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The Most Beautiful Thing by padme_alejandra
Chapter 1 : Once Upon A Remarkable Time
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A/N: This isn't a story with plots wound in left, right and centre. It's just a story of love.

Once upon a remarkable time…

He’d lie on the grounds at Hogwarts, and she’d laugh and dance and twirl around, her hair flittering every which way. Those were solely their moments, when the moon soared and the sun was dismissed. She’d spin around and around, dancing and moving fluidly from one step to another. In those moments his heart would ache with such intensity he’d wonder if the sensation was human at all.

She was so beautiful.

And he? What we he in comparison to her? Surely nothing more then a stepping stone in her path to greatness; and, yet, somehow, he couldn’t help but think they could be more.

Because it’d always hurt an awful lot to picture life without his Lily.

“James!” she’d laughed, her voice tinkling with mischievous mirth. And in those moments when she’d call out his name, when she’d stop her intricate and heart-stoppingly beautiful dance, just for him, he’d know that they were in fact more.

To him, she was extraordinary.

To her, he was everything and more.

She, with her bubbly wit and exceptional kindness, was everything he’d ever needed. And he, with his characteristic charm and welcoming heart, was everything she’d ever dreamed of. Together, they faced the world and together they would love like no other.

But, most exceptionally, when they were alone they were the most beautiful thing.

She’d bat her eyelids and look ever so charming. He’d shake his head, slowly, a grin spreading on his lips. Her small arms would come up around his neck and she’d kiss him just under the ear, ‘cause she knew he could never resist that.

A soft groan would drift from his lips, and his whole body would go from tense to relaxed in seconds. And that’s when she’d know she’d got him. Hook, line and sinker; he was completely and utterly hers.

“James…” she would mutter, snuggling closer. She’d purposely arrange herself so her head was resting on his heart. The steady pulse was a comfort she’d never been able to explain in words. And to know she’d won that beautiful obsession set her own pumping madly, slamming against her chest with unrivalled force.

And it was in these sensations when she knew she couldn’t be happier with anyone else.

“Yeah, baby?” he’d reply. He would always smile when the beat beneath her skin would quicken at his touch. Knowing the effect he had on such a remarkable girl was wholly unnerving.

And it was in these sensations when he knew he couldn’t be happier with anyone else.

She’d pull back, then, and bite her lip and trace meaningless designs on his leg. His body would always warm under her traced designs, her finger-painted patterns. She’d smile at the thought, and he would tilt his head slightly in silent wonderment.

How lucky he was to have her, he’d think, and she’d think she wasn’t good enough for him. It had always been the same.

“Come away with me,” she’d say, peering up at him like a child pleading for sweets. Her mouth would be so close to his ear he could feel her breath, and the very sensation of her closeness shot electric currents through his body. His eyes would drift shut in pure euphoria, and a quiet sense of calm would wash over him.

“But, Lily, I’m tired…” he’d always respond, as quiet as a mouse.

She’d smile and she’d whisper it then. “Come away with me.”

And he would, because she made him happy above all else.

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