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Daddy's Hands by SweetGoodbye
Chapter 6 : A Trip to Hogwarts
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Hermione draped her cool hand upon Keely's head, it was a little warm, so she let her sleep in.

Hermione sat on the couch, wand in hand, practicing a spell she hadn't tried in years when she heard a light pecking on the closed window.

When she looked, she saw a black owl. Never in her life had she seen an owl as black as this one. It's sleek feathers were so dark and shiny, it almost looked blue. 

Hermione got up from the couch and retrieved the letter from the owl, then went back to the couch and inspected it curiously.

Her heart lurched when she saw the famous wax seal holding the letter shut. It was the H, the Hogwarts school crest. She tore open the letter in excitement.

The letter was beautifully written in old fashioned script, it read:

Dear Hermione Granger, 

How nice it is to write to you. It has been so long. It is Professor McGonagall. But, you no longer need to call me that, you can call me Minerva.
I was writing to you because I heard you have a bookstore. It doesn’t surprise me either. You were so well with books.
Well, now I am going to stop reminiscing on the past.
Anyway, I was wondering if you could give some of the following books to Hogwarts…
Hogwarts truths,
Amazing Phoenix Stories,
Dumbledore, his journey,
Great Students of Hogwarts,
And last, a favorite of yours, Hogwarts a History.

We will of course pay you if you have the books. No other bookstore around seems to have these, I thought, you may have them. Please respond, it would be a pleasure to hear from you again. 

Hermione smiled. Professor McGonagall had always been one of her favourite teachers. 

She pulled out of her drawer some white paper and wrote back to her. 

She wrote that she knew for a fact she had the books in stock, she had seen them all around the bookstore recently. She would have the books ready by tomorrow and would appreciate a reply.

She signed the letter with It’s nice to hear from you Minerva, Love Hermione.

She folded the letter neatly,  tied it to the lovely owl, and away it went.


“Honey!” said Hermione as she pressed her hand to her chest, thus, she felt the wild beating of her startled heart.

“Was that an owl?” Keely asked curiously.

“Yes it was.” 

“Who was it from?” She pressed on.

“Hogwarts.” said Hermione scooping Keely up into her thin arms.

“Really?!” Keely asked. 

“Yes, it was one of my old professors, she owled me wanting to know if I had some books.” 

“You have them of course.” said Keely with pride. 

“Yes," Hermione laughed.

“Mum, do you want to play outside?” 

Hermione was a bit taken aback by her sudden question asked so innocently and filled with desire.

"Of course I will play outside with you," Hermione said softly as she fingered the tangled ends of Keely's hair that still hadn't been brushed. It pained her that she even had to ask.

By the power of Hermione's wand, the ball went flying to Keely without Hermione even touching it.

Keely caught it every time. 

“You are so good!” said Hermione impressed. Keely giggled and bowed with the occasional "Thank you, thank you."

They played out back for hours. They did everything catch, races, Hermione even got all the leaves in one place so Keely could jump in them. The time flew like never before out in Hermione's pathetic excuse for a yard.

They were both lying on the pile of orange leaves when the black owl gracefully landed on the windowsill.

Hermione and Keely looked at each other and raced inside like two hungry girls running inside for mums cookies.

Hermione got the letter from the owl and read it aloud to Keely.

Dear Hermione,

I am so happy to hear that you have the books. We have had trouble locating them; it is a load off my shoulders.
I thought, maybe you could bring them here tomorrow or perhaps the day after, if it is no trouble for you of course, I thought maybe you would like to see Hogwarts again and I’m sure little Keely would enjoy it. After all, she will be coming her when she is 11.

Keely interrupted Hermione’s reading.

“Mummy!!! Hogwarts! They want me to come with you! They know me already!!!” She exclaimed delightfully. The pure delight burning in Keely's eyes made Hermione smile.

Please reply; hopefully this will be alright with you. 

Professor McGonagall

Keely giggled. “Mum? Can we go, please?” 

Hermione thought. “Well, I wouldn’t mind seeing the castle again, and…” She was cut off by Keely’s squeal. 

“I am going to Hogwarts!!!” 

Hermione was holding Keely’s hand as they faced the giant door that belonged to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Keely took a deep breath. 

Hermione laughed and ruffled her hair. “It’s okay sweetie.”

Hermione knocked. 

The door was opened by Rubeus Hagrid.

All at once it felt like Hermione was going to laugh or cry, the feeling overwhelmed her.
She jumped up to Hagrid and hugged him tight. 

“Hermione!” he said with a tear in his eye. “It is so nice to see you!” 

“It’s so nice to see you too.” Hermione sighed.

Finally Hagrid let her feet back on the ground. 

“Oh!” said Hermione. “This…This is Keely.” said Hermione taking Keely’s hair and tucking  it out of her face. Keely looked high up to the man and grinned. 

Hagrid’s eyes got wide. He then looked at Hermione. By the look in his eye’s Hermione knew he knew. 

She nodded shyly. 

