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A Web Of Lies, Love and Confusion by HurtfulEyes
Chapter 11 : A Battle
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Finially another chapter =]

Hermione couldn’t hear a thing as she walked through her house, she walked to the stair case and started walking downstairs. There was an eerie silence over the house and Hermione could feel shivers going down her spine as she walked into the living room, she saw something on the floor. When she got closer she realized that there was three things on the floor and they were all bodies. As she got nearer she could see who the people were. Alli was on the floor spread-eagle with her leg intertwined with Toms her eye’s were staring blankly at the ceiling, the weird thing was that her eye’s were lilac... Tom was near her with blood coming out of his forehead and his lip as though he tried to fight off whatever killed his sister his eye’s were also open and his were red. The last person was Nate, who was the closest to the front door, He had a baseball bat in his hands and he looked like he was trying to protect Alli and Tom. As Hermione was looking at the dead bodies of the people she loved, she heard a rustling behind her. She slowly turned around to see piercing blue eyes and blond hair.

"You're next." Lucius Malfoy said before he stabbed Hermione in the stomach.

Hermione's heart was racing as she woke up the next morning. As she looked around the room she noticed that Nate was no longer in the bed with her. She slowly swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat there for a few minutes, trying to calm her nerves, after a few deep breathes she walked into the bathroom and took a long shower.

As Hermione walked downstairs she could hear the TV on. She walked into the living room she saw Alli and Tom sitting on the couch.

“Hey guys” Hermione said tentatively.

“Hey.” Tom said, not looking at her.

“Do you guys know where Nate is?” Hermione asked.

“He said something about work or something.” Tom said.

“…ok. Well do you guys want anything to eat?” Hermione asked.

“Can you get me a bottle of water?” Alli asked, looking over her shoulder.

“Sure.” Hermione said as the doorbell rang, “and can somebody get that?”

“Yup” Hermione heard Alli shout as she walked to the kitchen.

Alli ran to get the door as the doorbell rang again, as she opened the door, she was immediately confused.

“Who is it?” Hermione yelled from the kitchen. After a couple of minutes of silence, Hermione walked to the doorway, “Oh god.” She said.

“Mom, who is this and why does he look like me?” Alli asked.

“Alli, get in the house.” Hermione said as she looked into the eyes of Lucius Malfoy.

“But-“ Alli started but Hermione cut her off, “Get in the house!”

Alli stood there for a couple of seconds before she sighed and walked into the house.

“Hermione Granger. Was that my granddaughter just then?” Lucius said with a smirk.

“What are you doing here.” Hermione said fiercely.

“I’ve come to do what the Dark Lord intended. I’ve come to kill you, and after that, I’ll kill your children.” Lucius said smiling maliciously.

“If you so much as touch my children, I will kill you.” Hermione said, glaring at the man in front of her.

“We’ll see about that.” Lucius said, and right after he said it, about 10 death eaters appeared.

Hermione could feel her heart beating fiercely in her chest, she was out of practice. She couldn’t hold off ten death eaters! Hermione did the first thing that came to mind, she ran into her house and closed the door. From the other side, she could hear Lucius Malfoy laughing.

“Mom?” Tom said, “What’s wrong?”

“Ok, you guys need to do exactly as I say. You can ask questions later.” Hermione said, while using wandless magic to accio her wand.

“…Ok.” Alli said.

“Ok. Hold my hand. I’m going to apparate us out of here. I know it’ll feel like you’re trapped in a tube, but you have to trust me and keep holding on.” Hermione said, grabbing her teenager’s hands. Hermione could hear Lucius banging on the door while laughing.

“…mom” Tom said, sounding scared.

“I know, it’s scary but if we don’t go now they’ll kill us.” Hermione said, she started counting to three as the door blasted open. Lucius Malfoy walked into the house and as he looked at them he shouted something. Hermione could see a spell erupt from his wand as she apparated them out of the house.

After the apparition was over, Hermione opened her eyes, she was in front of Hogwarts gates. Within a matter of seconds, Hermione could hear the death eaters starting to pop around them.

”Ok. Listen, That castle is Hogwarts, you’ll be safe In there. Run into the building and get help, I’ll keep them busy okay?” Hermione said, looking into Alli and Tom’s eyes.

