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Married By Mistake by TrevorTheFrog
Chapter 18 : I'm Going Home
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First of all, I would like to thank the many faithful readers who took the reviews past 420! Right on! (aha, no pun intended).

Second, a lot of people said that Harry should have more of a reaction to everything. I agree, but I think I would agree if this happened when they were at Hogwarts. Although they are great friends, I think that over the ten years since Hogwarts, they have grown slightly apart. So, even thought he wished to put his head between his knees, he controlled himself, because he doesn’t have a say in her life. And I was going to make him hyperventialte or something, but decided that Draco should say something, which he did.

Third, we can all share Dean Winshester right? I believe there is enough yummy-mmgoodness to pass around.

Fourth, read and review. Also, check out my newest fic, Thirst. It’s a story about Draco Malfoy and an OC. They are vampires that fall in love.

Now. The story. I also want to end this story soon, so I will get through the whole recovery of Noel today. I need to work on the next phase of the story before the conclusion. Sorry, guys. Approx, ten chapters maybe? 

I hope you guys don't kill me for the short chapter!

I dedicate his chapter to lily_black, for understanding me and my obsession with the Winchester boys! You’re great!

This chapter takes place approx a week after the last one.

They had located the abandoned building where the invisibility spell had been accidently conjured up. The part that was a mystery to Draco, Hermione, and Harry was how Noel (if it was her) had done it all without a wand. Hermione and Draco were driving to the building four blocks down.

“Tell me about Joey,” Hermione said. She wanted to know about the genes that made up Noel.

“She’s a witch,” Draco said slowly. “But she didn’t attend and magical institution. She was taught at home.”

“Oh,” Hermione said. She supposed that the woman probably wasn’t that good.

“People tend to underestimate her powers. She’s actually better than me in many areas, especially the strong stuff. I think Noel gets her… accidental magic abilities from her mother. Narcissa told me I didn’t do much magic when I was little. But Joey did. She could make her cat shut up by the time she was three.”

Hermione was jealous.

They reached the building. It wasn’t that noticeable. It looked like every other buildings on the block.

Draco’s phone rang. It was the man.

“Tell your girlfriend she‘s next.” The man said, before shutting the phone.

Draco’s hand shook, his eyes seemed to flutter. He was breathing, but he felt like someone had sucked the air out of him.

“I’m going to kill you, you bastard,” Draco snarled menacingly into the phone, before taking Hermione’s hand and walking into the building.

“What did he say?” Hermione asked.

“Your girlfriend’s next,” he replied.


“He said, ‘you’re girlfriend’s next’,” Draco said angrily.

He could smell a nasty smell, Harry’s car (a smoking Ford F150!) parked in behind theirs and he was coming in with his team.

“This is it,” Harry said. “She should be here somewhere. My team looked into the building and its neighbors. A couple living around here said they saw a man in his twenties with a little blonde girl.”

Draco’s eyes were ice.

He gripped his wand and looked around warily. He heard a muffled scream, and then a giggle. He recognized the voice as soon as it hit his ear. It was the sweetest sound he had ever heard in his entire life.

“That’s her,” he said to Harry and the team. “That’s Noel.”

Harry nodded his head and slammed the door open with his foot. There were flashing and blinding lights and screaming, but when Draco opened his eyes, he saw his daughter laying unconscious on the floor. She had streakes of blood in her blonde hair. There was a man on the floor next to her. He recognized him at once.

“Oh, hey, Hermione,” Noah gurgled. “So nice to see you so early.”

“Oh, my God!” Hermione screamed before launching herself at him. Draco grabbed her arms before she could get any further.

“You know this man?” Harry asked, picking up the man by his collar.

Hermione crumpled to the floor, picking up Noel down on the floor.

“He’s the elevator guy,” Draco shook his head, “I’m finidng this difficult to believe.”

Harry took out a flask of Veritaserum and poured it into Noah’s mouth.

“Why’d you do it?” Harry barked menacingly into his face.

“He’s got everything. Perfect kid, and the sexiest girl I have ever met in my life.”

Hermione blushed. She was crying. Why had she led the guy on?

“She didn’t even look at me, you know? I could tell she was thinking about him evertime we went out. She’d curl that hair around her fingers, and bite her lips…And that kid…who knew she was the devil? Throwing things around with her eyes. Come on Hermione, let‘s go far away. Just you, me and Noel. We can start our own family…I love you..”

“That’s enough,” Draco said quietly.

Harry put his wand to Noah’s head and muttered a spell to erase his memory.

“Hey you guys,” he said to Draco and Hermione, “Aw, dude, it smells.”

Harry tied the man's hands together with some sort of magical thing and floated him off somewhere else. 

Draco picked up his barely alive daughter, took Hermione's hand and apparated them all to the nearest hospital. There was a gash on her head that probably needed attention.
Dont forget to review...and i'm sorry for those who thinks its short...but i promise i will update more tonight, since i got trusted status and dont need to wait ages for validation. wooohhooo.

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Married By Mistake: I'm Going Home


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