He coughed uncomfortably and Hermione thought she saw another tear glisten in his eye. 

He got down on his knees but Keely still had to look high up to him.

“Hello Keely,” He said slowly.

“Hello Hagrid," She said holding out her hand. Hagrid held out his finger, and she shook it. 

Hagrid took a deep breath. 

“Well, I assume you are here for Professor McGonagall?” 

“Yes,” said Keely. 

“Well you are smart just like your mother, aren’t you?” asked Hagrid. 

“Yes,” said Keely smiling and looking to Hermione. 

As soon as they entered the castle Keely saw Mrs. Norris. 

She ran up to her and started to pet her. Hermione was very surprised Mrs. Norris let her; in fact she seemed to like Keely. 

“That cat is still alive?” asked Hermione, shocked. 

“Yup.” said Hagrid. “Some people think Filch had a spell put on her, wantin’ her to live forever I guess.” 

While they watched Keely laugh as Mrs. Norris rolled on her back, Hagrid asked the question. 

“Where…Where is Ron?” His voice was a bit shaky. 

Hermione took a deep breath. “He, We…ermm.. We aren’t together.” 

Hagrid looked confused. “But…” 

“He went off to auror training... He knows nothing of Keely, Hagrid.” Hermione blurted out. 

“Well…” said Hagrid. “That explains a lot.” 

Hermione turned her head embarrassed. 

“He would love her,” said Hagrid examining the little girl’s actions. 

“Yes, I know,” 

“How old is she?” 

“She will be six in April.” 

“She is very bright for a five year old.” Said Hagrid surprised. 

“She is very smart, too smart for her own good,” 

“Like someone else I know.” said Hagrid beaming at Hermione. 

Hermione nudged Hagrid in the arm. 

“Hermione!” said Professor McGonagall walking fast down the steps, her robe flowing gently behind her. 

“Professor!” said Hermione her face brightening. 

Keely stopped playing with Mrs. Norris and put her head down. Hermione could tell the strict and determined aura Professor McGonagall made her nervous. Professor McGonagall glided over to her. 

“You must be Keely.” She said smiling. The wrinkles around her eyes became more visible over the years. 

"Yes, I Am.” said Keely smiling shyly. 

“Hmmm…” hummed professor McGonagall. She looked to Keely’s face again. She took Keely’s hair in her hand and examined it. Hermione came to her. 

“It’s so nice to see you again Professor.” 

“Oh, it’s nice to see you two as well.”

Professor McGonagall led the two of them to her office. Keely looked around, all the while absorbing every little detail she could. When they entered her office, it took Keely’s breath away. 

She looked around examining everything trying to fit it all into her little head. 

Professor McGonagall showed them to their seats. But Keely couldn’t sit still, so after she got Professor McGonagall’s approval she quietly walked around the office. 

“How have you been dear?” she asked. 

“We have been pretty good,” said Hermione. 

“That’s great…” There was silence for a moment. 

“She reminds me an awful lot of the both of you.” said Professor McGonagall out of nowhere. 

”Yes,” Said Hermione, hating the subject that was always brought up no matter how much she tried to avoid it. “Me as well.” 

“His looks and your brain, am I right?” 

“Yes,” said Hermione. 

Somehow the conversation changed to a different subject. She and Professor McGonagall talked for a long time. 

Professor McGonagall received the books and thanked Hermione. It wasn’t until Hermione was about to leave until she noticed Keely was talking to someone.
She looked over to Keely who was looking up at a talking portrait of Albus Dumbledore. 

Hermione felt all the air leave her lungs and her hands began to tremble at her sides.
“Keely, that’s such a pretty name,” he said smiling, his half moon spectacles on the rim of his nose. 

“I think so,” said Keely grinning from ear to ear now. 

“Hermione!” said Dumbledore now looking over in Hermione’s direction. 

“Dumbledore!” said Hermione. "It's... so... so great to see you again Professor," 

“Just as much as a pleasure on my part,” said Dumbledore his voice striking her, she hadn’t heard it in so long. 

There was a knock on the door. 

“I’m sorry Hermione.” said Professor McGonagall, but I’m afraid I am expecting someone.” 

“Oh, it’s fine.” said Hermione. “It really is nice seeing you all again.” 

As the door opened Keely went out of it, Hermione right behind her. 

“Ms. Granger?” Dumbledore’s wise voice echoing through the room. 

“Yes Professor?” 

“A lovely little angel you have.” He said. 

The words ran through Hermione, she smiled. 

“I do miss you Professor, so much.”

And she walked out the door, trying to catch up to Keely.

After saying good-bye to Hagrid, Hermione couldn't help but to peek into the Great Hall one last time. Her eyes automatically caught site of the place where she, Harry, and Ron used to sit, and in those seats were two boys and a girl, laughing.

*Ehh. Sooo.. What do you think? I can't really decide, and I think it's kind of poorly written. Rather childish and lacking of any... idk depth? I need to fix it, I'm too tired now though. Thanks again to my reviewerssss, I'm always welcoming to new ones. haha. xx*

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