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Those Few Small Details by Foxlilly5
Chapter 5 : When Two Worlds Collide
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They were done; they had successfully visited every part of the school they wanted to. The three of them were silent as they walked hand in hand off of the school yards to apparate home. Glancing at each other one last time they did in a blink of an eye; and in a few minutes would arrive back what we call the future. 

[When two worlds collide]

There is a time, depending on how you look at it, that if you were to see the future and live in the present, that your two sights of the world would collide. It would be the time when the future becomes the present, an overlap in time you could say. Harry, Ron, and Hermione; on the day that became the wedding day, felt a shudder when our look into the future became their present predicament. It was at this point in time, there is no future to see before them, and all becomes the present. This becomes reality in this case...

As you already know what it to become of them in the next few hours of the stages of their lives, there is no need to review them. Harry and Ginny got successfully married, and we left off with them lying in their bedroom tent in the Weasley backyard...welcome to the past, present and future...We will now begin and resume the story of their lives. 

Ginny couldn’t remember where she was. She had only woken up less than a minute ago and hadn’t opened her eyes. Oh yes... she remembered, she was lying in bed with Harry.

“Good morning.” Harry cooed

Ginny smiled then slowly opened her eyes. The tent was bright, meaning the sun must have already risen hours ago. The smell of bacon and eggs, toast and ham, and many other delicious food items she supposed her mother had cooked up, now wafted into the tent making her mouth water. She didn’t need to say anything, what they didn’t say meant more than anything.

Harry folded back the covers and kissed Ginny’s stomach. She smiled; she secretly wished that she could have a baby, now that it was acceptable, after all; they were married. Then there was Harry; ever since they got married he had twinkles in his now, big puppy dog eyes. He looked so excited and sweet, something she had never quite see break across his face ever since he had come into the Weasley house for the first time.

Ginny cleared her throat, wrapped her arms around his neck and allowed him to carry her out to the door of the tent. He placed her down gently, she stretched then they looked into each others eyes, smiled, and walked hand in hand to the house.

When they walked through the doors they were greeted by the family; all of them still in a happy daze.

“Well good morning!” called out Mrs. Weasley cheerfully

“‘Morning” they replied

They took their seats beside each other at the table. Harry began hungrily shoving food onto his plate and practically swallowed an egg whole. Hermione glanced at Ginny from across the table with a knowing look; Ginny blushed. 

“So.” Said Hermione to Ginny once they had a second alone

Ginny didn’t look Hermione in the eye. She didn’t know why she felt so awkward or embarrassing...and so...guilty. They were married for heaven sakes!

“So?” said Ginny trying to act confused, as if she didn’t know what Hermione was going on about “So what?”

Hermione gave her a ‘look’ and proceeded “ and Harry have er- consummated the married then?”

Ginny this time could not hold back the blush and just nodded her head with a quick jerk. Hermione smiled in spite of herself, she didn’t know why Ginny was being so embarrassed and ashamed of it. Before the marriage she would have rushed over to tell Hermione the first thing...does marriage really change a person this much?

Finally Ginny broke “Yeah...” she sighed with a smile on her face “Oh, Hermione I wasn’t going to tell you because I was afraid you would tell Ron, then Ron would tell mom and dad and –”

“Ginny, do you honestly think they don’t suspect it?” Hermione rolled her eyes “It was a big joke for the family last night, when you guys slipped off to your tent ‘early’ everyone is just part of marriage, you mom was happy saying stuff like she was glad it was Harry and all...”

Ginny’s mouth dropped. She had thought her moment with Harry was secret, private even. Nobody was supposed to have guessed, nobody was supposed to have known at all. Ginny found herself feeling mad at Hermione for reasons unknown and she just wanted to be alone. She picked up the last bit of mess that she was cleaning from the wedding outside and with a quick “Goodbye” she left Hermione and rushed into the tent. 

When she arrived back inside the tent she flopped down on the bed and dissolved into tears. She wasn’t so much as mad but mostly mortally embarrassed. Her DAD knew, her MOM knew; it seemed like no secrets could be kept!


