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Moonlit Nightmares by MickeyMadison
Chapter 3 : Remus Lupin and the Infamous Marauders
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Moonlit Nightmares

Chapter III – Remus Lupin and the Infamous Marauders

“Where did you go last night?” Lily asked the next morning as the two of you got ready for the day. “I couldn’t find you.”

You lied quickly. “I had to go get my schedule fixed….It put me down for Divination twice.” You hoped she would buy it.

Lily was the main target of the marauders due to James’ unhealthy crush—obsession—and she had gotten very good at reading people. Not to mention that she was already very intelligent. Therefore, it is very hard to lie around her.

But she bought into it. “Glad you got that fixed.” Guess it was just because it was morning. Even the Great Lily Evans was uncoordinated in the early morning. “Who would want that horrid class twice? I’m surprised you still take it.”

You just shrugged. It was an easy class to pass.

She pulled her bag over her shoulder and let out a large yawn as she fixed her hair one last time. “Let’s get some breakfast. We have morning potions to endure.”

x - x - x

It was now a week later and you still hadn’t spoken to Remus.

Since you and Lily were late for breakfast, you had to take the seats only a little away from the marauder this morning. They didn’t take any notice of you to your surprise, but it had your thoughts fixed upon what you had to do.

You looked nonchalantly down the table at Remus. How were you going to get him alone? He was just about always with the other marauders, or if he wasn’t they were nearby.

Lily caught you staring and smirked. “So, finally fancy someone?”

“What?” you turned to her quickly, so quickly, in fact, that you almost head butted a first year next to you.

“So you fancy Remus?” Lily asked straight out, her smirk steadily growing into a grin that would grow into a squeal.

You nearly knocked over your glass of orange juice in shock. “No!” Your cheeks flushed and you sat down your glass, knowing better than to take a drink.

Lily gasped. “You do!”

You sighed. Maybe you could use this to meet him? “…Yeah.” You said reluctantly.

Lily was beaming. “Good choice! He’s a sweetie without those other boys.”

“Could you…um…help us meet? Alone?” you asked sheepishly, staring at your orange juice as if the pulp was doing a tap dance.

Lily thought for a few moments and then said, “I have Ancient Runes III with him before lunch.”

“That’s when I have Advanced Divination with the other Marauders.”

“Exactly. If you come early enough I can stop Remus before he goes to meet the others for lunch.” She smiled. “You can have the classroom to yourselves because Professor Clints leaves for lunch early.”

You nodded and promised to be there. This was your chance, and the butterflies in your stomach were more than just fluttering.

x - x - x

All through Divination you stared at your watch. Professor Lang was blind as a bat and couldn’t see you in the back anyway, so when it got to be five minutes before the bell you packed up your bag and crept out of the room, disturbing the sleeping Marauders. You feared they would rat you out, but you were down the trapdoor before a word could be said.

You leaned against the wall next to the Ancient Runes’ classroom door and waited on the bell. When it finally rang you watched the students pour out of the classroom, led by an eager Professor Clints.

“Remus, can I speak to you for a minute?” you heard Lily say.

“Um….Sure, Lily,” came Remus’s reply.

You pushed off the wall and walked into the classroom, your stomach flipping and flopping all over the place. Remus looked up at you confused and then looked back at Lily.

“Actually, Lacelin needs to talk to you, not me.” Lily pulled you into the spot she’d just been standing in and headed for the door, a grin placed on her pretty face. “See you at lunch.”

Once Lily left, you said, “Remus, I need to tell you something….” You knew what it sounded like, and so did he. You could see him brace himself to reject you.

“Yes?” he asked, nervous.

“Dumbledore wanted me to meet you.” He relaxed, and then suddenly tensed again. “We have something very…serious in common.” He began to wring your hands from nerves.

Now he was looking worried. “What would that be?” he asked as calmly as possible.

You took a deep breath. It was better to just blurt it out than stutter and trip over words, wasting time. “We’re both werewolves.” You said quickly and got the sudden fear that he wasn’t really a werewolf. That Dumbledore mixed up the names, or…or you heard him wrong.

“Is this some kind of joke?” Remus asked darkly, seeming to suddenly shrink away from you in coldness.

You were a bit angry that he thought you would joke, especially about something like this. You sighed and pushed your anger down, replying calmly, “Why would I joke about such a thing?”

Remus nodded, seeming to realize that it wasn’t something to get a laugh out of. How would you have found out he was a werewolf otherwise if Dumbledore hadn’t told you? “So…” he still seemed to be a bit disbelieving. “When did this happen?”

“Over the summer.” You muttered. “Dumbledore said you could tell me what to do about the full moon.” You said, calming down.

“Let’s meet somewhere else.” He said. “The library tonight at 9:30? Nobody’ll be around.”

You nodded. “All right.”

Remus was quiet a moment and then said, “Just curious…but how many people know you’re a werewolf?”

“Just you, Dumbledore, and my family.” You blinked, a little confused as to why he asked.

“Not Lily?”

“Right.” You looked down, feeling a little ashamed that you hadn’t told your best friend.

“It’d be best to tell her. It’s important to have a friend,” he said and you could tell he was speaking from experience.

You blinked up at him to find him smiling some, with sympathy, and nodded.

“I have to go. James, Sirius, and Peter will be wondering where I am.”

“All right.”

“9:30?” he asked for confirmation.

“Yup.” you replied casually.

Remus left, waving.

You leaned against a desk and sighed. A great weight had been lifted from your shoulders and another put on. You had to tell Lily about this before the whole ‘I fancy Remus’ thing got out of hand. And could you trust Remus to keep this important secret from the Marauders?

x - x - x

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Moonlit Nightmares: Remus Lupin and the Infamous Marauders


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