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Ronnie Denner and the Son of Gryffindor by tycoon34
Chapter 2 : Secrets, Broomsticks, and Scumbags
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      The next few days were like a whirlpool of events. Mom seemed to know what and where everything is. I was just very confused. The people look different, funny even, wearing a wide array of color robes, and some with funny hats. There was also many weird shops with funny-looking animals, tools, clothes, and there was even a store that sold only brooms, and things to polish and fix up your broom with. I didn't know people cared so much about cleaning. Dad was in the same boat as me. He just walked and shopped with us, not saying much, but looking bewildered all the same. Mom said we were in Diagon Alley, and we had to go through a pub and a wall of bricks to get there. We had bought me my own set of colored robes, but they were black, just like the letter told us. We also bought "potions" supplies, and owl (and I'm not to sure why, mom said that was wizard's way of contacting people), my school books, and my very own wand. This was quite interesting to get. Mr. Ollivander (or whatever his name was) measured my body magickly. This was the first time I have seen someone do magic, it was weird to think I would soon be too. Then he made me try a wide variety of wands, which were just really pieces of wood and didn't do anything. Then finally he gave me 13 inch wand, made with the tail of a unicorn, and sparks flew out emmediatly. How amazing. After shopping we went for a bite to eat at a restaurant. Here I saw many kids my age and older eating with friends and parents.

"Are you ok?" Mom asked.

"I'm fine, just a little overwhelmed," I replied, still looking around. 

"You will fit in I just know it," she said with a smile, rubbing my shoulder.
I ate my burger (I am glad the food is the same), and we went off to the train station. 

     Now this was an event. Apperently, there was no nine and three quarters. Mom left to go get the rest of my school things, which left it up to me and dad to find the station. There was a nine, and a ten, but no nine and three quarters. After ten minutes of searching and asking laughing officers, mom finally showed up.

"What are you guys doing?" She asked impatiently.

"We can't find the station," dad said angerily, getting red in the face.

"Ugh," mom retorted. "take your things, and run into the collum. You will go right through it, don't worry, then go onto the train. If you don't hurry, you won't make it."

"Ok," I said, a little worry. And with an emotional goodbye, I headed for the collum. I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I thought miserably, then all of a sudden I swept right through the collum, to see a magnificent train blowing enormous emounts of smoke. I saw many kids scurring to get onto the train, which was slowly starting to move.

"Wait!" I screamed, running towards an open door. How could I miss the train on my first day of school? I despertly grabbed onto the railing and try to pull my cart onto the train. I just couldnt do it.

"Here I'll help!" A boy screamed, giving me his hand. I grabbed it, then both of us pulled the heavy cart onto the train. My owl, whom I named snow, for its white feathers, was hooting madly. 

"Thanks," I muttered, a little embarrassed. 

"No problem. The name is Jack, why don't we find ourselves a compartment," said the boy.

"Ok, lets do that. My names Ronnie by the way."

“Hey Ronnie. I bet you’re glad to be going to Hogwarts, too. I always got so jealous when my brothers would come home with all their stories of the magic they could do, and the crazy things that happened at school. But they could never prove it to me, of course,” he said, opening and closing compartment doors looking for an unoccupied one. He was turned around to look at my blank face. “Oh. You must be a muggle-born,” he said casually.

“What did you call me?” I asked abruptly. That didn’t sound like the nicest word.

“I non-magical person. Don’t worry; it’s a common name. You will start saying it, too,” he said seeing the offense I had taken. That had made me feel better. “I know you are pretty confused, but don’t worry, there are many muggle-borns. If you have any questions just ask,” he said, which also made me feel better. He finally found an empty compartment and we climbed inside, shutting the door.

“Thanks. I think I am taking it all in. There are some things I don’t understand, though. Why is everyone so into broomsticks?” I asked.

“Oh those are racing brooms,” he said, but not in a “duh” type a voice. “Many sports can be played on those, but the most popular is Quidditch. See, there are seven players on a pitch…” He continued explaining everything about Quidditch, which fascinated me. I couldn’t wait to tell me mom and dad about it. Even so, I couldn’t wait to try it out. But then again my mom probably knew. It made me wonder if she was keeping any other secrets from me. It also made me mad to think that this entire time mom had never told me about this whole new world. It would have made things much nicer, not going into school being completely clueless.

“Wait, everything in this world can’t be happy. There has to be crime, and jail,” I asked, realizing that everything just sounded like a dream.

