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Have A Little Faith... by fredthefrog252
Chapter 16 : Chapter 16 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles
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DISCLAIMER: hahahahahaha! you are so jealous! why are you jealous? simple. you are jealous of me because i am so incredibly genius that i managed to create not only harry potter and all of his little friends BUT the buffyverse as well. See! JEALOUS! that's right you! the green-eyed monster!  ......... :o( ok i am lying through my teeth. do you have your harry potter books with you? well if you take a good look on the front cover there is something written. what does it say? that's right, J.K.ROWLING. and the next chance you get whip out those buffy DVD's watch it through to the credits and after the word CREATOR what does it say? JOSS WHEDON. Sadder even still i can't even claim Georgia. she belongs to the wonderful Steve and Liz Brough who are my second family. My life is a sham...

Chapter 16 – Planes Trains and Automobiles
“Urgh! I can’t find my combat boots!” Faith groaned throwing items of clothing into a black duffle back that lay on her bed. “Lils, have you seen them?”

Lily entered the room, carrying her toiletries bag, which she placed into her trunk.

“You should of packed earlier instead of leaving it to the last minute. They are somewhere in the bathroom with your black jeans and leather jacket,” Lily said.

“Thanks a bunch! I was looking everywhere for that stuff,” Faith said running into the bathroom and reemerging with a pair of black boot-leg jeans and an old, worn leather jacket.

“I’m going down stairs to read for a while before bed,” Lily said grabbing a book and heading down the stairs.


“Prongs, have you seen my shoes?” Sirius cried running through the piles of clothes, books, quidditch gear and sweet wrappers.

“Which ones?” James asked from under the bed.

“All of them! I can’t find any of them!”

“Oh yeah, they are in the sink in the bathroom!”

“Thank god!” Sirius sighed exiting the bathroom with an armful of shoes.

“Have you seen my comb?” James asked sliding out from under the bed.

“Ha ha Prongs, very funny,” Sirius laughed.

“I’m serious I need it!” he whined.

“No, I am Sirius!” Sirius joked chucking his shoes into his trunk.

“Urgh would you cut it with the name jokes, we get it you’re very funny. But I seriously need my comb!”

“I seriously doubt that,” Sirius snickered.

“Urgh!” James cried as he lunged at Sirius tackling him to the ground.


There was a thud from upstairs.

“They are so immature,” Remus sighed turning the page to his book.

He and Lily were sitting in front of the fire reading so that Faith, Sirius and James could finish packing because they both new they wouldn’t sleep until they had.

“But it is hilarious, you have to admit,” Lily smiled.


“Gerrof me you git!”

“Take it back!”



“They will be the death off each other,” Remus said.

“Most likely,” Lily chuckled.

There was the sound of footsteps racing down the stairs and Faith came sprinting into the common room.

“I need to get into the Ravenclaw common room,” she panted.

“What? Why?” Lily asked sitting her book down on her lap.

“Umm…I may have left some items there that I need to get to take to Boston.”

“Such as…”

“Pleeeaaase!” Faith whined bouncing up and down like a four-year-old. “Are you a prefect or not? Just help me!”

“Alright, I’ll go,” Remus sighed standing up and placing his book on the armchair he was just sitting in.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Faith cried hugging Remus before running out of the portrait hole.

Remus shook his head before exiting after her.

Faith sped along the corridor, turning her head when she heard Remus approaching from behind.

“Do I even want to know what is so important that you are willing to break curfew to retrieve?” he panted.

“Trust me when I say you don’t,” Faith said coming to a stop at a large portrait.

“Rhinoceros,” said Remus.

The Portrait swung open and they stepped through.

A lot of heads turned to look at the newcomers but Faith didn’t pay any attention to them. She looked around, smiling mischievously at a couple of guys, before running over to a corner.

Remus watched as she was greeted by a tall seventh year that he recognized as the keeper for the Quidditch team. She leant over and whispered something in his ear before smiling at the others as he ran up the stairs.

He came down a few seconds later, concealing something in his robe. He jogged over to Faith, who was flirting with another Ravenclaw, and pressed something black and lacey into her hands. She gave him a quick kiss and walked back over to Remus.

“Ok, now that that is over,” she smiled exiting the Ravenclaw tower.

“Please tell me that the item you needed is not what I think it was,” Remus asked cocking an eyebrow.

Faith smirked at him and he rolled his eyes.

“Don’t act so delicate,” she sniggered. “It isn’t like these type of things are so uncommon. I mean, you must have had something like this happen to Jimmy and Sirius.”

“True,” he said. “Anglo Saxon.”

The portrait swung open and Remus extended his hand.

“After you.”

“Why thank you, kind sir.”

“Good you’re back!” Lily sighed as they entered the common room. “James and Sirius finished packing. Well actually they almost killed each other by falling down the stairs when they were wrestling so I stunned them, put them to bed and then finished packing for them. So you got what you needed?”

“You could say that,” Remus smiled looking at Faith.

“What wouldn’t he give them back to you?” Lily asked looking horrified.

“He did, Remus is just being a smart ass,” Faith said giving him a little shove.

