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Cravings by dracolover4ever
Chapter 4 : New Years Kiss
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New Years Kiss

Hermione danced around with Ginny on the second floor of Club EZ for what seemed like hours. They both would go off on their own every few songs and dance with the men that didn't have dates. Hermione even saw some people from Hogwarts. She danced with Lee for one song, Dean for another. Ginny just got total strangers, which made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Ginny got Hermione to sit down and eat something at about eleven o'clock. They got a little food and some spiked punch. They sat down and drank and ate.

"So that older guy felt you up?" Hermione laughed.

"It wasn't funny when he did it Hermione! It was the most discussing thing that has happened to me since… I don't know when!" Ginny shouted over the music.

"Man all that happened to me was I found some old school friends. Remember Lee and Dean? I danced with them for a minute, their dates were fine with it of course." Hermione told.

"Great, you must have had a terrible night." Ginny said sarcastically.

Hermione led her up to the third floor where the D.J. was. She was playing a depressing song so they requested Barbie Girl.

"Come on Barbie let's go party!"
"I'm a Barbie girl in a Barbie world life in plastic it's fantastic you can brush my hair undress me everywhere. Use your imagination life is you creation!" They sang together very loudly so that everyone on the floor was looking at them.

"That was great! I feel much better now thanks Hermione." Ginny shouted to where Hermione could hear.

"What about your real?"

"No I feel!" Ginny shouted.

" I don't need a meal thanks."

"Forget it Hermione!"


Ginny pulled her back to the dance floor and they danced together for the next three songs. They loved hanging out but Hermione was glad that she didn't have her cell ringing every ten minutes. Ginny was worrying about Harry and what he was doing, but Hermione was thinking of George wondering what club he was at.

Some random man bumped Hermione's shoulder. She looked over at him. His outfit resembled a god. Hermione stared into his eyes, they seemed so fimilar she thought she knew him.

"Hey!" Hermione shouted at him.

He didn't seem to notice he just walked on without fazing almost at all. Hermione turned to Ginny, "What a jerk!"

It was twenty minutes till New Years. Hermione and Ginny went to the bathroom to make sure they still looked all right. They found their way to the bathroom but had to wait in a line of twenty seven people before they could really get in. Once in they walked to mirror.

"Gosh look at you! You're all sweaty." Hermione told Ginny.

"Well your hair is a mess! Averto." Ginny said pointing at herself.

"Ramundo." Hermione said pointing to her head. "Well we look better. We'd better hurry; it will be mid-night in about ten minutes. If we want to be out there to count down then we have to get out there."

"This was a great party Hermione! I'm glad you talked me into coming. I would have had such a sucking time if I had stayed home. Come on let's get going." Ginny walked out of the bathroom.

Hermione redid her lipstick and some more makeup before following Ginny out of the bathroom. They went back down to the second level, where lot's of girls had collected but few men were there.

"Five…Four…Three…Two…One! Happy New Year!" Ginny and Hermione shouted at the same time.

Hermione went around the room and kissed every man on the floor.

"Hi…" she kissed some man whose date slapped him. "How are you?" this man's date gave him a glare. "Hi sir." Hermione gave the man a peck on the lips. She went on like this till she came to the one man without a date.

She remembered him; he was the one who knocked into her. She walked up to him and turned him around. "Hey remember me?"

George left Lee and Amelia when they got to romantic. He walked up to the third floor and requested a song. The women behind the table said it would play in a minute.

"… Undress me everywhere. Life in plastic it's fantastic!" two girls were in the middle of the floor singing like idiots.

George walked by them bumping into the brown haired one. She turned around and stared him in the eye for a minute. She broke away… "Jerk" she yelled. George didn't pay attention, he just walked away.

George headed back to the second floor after his song had been played. He got very annoyed with all the girls who came up to him. He got near the clock and started to count down.

"Five…Four…Three…Two…One!" George looked around everyone was shouting 'Happy New Years' and kissing who they came with, and the people around them. It made him almost sick to think of.

When he turned around to leave he noticed the one girl who seemed to kiss every man on the floor, he laughed at this slightly. He turned towards the door when hands pulled on his shoulders making him face her.

"Remember me?" she asked her eyes closed.

Hermione pulled the man's lips to hers. She kissed him with a lot more than she had with any other of the men. Soon it became an open mouth kiss, it was like tongue hockey. But the referee was sleeping and wasn't seeing all the foul play Hermione was doing to Ron.

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