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Aimer la fleur (To Love the flower) by JamesandLily4ever
Chapter 3 : St. Valentine's Ball
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Disclaimer: I have never said that I owned Harry and I will never do so. Also, I cannot wait until the last book is on my doorstep (I pre-ordered it)! Now you may read along now. :)

Chapter: St. Valentine’s Ball

Marlene, Alice, and I were studying in the library. Or I’d rather like to inform you that they were pestering me about who invited me to the St. Valentine’s Ball.

“Just tell me and I’ll stop!” Marlene beseeched.

Alice nodded. “Yes, just tell her.”

I sighed and straightened my back. Then I slapped my hand on my Romeo and Juliet copy. The two dark haired girls jumped at that and I felt some of my extra energy fade away. I took a deeper breath and exhaled to give the two of them a smile.

“You will not believe what I am going to tell you,” I whispered.

Alice and Marlene nodded eagerly.

I raised an eyebrow and asked, “You do want to know, don’t you?”

They nodded again and I answered, “Then come closer.”

They did and I wanted to burst out laughing, but I just answered the obvious yet unexpected response, “James Potter.”

Marlene’s eyes popped out of their sockets and Alice’s jaw clanged to the floor. Yes, I was expecting this from them. The first to get out of their shocked trances was Marlene.

“You know what? You were right! I couldn’t believe it, but,” Marlene giggled, “that is the best thing that I’ve heard over these few years in Hogwarts. You going out with – no, no, actually you saying ‘yes’ to Potter when he asked you to join him!”

I bit my lip since I couldn’t hold back my smile. James, James, James… My Prince James…

Marlene stared at me with a cocked eyebrow. “He did ask you out… didn’t he?”

Alice beamed, “Or did you ask him to the Ball?”

I sighed and whispered in an almost-dreamy reply, “Yes… I did.”

“Wow, and I thought that a boy asked a girl to anywhere during Valentine’s…” Marlene wondered.

I simply waved a hand off at her. “Forget it and just get ready for the Ball, Mrs. Padfoot.”

Marlene gaped, but Alice and I laughed.


Four weeks later everyone was ecstatic over the Valentine’s Ball. Marlene was pacing over and over in the seventh year girls’ dormitory while Alice nail filed her nails for the fourth time. I just stared at the dark emerald strapless dress robes in front of me that was hung in a hanger beside my bed’s curtains. It had velvet and silk parts at the bodice while the hem was laced in with lighter green petals in the soft fabric. I beamed with delight.

“I wonder what Remus will think of me today!” Elaine exclaimed as she brushed through her mouse brown hair.

Samantha Smith answered, “You look gorgeous and Remus will love you, Elaine!”

“You should stop combing your hair though, it isn’t hale,” Valerie Rockwell commented, but then corrected her self, “It isn’t healthy, I mean!”

Elaine sighed as she put down her brush. Her hazel eyes flared with annoyance.

“I know, but I can’t help but think that Remus won’t like me if my hair does not look right…” Elaine’s voice started rough, but slowly fell to a low murmur.

Samantha waved her wand around her head as she offered, “If you need help with your hair, just tell me.”

Then Samantha’s carrot red hair flourished into a loose bun, but around the bun there were curls cascading down to the nape of her neck. I smiled. Samantha’s talent was on cosmetic spells since her Mother worked as a hair stylist in Diagon Alley.

Elaine nodded. “I guess that I do need help. I can’t think on a good hairstyle right now.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do all the thinking!” Samantha beamed.

Marlene stopped pacing and sighed. I patted the place beside me and told her to sit down. Marlene reluctantly did.

I asked her, “What’s wrong?”

Marlene frowned. “I doubt that Sirius will like my dress robe.”

“Since when have you cared about what Sirius thinks?” I replied with an arched eyebrow.

Valerie gasped, “Did you just say Sirius as in Sirius Black?”

“Yes, Val, who else would anyone be talking about? Seriously, right?” Samantha retorted.

Elaine gaped. “Marlene, you were asked to the Ball by him?”

Marlene answered, “Yes, I did.”

The three girls ‘awed’ and ‘ooed’. Samantha beamed, “Wonderful, Marlene, but make sure that you do something for all of us…”

“What?” Marlene asked.

Samantha smiled maliciously. “Humiliate him.”

Now it was my turn to frown. “Why do you ask that, Sam?”

Marlene raised an eyebrow at her as Alice asked Elaine to zip up the back of her light blue dress robes.

“It would add up to how funny he is, honestly!” Samantha put up her hands in defense as she finished Elaine’s hair. “He came around asking girls to the Ball – he asked me and even knew that I was already asked by Nicolas Prewett.”