“Oh good. Ok bed, or we’ll miss the train.”

Faith bid Remus goodnight and then followed Lily up the stairs. They changed into their pyjamas and climbed into bed.

“’Night Lils,” Faith called.



“Hurry up you two!” Lily cried exasperatedly at James and Sirius who were staring transfixed at the tube that they would be traveling on to Heathrow Airport. “We’ll miss it if you don’t stop staring at everything!”

It was eight o’clock and after having a drink and something to eat at a café near Kings cross (much to James and Sirius’ delight) they were rushing along to reach their train in time.

They jumped onto the train just as the doors were closing and attracted a few stares as the made there way to the automatic ticket machine panting.

They sat down and James and Sirius watched eagerly as Lily processed their tickets.

“Ok, so here is the plan,” Faith began as Lily sat back down. “Our flight from Heathrow leaves at 9:45. We then fly to Washington and arrive at 1:30am their time. We have about six hours wait and then it is an hour and a half flight to Logan airport. We get in at about 8:ooam. G will pick us up at the airport and then we’ll motor to her apartment. Any questions? And no James I am not explaining how the planes stay up.”

James closed his mouth and sunk back into his seat.

They made it to Heathrow airport. They passed through customs using their passports (Lily had written to her mother who had sent forms for the passports by owl. James, Lily and Sirius filled them out – Remus and Faith having tavelled over seas recently already had a passport – and then Lily’s mother had sent then in along with photos and then owled the passports to Lily) without any trouble. Sirius and James had caused some staring and curious whispering when they watched the man give them their boarding passes and take their bags, exclaiming when the computers printed the boarding passes out.

The five of them were lined up at the departure gate about to board the plane.

“Thank you and enjoy your flight!” the Lady dealing with the boarding passes smiled.

Finally they boarded the plane taking their seats. Sirius had the window seat with Faith sitting next to him and James next to her. Lily was across the aisle with Remus next to her.

“Good evening and welcome to United Flight 923 to Washington. Myself and the other attendants working on this plane are here to make this flight as enjoyable as possible but first there is a serious side to this flight which we must discuss before takeoff..."

James and Sirius listened attentively as they ran through the basics: life vests, emergency exits etc.

James began panicking and looked as if he were about to vomit when the plane began to taxi down the runway so much so that Lily had to lean accross the aisle and snog him whilst they took off.

After an hour of flying Sirius and James began having fun with the reclining seats and lights.

Faith, Lily and Remus had decided to take it in turns sleeping so that there was at least one person supervising James and Sirius at all times. Faith volunteered to take the first shift so Lily and Remus were fast asleep.

"Hey what does this button do?" Sirius asked.

"Um, it calls for the people who give you drinks and stuff," Faith replied eyeing the small button.

"You mean the hot birds who were checking the over-head departments?"

"Compartments, and yes them."

Sirius smiled as James pushed the button.

A tall blonde with olive skin walked over.

"Is there anything I could get you sir?" she smiled looking down at James.

James smirked at Sirius.


James snapped his head around, his eyes wide, clearly at a loss of what to say or do.

“I said: is there any thing I could get you sir?”

“Yeah can we have two headsets please?” Faith interrupted.

The woman walked away looking slightly confused.

Faith leaned across Sirius and hit James across the chest.

Sirius laughed.

“What are ‘Headsets’?” Sirius asked.

“I’ll show you in a sec,” Faith replied as the attendant came back.

James and Sirius sat quietly as Faith took the headsets.

“Right,” she began handing them one each and plugging them in to the screens on the backs of the seats in front. “You put these on here-” she placed the headsets on their heads “-and watch these.”

She turned on the screens and smiled to herself as James and Sirius gasped at the music video that was playing.

“No be good boys and watch those for a while.”

They stared transfixed at the video playing: Dirrty by Christina Aguilera.

Taking this as an opportunity to do something she wanted to, Faith reached into her backpack and pulled out a giant lollypop.

She tore away the wrapping on the 10-inch swirl of candy colour and began to lick.

Glancing over at the screens that James and Sirius were goggling at she saw that they were watching some video by some rapper that had very many girls in very little clothes.

She reached up and pressed the button calling for assistance than asking for a headset.

When the woman returned Faith plugged in and listened to the music.


Lily’s eyes fluttered open. She Yawned and stretched her arms wide, letting her eyes take in her surroundings. She froze, unsure whether or not to laugh, when her eyes met the scene before her.

James and Sirius were practically drooling at the screens they stared transfixed at and Faith was dancing to the music coming from her headset with an immense lollypop that had a sizable chunk out of the side.

The three of them combined were attracting a lot of attention from the pointing and whispering passengers sitting nearby.

Lily looked beside her and was surprised to see Remus awake with his nose buried in a leather bound book, occasionally glancing over at Faith, James and Sirius before returning his gaze to his book, shaking his head.

“I woke up about twenty minutes ago,” he explained. “And the only thing that has changed since then is the amount of Faith’s lollypop that is left.”

“Right. What are they watching?” Lily asked throwing a curious glance at the others.

