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Harry Potter and the Secret of Lord Seilftrist by Dreadnault
Chapter 1 : Harry Potter and the Secret of Lord Seilftrist
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Harry Potter and the Secret of Lord Seilftrist


Lord Dreadnault

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter books do not belong to me! I am making no profit from this piece
of fan fiction.

Author's Note: This piece of fan fiction is in no way connected to any of my other works. It is an
entirely different story that is not related to any piece of work that I have written, so far. . . This
story also includes SPOILERS from OotP, so if you've read it, or simply don't care feel free to
read on. Also, much thanks to my beta reader, LB Domingo who always has good advice. :)

Chapter One: Valahost Hall

Harry Potter lay on his bed idly reading the Daily Prophet. It had been approximately two weeks
since he had come home from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Since the fiasco at
the Ministry, Voldemort had not committed any crimes as yet. It's only a matter of time, Harry
thought to himself sadly.

Harry sat up and turned the page to the editorial section. The letter from the editor angrily
criticized the Ministry of Magic and spoke scathingly of Cornelius Fudge, while it praised Harry
Potter and Albus Dumbledore for standing up to persecution and slander to bring the wizarding
world the truth of Voldemort. Harry laughed softly. The Prophet still did not recognize nor seem
to remember that they were the one that doled out all of the defamation against Harry and

Downstairs, Harry's aunt and uncle were having a rather loud conversation with a pair of
constables. It seemed that Dudley and his friends had gone a little to far with their 'boisterous'
pranks. They had apparently thrown a rock at a local dignitary's car.

"Dudley wouldn't hurt a thing!" Harry heard his aunt Petunia insist loudly. The constable's reply
was too quiet to be heard. Maybe he wouldn't have to spend the summer with Dudley if he got
thrown into jail. Or sent to Saint Brutus's School for Incurably Criminal Boys. Or whatever
school it was the neighbors thought he went to.

Harry stood up, crumpled up the newspaper and threw it in the trash bin. Harry turned around
towards the window as two owls flew in simultaneously. One of them was Hedwig, his own owl.
The other owl was one he had never seen before. "Finally!" Harry said to himself.

He rushed over and took the letter from Hedwig's leg as well as the letter from the other owl's
leg. As soon as he had done so, the other owl flew away. Harry opened the one that Hedwig had
brought first. It was in both Ron and Hermione's handwriting.

Dear Harry:

We're back at the Burrow for now. Dad thinks that we might

be moving to a new headquarters in a couple of weeks.

Or perhaps sooner, he says, that it 'depends.'

Hermione's parents went to an international dental conference

and she's staying with us. Right now she's driving us all

insane while she waits for her O.W.L. results.

I am not! I know perfectly well that it's another two weeks

until they arrive. I can't wait though!

Whatever. I've been asking Mum and Dad if you can come

over. They just keep saying that Dumbledore has something

else in mind for this summer.

We can't tell you anything that's happening because this

owl could be intercepted Harry. I wish we could, don't be

angry with us Harry.

Anyway, I hope the Dursleys aren't being to mean.

Love from,


and Ron

Harry smiled and wrote a quick reply that he was fine so far, and that Dudley might be sent away
if the constables downstairs had their way. He sent Hedwig on her way and turned his attention
to the other letter. Carefully, he opened it and glanced down at the signature. It was from
Professor Dumbledore! There was also a heavy golden ring enclosed. Harry took a moment to
examine it. The design contained a rearing lion, crossed wands, and a lightning bolt. The ring
was also inlaid with blue sapphires to make a border around the crest. He then turned his
attention to the letter.


Pack all of your belongings. I'm afraid that you are in some

danger this summer. Perhaps not from Voldemort directly,

but all the same, danger.

Enclosed you will find a signet ring left to you by your

grandfather. I advise you to wear it at all times. It has

been passed down through your family through many

generations. It has many uses that you will someday

know and understand.

Once you have packed, get out your wand, place the ring

on your finger, if you haven't already. Hold, sit on, or touch

your trunk and tap the ring twice with your wand, the second tap

no more than five seconds after your first tap.

Albus Dumbledore

Harry quickly put the ring on his finger. As soon as it slid into place he felt the ring warm
slightly and a shivery warm feeling passed through him After studying the ring further, and
finding nothing, Harry stood up and began to pack. He was going to leave the Dursleys long
before he had even hoped. He quickly threw in all of his books, clothes, and school supplies in a
haphazard fashion.

When he finished packing he walked towards the door to go down and tell Uncle Vernon that he
was leaving and to expect him back next year. Just then another burst of yelling and sobbing
broke out from the living room. Perhaps now was not such a good time, Harry decided.

Harry opened his trunk, grabbed a piece of parchment, quill and ink, and scribbled a short note
which he left on his bed. He put the quill and ink back. He then checked under the bed and
behind the bookshelves to make sure that he had not left anything behind.

