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When the only person you can trust is someone you shouldn't by manic_rage
Chapter 3 : Hermione And Wednesday
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Hermione and Wednesday

They were late to class, and neither of them looked moved by the fact. Hermione took the only seat next to Harry and Malfoy’s next to Ron.

“As you can all see. The headmaster asked that I make a seating chart this year with students from opposite houses, unfortunately there is an odd number of one of them, so one of you are sitting next to someone in your house.” he said looking at Hermione and Harry.

“This is NEWT’S level potion’s making it. If you can not cut it then I will not even give a seconds thought from dropping you. Any questions?”

“Sir who was that girl this morning?” Asked Ron bravely and Snape glared at him, rolling his eyes.

“A friends daughter. Wednesday-” But he did not finish because the heavy doors opened, and Wednesday walked in.

“Hey Snap-crack-pop. Surprised?” she asked as she walked over to him, handing him a letter.

“Then it’s been sorted?”

“Yes-sah. All settled. So where am I sitting?” She asked as he read the letter, stuffing it into his pocket.

“Granger, move over to Malfoy’s table, I think it will be good for the heads to work together. Weasly, move over to Crabbs empty seat, Wolfbane, next to Potter.”

“Who in the hell is Potter Snape and go?” She asked and he looked at her, as if threatening her not to use such pet names.

“Potter rise your hand.” Said Snape annoyed and Harry raised his hand, and she smiled as she walked over to him, taking her seat.

“Hello there Mr. Potter.”


“Mr. Harry.” she said holding out her hand, waiting from him to shake it. When he did, he felt something, something he could not describe.

“Wednesday Wolfbane, but I think Mr. Knickers in a bunch already told you that.” She said.

Harry looked at her shocked; no one ever spoke about Snape like that, especially if they were in the same room together.

“I’m sorry I thought you just made fun of him?”

“Yeah, I do that a lot.”

“He said you were a friend of the families, I wasn’t aware that he had friends?” He asked and she smiled as she shook her head.

“Sadly not to many. He was friends with my mother back when they went here.”

“So how come you’ve never been to Hogwarts before?” he asked and she looked up at Snape and when she saw his eyes, she knew she could say whatever she wanted.

Technically, Dumbledore had already told her to lie, Snape always taught her never to reveal anything to anyone unless she could make it sound like a lie.

“I travel a lot. I have mostly done private studies, but my father my guardian thought it be best that I be in school this year.”


“I have no clue. He’s always sort of a bastard.” She said and Snape looked at her, then to Harry.

“Would either of you two care to explain what the Retourner La Vie does.”

“Is that suppose to be a hard question Snape? What are you teaching your students here? This is one of the most simple pop ups there is.”

“Excuse me?” He asked and she smiled simply.

“I’m sorry. I’m using modern terms again, and your ancient.” She said and then cleared her throat.

“It is one of the easiest and strongest, how do I say this. If you are near death, this will pep you right back up. It was crated by Jean Val Jacque in the middle of the fifteenth century during the second wave of The Black Plague, or Bubonic Plague. It was created for those suffering from the disease, which was funny enough was created by the dark witch Anna-Marie Rose McGonna who wanted to exact revenge on a lover that had scorned her. She wanted to destroy his entire family line, everyone. She did not really mean for it to spread. In French it literary means, return to live. It stops infectious diseases, near death, and surprisingly enough acne.” she said as everyone looked at her and then Snape gave a little smile as he turned to the class.

“Well, why aren’t anyone of you writing this down.” he asked as the students pulled at parchment and started writing feverously.

“Don’t worry Harry, I can help you out. I kind of already know all of this.”


“Private studies my good man. Plus, I kind of saw Snape’s curriculum. He wasn’t paying attention because of the fire I kind of started.” She said faking guilty and Harry smiled; she was trouble.

Harry looked at her, trying to match her face, her personality.

She had surprisingly short pixie cut with blonde hair that was almost orange; he knew it could not be natural, he had never seen a color like it.

Her eyes were slightly large and an inky black.

Harry had seen them somewhere else before but he could not place it.

She was taller then most girls he knew; She could probably look Ron in the eye and not have to tilt her head.

She was slender but had curves where they are important.

Her chest, which she was very grateful for was not overly, or under developed, to some boys they may be considered on the small side, but she loved them none the less, and more then half of the male population could not disagree.

It was all how she held herself.

What was even more interesting was no one had said anything about Wednesday’s lack of school uniform.

Finally, after Snape had lectured them for almost an hour, he called Hermione, Malfoy and Wednesday up to his desk.

“As heads the headmaster has asked me to inform you that because of her delay, that she does not have a place to stay. And because it would not look very good to anyone if she stayed with me, the headmaster has decided that she will stay in your dorm with you. And you will have the pleasure of showing her around. Basically you are her babysitter.”

“Hold on. We both know I have not had or needed a babysitter since I was nine, probably younger then that. So why do they need to baby-sit me?”

“To make sure you don’t decide to leave unexpectedly.”

“Oh come on if I was going to do that, I wouldn’t have come here to begin with.”

“You said so yourself that was an accident.”

“I would have made it here eventual. You know after I beat the shit out of Casey.”