“Sadly, yes there is. It’s called Dark magic. The most powerful Dark wizard was probably Voldemort. Harry Potter, our headmaster, defeated him twenty years ago,” He said. He offered me one of the cookies he was now eating. I took it. “But his right hand man, Draco Malfoy, escaped, and has been wreaking havoc ever since. He attacks sporadically, though, so we never know when he will start killing next. Potter should go look for him, but he’s too busy with school, since the Ministry says they have it all under control. ‘We will catch him, we have aurors out 24/7’ McMillan always says. My parents say they he has no idea what he’s doing. I mean,” Jack stopped, looking at my blank face. He then realized I had no idea what he was talking about, so he started comparing everything about the government to the muggle way of life. I was surprised how much he knows about muggles.

“Well, my whole mom’s side of the family is muggles; she is muggle-born herself. So I guess I know a lot. That reminds me, after Voldemort died, Malfoys’s wife, Luna Lovegood, escaped with their son, Draco, jr. He is our age. My dad said he is coming to school with us. They say they are against dark magic, but I don’t believe. I mean, come on, his dad is the most powerful dark wizard in the world, and second most powerful wizard to Potter or maybe even Hermione Granger…” And like it was planned, the compartment door slid open and a tall boy with short-blonde hair stepped in, with a small and chubby looking black-haired boy. He spoke in a sophisticated tone.

“Hello, I am just going around the train introducing myself. I am Draco Malfoy, Jr. Pleased to meet you.” Jacks jaw dropped.

“I-I am Jack McClaggen. And this is Ronnie Denner,” stammered Jack. Apparently he was thinking the same thing as I. Had Malfoy heard our conversation through the door?

“I hope I see you guys at school,” Malfoy said, showing no sign of anger. “I think I will be put in Slytherin, since practically my whole family was put there.”

“I would hate to be put in a scumbag house such as Slytherin, Malfoy,” snarled Jack. I think Malfoy hit a soft spot.

“I was just predicting, McClaggen. Control your anger,” said Malfoy coolly, losing his sophisticated attitude. “Well I don’t know where you will be put, but some kids need to be put in Hufflepuff.” He smirked and left the compartment, failing to mention his friend at all. Jack then started ranting about a bunch of things, and saying a few nasty and crude words in between.

“I mean, every one knows Slytherins are just a bunch of scumbags..." he stopped, looking at my blank face. “Oh yea, I forgot.” He then started explaining about the four houses, and their founders. “And no one really wants to go to Hufflepuff, but they are not that bad. I mean, Diggory went their, he was an excellent wizard but was killed by Voldemort, the Minister went there, Ernie McMillan, but I don’t know if that’s credible…But Hannah Abbot was in Hufflepuff, and she’s a very popular healer at the wizarding hospital, St. Mungos!”

“Well that Slytherin sounds like a bad egg,” I said, a little frightened by this dark wizard stuff.

“Well that probably explains why Voldemort was evil; he was a descendent of Slytherin himself.”

“Wow.” All of the sudden, a booming voice came ringing down the train. TEN MINUTES UNTILL WE ARRIVE AT HOGWARTS, TEN MINUTES!

“Come on, we better change into our school robes. I took off my shoes, socks, pants, and sweater, and pulled on some shorts, a t-shirt, and my black school robes. Jack did the same. Then the train came to a screeching halt, and we loaded our belongings and climbed off the train. A very large man, probably three times the size of me, and I was pretty big for a 11 year old, told us his name was Hagrid and we were to ride up to the castle in boats. We hoped into a boat with a scrawny looking boy and a larger boy. The ride was wavy, and by the time we opened the gigantic doors to the castle we were soaking wet. A tall and bushy-haired lady met us at the doors to the eating hall.

“Hello. My name is Hermione Granger. I am your transfiguration teacher and deputy headmistress,” she said very nicely. “Very soon, you will file up and your name will be called to put the sorting hat over your head. You will then be sorted into Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Gryffindor.”

“I hope I don’t get Slytherin,” I muttered to a boy next to me.

“Ok, let’s go in.” And without further ado, she opened the doors to hundreds of students looking at us, with a stool in the middle. And on the stool was a very old, worn down hat.

Author's Note:
*Wheww. I was glad to get more out that I needed to. I was making paragraphs chapters. Plus I rushed the previous version of this chapter, which was unecessary. So, future chapters should not need editing after I post them, and I am sorry for this mistake. There are also 6 readers who read my first chapter before I changed it. I accidently gave away a major part of the plot! I dont even know if I am going to include that in my ending! So please please please don't tell you 6 readers, and everyone, please please please leave a review. Thank You


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Ronnie Denner and the Son of Gryffindor: Secrets, Broomsticks, and Scumbags


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