Ginny heard someone enter the tent but she didn’t even care who it was. The next thing she felt was someone stroking her hair.

“Ginny what’s the matter?”

Ginny looked up to see Harry looking at her with complete concern in his eyes. Then he looked into her eyes, and for some unknown reason he nodded with a shy smile on his face; it was almost as if he knew exactly what she was upset about all of a sudden but didn’t seem to see eye-to-eye with her emotions about it.

“Ginny I...”

Ginny felt her eyebrows knit and she felt a little annoyed for some reason.

“You what Harry? You don’t think that is completely and utterly mortifying that my parents know we’ve done it?” she blurted out in anger

Harry shrugged “No...Not really, everyone does it their wedding night, everyone knows that, the parents don’t care anymore and if they did they wouldn’t have joked around about it. Your parents are more proud of you that you’re a woman now than anything, believe me Ginny; they understand.”

Ginny nodded, Harry had said it very cautiously as if he was afraid she would get mad at him. She wasn’t mad at him, or anyone for that matter, she was just frustrated and humiliated and wanted someone to agree. But the more she calmed down the more she was able to see it is all just apart of the way of life, and as you mature you come to see it as not a ‘bad’ thing, but something beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of.

Harry reached over and hugged her, rocking her in his arms.

“Maybe you weren’t ready Gin...” he said sweetly “We can wait until you are ready, to do it again if you’d like.”

He sounded slightly disappointed, after all, he had a lot of fun last night and he loved Ginny with his whole heart; he couldn’t see anything wrong with it, only beauty.

“No, I’m fine Harry honestly; I do love you after all!”

Harry nodded, they were married, he wasn’t so afraid of the future and what it would bring anymore. Yesterday he had been so nervous, and talk about the day before! He could even remember a moment when he questioned ever wanting to get married. Now here he is...blissfully happy. Ginny’s breath was deepening, she was sleeping, but Harry didn’t mind, he could sit here and let her sleep in his arms all day...because after all; that’s what good husbands are for! 

However out of the shadows, under the trees, sat Hermione; alone in thought. Fiddling with something in her pocket, she stroked it, and then finally, with much careful concealing; she took it out of her pocket.

Entangled in her fingers was a chain, and on the palm of her hand was a time turner. Meanwhile a war raged in her mind.

I shouldn’t should I? I don’t love him; he is my friend and nothing more. Mind you...I remember on that day when we first became friends, I was shy around Ron, and although I did like him there was a brief period when the only person I could think about was Harry. I wish I could go back to Hogwarts for just one day, I could make some changes and then when I turn the turner forward to this day, everything will go back to normal... 

However this time turner was different, she had stolen it (or as she preferred to say; taken or borrowed) from the Ministry of Magic in her 5th year. She had never told anyone, when Neville had been rammed into a cabinet during the fight with the death eaters in the department of Mysteries she had swiped it, and the files and instructions next to it. She was lucky when the Ministry failed to realize it was missing. After much research and reading she had come to realize its true powers.
Apparently you could go back in time, but this time you went as a double soul into your old body form, so you were still there in the past, but as a different soul, and you could still change the past, though the mechanics of it she did not quite understand. Basically she had clued in that you could go back inside your body from when you were a certain age, and nobody would see a difference, not even your old self, and they couldn’t see your future memories, only your thoughts in which they think is their thoughts....

Hermione preferred not to think about it to much, it made her go cross eyed and her brain ached after so instead she settled on the thought that she would do this matter what.

To anyone who would have been looking, they could have seen a very troubled Hermione in an internal debate, and then she vanished. 

Hermione arrived after a few seconds back at Hogwarts, she was younger, she could tell because her hair was slightly bushier and less tame, she was wearing her Hogwarts robes, and the school was buzzing with the murmur of students talking. Harry was at her right; Ron at her left.

