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The True Son by Potter n Mione
Chapter 5 : The Order of the Phoenix
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Harry stared at the door of the first Potter vault. There was something different about this door, which was covered in elegant elven script. Like all vault doors in Gringotts bank it was highly magical, and yet Harry knew the wards placed on this door weren’t wizarding wards. Yes, the elf could sense that the wards were elven, but the question was: who had placed the wards on this door? Was it, Dumbledore? James Potter? Or was it, Godric Gryffindor? Even the goblins of Gringotts bank were not gifted with elven magic. It must have been Godric… it must have been. Having determined the guardian of the first vault, the elven youth trod forward until his nose was practically touching the solid, oak door, and pressed his hand to the wood.

“Edro!” Harry exclaimed in Elvish. Instantaneously, the door swung open revealing… the sword of Gryffindor with rubies embedded in the hilt, the dagger of Ravenclaw complete with glittering sapphires, and a set of brilliant, white elven dueling robes. The boy stepped into the vault entranced, and lifted the sword. This was his weapon; Harry could feel it in his bones. Voldemort had been born a muggle, and he would die by the sword made aware of his common muggle roots.

“Where shall we go now, Daernanneth?” Harry queried.

“To Grimmauld Place, you will bring your weapons with you, for the Order must be informed of their new leader.” True to her word, Minerva, Harry and his two friends did go to Harry’s newly claimed abode, but not before Minerva bought her grandson a new wardrobe.

“Harry!” Mrs. Weasley shouted, capturing him in her tight embrace. “How are you, dear?” The portly woman criticized the adolescent’s looks with a practiced eye. “Professor McGonagall purchased some new clothing for you, I see.”

“Uh, yeah, she did. Harry replied, absently, taking in the environment and noticing that the presence of darkness was no longer in the house.

“Oi, mate,” Ron called from deeper within the house. “McGonagall wants you in the basement.”

“I’ll be right, there,” Harry responded, and he dashed off to the basement kitchen with Molly Weasley hot on his heels.

“Welcome all, to the Order’s first meeting of the season,”
McGonagall commenced, gazing at all the people seated at the kitchen table. “I have several announcements to make…”

“Pardon me, Minerva.” Mrs. Weasley interposed, “Why are the children here at the meeting??”

“Ron and Hermione are legally adults, Ginny is here at my request, and since I am Harry’s new guardian I have permitted him to be here."

“What?” Mrs. Weasley cried out, “You are, Harry’s new guardian?” Molly’s question reflected the look on many Order members’ faces.

“Why, aren’t any of us, Harry’s guardian?” Lupin wondered, “I believe I was closer to Lily and James than you, Minerva?” Hearing Lupin’s assumption, the trio could not help but snigger although McGonagall’s disapproving frown at once silenced them.

“Sirius named Albus as Harry’s guardian in his will. Likewise, upon Albus’ demise, I was appointed Harry’s guardian. Now, if there are no further questions on the matter, I wish to begin my announcements. First, Harry is the new Order leader…” The room was in an uproar.

“What, he’s too young!”

“Why not have Kingsley Shacklebolt as leader? Or Moody?”

“He’s too inexperienced!”

“SILENCE,” a voice roared, everyone stopped abruptly, awed, and saw Harry on his feet, anger glinting in his eyes.

“Thank you, Harry.” McGonagall persisted. “As I was saying, Harry is the new Order leader; Dumbledore named him his successor in his will and he has agreed to the position. I heard someone say, a moment ago, that Harry was too inexperienced well, for that person’s information, Harry has been through more than any of you. In fact, last year Dumbledore gave Harry an important mission to complete.”

“How come we don’t know about the mission, Minerva?” Mrs. Weasley glared angrily at McGonagall.

“Dumbledore, obviously thought it best not to confide in the Order. Besides, the content of Harry’s mission is none of your business. Just as, the Order’s task is to work against the Death Eaters; Harry’s duty is to lead the Order and to accomplish his assignment.” Professor McGonagall paused and glanced at Harry, who nodded. “There are some people, however that will assist Harry on his mission. They are: Ron, Hermione, three new members of the Order, and myself. Please welcome…” Just then, three hooded figures ambled into the room, triggering all male Order members, excluding Harry and Ron, to stand with their wands drawn. Seeing this, Harry raised a hand and commanded all, save the new arrivals, to sit. The boy, himself, took one look at the new associates and grinned, for his elven ability allowed him to know whom they were.

“Oh, no you didn’t, Professor.”

“Oh, yes I did, Harry! You will need all the help, you can get.”
Harry rose from his seat, strolled over to the three people, and extended his hand.

“Welcome, Elrond. Welcome, Galadriel. And, welcome Celeborn. It is a privilege to have you here with us, at the headquarters of the Order of Phoenix." The first foreigner lowered his hood, to reveal a long, midnight mane. The second was the most regal lady with hair as golden as elanor, the elven starflower. The third was as tall as the others and he too had hair of gold. The lady stepped forward and began to speak.

“We thank you, Professor McGonagall, for inviting us to join the Order’s fight against Voldemort. My companions and I are most delighted to meet you, Harry Potter.”
Elrond, the first of the new members then leaned down and whispered something in Harry’s ear.

“Meet me at the bottom of the stairs, in twenty minutes. Bring your weapons, and don’t forget to change into your dueling robes. It is time for you to begin your training.” Whilst, Harry listened to the daunting, elven lord he felt something swell up inside of him: excitement and fear. Would he be able to prove himself worthy of having to defeat Voldemort? Would he be able to prove himself commendable of his heritage and his ancestors?
A/N: Edro- Open (This is the command, panta means something like "open wide".)
        Daernana- Grandma
        Daerada- Grandpa
        Adar- Father
        Ada- Dad
        Nana- Mom

* Please note: This Elvish is taken from Tolkien's works. It is not mine.*

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