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Lovesick by The Dark Queen
Chapter 14 : Chapter 14
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Chapter 14


Tap Tap”

I grunted and rolled onto my side.

“Tap, Tap, TAP”


I pulled the covers over my head.


I tried to block the noise out with my pillow.


I sighed angrily and almost shrieked in frustration when I saw my muggle clock read: 1:00 am.


I got up, eyes half way open, and blindly made my way to my window. I opened the window already knowing what, or better who, was at my window. I really think I’m psychic…half asleep.

“Potter. How nice to see you at 1 o’clock in the morning.” Big emphasis on 1 o'clock.

He had a big smile on his face “I was just taking a ride on my broom-“

“At 1 o’clock in the morning,” I interjected and I was surprised I didn’t realized that Potter was flying on his broom outside my 2 story window. Along with the broom I also realized he was only in a plain blue, slim fitting, T-shirt and pajama bottoms. I myself was only in pink, plaid, pajama pants (say that three times fast) and a white tank top.

“Yes. Anyway I thought I should pay you a visit.”

“At 1 o’clock in the morning.” I stated again. “ I just saw you like 6 hours ago.”

“But darling,” his eyes twinkling as he dramatically placed his hands over his heart “2 minutes away from you feels like a lifetime, you can’t even imagine what 6 hours does to me.”

“Well sorry kid, you’re going to have to suffer. Unlike you, I am a normal person and as a normal person I actually sleep at 1 o’clock in the morning. Crazy, I know!” How I love sarcasm! I went to close my window but he stopped me.

“But Lily. I thought you would fancy taking a broom ride with me.”

“And what could have possibly possessed you to think that you wretched, repulsive, atrocious cretin?” I was getting really grumpy and I couldn’t stand for is stupidity.

“Cretin? That’s new.” He looked at my cranky face and probably realized he ignored he point. Then he added “Nice use of words though…”

“Oh thanks! That’s means so much coming from you.” This time I shut the window but stupid Potter-who-can’t-get-the-hint-that-I-am-tired-and-cannot-stand-him had an amused expression on his face. I couldn’t stand it, so I opened the window.

“And what is so funny!” I demanded.

“Well Lily I kind of asked you to take a broom ride with me and you never answered, that’s awfully rude.”

I deliberately yawned widely. “I’m sorry if I hadn’t made it clear yet, but I. Am. Tired.”

“You didn’t answer me.”

I shut my window for a damn answer. But yet again I was forced to open my window when I heard Potter laughing away. “What?” He could tell I was aggravated but chose to overlook that little quirk.

“I get it now! You’re scared!” he said simply.

“No I’m not.” I said too quickly but then corrected myself. “Could it be I don’t want to go on the broom with you because of you. Or maybe I could be tired because its 1 o’clock? Or-“

“I don’t need to hear any excuses…sissy. If you’re too afraid to come, that’s alright.”

“I am not scared!”

“Then come with me. C’mon I won’t let you fall.”

I glared at him. “I’m not afraid...”

“Okay then. Prove me wrong! C’mon…”

“Muggles will see us...”

“Like you said, normal people are sleeping at 1 o’clock in the morning.” he made his voice high to imitate me. It was so childish but I couldn’t help but smile.

"Okay… but you can’t go to high, or-or do those loopy loops a-and not too fast…Oh and-“

He rolled his eyes “There’s not going to be time for the actual trip if you keep tell me what I can and can’t do on the trip. And I won’t let you fall if that’s what your afraid of.”

“Cut it out! I’m not afraid okay?” I saw he had is stupid know-it-all smirk “And where are we going on this ‘trip’?”

“You’ll see,” he moved up on his broom and patted the back where I guess I was supposed to sit. He looked like an eager puppy awaiting a bone.

I sighed “Alright, come in the room.” He raised his eyebrows “So I can get on the broom, moron.”

He easily flew through the window and waited for me to come on. I took a deep breathe and walked up to the broom.

“You do know how to get on it right?” he asked

“Ha! Amusing” I answer sarcastically. I slowly and cautiously began to get on.

“Merlin Lily! You’re going as slow as molasses in January!” he said as I swung my leg over.

“You don’t even know what molasses is, idiot. And I’m all ready to go.” I said impatiently

“I’d hold on to me if I were you.” He said a matter-of-factly.

“No I think I’m fine holding on to the broo-AHHH!!” all of a sudden he took off and in that split second my arms were around is middle.

“Told you so.” He stated smugly.

I grunted in reply. The good part about sitting in the back was that he couldn’t see that my eyes were closed.

“Jeez Evans let me breathe. You’re death grip is killing me.”

“Take me back if you don’t like my death grip then.”

“Nah, " he let out a laugh “Are your eyes closed?”


“Yes they are”

“No they’re not!” I opened my eyes very slowly and saw him looking at me. He raised his eyebrows amusingly “Shouldn’t you be watching out for trees or something?” I mumbled.

“Trees don’t go this high” he turned back around and my eyes trailed down way down.