Adjusting to the time, she strained to remember what day this would have been, but settled for the fact it must have been in her third year some time, though of the exact date she wasn’t sure.

“Harry, could I speak to you a moment please?” she asked noticing her slightly squeakier and less mature voice “It’s kind of private.” She added to Ron

Ron looked disappointed at first but shrugged it off and went into the Great Hall for breakfast on his own. Hermione smiled as she noticed he wasn’t very tall at this point in his life, compared to what she knew he would turn out to be in the future.

“Yeah Hermione, what is it?” asked Harry nervously

“I need to talk to you about in there?”

“The broom cupboard?” he asked confused

“No Harry” she sighed “Behind that that old room Fred and George found?”

Harry looked confused and it was only after a minute that Hermione realized Fred and George didn’t discover the room until early on in their fourth year. Shrugging it off she pulled Harry behind it, glancing around to make sure nobody noticed.

“Hermione, what is going on?” Harry demanded

Hermione thought it was better not to answer him; instead she lunged in closely and kissed him feverishly on the lips. Harry; who had never been kissed before, had his knees buckle beneath him and Hermione felt so in control it made her flourish with desire.

Finally after at least two minutes (ones in which Harry actually became a very good kisser) Hermione pulled away, breathing heavier slightly she searched his face for any sign of...of anything! But to her disappointment Harry stood there with an expressionless face.

“’Mione” he gurgled

Hermione raised one of her eyebrows slightly, and then with a thump Harry crashed to the ground. Hermione rolled her eyes then slapped Harry twice on the face. With a jolt he sprung up to his feet. He seemed to come back to his senses.


“Harry be quite do you want everyone in the school to hear you!?” she whispered hoarsely

Harry’s mouth gapped for a minute or so until he finally decided on shutting it. This was not as she had planned. She had planned for a more mature Harry, but...was it possible? Could she go to a future time, even when Harry was preoccupied with Cho and she with Ron? She decided she did dare to do it, and with that she shoved Harry out from behind the tapestry, quickly turned the time-turner and was off.

She wasn’t nervous, she decided when she felt herself became one with her 5th year self. After she had pushed Harry behind the tapestry she would have left her old body behind into its normal self, only implanting the memory and her past, younger, self would have dealt with the issue quickly. She was smart, and she was sure her old self would have come up with some reason why she had kissed Harry and settled with some kind of explanation.

However now, it was early on in the year, but my had Harry matured! It was hard to notice when you were one of the people maturing yourself but she did notice it now! Smiling to herself she walked up to him.

“Hey Harry” she called out

Harry turned around “Hey” he responded

Good, this means my actions in the past haven’t affected our friendship in the blew over just as I thought it would. She walked with Harry all the way to the Gryffindor common room where they talked all about stuff; it brought back lots of memories to Hermione, ones she had long forgotten as she had grown up. But, this wasn’t part of the plan...she was supposed to be making her move on Harry.

“Where’s Ron?” she asked first before doing anything rash

“Quidditch.” Harry mumbled

Then it came back to her, Harry wasn’t allowed to play Quidditch because of Umbridge, so now Ron was still on the team and there had been a bit of tension between them.

“Perfect.” Said Hermione

Harry looked at her quizzically. But she didn’t wait, “Harry let’s go to your room.”

Harry’s face went a weird color and he gave her a weird look. Hermione was dead nervous but this was her chance. She ran halfway up the stairs before calling out “You coming?”

Then she waited.

Authors note: Hey guys, I was just wondering what you thought of the chapter? I put some MAJOR twists in here, hoping to spice some things up a bit. Don’t worry I won’t go too crazy...unless you want me to! PLEASE REVIEW! Thanks! 

Edit:  Hello again, I just wanted to say I wrote this story (my first one) completley, before, and then I took a break. Since then I have created mutliple other stories and am only beginning to finish posting this one. I; now, as a more experienced writer, realize this is definitly NOT my best work but I am posting it anyways because it shows how much I have grown as a writer- and it isn't terrible. Thanks for reading!

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