“Well shockingly enough it started of as a video clip with lots of girls in skimpy clothing-”

Lily scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“-Then it just kept playing through different songs, most of which have girls in skimpy clothing in them.”

“Well at least we know they are occupied,” she sighed leaning back in her seat. “I’m going back to sleep.”


Eight and a half hours. That was how long the flight was. Sirius yawned and stretched out on the chair in the departures lounge.

Eight and a half hours and they weren’t even in Boston yet.

“Where the hell are we?” he asked for the umpteenth time.

Faith rolled her eyes. Being the only one awake, besides Sirius, she was the only one to answer his ridiculous questions.

“For the six billionth time we are in Washington and we are leaving in about an hour so we will be there very soon.”

Sirius shut his mouth, his second unasked question being answered.

“We should wake up the others so we can eat something before we leave,” Faith suggested placing the magazine she had been attempting to occupy herself with back into her bag.

Getting to her feet she walked over to the sleeping form of Remus.

“Remus,” she said softly, shaking his shoulder. “Remus it’s time to go.”

“I don’t want any fucking alcohol!” he exclaimed loudly, his eyes remaining shut.

“I wasn’t trying to give you any,” she laughed stepping back and putting her hands on her hips.

“Well piss off then,” he mumbled waving a hand carelessly though the air before rolling over slightly.

“REMUS J. LUPIN WAKE UP!” she yelled.

“Huh? What?” he said groggily, sitting bolt upright.

“Nothing we were just going to grab some grub before we go which is in about an hour.”


As soon as everyone was ready they set off for a small group of shops.

“Lily you are in charge of food seeing as how I probably will get something like doughnuts and therefore should not be trusted in the case of nutrition,” Faith said handing her an amount of American money. “I’ll go get something for us to drink and Remus you are in charge of the three-year-olds,” Faith explained slapping Sirius’ hand away from a vending machine. “Just find a table and Lils and I will be over in a bit.”

Looking, searching, trying to decide what to buy.

Coffee? She thought. Most definitely not.

She smiled imagining how hyper Sirius and James would become after a shot of espresso.

Deciding that caffeine was a definite no, Faith decided to go for milkshakes.

“How did you do?” she asked Lily as she sat down.

“Sandwiches,” Lily sighed sitting a stack of assorted sandwiches on the table in front of then. “I couldn’t really find anything else that wasn’t filled with sugar or caffeine.”

One minute, twelve seconds. That is how long it took for the sandwiches to disappear.

Remus and Lily were lucky to get one each. The remaining ten were eaten so quickly by Faith, Sirius and James that you’d think they were being starved.

“Mmm,” Faith hummed as she drank her milkshake. “I feel filled slightly.”

“Faith you just ate four decent sized sandwiches,” Lily sighed. “And you are only slightly filled? You are such a guts.”

Remus chuckled at the scandalized look on Faith’s face.

“I’ll show you guts!” she cried pouring the rest of her drink on the red head.

Lily sat there, eyes wide, mouth open, completely shocked.

“Chocolate is a good look for you Lils,” Faith smirked sitting back and grabbing James’ milkshake.

“Hey!” he protested.

Faith smiled as she sipped the strawberry milk through a straw.

“I don’t see what you are so upset about Lily, simple scourgefy charm will fix that,” Sirius said snatching his milkshake out of Faith’s reach.

Lily just shot him a look, which made him recoil, before storming off to the ladies room.

When she returned Faith was placing all of their garbage in a bin.

“Ok children, time to jet set!” she said brushing off her hands.

The group wound their way through the crowd until they arrived at their departure gate.


Glad that their journey was almost over, the group of five walked off of the plane and into the arrivals lounge. The flight from Washington had been mostly uneventful. Lily introduced a very excited James to the “mile high” club, Sirius slept as did Remus and Faith finished her lollypop.

Now all they had to do was wait.

Faith, knowing Georgia, was full aware that the girl would probably be late.

“Look around and see if you can spot G,” she said craning her neck to look for her best friend.

“How will we know it is her if we’ve never seen her before?” Remus asked looking around the crowded airport.

“Trust me when I say you’ll know.”

“You have to remind me to thank her,” Lily said looking around like Faith and Remus. “She must be really nice to let us all stay, I can’t wait to meet h-”

She was cut off by a loud shriek.


Every one whirled around, their eyes falling on a slender girl with black/purple hair.

“Oh good Godoric,” Lily whispered. 

A/N - first of all i would like to dedicate this chapter to the one the only beautifal girl who is not only my bestest buddy and patner in crime she is also the inspiration behind georgia. I love you baby G!!!! secondly i would like to say thanks to everyone who sent luck and love to by baby neice who i have nicknamed norris. why?  you ask. well simple. her name is charlie and chuck is short for charlie hence norris (as in chuck norris) hahahahahaha i crack myself up sometimes. last and in no way least i would like to shout out to all of my faithful reviewers. (HAHAHAHAHA!! Faithful! i am too funny for my own good!) i would never have got this far with out you guys. i would mention names but i suck and would mostlikely forget some of you and i don't want to do that. please, as always: REVIEW!

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