I closed my eyes again and screamed “I HATE YOU JAMES POTTER! I TOLD YOU NOT TO GO HIGH! I’LL HATE YOU TILL I DIE!” ‘which will probably be soon if we’re this high’ I thought as I tightened my grip around him.

He choked a bit then said “This isn’t high and you’re not supposed to look down you baby.”

I calmed down a bit “I am not scare-STOOOPPPP!!” The stupid git did a loopy loop. “Are you mental?!?!? I could have fallen!”

“You need to lighten up.”

“I’m sorry if I’m not in the mood to fall to my death.” I said indignantly.

He chuckled “First of all you have to open your eyes.”



“I’d rather you called me Evans.”

“I’d rather you call me James but we can’t always get what we want. Now open your eyes, but this time…don’t look down.”

I sighed but opened my eyes anyway, and decided to watch a little speck of light I assumed to be Mars.

“Okay… they’re open”

“Alright now take a deep breath and calm down. I can feel you trembling. Flying isn’t scary.”

“I never said it was”

He laughed “Of course you didn’t.”

I did as he told me but I’m not sure if it calmed me down any more. I looked at him and couldn’t help but notice how naturally flying came to him.

“Now just relax…I’m going to do a flip.” I held on tighter to him “Lily I really think you’re crushing my rib cage here.” I loosened my grip…a little “Just think happy thoughts. Here I go…”

And there he went. He did a little flip and this time my eyes were open. I let out a little half scream and half laugh. I really couldn’t believe it. Here I was on a broomstick with Potter, probably 300,000 feet in the air whereas I can barely go half the height with Remus.

“Not too bad right?”

I smiled. “Not too bad at all…just don’t try it again too soon.”

We stayed silent for a while until Potter said “We’re here”

I managed to look passed him and all I saw was a grassy hill. The hill seemed untouched by the surrounding village. But when we landed on it all we could see was the gigantic moon that seemed to take up half the sky and the little stars that dotted the emptiness. It was like we weren’t on earth anymore.

After gawking at the size of the moon I realized I was shivering. It was a bit cold. But the instant I thought that, I felt a blanket draped over my shoulders. I turned around and almost bumped heads with Potter. My green eyes bore into his hazel ones for…well, I’m not sure how long. But then he broke the gaze.

“I changed it from a rock to a blanket for you. Transfiguration is my best subject you know.” He said as he walked to about the middle of the hilltop and lied down; hands behind his head.

I walked over to him smiling. It was weird I was smiling so much, but I liked it. “As much as I hate to admit it. You were always better at Transfiguration than me.”

He just nodded silently. He was gazing intently at the sky. I stared at him for a second and he patted the ground next to him. "Lay down if you want."

“No funny business?” I asked him.

He smiled but still didn’t look at me “No funny business.”

I wrapped the blanket closer around me and lied down next to him.

Just calming down for a second, and gazing at the stars, seemed to make all the troubles and battles of the world fade a bit.

“So Mr. Potter, why did you really take me here?” I asked. It was strange, I was actually having a good time with the boy I’ve hated for 6 years.

“Well you know the Marauders were sleeping over my house tonight…except Peter he said he had to do something. Anyway Remus happened to let it slip that you were afraid of heights.”

I knew Remus probably wouldn’t give that information away freely but now Potter knew. “So you decided to torture me tonight.”

“Never torture, Lily! Fun, but never torture.” He was smirking now “But he told me how you can’t even walk up the steps at Hogwarts' quidditch stadium. And you know how I am, can’t avoid a challenge so I set out to cure you of your phobia of heights.”

I was blushing. I Lily Evans was blushing. Uh oh. “That was nice of you”

“Well I figure you need to live life to the fullest and how can you live life to the fullest when you haven’t even been on a broom? I mean these days you don’t know what will happen next.” It shocked me that Potter could be serious. “At you’re house I was just going to take you on a broom ride but then I thought you’d like this place.”

“I do like this place. It’s beautiful…” I said dream-like.

“It sure is.” I turned to him but he wasn’t looking at the stars…he was looking at me.

“I-its getting late or early… w-we should go.” I stuttered.

“Yeah. I guess your right.” Sighing, he got up then offered me a hand. I took it gratefully and looked around. You could see a tiny bit of light on the horizon. We got on the broom and took off.

“This was nice, really nice. And thanks for curing me of my phobia.” I said once my house was in sight. We were right over Calvin’s house.

He did a double loop-de-loop. I screamed because it took me by surprise.

“Okay maybe my phobia still needs a little work.” I smiled. “Here we are.”

“Here we are.” He repeated regretfully as we reached my window.

I whispered an almost inaudible “bye” and went for my window when James stopped me.

“Lily.” He said.


He looked up and in that moment I think something changed, I’m not sure what, but something. I looked into his hazel eyes and was barely comprehending that as each moment went by, we were getting closer. He gently pushed a piece of my stray hair behind my ear and our lips were mere centimeters away when-

“Lily?” someone breathed from below us. We jumped apart, well as much as you can when your on a broom, 20 feet high in the air.


