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Birthday? Hmm...Sounds Like Fun by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 6 : Party Time
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James and Sirius finally woke up and the camera went off just as Lily had said. And now, after much screaming an crying - Sirius had been positive he'd never get a date again - the seven personages were in the kitchen and getting ready to actually celebrate, even though that morning had possibly been more of a party than anything else could be.

'Stupid pompom hat!' Harry thought furiously as his mother sat him down in the highchair wearing his new party garb.

The lights in the kitchen went out and a cake with frosting words reading 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HARRY!' and a single, lit candle was levitated into the room and placed down in front of the birthday baby.

"Happy birthday to you," the adults began singing.

'... I still don't know what that is.'

"Happy birthday to you,"

'So what is it? That "birthday" you sing of?'

"Happy birthday dear Harry,"

'... It's mine?!?'

"Happy birthday to you!"

Harry, however, didn't hear the last line of the song; he had spotted the Flame.

'What is that?' Harry thought, awestruck. 'I want to touch it!'



James had attempted to reach forward and stop his son's extending hand from touching the flame, but unfortunately, he forgot he was sitting with his chair backwards and had to lean over the back of the chair, so he ended up tripping, successfully knocking Harry's hand away, and squashing the cake with his face. Fortunately, the motion of James' hand knocking away his son's was fast enough to put out the candle, or James' nose would've caught fire.

"Not. A. Word," came muffled from the squished cake, interrupting the beginnings of snickers. James picked up his face and the entire cake - or what was left of the entire cake - came with it. As James pulled the cake off and dropped it unceremoniously onto the table, frosting coated every inch of his face and glasses, and Lily couldn't hold it in, she snorted.

Her husband tried to glare in an accusing way, but frosting doesn't well portray expressions. "What?"

"You look like something between the Marshmallow Man and the Frosting Thing!"

That did it for everyone else; Sirius, Remus, Jasmine, and Peter cracked up with Lily, and James just sat there, listening - his glasses still covered in frosting - wondering why. Why, Merlin? Why me?

He picked up a fork, stuck it in the cake remaining on the table, and took a bite, chewing slowly and deliberately.

"James," Lily teased, "if you're going to eat the cake, start with what's on your face, and wipe your chin; some cake fell off from the fork and you missed it."

Laughter sounded again and James lightly threw down the fork and let his head drop back onto the table, right into the cake.

The rest of the party went pretty much as planned, of course they didn't eat squished cake. And there was no denying Harry's favorite present: wrapping paper and ribbons. He had three bows stuck in his hair, and was holding some wrapping paper in his hands.

'Hmm... what is this sound? I know I've heard it before...' Harry was crinkling the paper until the noise was enough to drive his parents, among others, insane.

"Ok!" Lily said. "Let's put the paper down." she stood up and took away the paper and carefully pulled the bows out of her son's hair, dispite his sad, pouting face.

'Why, Mummy?' his mind thought as his innocent eyes asked.

"Oh, look, it's almost eight!" the mother exclaimed, glancing at the clock, to spare herself the guilt of parting her child from his newfound favorite toy. "Time for bed."

'Aw, I'm tired too.'

Lily took Harry around to say 'good night' to the rest of the adults, minus James who had magically removed the frosting from his face fast enough to not have another picture taken - almost - and was retriving Blotchy from the other room.

The Potters took their son up to bed and placed him in his crib with whispers of 'good night,' 'I love you,' 'happy birthday,' and other phrases of love, comfort, and the long day along with hugs and kisses. James placed Blotchy in the crib next to Harry, and he and Lily left the room so Harry would go to sleep.

'So,' Harry thought with a yawn. He grabbed Blotchy but was too tired to put the ear back in his mouth. 'That was a "birthday." Well, next "birthday" will be even more fun!'

~The End~

A/N: Well, it's over. Finally completed...
Thanks so much to everyone who's reviewed!!

Yay, Baby Harry Christmas is up!!

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