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The Old and The New by demongurl
Chapter 27 : Emergency DA
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A/N:-heya, thanks for the opinions, I still don' t know whether Emma Potter should be in the story but if she is then it'll be nearer the end of the story coz i have a good storyline for her and a good storyline without her. OOO.....why did I bring her up in the first place and i'm kinda regretting keeping Sirius alive coz i'm gonna have to kill him at some point but i don't know how coz i don't want to any more...AAAHHHH!!! Please keep reviewing though, i really need you opinions to help me out

Harry ran up the stairs of Grimmauld place.

“RON! HERMIONE!” he shouted. He came to Hermione’s bedroom door and pushed it open. Hermione was talking to Padma Patil, who was looking very depressed and looked as though she had just stopped crying. Pavarti was sleeping in Ginny’s bed and Harry went in and grabbed Hermione’s arm.

“I need to talk to you and Ron now.” Harry said. Hermione looked at him slightly annoyed

“I’m talking to Padma, can’t it wait?” Hermione asked. The look in Harry’s eyes told her it couldn’t and she got up sighing “Fine. Padma, will you be ok?” She asked. Padma nodded.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

“What do you want to talk about?” Hermione asked as they left the room.

“About where April just took me.” Harry said, “Where’s Ron?”

“I think he’s in your room.” Hermione said. Harry and Hermione went to Harry’s bedroom where Ron was polishing his broom handle.

“You’d think with so many people here I wouldn’t get bored wouldn’t you?” Ron said looking up.

“Shut up Ron.” Harry snapped. Ron started in surprise. “I need to tell you two something.” Harry noticed Neville sitting in the corner reading a book about rare plants of the United Kingdom.

“Um, Neville, do you mind if we could talk in private?” Hermione asked Neville. Neville looked up. His eyes were red and he slowly began to stand up. Harry looked at him curiously.

“What happened?” He asked Ron.

“Mass attacks on Christmas day.” Ron said. “Neville’s Gran was killed” Ron whispered.

“Padma and Pavarti’s parents were killed as well, Pavarti’s just come out of St. Mungos.” Hermione told Harry. Harry looked at them both quite surprised.

“Neville, stay here.” Harry said. Neville let out a small sniffle then sat down again. Harry left the room and went to the kitchen.

“Jenny.” Harry said. She turned to look at him. “Could you get Ginny and tell her to meet in my room?” Harry said. Jenny nodded and put her things away. Harry then ran up the stairs past his room to where Katie and Angelina were staying. He burst into the room causing Angelina to let out a scream of surprise. Fred and George were in the room as well.

“Can you guys go downstairs and meet in my room?” Harry said.

“What? Why?” Angelina asked.

“Emergency DA meeting.” Harry said.

“But we’re not in the DA anymore.” George said.

“Yes you are.” Harry said. Fred smirked and helped Angelina off the floor.

“Lets get going then.” Fred said. Harry smiled and then ran to Hermione’s room. He was starting to feel very slightly out of breath, why didn’t he just use his galleon? Harry kicked himself mentally and went into the room.

“Padma?” Harry asked walking in. He couldn’t see Padma in the room. Pavarti got up out of bed and saw Harry.

“Harry, what are you doing here?” She asked tiredly.

“I live here during the holidays. Is Padma here?” Pavarti shrugged. Harry noticed that there were several scars across Pavarti’s face and a scar that ran down her neck.

“What happened?” Harry asked in horror. Pavarti’s hand went to her face and she looked at the duvet sadly.

“We were attacked.” Pavarti said, “I had a duel with a deatheater. Padma and I only survived because of what we learned in the DA. Our younger sister and parents weren’t as lucky.” Pavarti said. A tear fell down her cheek. Harry shifted uncomfortably.

“Well, could I see you and Padma in my room in a few minutes?” Harry said. “Emergency DA meeting with everyone in the house.” Pavarti nodded and Harry left the room with a strange feeling in his stomach. Seeing the scars on Pavarti’s face had shaken him. Ron still had scars over his body from when he was attacked by the brain in the department of mysteries. Hermione had a large scar across her chest where a deatheater had swiped her with some weird purple flame. Harry had seen the top of it during the summer.

All these things made Harry more and more guilty about involving his friends but Pavarti had said that she only survived because of the DA. Harry was doing something right and doing something good. Harry went into his room. It was slightly crowded and Harry smiled slightly when he realised that the people in his room were some of the best members of the DA. He just needed Cho then he’d have the most powerful members of the DA.

“What’s happening?” Ginny asked. Harry sat down on his bed next to Jenny, who snaked her arm through Harry’s arm.

“Well-” Padma came in helping Pavarti, who was limping slightly. Ron immediately got up to let Pavarti have his seat.

“Thanks.” Pavarti said. Ron gave her a smirk.

“So?” he said turning to Harry.

“Well, Voldemort’s house has been raided.” Harry said, “And Wormtail’s been caught.”

“Who’s wormtail?” Neville asked.

“Peter Pettigrew.” Hermione told him. “He’s the one who Sirius was sent to Prison for.” Neville looked at her confused.