“The window!” I whispered fiercely and James flew through the window fast as the speed of light. Then someone started pounding on our door downstairs. Ducky started barking madly.

“Oh my god! What’s happening? What do we do?” I stared up at him in horror “What if he saw you-us, on the broom? We’ll go to Azkaban, no we’ll get kicked out of Hogwarts, then Azkaban. Oh my god, oh my god…”

James came up to me and took me by the shoulders. He shook me a bit. “Lily calm down, who saw us?”

“It was Calvin you dolt! He saw, I know he did. Hide under the bed!” he looked at me confused. “Go! He’s at the door now, somebody’s going to answer it and then they’ll come up here. And you can’t fly out the window or he’ll see you. Hide under the bed!” I was pushing him towards the bed.

“I thought you were panicking! But you’re a surprisingly fast thinker at a time like this.” He said as I threw his broom under the bed with him.

I got into my bed and realized I still had the blanket Potter got me. I shoved it under my pillow and rested my head on it.

“Ow! You need a new bed; you’re squishing me under here. This just won’t work if this happens in the future.” Potter’s muffled voice said from under the bed.

"It won’t be happening in the future. Now shut up!” I whispered as I heard footsteps running up the stairs. I quickly closed my eyes.

The door of my room opened. “Mr. Evans, I swore I saw her. She was with that Potter kid. Outside…flying.” I heard Calvin’s voice.

My dad’s calm and slightly agitated voice came next. “She’s right here. And has been here the whole time. You must have been sleep walking son, honestly, flying.

“Maybe, but I’ll have to check to see if her pupils are dilated. That will prove if she’s been awake.” He said, but now his voice was a lot closer.

“Honey, I’m not sure that’s a great idea…” my mum said but it came too late. I slowly opened my eyes. “AHHHH!” I flew off my bed and on to the floor. My eyes briefly connected with Potter’s.

“What the hell?” I screamed. “Calvin why was your face that close to mine? While I was sleeping?” I got off the floor and stared at him incredulously.

“I’m sorry Lily. I heard a scream and came to check it out. I thought I saw you, flying with that Potter kid!” he gave a little S/GPU nervously though.

“Me and Potter? Flying? Are you crazy?” I asked. “Never mind, I’m tired so get out please?

“Sure, sure. Sorry Lily…” he said walking out the door.

“It’s okay,” I mumbled.

He walked out, then my mum, but my dad gave me a ‘we’ll-talk-about-this-later-look’, then shut the door.

Once I heard the various slams of the doors I sighed and collapsed on my bed. “That was close.” I said.

Potter popped up. “He doesn’t seem to like me does he?”

I got up and shrugged. He was looking around my room.

“Wow. This looks like my room, with all the posters. You know, I thought you liked quidditch, but now I know your obsessed with it. We’re more alike then I thought.” He looked back at me with a confused expression. “But why didn’t um…what’s that kids name?”


“Yeah, yeah that’s it! Why didn’t he notice them moving?”

“These posters are enchanted not to move when muggles come into the room. My family doesn’t even know they move.” I said proudly.

His mouth turned into an ‘O’ as he nodded in understanding. “Well, I gotta go, Sirius and Remus will be waking up soon, and my parents…” He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He smiled and walked towards the window.

I got over my case of temporarily disabled speech. “I-I’d go through the door if I was you. People are bound to be up now, I can scream loud…” he smiled and headed for my door. “Oh! And watch out for Ducky.”

“Who’s Ducky?” he asked.

"My dog.”

“You named your dog Ducky?”

“I was young, naïve…”

He just laughed. “Bye Lily.” He walked out of the door broom in hand.


 A/N: Yay! Lily didn't use 'Potter' for once. Whats up with that, huh? Serious Romantic moments are hard to write, at least for me, so i'd love to know if i did it justice or not. I might go back and add stuff or whatever when i'm bored sometime, but for now i think it's good..? Anyway, I personally liked this chpater. Maybe it was all the sarcasm or humor, who knows? I wrote this so long ago and it's hard to think i actually wrote this.  Oh! And I'd love to hear some of you guys's favorite parts! In other news, I am now the favorite author of 3 ppl! That's awesome!! I'm so hyped now. That reminds me, my other story Secrets, Love & Lies needs some lovin'. It's not as fun as this one but i decided to take a shot at seriousness for once. And just for reading this extremely long author's note, i will give you a little snip-it for the next chapter...CHAPTER 15! WOW! (and let me say chappy 15 is one of the most entertaining and yet...well I don't wanna give anything away ;)
Chapter 15 preview:

Occasionally my eyes would wonder to the Potter’s house, but right now I felt a pair of eyes on me. I turned around and Potter just happened to be tying his shoe. But then with a quick glance in my direction he casually slid off his shirt and continued with his work.

Oh Damn!


I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. If you could imagine the hottest guy ever, James Potter would be ten times that right now. I wasn’t even aware that I kept walking until-------*giggles evilly* That's it for now faithful readers!

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