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Is It Normal For a Werewolf? by aej3145
Chapter 1 : Is It Normal For a Werewolf?
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Three sixteen-year olds sat under a beech tree near the lake on the Hogwarts grounds. One of them, a short boy with blonde hair, snored happily while another, a tall boy with messy black hair and glasses, looked around, bored. “Remus,” he complained to his third friend, “How long is this gonna take? I promised Lily I would meet her at four and it’s already two-thirty.”

Remus looked back at his friend from a corner of his eye, but kept reading his book. “James," he said with a sigh, "Sirius told us to meet him here so he could show us something, and we will wait for him. Besides, he told us two-thirty-five, so we’re early.” Having said that he returned his complete attention to his book. James just huffed and looked around again only to notice a large black dog trotting over. He scooted towards Remus and prodded him slightly. Remus looked up and faced the dog as well. Peter had woken up by this time and sat trembling, trying to decide whether to run or not. The dog simply came over and plunked itself down next to Remus and looked at them all.

James noticed this and began to laugh. “Must be the wolf in you, mate.” Remus shot him a glare that told him to keep it quiet. James kept laughing, but calmed down enough to continue, “Chase that thing away before Sirius gets here.”

Remus looked at the dog again, patting its head he spoke. “James, it’s not doing any harm. It actually reminds me of a puppy I once had.” He leaned over and gave the dog a quick kiss on its nose. The dog’s eyes grew large and it tried to get away as fast as possible. As James watched it go, he felt the strong urge to ask one of his friends if it really was blushing or not.

Several more minutes passed until their friend came strolling towards them. As he approached all three could see that his face was bright red and he wouldn’t look at Remus. He sat down next to James who, already pretty bored, wanted to know why he was acting strange. “Sirius, what did you drag us out here for?”

Sirius’ blush deepened until he was as red as a tomato. “Well, you kind of already saw it.” James looked at him curiously as he continued, “And petted it, and wanted to chase it away,” Remus began to catch on and his head lowered into his book, “and gave it a kiss on the nose.”

James looked at him slightly angry. “You wanted to show us your new pet?”

Sirius sighed, “Let me rephrase that by changing the ‘it’s to ‘me’s.”

All was silent for a while until Peter couldn’t stand it anymore. Leaning over, he tapped James on his shoulder. When James was within hearing distance Peter whispered, “I don’t think I have ever seen Remus turn that color of green before, is it normal for a werewolf?”

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