Satisfied, Harry walked over to his trunk and sat down on top of it and placed Hedwig's cage so
that it was touching his side. He then pulled out his wand and held up his left hand where he had
put the ring and tapped it twice, precisely as Dumbledore had instructed.

A hot, yet not uncomfortable, sensation was emitted from the ring and quickly spread through
Harry's body. Harry felt a jerking sensation the instant the warm sensation covered his whole
body. Harry blinked in surprise and found himself in a large room resembling the Great Hall in

It wasn't Hogwarts though. The decorations, windows, stones, and tables were set up differently.
Instinctively, Harry glanced up. He found only a normal ceiling from which hung several
enormous chandeliers. His eyes traced the arches down to where they met the pillars on the side
of the room. At the point where pillar and arch met, as well as above the gigantic windows a
crest was carved into the stone. The same crest that was on the ring Dumbledore had just sent

"I thought you might arrive here rather quickly," came a rather amused and familiar voice from
behind Harry.

Harry stood up and turned around. Standing there was Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. "Professor," Harry said in surprise, "Is this where
you live? Where are we?"

Dumbledore chuckled. "No Harry, I do not live here."

"Where are we then?" Harry inquired as he looked around at the room.

"This is Valahost Hall, Harry," Dumbledore answered. "It's more of a castle or perhaps fortress,
but I believe that the owners wanted to give it a less severe and imposing name. It was from
here that England was once ruled Harry. Long before Buckingham Palace or the Tower of
London was built Even long before Camelot. Valahost Hall has stood here since long before
Hogwarts was built."

"Is it a school like Hogwarts?" Harry asked, awestruck.

Dumbledore smiled kindly. "No Harry, it is not a school. It is a private residence."

"Who owns it?"

"You do Harry. It's been owned by your family since it was built those great number of years
ago. When your grandparents died it passed on to your parents and then passed on to you."
Dumbledore replied in a voice thick with amusement.

Harry's mouth dropped open. "You're joking!"

Dumbledore's eye's twinkled merrily. "I am quite glad to say Harry, that I am not joking."

"Does anyone live here?" Harry asked, still in shock.

"Several house elves who look after the estate." Dumbledore replied.

Harry made a mental note not to mention that little fact to Hermione. She would insist that he
pay them and give them vacation time. Personally, Harry was more than willing to do that. It was
the house elves who would have a problem. Unless of course, they happened to be as crazy as
Dobby. "Why didn't you tell me? Why wasn't I raised here? Why are you showing it to me
now?" Harry questioned.

Professor Dumbledore sighed. "I explained to you two weeks ago about how you are safe under
your aunt's roof, as long as it is your home. I fear that Voldemort has found a way around the
ancient magic I set in place. You can be killed, indirectly by him."

"So this is my new home is it?"

"One of your new homes Harry. You own several. For now though, you will live here. It is the
safest of all your homes." Dumbledore told Harry.

"What else do I own?" Harry asked curiously.

Dumbledore smiled. "Several castles, a few townhouses in various cities, and of course your
manor Harry, which I might add is much bigger than this place of residence. When the time
comes you will be able to pick which you want to live in the most. For now you will live here."


"This is the safest. Valahost Hall is a very magical castle Harry. Perhaps even more magical than
Hogwarts itself. " Dumbledore pointed to Harry's ring and continued. "That ring which you have
inherited is magically linked to Valahost Hall. It does happen to have other magical connections
to some of your other properties. However, the magic is strongest between the ring and this
castle. The instant you put that ring on your finger it recognized you as its master. As the ring's
master you are the master of this castle. In time you will understand that connection better."

Harry nodded trying to take it all in. "Can I invite people to stay here?"

"Of course you may Harry. I have a request for you before I leave."

"What's that?" Harry said.

"The Order is looking for a new and safer headquarters. I wondered whether you would consider
allowing us to make that headquarters here. Valahost Hall is a much safer, secret, and secure
place than the old Black house."

A flood of sadness and grief arose as Harry remembered Sirius's death. "Yes, of course. But,
how is this safer?"

Dumbledore once again gestured towards Harry's ring. "None of your enemies will be able to
gain entry to this castle, let alone others unless you let them in Harry. There's also the fact that
very few remember that this castle exists."

"Does this mean the Weasleys and Hermione will be coming to stay for the summer?" Harry
asked, excited at the prospect.

Dumbledore smiled knowingly. "Of course Harry. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with
the castle before they arrive. You might also want to go out of your way to meet the house-elves.
They will be able to help you find anything you need."

"When will they arrive?"

"Remus will be coming over here later to help set up headquarters and make sure you're
comfortable Harry. He will have more exact details. Goodbye Harry, I'll see you before the term
starts. There are still a couple things I will need to talk to you about." With that Dumbledore
pulled out his wand and disappeared with a pop.

Harry turned back towards his trunk excitedly. First he would find a bedroom and then he would
explore his new home. This would be the best summer yet!

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