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Harry Missed You: III by xLaurx
Chapter 11 : Babysitting Terrors
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Ginny was playing quietly with Kassy on the floor of the living room floor at Bill and Fleur's flat. It was a Friday night, a few days after the funeral, and she had promised she would baby-sit. Kassy was currently blowing raspberries and giggling loudly as she lay on the floor.

"I wish I could be as happy as you are right now," Ginny said to Kassy sadly. Her lips upturned into a mournful smile at her niece, who cooed delightfully, and reached up, grabbing a fistful of Ginny's hair, and trying to bring it back down to her mouth.

"No, no, no," Ginny said gently, prying her hair out of the baby's grasp. She picked up Kassy, and stood up, and went over to her crib. Kassy normally slept in a separate room because she was not a newborn any longer, but because of the past events, Fleur kept Kassy as close to her as possible.

Ginny placed the baby into the crib, where she sat down, obviously not interested in going to sleep right away. Ginny watched her shuffle around for a bit, and she hummed a tune for a while hoping she could get Kassy to settle down. The humming did the trick, and it wasn't long before Kassy was letting out even breaths of air, and Ginny smiled. She leaned over and kissed the small bit of strawberry-blonde hair Kassy had, and whispered, "goodnight."

Ginny yawned, and realized she was rather tired herself, and she laid down on the couch in the living room. Her eyes were drooping and within a minute, Ginny herself was asleep.



The sound of breaking glass and what seemed like a small explosion woke Ginny up immediately. She sat up groggily, and rubbed her eyes. Ginny frantically reached for her wand as she heard unfamiliar voices.

"Where is she? He said that the girl would be here!" Snapped an angry voice.

"She's b-babysitting ..." another voice trembled.

"Shut up, Wormtail! It's bad enough I'm working for my cousin, but when he makes me work with you!" Ginny could almost hear the man cringe and she heard him scoff, "Half-Blood Prince ... such rubbish."

Ginny held her breath as she heard the pair begin to climb the stairs.

I need a place to hide! I need help! She thought desperatley, and she did the only thing she could think of doing. She ran into Bill and Fleur's room, grabbed Kassy who was beginning to whimper in her crib from the crash earlier, and ducked under the bed.

"Come here Weasley girl ... we don't bite ..." the first man mocked in a singsong voice. Kassy uttered a small noise, and Ginny heard the footsteps stop. Holding her breath for a second time, she closed her eyes, crossed her fingers, and prayed the two men wouldn't find her. She heard a rustling sound, and when she opened her eyes, she was face to face with a man.

Ginny began to shriek, but a rough hand grasped her face tightly. Ginny clung to Kassy tightly as the person dragged them out from under the bed, wand in his hand, and he jabbed it hard into Ginny's back, causing Ginny to drop her own wand, and the other man waddled over and picked it up. Ginny recognized him at once as Peter Pettigrew.

"Heheh ..." the man who had his hand clamped on Ginny's mouth. "This was too easy, Red."

Ginny bit down on his hand hard. The man yelped in pain, and took his mouth away, though he held his wand strong in his arm, ready to throw any hex at her.

"Who are you?" she demanded, quickly, hugging Kassy close to her. The baby was crying softly, although at this time, Ginny almost wished she was screaming because someone might be able to hear them.

"Castor ... there's nothing else you need to know about me." The man said, and Ginny nodded vigorously. "Now let's go. I have someone who wants to meet you."


"Where is she?!" Harry demanded, wand out, breathing heavily and pacing back and forth.

"For the last time, we don't know!" Ron exclaimed, exasperated.

"Well you should! Isn't their any news from the Aurors?"

"No," Hermione squeaked, tears brimming in her eyes. "Oh, we never should have let her take care of Kassy by herself with all this going on!"

Harry swore loudly.

“Look, Harry, we’ll find her, okay? She and Kassy. Dad’s at the Ministry right now telling the Minister and any Aurors he can find.” Fred said, although his face was pallid and he did not look to sure of himself.

“Yeah, Harry, everything will be fine,” George agreed, mustering up a weak smile.

“The Death Eaters took her, I know it!” Ron said loudly.

“Ron, I think that the Dark Mark above the house may have been a clue that it was them,” Harry snapped, continuing to pace. “If Ginny’s dead, I’ll never forgive myself.”

“Harry, don’t blame yourself!” Hermione begged. “None of us knew this would happen!” A tear slid down her face and Ron caught it with his thumb. He wrapped Hermione in a hug, and Harry turned away, only to watch Fleur and Bill cuddling on the couch, both very pale, and poignant looking.

Everyone ran out of the living room when they heard the door open. Mr. Weasley dragged himself into the house, and gave everyone a mournful look.

“No sign of them,” he whispered hoarsely .


“Calm down!” Bill said slowly, “Besides, Kassy’s missing to you know!” Fleur burst into tears.

“Listen, Harry, please! We’ll find her,” Hermione said gently, grasping his arm.

