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Cravings by dracolover4ever
Chapter 5 : A Game of Truth
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A Game Of Truth
Hermione pulled away from the man and almost ran away back to Ginny. She pulled her out the door quicker than possible. They had run down all of Diagon Alley before Hermione slowed down to tell Ginny what had happened.

"Ginny, that man! I kissed him. It was a better kiss then I've given Ronald in months. It was so full of emotions. It was like he was thinking I was someone and I was imaging he was someone else. It was like a dream Ginny!"

"So you cheated on my brother. You do realize that the reason George is being shunned is because my mum hates cheaters and she thinks George is who Fred's girl was with."

"Ginny it wasn't cheating it was just a New Years kiss. I would like it if you wouldn't tell anyone though." Hermione said begging her with her eyes.

"I won't tell but you should. I won't stay secret for ever, you know stuff this important gets out somehow." Ginny and Hermione went through the leaky cauldron and headed back to their own separate homes.

"Ginny what's wrong?" Harry asked her

"Harry it's nothing just something I've got on my mind. Good night sweetheart!"

Back at Hermione's flat she was sitting on the couch unable to sleep. She took a look at her heart tattoo. It read:?. Did that mean that she didn't like anyone or she had fallen in love with that secret man. She knew she wouldn't forget him; his mask was stuck in her mind.

George walked into their flat and sat by Hermione. Her head fell onto his shoulder and they sat in silence. They were comforted by the fact that they didn't have to say anything. They could just sit there and they would know each other's problems and how to fix them. They only had to sit there.

"Gosh Hermione I never took you for the one to have a really huge problem." George said.

"I don't have a problem George. Goodnight." She gave him a hug and left for her bedroom.

George sat there on the couch stunned by the fact that she wouldn't talk to him. She had told him things that could hurt her so bad if they got out, yet this problem she wouldn't talk about.

George fixed himself a snack, he was a Weasley his stomach was a bottomless pit. He ate his snack and cleaned up a bit, like he usually did when there was something bothering him. By three a.m. he had cleaned the whole flat. Then he traveled back to his room and fell on the bed. He didn't even change he just slept.

Hermione was scarred to go out of her room. She had been upset last night, and had taken it out on George. She was half way scarred he had left. She went out after ten minutes of pacing in front of her door.

"George are you out here?"

"In the kitchen." George replied without his usual morning happiness.

Hermione ran into the kitchen. She wrapped her arms around him and cried on his shoulder. She hugged him even tighter with each passing moment. She wouldn't let go. The food burned and the fire detector went off but neither of them moved they just stood there.

"George," Hermione said turning off the fire detector. "I should have told you my problem… it's just that I can't let anyone else find out. I don't want your family to hate me." Hermione started to cry again.

George walked over to her putting his arm around her. He held her again, but this time he picked her and took her to her bedroom. He laid her on the bed and went to the phone. He called her work and told them she was very sick that she would be taking the day off.

"Hermione it's okay. You don't have to go anywhere. If you want we can ask Ginny and Ron to come over we can all hang out. I'll talk to Fred if you want just please stop crying." He pleaded with her.

"Just invite Ginny and Ronald over." Hermione chocked out.

George went to the fire and got Ginny to come over, it took more effort to get Ron to come but he agreed. They both arrived at the same time.

"Come one this way. She won't leave her room." George led them to her bedroom and they all sat on the bed. "I'll go make some lunch."

George went and cooked some grilled cheese. His mum had always made this when he was upset and he hoped it would make Hermione feel better. He brought a silver tray to the bedroom. He handed everyone two grilled cheeses and they ate in almost a complete silence.

"So why don't we play a game. Hermione you always liked truth or dare." Ron suggested. Hermione nodded.

"Alright, Ron. Truth or dare?" Ginny asked.

"Dare." Ron said with a smile.

"Okay, I dare you to lick the carpet." Ginny said off the top of her mind.

Ron bent down and licked the carpet. He turned to George and asked him "Truth or dare?"


"Did you really steal Fred's girl?"

"I didn't even know her." George said staring Ron in the eye.

"Hermione Truth or dare?" George asked

"Truth." Hermione said with a heavy heart.

"Have you ever cheated, and on who?"

Hermione's eyes got big she looked at Ginny who looked away. "Yes. Ronald I'm so sorry. It was just a New Years kiss though. It just got a little out of hand. Nothing really happened though. I just kissed every man on the floor and one became a little more than a peck."

"Well what should I expect you are hanging out with George best known for stealing his brother's girl."

"Ron I already told you I didn't do that!"

"Hermione, we're not over but I think I need to go now. I'll see you later, but not very soon okay." Ron walked out the door.

"Ronald…" Hermione said in barely a whisper.

"Hermione I'm glad you told him the truth, you'll be glad you did one day." Ginny followed Ron and left Hermione there.

Even George couldn't look at Hermione. She didn't know what she said to make him mad at her but obviously she did. She walked over to him and he turned away muttering something and going to his room.

"Does everyone hate me, this week? Can I not do anything right? I didn't mean to!"

Hermione broke into another crying session, but this time there was no one to hold her.

A.N. I only own the plot the rest is J.K.'s!

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