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Wild Hearts by blondie_sarah14
Chapter 25 : Living in fear
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Chapter 25 – Living in fear

 The next few weeks of classes was lived in fear by Draco and Hermione. They had enemies everywhere they turned. The only solitude the pair ever had was in the privacy of their own dorm. Draco was becoming more and more protective of Hermione as the weeks went on. Every opportunity he wasn’t there, someone would try to start on her. Luckily, Hermione being the smart witch she was knew quite a few self-defence charms that Harry had taught her in the DA. She wasn’t completely useless, but she did start to find herself getting more tired, probably a side affect of the pregnancy she thought. Hermione couldn’t be more thankful that no one knew about her being pregnant. Life was difficult enough at Hogwarts for her at the moment. Even though she was going to have a baby, she still wanted to get top grades to eventually become an auror, but the teasing in classes was starting to effect her concentration.

One morning Hermione was sitting at the Gryffindor table having breakfast with only Ginny to keep her company. She was eating a large helping of scrambled eggs and bacon when someone sat down on her other free side. She was so shocked to have another person sit with her, but when she turned around she saw Draco grinning at her.

“Hello princess” he cooed.

“Hey babe….what are you doing over here?” she asked as she gave him a kiss, followed by whispers up the other end of the Gryffindor table.

 Draco glared at them, “I’ve decided to start eating at the Gryffindor table. Stuff this individual houses crap. The teachers are always going on about inter house mingling, so they shouldn’t complain that I’m here, as long as Weasel over there doesn’t decide to try anything stupid”, Draco gestured towards a very bright red faced Ron.

 Hermione smiled slightly. “You sure this is ok? What about Blaise?”

 “Nah…he understands……we’ll still catch up in classes and in the corridors.”

 “Well…ok. This would be lovely.” Hermione said.

 “Ginny leaned across Hermione and held out a hand to Draco, “Welcome to the Gryffindor table Draco! I’ll do my best to make sure you enjoy your meals here….don’t worry about Ron, I can sort him out if I have too….”

 Draco couldn’t help but laugh. Ginny may be small and petite, but she had the balls of a bull, so to speak. “Cheers Ginny. I appreciate it. Now do you mind if I steal Hermione away for a little while?”

 “Not at all…..knock your socks off…” Ginny said with the wave of a hand.

 “Come on Hermione, I’ve got something for you….” Draco said as he out-stretched his hand and helped her up. He then put his arm around her and they walked out of the Great Hall together.


~*~~*~ Down the other end of the table~*~*~*~


“Did you see that! That slimy ferret boy! Hands all over her! And Hermione, with Malfoy of all people. I still can’t get over it.” Ron spat.

 “I know Ron. But haven’t you noticed that Malfoy is actually being nice to her?” Harry stated.

 “SO?” Ron exasperated, “It’s Malfoy we’re talking about her Harry! The guy who has done nothing but try to ruin yours, mine, and Hermione’s life for the last six years. Remember?”

 “Yeah….” Sighed Harry. He looked over towards the happy couple as they left the hall and Harry could help but wonder ‘Does Draco Malfoy actually love Hermione?’


~*~*~* Back at the Head’s Common Room~*~*~*~*

Draco and Hermione walked into the common room were a roaring welcoming fire was waiting for them. Winter had come quickly this year and the snow and icy winds made the castle extremely cold.

“So what did you want to show me?” Hermione asked as she sat down on the sofa in front of the fire, rubbing her hands together.

“Hang on,” Draco said, as he went off to his bedroom. A few minutes later he was running down the stairs with something small clutched in his hand. He sat down on the sofa next to Hermione and opened his hand to show her. There was two galleons sitting on his palm.

“Umm….I’m right for money at the moment Draco…but thanks…” Hermione started awkwardly.

Draco laughed. “No silly! I though you were supposed to be the smartest witch in our year? Look more closely….” He said with a smile.

Hermione leaned closer and saw writing where the serial numbers should have been. It said, “I love you Hermione” on it. She smiled, and then the coin glowed and the words changed again. This time it said “Pretty cool hey?”

Hermione looked up at Draco with a smiled, “Did you figure out how I did the DA coins in 5th year?”

“Yep!” Draco said proudly. “But these coins are different. They say exactly what you are thinking. So if you needed my help and I’m not around, you just have to touch the coin and think something and mine will tell me where to find you…and if your are having really panicky thoughts, the coin glows red. To symbolise an emergency. This way, I thought we could always stay in contact with each other and watch each others backs, especially with all the crap going on in corridors these days. What do you think?”

“I think you are the smartest Wizard in the year and that I love you so much and this is a great idea!” she said with a big smile. She took her coin and kissed him. Just then Draco felt his coin go hot and looked down to see the words “Wanna skip class sexy?” Draco smirked.

“You need to ask?” he said to a mischievous looking Hermione. He placed his hand behind her head and drew her in for a hot, passionate kiss.

Both now feeling safe, they spent the next couple of hours proving their passionate love for each other in many different ways.

 ~*~*~*~ Author’s Note ~*~*~

So… assignment is finished and now I can write again! *Yay* Says everyone! I just want to thank all my wonderful readers. I can’t believe how much you are all getting into my story. You guys mean so much to me. You should all know that you brighten up my day by causing me to smile and laugh at all your reviews. Thanks a lot guys! Love you all heaps!!!! 

Luv, blondie_sarah14


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