“Sirius Black?” Padma asked. “But Pettigrew is dead.”

“No, Wormtail is alive. He used to be Ron’s rat Scabbers.” Harry said.

“I wondered where your rat went.” Jenny said quietly.

“Well, anyway. When April called me to go to the Riddle house I was taken straight to see Wormtail.” Harry told everyone what had happened at the Riddle house. He had to keep backtracking to events from his third and fourth year to help everyone but Ron and Hermione understand. Only Ron and Hermione knew almost everything in his life so how could Harry expect everyone else to know about what happened in the shrieking shack, what happened during his fourth and fifth year. The explanation took a lot longer then Harry intended it to be. He was interrupted by Fleur half way through. She told him she was bored and wanted to see where everyone had gone. Harry invited her to join them and continued his explanation. He told them everything but the fact that he might have a sister.

“So yeah, I’m the heir of Gryffindor.” Harry said in the end. Everyone stared at him gobsmacked. No one spoke until Fleur decided to ask a question.

“Who iz zis Godric Gryffindor?” She asked.

“He was one of the founders of Hogwarts.” Harry said.

“And what iz zeez organization?” She asked. Hermione recovered and sighed and rolled her eyes.

“We’ll explain later.” Hermione said. “But, if the Ministry raided Voldemort’s house does that mean he’s getting weaker?”

“I don’t know. But remember what Dumbledore told us?” Harry asked. He, again gave himself a mental kick.

“About what?” Ron asked.

“About Voldemort and the school.” Jenny whispered.

“Yeah. It could just be that he’s moving headquarters.” Harry said.

“What’s you-know-who going to do?” Neville asked curiously.

“Dumbledore thinks he might attack the school” Ginny said. Hermione, Ron and Harry all gave her stern looks. “What? They all know about the order anyway. They might as well know what we know.”

“Does that mean we’re not safe at School?” Katie asked.

“We are safe at school.” Harry said, “As long as Dumbledore is there.”

“But what if he’s driven out like he was last year?” Padma asked.

“What happened in the office anyway?” Fred asked.

“Nothing. But Dumbledore won’t let anything happen even if he’s driven away like he was last year.” Harry said.

“Dumbledore was the only person that Voldemort ever feared.” Jenny said. “Well, him and my mum.” She smirked slightly.

“You’re just showing off, your mum isn’t that great.” Pavarti said, “She got attacked before we came home didn’t she?”

“Yeah but she fought off about twenty deatheaters though.” Hermione told her. “We could really learn something from her.”

“Yeah I suppose.” Harry said. “I think Dumbledore’s going to get a guard at school.”

“A guard? To protect us?” Neville asked.

“Yes. But that doesn’t mean we should stop with the DA. I want everyone here plus Cho to be like the Elite DA. Cho already knows about it.” Hermione gave him a curious look.

“How come Cho knew before us?” Jenny asked him.

“Well-” Harry said uncertainly. “I just thought about it when I was talking to her.” Jenny looked at him suspiciously.

“When did you talk to her?” Jenny asked.

“On the train home. She just wanted to talk to me about the Order.” Harry said, “But the Elite DA will help me teach and will consist of my most trusted members.” Neville looked at Harry in amazement.

“You want me in the Elite DA?” Neville asked. Harry nodded

“If you haven’t noticed you pick up spells almost as quickly as Hermione.” Harry said. Hermione looked slightly surprised and Neville looked like he was about to burst with happiness.

“What on earth is going on in here?” Sirius asked walking into the room.

“DA meeting.” Harry told him. Padma gasped and Pavarti stared in fear.

“Sirius Black.” Pavarti said. Sirius rolled his eyes.

“Anyway. Molly is here and she wanted me to tell you that dinner will be ready in an hour.” Sirius was about to leave when he turned then remembered something, “Oh, and Hermione what have you been telling Castra and Shoner. They are eager to talk to you and Dobby has turned up.” Hermione grinned.

“See you in a bit.” Hermione said to the others as she clambered over everyone and ran out of the room.

“Weird.” Ron muttered, shaking his head.

“Well,” Sirius said looking at all the people in the room. “Fleur, Bill is here to take you back to France and I have orders from Dumbledore to make sure Pavarti Patil doesn’t get out of bed, but I see that’s not going to happen.” Sirius said looking at the Patil twins. “Oh Merlin, another pair of twins.” Fred and George beamed and put their arms around Padma and Pavarti’s shoulders.

“We’ll keep an eye on them.” Fred said.

“We’ll make sure they don’t get up to trouble.” George told Sirius. Sirius rolled his eyes and left the room. Angelina hit Fred.

“Ow.” Fred said, “You sure aren’t as weak as you look.”

“Fred!” Angelina snapped at him. Fred grinned.

“Ladies, we must take you back to your rooms. Free sweets for everyone here.” George said throwing out some sweets from his pockets.

“Don’t eat them.” Ron warned as the four older teens walked out of the room. Fleur gave a relieved smile.

“I can go home.” She said. She flipped her hair behind her shoulder and left the room.

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