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Against all odds by Sano
Chapter 5 : Desires anyone?
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After dinner and having said goodnight to Harry and Ron I trudged up to the heads common room. All the while thinking about all the damn homework I had waiting for me up there. I didn’t know how Harry and Rom were going to pass this year at all without having my work to look off of, but they’d have to figure something out. 
“Cherry Blossoms,” I told the damn perfectionist mermaid. 

“Isn’t it great to be young?” she sighed and let me in. As soon as I got into the room, my eyes immediately zoomed to Malfoy. He was sitting there, just as happy as could be, with no shirt on, his jeans and boxers were sitting incredibly low, right on his hips bones. The only thing I could think about was what a nice a six pack he had and how nice it would be wrapped up in his arms up against that perfectly toned body. Hang on a second, where the fuck had that thought come from? I asked myself. Snap out of it girl! No thinking dirty thoughts, ESPECIALLY about Malfoy. How wrong was that?
* * *
Hermione stumbled in the doorway, looking like she could really use some sleep. She then jerked to, just as I thought she would and stopped dead where she was standing. I can do that to people you know, it’s rather fun, and highly useful. It wasn’t romantic. Wish it had been. But there seems to be no room for romance in our war torn world. But I put some incense on. I mean girls like incense right? They do right? I thought it would be best to go with.
* * *
“You having fun Malfoy?” I asked teasingly, trying to push away my odd thoughts. 
“Waiting for someone?” 

“Only waiting for you,” his eyes twinkled with that same look he had in them when he had handed me my potions book on the first day of classes. That look still worried me.
“Oh really?” I said, and walked toward the couches, but the only other place to sit was the couch across from where he was sitting. I pulled off my robes so that I could be comfortable in my jeans and t-shirt. Malfoy just kept watching me. “Need a heart to heart do you Draco?” I teased. 

“Oh my heart has been torn out of my chest by the most beautiful of creatures!” He put his arm up over his eyes dramatically. “Hermione! You just must help me!” I laughed at him. He glanced out from underneath his arm. An actual grin on his lips, he was pleased that he had made me laugh. I was blushing so badly. I looked down to hide the redness that was skirting across my face. I heard him walking over, and I knew he was standing over me but I kept my head lowered. 

“Don’t look at him, don’t look at him,” I kept telling myself, “Just don’t!” but it was far too late. I looked up to find him towering over me. It was quite a sight, let me tell you. His body, still bronzy from summer sun, blonde hair falling into his dreamy grey eyes. STOP IT!!! I yelled inwardly. He smiled down at me, looking as if he could read my thoughts. I subtly scooted away from him, towards the arm of the couch. His eyes just kept glinting at me with that warm smile playing about his lips. 

“There something you need Draco?” I asked carefully, eyeing him closely.
“Yes, as a matter of fact there is,” then he seized me in his arms and wrapped me up in a full and warm kiss. 

“Whoa,” I thought, but I didn’t try to stop him which surprised me. Then somehow he was on top of me, his tongue swirling in my mouth, his warm softly callused hands caressing the skin around my waist. “Too far! Too far!” I kept screaming it at myself but no, body not listening to brain, and now my arms were wrapped all around him. Then the message finally got through about just who I was kissing and I quickly pushed him off of me, he fell onto the floor, slightly surprised. 

“What the fuck do you think you are doing Malfoy?” I was breathing hard, I pulled my knees up underneath me. He was a brilliant kisser, and I wanted more. But it just wasn’t right, my feelings weren’t right. 

“Hermione don’t you get it? You’re brilliant,” he said, leaning in and stroking my cheek, “You outshine everyone else, you are a sun among stars, I think you’re the most gor-“ I cut him off short. 

“Don’t say it Malfoy, just don’t say it,” I wasn’t ready for anything of this sort to happen. Especially not tonight, when I didn’t know what the hell I was feeling and I had to make amends only this morning. I couldn’t believe I was getting myself into trouble again.
“You’ve been sending me signals darling.” He said, playing with one of my curly bangs, “ever since I talked to you about being friends. Maybe you don’t know your own mind. But I sure do.” He got up and walked toward his room. “I’ll be in here if you need anything.” He called, and winked at me over his shoulder, then he disappeared behind the door. 

“Oh my god.” I said aloud, covering my eyes with my hands. What had I just let happen here? Who knew what consequences this was going to have on me, but I stood up. Result. My decision was made.
* * *
“Shit fuck damn it I hate you!” I kicked my chair and sent it flying. The one chance I get with Hermione I completely fuck it up! I kicked my bed, yelped, then sank back onto the mattress, just staring at the ceiling. I couldn’t keep it from her anymore, I thought Hermione was the most beautiful girl ever to walk this planet, I wanted to be with her, but of course, she didn’t, and probably couldn’t, want me. I was almost asleep, my head filled with dreams of a certain girl, when the door slowly creaked open.
“Malfoy?” Hermione called very, very softly. 

BUM BUM BUM BUM!!!!!! Hee hee hee. guess you'll just have to wait around for the next chapter. *grins*. you know, you would all be my heros and best friends if you would leave me a review! see that little box below? that's the one! THANK YOU!!!

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