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Psycho Chicken by melza
Chapter 1 : Psycho Chicken
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This is my second story. I know I should be working on Predictable but this idea just won't leave me. I had to write it!!

Harry looked very cautiously at what he had found.

It was large and round, and quite soft. Unusual for what it was.

Most were firmer, and smaller too, and normally you found more than one at once.

At least two.

It was a chicken egg. And it was about to hatch.

It slowly began to crack then all of a sudden it exploded.

SUGAR flew everywhere, lots of sugar, and then out stumbled the strangest looking chicken Harry had ever seen. It was bright lime green and had fluroscent pink feathers sticking out of its ass.
How bizzare, thought Harry.

Then 'Oh crap, I'm late for Potions, Snape will kill me!!!' and off he ran, making sure to shut the chicken in his room, alone with nothing else but the 15 cups of sugar that came with it.


Harry heard it before he even finished climbing the stairs.
He had been lucky, Snape was late for Potions himself so Harry was not caught...this time.
He then cautiously opened the door and was surprised by what he saw.
The chicken was now extremly fat and running recklessly around the room.



'Oh crap', Harry thought, noticing all the sugar was gone, it must have eaten it all and gone mad!!!!
It was running over Neville's bed and heading for the door.

'Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!' Harry screamed as he jumped to shut the door, but it was too late... the chicken had escaped.

Harry raced down the stairs after it, he tried to catch it but the chicken was too fast.
Harry reached the bottom of the staircase just in time to see it run through the portrait hole that Hermione had just walked through.

'What the heck was that?' she asked

'No time to explain. Must follow it.'

Harry then ran out of the portrait hole, but it was too late, the chicken was nowhere to be seen. But he couldn't stop, he would have to search the whole castle to find it.


Harry was just about to run down the stairs to the dungeons to search there when he heard a commotion in the Great Hall.




Harry ran through the doors where Hufflepuff where having their annual coke drinking contest.
He then caught sight of the psycho green chicken running along the Hufflepuff table, dripping with coke.
The Hufflepuffs were so busy cheering on their friends that they didn't notice that a lime green chicken with a fluroscent pink ass had just run through their spare coke bowl.

Harry then chased it through the Entrance Hall and at that moment Hagrid walked through the doors leading to the castle grounds.
The chicken ran through the doors before Harry could say

"Holy shit stop that motherfucking chicken Hagrid!!'

Then both Hagrid and Harry ran through the doors out into the grounds. They followed it all the way to the greenhouses just as Professor Sprout came out of Greenhouse #6.

Not missing a chance the chicken ran through the doors as Professor Sprout who seemed awfully anxious hurried off.

Harry began to open the door to the greenhouse but Hagrid yelled,

' 'Arry you can't enter there, you know it's the forbidden greenhouse. No-one 'cept Professor Sprout knows what's growin' in there, not even Dumbledore.'

'Well we have too, we have to stop that chicken!'

'Oh I s'pose then, ' Hagrid agreed.

Slowly and cautiously they entered to find the chicken running around in circles. Its eyes were bloodshot and it was munching on whatever was growing in there.


'What is this stuff?' Harry asked, taking a look at the weird species of plant.

'Why, I thought it was obvious,' Hagrid replied, 'They're Magic Mushrooms.'

The chicken kept running in circles, eating more and more of the mushrooms as it went. Then all of a sudden it dropped dead.

'Oh well,' Hagrid said as he picked up the chicken, 'C'pect the 'ouse elves could use 'im.'

With that Harry and Hagrid proceeded up to the castle.

'Oh an' 'Arry, best not mention that to no-one.'


*The next evening at dinner*

'Hermione, you should try this chicken soup,' Ron said as he stuffed his mouth with sopped bread.

'You know chicken makes me sick Ron, its not funny.'

'Right then,' he replied, 'How bout you Harry, you really ought to try it,.'

'Nah, I'm full.'


*Later that night*

'Harry,' Hermione said as she put down her Charms book, 'Look at Ron.'

Harry looked up from his Transfiguration essay. Ron's eyes were blood shot and he was running around in circles.


*****THE END*******

Well I hope you liked it. I know it was strange but please review it anyway and tell me what you think.

I own the psycho chicken.
Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hagrid, Professor Sprout and Hagrid are owned by J.K.Rowling
the weird plot is mine from my crazy mind with thanx from my wonderful friend stephpotter for her input of sugar, coke and magic mushrooms!!! Oh and also thanx to Elliebellie, for well nothng but I'll thank you anyways since your a grat friend!

Remember review, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

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Psycho Chicken: Psycho Chicken


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