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Lost Love: The Severus Snape Story by SamsTears
Chapter 1 : Lost Love
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Snape’s Story.

In the cold and musky dungeon, Snape could be found grading essays from his second year potions class. He couldn’t concentrate on anything that was in front of him. All he could think about was her, and her bright eyes, the glow of the candlelight reminded him of them. The way the two met in this very same classroom all those years ago,. And how everyday, this room served as a reminder of her presence. He stared blankly into the cauldron fire in front of him, thinking of her….

He was in his fourth year, when they met. Katherine Maple was her name. She sat four rows in front of him in Potions. He knew of her, she was a slytherin in the same year as he was. She had long black hair that flowed down her back, long and silky. She was very pale, but she was the most caring person he knew. She had light blue eyes that seemed to gain the attention of lot of people in passing they were mesmerizing.

Severus wasn’t about to admit that he had a crush on the girl, but he decided to become friends with her. They were nearly inseparable for years. She was there for him, when he would taunt James Potter and his gang, and then, when he got what he asked for from the mauders, she was there also. He had no idea why she stuck next to him through all of those things.

Sitting in the common room on a cold winter night, Katherine smiled at a studying Severus, which always seemed to have his nose in a book at all, times. “Severus?” she said in her little slightly raspy voice.

“Yes?” he replied not taking his eyes from his book.

“Why do you like picking trouble with Potter and his gang?” She looked at him.

He looked up at her, and shrugged, “I just think that they’re arrogant” she nodded, and never brought it up from that day on.

Over the next few years, the two became closer than they ever imagined. Severus seemed to be the only person that Ms. Katherine would run to if she ever needed to talk. Severus liked the way things were, because other than her, he had no friends. She was the only thing he had. Early one morning he was sitting at the great hall, thinking about one day asking her out finally for the first time in three years. Being there seventh final year, he decided that he needed to pluck up the courage to let her know for once exactly how he felt. That’s when he felt her tap on his shoulder.

“Severus?” she looked deeply trouble about something.

“Yes Katherine?” He replied, looking at the woman she had become, he couldn’t help but to smile. But he didn’t know that Katherine had just been asked about by the big shot in Slytherin house, Adam Flint. She started to ask his opinion.

“Severus, well I respect your opinion more than anyone else’s. I was hoping for some advice?” she was looking nervous.

“Okay Katherine, tell what the dilemma is.” he replied. She took a deep breath and explained how Adam romantically asked her to be his girlfriend, with and elaborate walk, and flowers. After she was done telling him the story she couldn’t help but want him to tell her, ‘no, you can’t be with Adam, because you belong to me’ she was screaming that out in her head over and over again, hoping those words would flow from his mouth.

“You should defiantly do it” he said.

Watching her walk away was the worst thing he ever had to endure. He was screaming from the pit of his stomach to chase her, to tell her, how he felt, and that he wanted her; he wanted every inch of her. They were meant to be together. But he just sat there and did nothing. He sat there and felt sorry for himself.

The months past, and his decision he made with Katherine were seemingly for the best. Every time he would see her, she was with Adam with a huge smile on her face, laughing and carrying on. He had hardly spoken to her since that day. But he was willing to sacrifice their friendship, just as long as she was happy. Even though it killed him to look at her with another guy.

On the other hand, Katherine was far from being happy with her boyfriend. She was always put second to his friends, and much of the time, she was used as somewhat of a trophy. Every time she would see Severus she would act happy and laugh and carry on, just to make him jealous. Even if he didn’t like her love she wanted him to, she still wanted him to think that she was happy.

Soon Graduation had come and gone, the two lost contact after that. A couple of years down the road, there paths crossed.

Standing in a circle wearing a mask and a cloak, listening to The Dark Lord give orders on the battle that they were fixing to take on. As they retreated from the circle about to leave for their mission, he heard her voice; he turned around searching for the source. He came up to the figure that was also cloaked and masked.

“Katherine?” he asked hoping that it wasn’t her on the on the other side of that mask.

“Severus?” she replied with a touch of fear in her voice. Severus’s heart dropped. How did she end up here? She was supposed to be safe, happily married to Adam, having babies.

“What are you doing here?” he asked urgently in fear of getting caught. She grabbed him and pulled him behind a wall pulling off her masking revealing scars and a black eye.

Once he laid his eyes on her, his heart shattered in a million pieces. It was her, but she look old. She looked like she had taken a beating everyday for the past year.

“Listen Severus, leave here, before you regret it. Terrible things will happen to you, please just go and never look back.” She said her once bright blue eyes, were dull and wet with tears.

“I can’t leave especially now, I won’t go without you.” He said pleadingly.

“Its to late for me” she said so lightly that her voice wavered.

He looked at her and brought his hand up to her face, and as he softly touched her black eye and she winced in pain. “What has happen to you?” he demanded.

She just shook her head slowly. “Did Adam do this to you?” she nodded. Just then everyone began to apparate to there destinations.

“Run Severus just go and never look back” before he could say another word she was gone.

He stood there for a moment, and thought about running, she had never steered him wrong before, but the thought of her once lovely face, being a canvas full of scars and bruises angered him, and with that he went for her, to save her.

Upon his arrival, he saw everyone throwing curses at one another. Soon he spotted her having a one on one battle with James Potter himself. It was like he was watching it all in slow motion. She would dodge the curses left and right, but a stunning charm caught her right in the chest, sending her to the ground, as she fell to the ground she his her head on a rock killing her instantly.

“No!” he screamed running to her. He took off her mask and choked back his tears as a drop of blood escaped from the corner of her mouth. “Wake up Katherine, wake up.” He shook her hard. No he thought, not her. He laid his head on her chest, and sat with her until the battle was over, and he had to leave her.

Right before he left, he spoke to her “Katherine, from the day I met you, I fell in love with you. The way you talked so elegantly and the way you never put anyone down. The way you always had something to say to cheer me up. The way you never judged me, for the mistakes I made. The only regret I have was not telling you how I felt when I had the chance. Then maybe you wouldn’t have had to gone through what you did. All this was because of me. You suffered because of me.” With that, he took one last look at his first and only love.

Coming out of his daydream, he looked around seeing his fifth year student walking to his classroom. He saw Harry, and as much it pained him, he gather all the emotional strength he had left, and began to lecture the class. Always with Katherine in the back of his head, their childhood laughter filled his head.

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