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Bex and Co. by Zokara
Chapter 2 : Six Galleons Nine Sickles
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Lily had been up since about 4:00am, very excited about her first day in her fifth year at Hogwarts. The one thing she dreaded was meeting James Potter again. He was such a… Her thoughts were cut off as the alarm clock began to buzz. Lily heard groaning from her parents’ room. Obviously they could hear the clock through the wall. Lily jumped out of bed, switched her alarm off, and looked around. Her bedroom was spotless – Lily had always been tidy. She grabbed some jeans out of a draw labelled ‘PANTS’ (see how organised she is?) and proceeded to dress herself according to the latest styles.


It took only about ten minutes for Lily’s feminine side to finally find an outfit she felt good in. She bounced down the stairs, just to annoy her sister, whose bedroom shook when someone walked energetically down the steps. Lily ended up in the kitchen, where her mother was yawning as the coffee brewed.

“You never could function without some caffeine,” commented Lily slyly. She knew her mother would never retaliate before her morning cup of coffee. Lily slid two slices of toast into the toaster, and ran upstairs to summon her father.

“DAD! COULD YOU SPEED IT UP A LITTLE, PLEASE?” Lily bellowed through the bedroom door. There was a thump as her father finally rolled out of bed, followed by a pained noise. Just then, Petunia strutted down the hall towards the stairs.

“Fur-reek!” she hissed at Lily, who sighed.


Petunia used to be alright. Overly bossy, a bit too much of a control freak, but overall, not a bad sister. But since Lily had been invited to Hogwarts, Petunia’s jealous side had broken free, and suddenly Lily was in a war zone whenever Hogwarts was mentioned. So the family tried not to mention Lily’s school. Ever. Or risk getting bombed by shrieks.


Lily’s father drove her to Kings Cross. Lily kissed her mother goodbye at the door, yelled, “See ya!” to Petunia, her sister, and hopped into the car. She maintained a chatty conversation all the way to Kings Cross, although her father hadn’t had coffee yet so he was slow to respond. Sometimes Lily had to say something three or four times before it penetrated his caffeine-less brain, and usually all she got back was a stiff grunt. But when it was time for Lily to board the Hogwarts Express, her father got very emotional (as always). Sometimes Lily wished her mother could drop her off, because it was embarrassing to be seen with a sobbing, grief-stricken father, but Maria Evans (Lily’s mother) had to go to work (she was a lawyer in Harrington’s Law Firm). As her father exited through the barrier, waving goodbye forlornly, Lily saw a familiar face.


“Em!” she cried, seeing her timid friend Emily. Emily jumped with fright at the noise, and Lily rushed towards her, bashing people out of the way with her heavy trunk. Emily was also struggling to drag her huge piece of luggage behind her, so the two girls helped each other lever the trunks onto the train, and they finally bagged an empty compartment at the back of the express. Unfortunately, the compartment was across the aisle from the Marauders compartment. Even more unfortunately, Lily was in full view of her least favourite Marauder – Potter.


Lily had a long standing disagreement with the Marauders. While their view was that breaking rules was to be commended, she avidly followed the rules, unless they were stupid. Emily gazed, terrified, at the compartment across from theirs, from which loud banging sounds were emanating. James Potter (ugh, Lily thought) and Sirius Black were obviously participating in some sort of muggle duel, other ways known as a fist fight. Emily could hear Remus Lupin, the more sensible one of the four, trying to get them to break it up, but both the two young men were adamant that their play fight should continue. Emily suddenly leaped about a foot in the air as the compartment door opened, and in walked two of Lily’s best friends.


Lily, Rebekah (or Bex as she liked to be called) and Jessica (Jess to her friends) were famous at Hogwarts, because they were the only girls ever to turn down the Marauders. Of course, Lily did it almost hourly, since Potter seemed to have an allergic reaction if he didn’t ask Lily out at least once every sixty minutes. Jess was asked out by Sirius and Lupin every now and then, and Sirius had once told Bex that he would go out with her if she would make herself prettier. Bex just looked at him until he got embarrassed, and left. I’m not sure if you realise how important this is. Sirius Black does not leave; Sirius makes other people leave. Embarrassing Black was a HUGE THING.

But anyway, back to the story…


“Hey Jess!” Lily said happily. She missed her Hogwarts friends, even if she was quite close mates with the muggle girl down the road. Then Jess said,

“Wait till you see Bex!” and moved out of the way. Lily was stunned. Bex’s hair had always been a gorgeous colour, slightly browner than Lily’s hair but still auburn, but it had always been quite frizzy. However, over the holidays the frizz had turned into the most amazing, attractive curls anyone had ever seen, and she’d even taken the time to straighten her fringe. While Lily and the girls had always known Bex had an amazing figure, her usual clothes consisted of loose jeans and a baggy t-shirt, but today she had donned a mini-skirt and a low necked top. Emily looked gob smacked, but Jess just grinned. Lily was first to speak.

“You look amazing!” she said, joining Jess in a grin. Emily started to smile a congratulations as well, but it turned into a grimace as James came rushing across the hallway, sporting a smirk (as always). Lily rolled her eyes and opened a book, trying to ignore Potter.

“LILY!” he yelled. “Did you miss me?” Something about his smirk was dangerous.

“Who would?” asked Bex, looking him in the eye.

“What happened to you?” James Potter asked, looking her up and down, slightly awed by the massive change in looks and personality. “You’re talking!” It was a known fact that Bex never said much.

“Good,” Bex said. “Now, where’s your friend? I need to see Sirius about a little bet we made. I believe he owes me six galleons and nine sickles.”

“We’re across the aisle,” he said, losing interest, and turning back to Lily.

“Go out with me?” he began to ask, but the train lurched away from the station and he tumbled into Lily’s lap. “Please?” he continued, grinning up at her. Lily lost her self control, and hexed him. Suddenly Potter’s handsome face started to grow mould. James sped out of the compartment. Bex took the seat next to Emily and began to grin evilly.

“Why are you looking like that?” Emily whimpered. She knew that anytime any of her friends got an evil grin it was something to do with the Marauders. In Emily’s opinion, those boys were dangerous. You could get in all sorts of trouble if you played jokes on them. Lily noticed the look too.

“Who wants to come with me to go and get my money?” Bex asked, looking around. Jess stood up and opened the door for Bex.

“After you, millionaire,” she joked, following Bex across the aisle. The four boys looked up as Bex slid open the door. Peter and Remus’s jaws dropped, but Sirius just let out a low wolf-whistle.

“Get stuffed, Sirius,” Bex said. “I think you owe me something.”

“What?” Sirius said, staring at her.

“I’m not sure if he’s really listening,” Jess said. “He seems too awed by your beauty.” Sirius snapped out of it.

“Since when were you hot?” he asked. Bex gave him a condescending look.

“Since the holidays. Now cough up, six galleons, nine sickles, now.” Sirius glared at her.

“Come one!” he implored. “That’s half the money I have in my wallet! Besides, nothing proves you’re hot.” Bex turned to Remus and Peter.

“Am I hot?” she asked them. They simply sat there, nodding in silence. James tried to remain loyal to his friend, but when Bex asked him the same question, he agreed, but added,

“But not as hot as Lily.” It was quite hard to lie to a face as pretty as that. Sirius grumbled as he handed over the money.

“Pleasure doing business with you,” Bex said, smiling sweetly. Jess chuckled darkly as the pair headed back to their own compartment, and Sirius could just hear her say, “Bex, if you’d made a bet that you could get hot over the holidays with every boy in this year, you would’ve made a fortune!” Sirius swore, and began counting what was left of his money.

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