“Mom? What about you?” Tom said, tears forming in his eyes.

“Don’t think about me, I’ll be fine. You have to go, go now!” Hermione said, pushing them towards the gates. As soon as they passed through them, Hermione turned around and looked at what she was dealing with. There was at least 10 death eaters around her, all of them had their wands drawn. They were waiting for something, or someone. A couple of seconds later, Lucius Malfoy apparated to the scene.

”So, Hogwarts. I had a feeling that you’d come here. I see you sent the children away, good choice. They shouldn’t see their mother being murdered. Than again, it’d be nice to see their faces.” Lucius said, laughing.

“You’re sick!” Hermione said, spitting at his feet. Hermione heard the blow coming before she felt it. Lucius had back handed her across the cheek. Hermione could feel the stinging pain and she knew that it’d hurt a lot more later.

“Don’t you speak to me! You filthy Mudblood! Now, let’s see if you still remember how to duel. Having children probably made you soft. Hunter! Fight her.” Lucius said as the death eaters formed a circle around Hermione. A masked death eater stepped out of the circle and stood in front of Hermione, his wand drawn.

Hunter started the fight, he first threw the Cruciatus Curse towards Hermione, but she deflected it, he then sent the effca curse, which conjured knives in the air that were pelted at Hermione. Hermione tried to deflect them all but one of them caught her in the side. Hermione looked down at her hip, which had a large gash on it, blood was quickly forming on her clothing. Then it was Hermione’s turn, she threw as many spells as she could remember at him one after another. The adrenaline was running in her veins and she could feel the power come back to her. With one final blow, Hermione screamed the killing curse and it hit the man in the chest. Hermione only had a couple of seconds to catch her breath before Lucius called for another death eater to fight her. And it started again.



Alli and Tom started run towards the Castle. As they ran, they could hear the popping of people appearing around their mom.

Just before they got to the castle, Alli stopped.

“We can’t just leave her!” Alli said, turning around. Tom grabbed her arm to stop her.

”We have to get help!! We can’t help her!” Tom said.

“Look!” Alli said, staring at the circle of people with their mother in the middle. They were on higher ground so they could see what was happening. A man was stepping out of the circle and facing their mother. Tom was about to say something when they saw something come from his wand. Alli and Tom watched horrified as the light went towards their mother. Right before it hit her, their mother made a shield around herself. The man tried another spell. A bunch of knives appeared in the air and were sent towards their mom. She deflected most of them but the last one, which hit her in the hip. Alli and Tom could see the man laugh before their mom started throwing spells at him, one after another.

“Wow.” Alli said staring transfixed, after she said it, they hear the distant sound of their mother shout something before a green light erupted from her wand. The spell hit the man in the chest and he crumpled to the ground. Within a matter of seconds, another man was called out. The first spell he did hit their mom in the chest. Their mom fell to the ground twitching slightly, obviously in pain. That seemed to break Tom out of the trance.

”Alli! She can’t defeat all of them! We have to get help!” He said staring at his sister, who hadn’t moved. Tom tried to touch his sisters arm but when he did, a shock went through his body. Tom stared mesmerized as his sister started to change. Her hair was being blown around by an nonexistent wind and her eyes started to change colour. Her blue eyes were slowly changing to a light purple colour. Alli’s face stayed as still as stone as she started to raise slightly off the ground. She was about a foot off the ground when the tips of her fingers were covered in a slightly purple vapour. Tom stood there shocked as he saw what was happening.


As Alli watched her mother be tortured she could feel something go through her body, she felt… powerful, like nothing could touch her. She also felt anger to who was doing it to her mother. Alli felt her feet leave the ground and she was raised up into the air. She kept staring at her mother and she felt her fingers start to tingle. She slowly raised her hand and pointed toward the man who was hurting her mother. She stared at the man intently and a purple spell shot out of her fingers. The spell hit the man in the back and he hit the ground. After he fell, Alli got some control over her brain. She still felt the power, and she was still in the air, but she could move her body. She looked down slightly and saw her brother stare at her, confused. Alli lowered her hand to him.

“Take it.”


Tom watched as Alli used magic and hit the man. She then looked down at Tom and held out her hand to him.

