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The Other Daughter by manic_rage
Chapter 5 : The Truth About Jake And Dragon
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The Truth About Jake And Dragon

Electres was there, and she could not believe it herself; for more then four years now she had avoided this place, afraid of what it would do to her.

She looked around, it was dark, the air was stale, and the grass was dead. She kneeled down in the grass, staring at the stone, wishing she could shed one tear.

She leaned forward and touched the cold stone, tracing the letters with her fingers.

She could not believe it had been more then four years since she had felt him, since she had been in his arms, her hands dropped to the ground, feeling the dirt beneath her.

She lay down on the dirt, laying on her side she spoke.

“What am I to do? I am so lost now, more then I have ever been. Everything was simple when I was a call girl; be called, do what the caller wanted and then waiting for another call, but now everything is so complicated. 

"I have family, and friends, and someone I care deeply for, but what am I to do? They hate each other and are on different sides of the war, please help me.” She said her body shaking; she could not bare this.

She lay there before her eyes closed, taking her back to the past. 

She sat there as he watched her, smiling.

“Do you know what I will do with you when I get you out of here?”

“What?” She asked; she was glowing.

“First I will take you far away and then I will marry you and we will live happily ever after.”


“Of course, it is the least you deserve.”

“I don’t know what I would have ever done if you wouldn’t have walked through that door.”

“Nor do I.” He said smiling warmly; he came laid down next to her, she adjusted so their faces were even.

“What would I ever do without you?” She asked, her hand caressing his cheek, he smiled placing his hand over hers.

“Live, promise me that. That no matter what, you never let them hurt you again, never show them the pain, promise me.”

“I promise.” She said leaning forward to kiss him but he turned away.

“Not tonight love, not tonight.” He said pulling her closer to him; and there they lay, holding each other, nothing more. 

Electres opened her eyes, she had not thought about that since it had happened, but she knew that was what kept her going all those years, her promise to him.

She sat up and looked at his gravestone, her eyes set.

“I know what I must do now, thank you.” She said leaning forward, kissing the stone.

She heard someone coming up behind her; she did not even have to look to know whom it was.

She smiled as he kneeled next to her, his hand on her shoulder; she turned to him, leaning into him.

“Their worried, I mean really worried Electres.”

“How did you know?”

“Potter called me. Somehow he knew I would know how to find you.”

“And you did.”

“Yes, I did.” He said kissing her hair.


“Yes love.”

“You know I care about you, but there is a war going on.”

“I know.” He said, his voice was full of pain; he knew what was coming.

“I have to stay with them.”

“They will get you killed.”

“I need to be with them, even if kills me. They are me and I am them, there is no changing that.”

“I know.”

“Please, don’t-“

“Your breaking your promise.”

“No I am not.” She said grabbing his face, kissing him hard.

“You know I will not break a promise to you, not ever.” She said looking at the gravestone.

“Here I will renew it, here in his presence.” She said and he looked at the stone as well.

“My Dragon I promise to you that someday I will come back to you, I promise that to you.” She said kissing him again, long and hard.

“Amen.” He said wrapping his arms around her, deepening the kiss.

They pulled apart and he pulled her up, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

“Come on, we need to get you back.” He said shaking his head; he could not believe he was doing something for Potter, something for the Weasly’s. 

The entire night Harry stayed awake, waiting for a response, waiting for Electres, waiting for anything.

Then he noticed there was fog coming in and that is when he saw two figures walking out of the fog, one arm around the others.

Harry stood and looked at them, they both had the look of content in their eyes.

“Thank god your back because that was my only plan.” Said Harry looking at Electres, then to Draco, frowning.

“Thank you, I guess.” He said in Draco’s general direction, Draco looked at him, smirking.

“Well I didn’t do this for you Potter, or the Weasly’s, I did this for Electres, and her only. I know that trouble follows this girl around everywhere.”

He said smiling at Electres, she smiled back and kissed him, not caring Harry was standing right there.

“Till we met again.” She said, and he started to walk away, only to look back, smirking.

“Till we met again.” He said and with that, he disappeared in the fog. Harry looked at Electres, who for once looked calm.

“Are you ok now?”

“Yes, better then I have been in a while.” She said walking past Harry and into the house, ready for anything. 

“Electres! Oh my god, your okay.” yelled Molly. She looked Electres up and down, saw nothing was wrong with her and then her face was twisted in anger.  “Don’t you ever do that again do you understand?”

“No.” said Electres, Molly looked like she was going to explode.


“No I don’t, I left you a note, be glad I did. I could have left without word and never would have come home, but no I came back.” She yelled back and Molly looked at her.

“Listen Molly, there are still things about me you do not know, and I like it that way. Sometimes I need to leave to clear my head and seek help, okay? Deal with it or I am gone.” She said standing there, waiting for Molly’s response.

And the only thing she could say was,

“Okay.” And with that the tension died and Charlie walked up to Electres, grabbing her by the arm and dragging her up stairs.

“What the-“

“Listen, usually I would not ask, but I need to know, did you go to see Malfoy?”

“No, I went somewhere I needed to go and Draco showed up, and made sure I came back.” Charlie looked at her in disbelief.

“He made sure you-“

“He knew what I had decided and knew I had to come back.”

“And what did you decide?”

“That I am needed here.” She said and he looked at her and nodded, then walked out. Electres sat on her bed and waited for everyone else to walk in, questions left and right, but they never came. 

Some time later there came a knock, the person walked in without word and looked at Electres, she looked back.

“It’s time.” Electres picked up her bag and walked out, closing the door behind her.

She never looked at any of her family as she took the floo powder and ran for the first room she could find.

For a day and a half she sat in her room, deciding whether to tell the secrets she has, the secrets she knows that are very valuable.

She had chosen her family, and in doing so all of her secrets became theirs, except the ones regarding her past, those were hers until the day she died.

She walked out of her room and down to the kitchen where she found her family; this house was very different from her family’s warm house, but it would do.

“I have something to say.” She said looking at her- Molly, and Dumbledore.

They nodded and she looked at everyone else, everyone she knew too young to be members.

“Alone.” She said and everyone looked at her, Molly told everyone to go to his or her rooms and when they left Electres did not take a seat.

“What is it?”

“I lied when I said I knew nothing of the war, and that is why I left. I needed to see where I, where my loyalties lay.”

“And where do they?” Asked Molly swallowing hard.

“You are my family and I am staying with you, no matter what.”

“Oh that’s wonderful.” Said Molly, Dumbledore smiled.

“Um when I was where I was I came into certain knowledge of a certain group that I believe you to be familiar with. Death eaters.” She said looking at Molly, watching her face from happy, to surprise, to angry/sad.

“And how-“

“That is not important. What is important is I am betraying someone I care deeply for to keep this family safe, a family I barely know.” She said heatedly, Molly looked at her surprised and let Electres continued.

“And so it begins.” She whispered.

That afternoon she continued to tell them everything she knew about their plans and goals, which were different then what Molly and Dumbledore had thought. 

Something’s are as good as they sound

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