“I’m leaving,” Marlene hissed lowly.

I grabbed her arm. “No, Marlene, you are not leaving until you are pretty. Don’t listen to Sam, she was just joking.”

I glanced at Samantha, who was trying to choose which pair of high heels to wear. Marlene nodded when I looked back at her. After another hour and a half all of us were ready for the Ball. I checked my emerald dress robes’ bodice and soothed out the front of it. Elaine had enhanced my face with light make up and she commented that I looked radiant. Samantha had made my hair rise in a knot that had a few curls loose around it.

By then I joined the others down the staircase. Alice checked her clock before we went out the door.

“It’s almost dinner time, but let’s just go,” she notified.

I felt my stomach flutter and I felt so uneasy! Only one thought ran through my mind. Will James adore me today?

There was a whistle. “Looking grand today, ladies!”

I tried hard not to blush because there was a crowd of boys from fourth year to fifth year boys in the Common Room. Each girl met her partner while I was searching out the untidy hair of James. I grinned once I met his hazel eyes and huge smile.

Marlene whispered, “This is weird, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know what kind of ‘weird’ you mean, Marlene,” I breathed as I was still gazing in James’ eyes.

Alice giggled as Marlene frowned deeply. “Lovers’ demise, I swear that if Si-“

“Marlene, you are looking radiant today and very… stunning…”

Since when have I seen Black drool over one of my friends? My true answer is never. I covered my grin with my hand as Marlene was involved in a chat with Black.

Alice was granted an outstretched hand from Frank who was wearing a colossal smile. Remus nearly fainted when he saw Elaine.

“You look so beautiful, Elaine, that I cannot find the words to explain,” Remus breathed as Elaine rewarded him with a kiss as she blushed.

I smiled as I was left alone at the rail of the stairs.

“Hello, Princess of the heavens, aren’t you lonely at your tower?” I turned around to meet the sight of James climbing up the stairs.

Everyone looked up at him. I waited, because this wasn’t going to last for long. Usually the stairs to the girl’s Dormitories does not allow boys to walk upon it – not even the first step. At last James reached me and I grinned as well.

The whole room was quiet just as James uttered, “I wonder why this staircase has not killed me yet.”

At that same moment that he said that the steps unleashed their fury. The steps in front of me turned into a slide with the exception of where I was. James was about to slide down, but I stretched out my hands and he grabbed mine. The steps underneath my feet turned into a slide as well. I couldn’t keep my balance and so the two of us slid down.

I laughed at first and then he joined me.

Everyone laughed, “Nice fall Potter!”

James helped me up and then we left to the Ball.


Black kept singing with the Banging Ghouls, the music group that Dumbledore had chosen for the Ball’s entertainment. Marlene sang with him too. I shivered. Since when do the two of them do things together?

“Wanna dance?” James asked with a wide spread grin.

I nodded. “I’d like to.”

We stepped on the dance floor and started dancing to a slow song that started. The lead singer, Lola Beggar started singing.

When I first saw you,
I fell for you and it’s true…
You embraced me, caressed me, adored me…
You made me feel so free.

I kept my face on James’ chest as Lola continued.

Boy, you made me fall in love,
And I think I got hit by a cupid from above.
You still embraced me, caressed me, adored me…
You make me feel so free.

I smiled as my nostrils were emerged with James’ cologne. mmm… he smells so good… I thought.

When I first saw you,
I fell for you and I swear that it’s true…

“Now I want all the girls to raise their hands,” Lola kept playing her guitar as she ordered this.

I raised my hand as many other girls did.

Lola continued, “Now, boys, hug your girls real tight, but not that tight because we wouldn’t want them to faint, now wouldn’t we?”

“No,” James laughed as his arms tightened a little around me.

Lola grinned, “Now tell each other those gushy lovey-dovey feelings that you’ve been hiding!”

I smiled up at James and told him, “I love you.”

“I love you too, truly and to the heart,” James murmured.

We kissed as the last lines continued.

Boy, you made me fall in love,
And I think I got hit by a cupid from above.
Kiss me once or kiss me twice,
I’ll always love you sweet, sour, or with spice.
Just remember how hard it was to love you.
Just remember how hard it was to love you.

I’ll always embrace you, caress you, and adore you,
And I’ll always make you feel free.
I swear that I’ll always be there and be true,
I swear that you’ve always been for me.


A/n: Tell me what you think! (I’m going to add this lovely song that I made to my Allpoetry – Invierno1506 – account. It’s where I have two poems for this fluffy fic.)


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