“Don’t touch me!” He exclaimed harshly, alarming everyone, and Hermione recoiled as if Harry’s arm was on fire. Breathing heavily, Harry stormed up the stairs, into Ron’s room and from the bottom of the stairs, everyone heard a loud slam! of the door.


“For the last time, Weasel, where is he?” Castor screamed at Ginny. She was in a small, dark and damp room. The only light came from a small window where sun poured through it. Her wrists and ankles were bound and her wand was in Castor’s pocket.

“I don’t know!” Ginny lied, tears running down her dirt-streaked face. She felt confused; she’d been knocked out and Bill and Fleur’s and everything before seemed slightly fuzzy. She didn’t even know where they were.

“The Half-Blood Prince is in the other room, just now, Weasel … if you won’t talk, he will not hesitate to use the Cruciatus Curse –“

“I don’t care!”

“- On that brat Kathy, or whatever her name is!” Ginny gasped. “Will you talk now?” Castor spat at her.

Harry help!

“Come on, Weasel … all you have to tell us is where Potter is.”

Harry, please!

Ginny closed her eyes, thinking of something to say.

“He’s in Scotland!” She blurted out lamely. “At – at Hogwarts!”

“What the hell is he doing there?” Castor demanded, pointing his wand at Ginny’s throat like a knife.

“T-Teaching,” Ginny made-up. “He’s the … the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.”

“He’s 18,” Castor said bitterly. “The Ministry would never let him –“

“Dumbledore wanted him too.” Ginny said dully, hoping Castor would believe her.

“Dumbledore’s dead, you foolish girl!”

"H-hi-his ... portrait -" Ginny stammered lamely.

"Although you may be a silly little girl, I am not stupid at all," Castor snarled at Ginny. "Wait here!" he commanded, and he backed out of the room slowly, slamming the door behind him.

"As if I had a choice to go anywhere else," Ginny muttered under her breath. She squirmed beneath the ropes that bound her and then she winced as they cut into her wrists. There was obviously no hope of getting out of here without her wand.

The door suddenly burst open, and Castor stood in the doorway.

"Over here," he demanded.

"I would, if I could walk!" Ginny shot back at him, scowling deeply, and looking at her ankles which had been rubbed completely raw now and near the point of bleeding. Castor grunted, and went over to Ginny, grabbing her by the collar of her shirt, and nearly dragged her across the room, his boots echoing across the wooden floor.

"Don't touch me!" Ginny gasped, when he finally released her in another room, similar to the other one. Dark, damp and musty.

"Oh, and what are you going to do about it Weasel?" Castor sneered at her.

"Now, now, Castor," said a cool voice, and Ginny gasped again as she recognized it. From the shadows emerged a greasy, black-haired man with an all-too-familiar hook-shaped nose ...


If you ever want to see your dear, sweet Ginevra again, you will come to the Shrieking Shack at half-eight sharp tonight. Come alone. Bring no one, or the girl will die.

This was the message Harry had just received from Hedwig just seconds ago. He panicked, and stuffed the note into his pocket then looked at the clock on the wall. It read 8 o'clock. Harry re-read the letter a couple of times, desperately searching the handwriting for some sort of clue that he would recognize as to who wrote it.

At eight-fifteen Harry went downstairs, with his invisibility cloak, where all the Weasleys and Hermione were. Fleur was still quietly sobbing into Bill's shoulder. Fred and George were playing chess (however Harry knew they weren't paying attention to the game because George ordered his knight to move all the way across the board in one move). Mr. Weasley was absent mindedly tapping his fingers against the table in the kitchen, where he sat with a cold cup of tea in his hand. Hermione and Ron had snuggled together on the love seat and Ron was stroking Hermione's bushy hair gently.

Harry cleared his throat, "Uh ... I'm going out for a bit," he said. "Need ... need to get some fresh air," he mumbled, and nobody seemed to care as he left the house into the damp September air. With a loud 'pop' Harry disapparated from the Burrow.


"Snape," Ginny said coolly at the tall man. "Why am I not surprised that you're involved in this devious plan?"

"Because, Weasley," Severus Snape sneered, "I happened to have thought up of this ... 'devious plan'. I see you've already met my dear cousin ... Castor?"

Ginny snorted, "You're cousin?"

"Yes my cousin," Snape snapped. "My uncle’s son."

"Enough with the biography, and kill her, Severus!" Castor snarled.

"Oh, no! Not without Potter here to watch," Snape laughed darkly.

"Y-you're luring him here, a-aren't you?" Ginny stammered fearfully, crossing her fingers.

"Do you honestly think I brought you here for any other reason, Weasley?" Hissed Snape, and Ginny lowered her gaze to the floor. This was her fault. Every single bit of it. She should have known that something like this would happen if she was alone. And now they were going to kill her, and Harry. She knew it.


Author’s Note: Aha! I’m finally done!! Of course, I’m sick too, which sucks. x_x Anywho, I hope you liked this chapter and are excited to see the next, which I shall work on now … see ya! Please R&R!


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