can both fit.” Said Hermione and Wednesday looked at her for a long moment and nodded.

“Good point. Its cold down here anyways.” Said Wednesday as she grabbed her pillow and followed Hermione up to her room, unaware someone was watching them.

In the morning when Hermione woke up, she was surprised to have someone’s body heat next to hers and when she rolled over, she saw Wednesday sleeping soundly.

Hermione smiled at how young and peaceful she looked while she was sleeping.

Hermione still found it hard to believe that someone would sleep with Snape, and even multiple times to create a baby, but most of all, a beautiful woman, because the only things Wednesday had of her fathers was his eyes, his height and his slenderness.

Everything else about this girl was too beautiful to be from Snape’s side.

Wednesday groaned in her sleep and rolled over, burying her head deeper into the pillow.

Hermione looked over to the clock and sighed; Wednesday needed to get up if she wanted a shower.

“Wednesday.” Said Hermione shaking her and Wednesday groaned. “Wake up.”

“Five more minutes babe, ok, five more minutes and I’ll go to work.”

“Wednesday if you want a shower before Malfoy, you need to get up.”

“I’ll just share with him.” she said, Hermione shaking her head and pushing her out of her bed.


“I’m up.” Said Wednesday as she stood up unsteadily and ran into a wall. 

Hermione giggled and Wednesday threw her a glare as she walked out and down the stairs.

Hermione walked down after Wednesday and was making some coffee as she heard.

“What in bloody hell are you doing in here?”

“Umm.” She heard Wednesday groan. Hermione smiled and after what sounded like some pushing and shoving, Malfoy was pushed out, only dressed in a towel.

“That bloody woman is fucking psycho.”

“Watch your mouth Malfoy.”

“Why? Am I bugging you yet?” he asked and she shook her head as she drank her coffee, warmth filling her as an owl landed in front of her.

She quickly ripped it open without looking at who it was addressed to. 

Wednesday I’m so sorry. Please come home. I don’t remember who I pay the rent to, or where the money is. And have you seen my blow, I can’t find it. Your guardian was here, he was pissed, and now all of you shit it gone. Please come home.


Hermione shook her head as she folded the letter back up as Wednesday walked out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her.

“Is that coffee?” She asked taking the pot and drinking straight from it.

“Hot, hot, very hot.” she said as she set it down, taking the letter from Hermione’s hands and throwing it in the sink.

“Don’t need to read that. I already know everything it says. Baby come home, I can’t pay the rent, where’s my blow. Same thing every time.”

“Then why do you go back to him?” asked Hermione and Wednesday gave a small smile.

“He’s great in bed.” she said as she looked at Malfoy, then back to Hermione.

“Like the Malfoy kid, god I could only imagine how big his ego is, besides that, smoking.” She said walking up to the dorm, changing and coming back down, catching a letter it flew in.

She quickly read it and ran out, not even saying goodbye to Malfoy and Hermione.

“I just can’t believe any woman would ever, have relations like that with Snape.” Said Malfoy and Hermione looked at him.

“Who knows.” she said as she walked up stairs, changed and came back down only to see that Malfoy was waiting for her.

Hermione said nothing as she walked out, Malfoy at her side.

She found this to be a very interesting, to have someone she has considered, and still considers an enemy to be walking at her side no curses involved.

A/N: I don’t consider two girls sleeping together as slash.

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