“Speaking of him, we have to send someone after him to get the portkey back so he can’t just pop up.”

“Oh come on. He may be a cheating bastard, but he is so much fun.” she said and Snape looked at her in a way that was not looking at her.

“I am going to pretend I didn’t hear that, because I would have to hunt him down myself.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever. So track him down, maybe you could throw a few spells at him. You know which ones I’m talking about. Anyways, wait. I don’t have any of my stuff, its all back at Casey’s.”

“You left everything at his house.”

“Besides the stuff at home and at the manner, but I am not going back there, not if I was paid.”

“I wouldn’t ask.”

“Whose manner?” asked Malfoy and Snape looked at Wednesday then to Malfoy.

“None of your business.” said Snape and Wednesday nodded, looking off into space.

“So, Dumbledore has fixed it to where all three of you have same classes and independent classes.”

“You’re taking independent classes?” asked Hermione, directed towards Malfoy and he nodded.

“He suggested it to a few trusted, well directed students are allowed independent study.”

“So show me to the dorms boys and girls.”

“Actually we still have two classes.” Said Malfoy and she simply looked at him, smiling.

“Like I really care about that. Wait. I do. Shit. Why do I make agreements I don’t want to?”

“Its from her side.”

“You blame everything on her side.” said Wednesday, almost glaring at her father as the bell rang, telling them to get the hell out.

“And if you don’t mind, I would rather spend some time with the Potter kid, he’s funny. I will see you lot at lunch.” She said as she jogged over to Harry and Ron as they walked out.

Malfoy and Hermione followed both silent.

Malfoy noticed how quiet she was, and how she was never speaking up.

He wondered why.

Why the sudden change in her appearance, why the department from her friends?

And why so many letters?

He had only seen her open two, but he knew that there was at least eight more in her bag. 

He wondered what they were, who they were from as they walked into transfiguration together, both of their eyes landing on Wednesday, who was currently discussing something with McGonagall.

“No see the use of the spell is inaccurate. I have seen many things go wrong if the person is more concentrating on getting the spell right the less they are concentrating on the transformation. I don’t know if you have ever seen someone try to turn into a Komodo dragon, but its not pretty, he still has the scars.”

“I didn’t think that most people turned into reptiles anymore.”

“Yeah, well he was on the more colorful side.” She said and McGonagall nodded as she drew the class to attention.

“Class, today we have a very rare performance today.” She said looking to Wednesday who stepped up.

“Hello. I’m Wednesday. You probably met me this morning. There actually was a Casey, but he was escorted off the property. Um, my favorite color is the rainbow, I like guns, potions, history, potions history, big, big MAC trucks and the guys that drive them, fast cars and I have friends in weird places.”

“Wait, are you Wednesday Wolfbane, meaning WW, meaning the girl in writing production of almost every Weird Sisters and Talk Dirty albums?” asked one of Lavender’s cronies.

“Yeah. That would be me. But only by mistake.”

“Mistake? How do you make a mistake like that?”

“Well you see its quite a funny story.” she said but McGonagall gave her a stern look and she nodded.

“That we will discuss afterwards. But the reason why I am standing here is to explain something. Well, how do I say this. Screw it.” she said rolling eyes, her body quickly turning into a wolf, and then back again.

She waited for the whispering and shocked to set in before she started.

“I have mostly been in independent study, home schooled if you will. So I had very much free time to read my instructors books while she was flirting with my father. I am not anywhere near related to a werewolf. I just happen to be able to turn into a wolf. It is my inner spirit if you will.”

“Can you teach us?” asked Ron and Wednesday smiled.

“Its takes a lot of discipline. I know of four ex Hogwarts students that did so by their fifth year I believe, but they had been studying for at least two years.” she said as Harry and Ron looked at each other then to her, completely shocked.

How could she know that? They asked as they looked at each other.

“So any questions?” she asked and everyone raised their hands.

“Ok.” She said pointing to one boy who started instantly.

“Ok, so what is this really funny story?” he asked and she looked at McGonagall who nodded; she knew if she did not tell them, then they would never stop.

“Ok, so I was in one of the locker rooms, chating up an old friend as he got ready for a game. I think it was Pudmore vs. Kork, but I am not sure. I’d have to ask him. So anyways, I started singing to get the boys mood up, when one of the Weird Sisters walked in, apparently she has a brother on the Pudmore team and she wanted to wish him good luck. She heard me singing and asked me to come look over some of the albums making. Good times.”

“Who was it?”

“I’m sorry?” she asked, not understanding the question.

“Who was the Quiddidtch player?” asked Ron and she smiled, looking at McGonagall.
“I think you guys might remember him. Oliver Wood.”

“You know Oliver Wood?” Asked Harry and she nodded, lost in a thought.

“Yeah I met him a few year back.”


“Well that’s not really important.” she said lookin around, one of the girl giggling.

“Were you dating him?” She asked and Wednesday looked at her.

“Why I never! No he and I were, and are strictly friends.”

“Right.” said on of the guys and she smiled; boys are so stupid.

“Anything else?”

“No, I believe it is time for lunch now.” Said McGonagall and the bell rang and everyone walked out. 

[A/N: I don’t know if anyone really reads this. So if you do, I would like feed back. Thanks.]

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