“Take it.” She said in a slightly dazed voice. Tom stared at her hand for a couple of seconds before he took the hand and felt magic rush through his body. He looked down at his hands and watched as red haze covered it. His body was lifted up into the air. He could feel the power in his veins and he stared at his sister and nodded. They knew what to do. They stared at the circle of men and pointed at them. One by one, spells flew out of their fingers towards the men.


Dumbledore had a strange feeling as he woke up that morning. He knew something big was going to happen, but he couldn’t figure out what. He tried to push the nagging feeling as he went to eat, but as he ate breakfast, he could still feel the feeling. He barely paid attention to what McGonagall was saying, as he pushed his food around his plate as if hoping that it would magically tell him what was going to happen. After breakfast, he summoned Draco Malfoy to his office.

“Do you feel it?” Dumbledore asked as Draco sat down.

“Yeah. Something’s going to happen today.” Draco said, frowning.

“But what?” Dumbledore said, rubbing his chin.

“Do you think it has anything to do with the recent sighting of Lucius Malfoy?” Draco asked.

“I’m not sure, but make sure to keep an eye and an ear out for anything suspicious.” Dumbledore said, motioning for him to leave.

”Okay.” Draco said before getting up and leaving. Draco walked down the hallway trying to figure out what was wrong. He walked to the Great Hall and went for a walk outside. The day was surprisingly calm as he walked around the castle. As he neared the front door again, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. When he looked he saw two teenagers standing and looking at something, Draco looked in the direction they were looking at and he saw a group of Death eaters, he was about to call for help when he noticed what was happening to the teenager girl. She started to raise from the ground and her hands were covered in this purple magic. Draco watched as she raised her hand and shot nonverbal wandless magic at the circle of Death eaters. She then looked down at the teenage boy and held out her hand for him, he took it and soon enough he was off the ground like her but his hands were covered in red magic. Draco watched, speechless as they both started throwing spells at the Deatheaters. Soon the Deatheaters Circle broke down and the men started apparating away. The last one stood in front of the woman for a couple of seconds and Draco saw him hit her before he disappeared. That’s when Draco noticed that it was Hermione.

“HERMIONE!” Draco screamed, running toward where she was standing. Draco saw her turnaround and look at him before she broke down. Draco caught her in a hug before she fell to the ground, crying. Draco soothed her as he took out his wand and spent a spell to alert Dumbledore.


After all of the men disappeared from the scene, Alli and Tom felt themselves slowly lower to the ground and felt the power drain out of them, making them feel groggy and tired. After they were back on the ground, they heard someone scream their mom’s name. They looked in the direction of the voice and saw a man sprinting towards their mother. She turned around and stared at him for a second before she started to cry. The man got to her before she hit the ground and he comforted her. Alli and Tom stared at the man for a second when they heard someone coming out of the school and walking towards them. They turned around and saw the oldest man they’ve ever seen. He walked up to them with a concerned smile on his face.

“Hi, I’m Albus Dumbledore; I’m the headmaster of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and Wizardry. You must be Alli and Tom Granger. Now let’s get you two in the school, Professor Malfoy will bring your mother in.” He said, motioning for them to follow him into the castle. Alli and Tom couldn’t help but trust the man and they walked into the castle. Dumbledore brought Alli and Tom into his office and they sat down.

“Now, I’m sure your mom will be patched up in no time.” Dumbledore said to the tired teenagers. He had seen the tail end of what happened. He was shocked at the power the two teenagers held. From what Hermione told him, they had never used their magic. How did they have so much power? Dumbledore watched as the two teenagers slowly fell asleep, he couldn’t blame them, they just used as much magic as a full grown wizard each.

“That’s good…” Alli said, yawning. She looked over at her brother who was slouched in his chair with his eye’s closed. He was obviously asleep. Alli barely had any energy left after what happened. Her eyes were slowly getting heavier and heavier, soon she couldn’t keep them open. And she fell asleep. 

Sorry I took so long people, I had my SATs and then for the last week my internet hasn't been working, which is sortof good because I wrote up the chapter =]
 So! The kid's sure are powerful eh? Wow! I hope you like that, I really don't know where I'm going with this fic, and I hope you liked that "Twist" =]
 Please Review and tell me what you think =]
   Xoxo HurtfulEyes

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