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Changes by Lupins_cub
Chapter 5 : The World Cup
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Heather looked to all of them, to Kira who shrugged behind her father, to her mother who looked at her sadly. Her father gave her a stare as if to say he knew she would go with him, her real family. But Heather looked to Lupin, this voice in her head told her that he must know so much about her past.

She bit her lip then said, “It’s not that I don’t love you…” tears came to her eyes and her mother gave her a bone crushing hug.

“Oh dear, we know, we know, don’t feel guilty, don’t!” she said, giving her a gentle shake. “Just choose, we won’t hate you for it,” she said caressing her cheek, wiping the tears away.

Even though her fathers glare said other wise she straightened up and said, “I’ll go with Lupin, but I want you to visit,” she said to Kira.

She nodded, “As long as you visit us,” and hugged her.

“I’ll make sure of that,” Lupin said, giving a smile back to her mother.

She said goodbye, her father giving her a harsh cold hug, another one of her mothers bone crushing ones. She looked back and waved to Kira and her mum, getting another glare form her father that seem to say ‘how could you’. Heather followed Lupin out of the station and down a lonely street. Heather watched as he stuck out his wand and without warning a large triple Deck bus appeared in the street with a crack. A guy by the name so Stan Shunpike greeted them and put their things on board letting Lupin pay him.

“I suggest you stand,” Lupin said, holding onto a leather strap from one of the poles, as Heather sat in a chair.

Heather had no time ask why, when the bus with another crack sped forward and she flew back in her chair. She took Lupin's hand and stood, he laughed giving her a look of ‘I told you so’ as the bus raced on. It stopped suddenly, in front of an old house, out in the country, surrounded by forest.

Stan helped their stuff off the bus and it disappeared leaving them to walk up to the house. It was an old Victorian house, flowers of all kinds bloomed around it, a change from her old house which just held red tulips. Inside the house still had its original décor, its wooden carving was hand crafted and the paintings seemed timeless.

“Well, your bedroom is upstairs and too the left, dinner shall be ready soon,” Lupin told her.

Heather nodded and dragged her trunk upstairs and into the left bedroom, it was quite large and she felt as though she was set back into the ages. The four-poster bed was beautifully carved as well as the mantle and the desk that sit near the window. A wardrobe stood next to a door leading to the bathroom, this is where she let her trunk lay. Just above the desk was a bookcase that held a few odd and ends books and room for hers.

As she placed her school work, ink and quills on the desk she placed books in the bookshelf and surveyed the room. It was much different from hers shared with Kira, it was then she noticed some pictures on the mantle. One was of an elderly couple smiling grandly at the camera waving with a happy air to them. Another was one she did recognize, it was her mother, black haired and blue eyed just like she had been. In fact Heather was being held by her mother, she noted she looked a bit older than a year and was waving vigorously at the camera.

Heather then walked out into the hall, walking to the rest of the house there was another floor above; which was made of a few other bedrooms and a library. Heather could never resist anyplace that held any sort of literature and ventured inside. It wasn’t long before she found a book to occupy herself with, Transfiguration through the Ages. The book was full of the mishaps of previous transfigurations, why to register and things like that. Even a list of personality traits and a list of animals to go with them.

“Heather,” Remus called from the kitchen, he got no answer.

Remus left the two plates at the table to steam and climbed the stairs to her room, he found a few books and things put away, but not Heather. With a hunch he went to the library on the higher floor, lo’ and behold he found her there. She stood in an aisle holding a book with her good hand and the broke arm running a finger across a line as she read.

“Heather,” he said again.

Heather started and dropped the book and looked up to find Lupin, “Oh, Hi, I was just looking around…if that’s okay.”

“It’s fine, I wander in here myself once in a blue moon, dinner is ready,” he said.

Heather nodded and put the book away following him downstairs to the kitchen, one thing she didn’t expect Lupin to be was a cook. His meal filled the lower part of the house with a warm smell of comfort. Upon the plates was stew some bread and a variety of vegetables, though Heather dare no compare it to her mothers cooking which was excellent. The dinner was quiet though, yes Heather had so many questions but she didn’t want to bombard the man with them all.

On this note she started with “What was my mother like?”

Lupin looked up from his cup of tea and said, “A lot like you really, you have her laugh, and her appearance at one time.”

“Really? I don’t know much about my mother,” Heather said,

He nodded, “You have her laugh and even with your fathers fangs you have her smile. As well as her stubborn determined personality, that got her into a lot of inconvenient positions.”

“How’d you meet her?” she asked,

Lupin smiled, “We ran into each other, literally,”

Madeline Stone was laughing with her friends and began to walk backwards imitating Lucius Malfoy who had tried to balance on the stands impressing a girl and fell off. She had long black hair with blue eyes that could seemingly see strait to anyone’s soul. Her skin was fare she was smart and funny too, she laughed but then lost her footing and stumbled falling strait into another person knocking them over.

“Oh, Merlin I am so sorry.” she gasped, bending down to the boy who looked about her age.

He had brown hair and an extremely pale completion which Madeline noticed, with her tendency to worry too much about others.

“Are you okay?” she asked in a worried tone, her blue eyes staring into the boy’s hazel.

“Yes, I’m fine” he said timidly.

“Well, no, I mean you look awfully pale and sick, do you feel well?” she asked, her friends behind her rolled their eyes and walked into class.

“I’m fine, just a cold” he said, smiling.

“I’m Madeline, sorry I knocked you over,” she said, extending a hand.

“Remus, it’s alright,” the boy said, “Do you have Dark Arts next?”

“Yeah lets go before we are late.” she said and they walked into the class together, they walked into class and went their separate ways all in one day she conquered a Bogart, talked to Nick and made a new friend…

“What happened when she met my dad?” Heather asked, “I was told all the time my father was an awful person…”

“He didn’t seem that way at first, at least Madeline didn’t see it. Your father to her was charming and kind to her. But as I told of the friendship to James and Sirius they both became concern. They told me your father never acted in that manor towards anyone, ever.” Lupin said grimly, “Lily (Harry’s mother) and I tried to warn her, because Sirius and James (Harry’s father) were never on good terms with your mother. But she didn’t believe me, being strong headed,”

“How did you stay friends then, if Sirius and James didn’t like him?” Heather asked,

“That was Madeline’s doing, Nick actually tried to pull her away from our crowd, but she refused. Being Lily’s best friend as well as a good friend of mine, but she wouldn’t listen to any of our warnings.” Lupin sighed sadly.

“What was my father like?” Heather asked,

“Well, when he wasn’t around your mother, he was a mean stubborn student. Always picking on first years and being obnoxiously rude to other girls. Causing more mayhem around the school than the four marauders did. But he had an accomplice, Professor Snape.” he told her,

“Snape?” Heather asked, astonished, “Snape was my fathers best friend?”

Lupin nodded, “Many suspect that is how Snape had gotten into the dark arts, becoming a death eater.”

“That’s why he killed my mother…” Heather breathed, putting the pieces together. “He was a death eater…” Lupin nodded again, “Did my mother have any warning at all?”

“Warning of her death? No, no one did, your father did give her trouble though. He left her before you were born and would come back many times with threats. Madeline knew then that Nick was a horrible person, it took her a long while to get over it.” he said, string the tea with a spoon. “It was until after you were born he began beating her, it wasn’t for long though, I promise you that, a few days at the most. It was when he went after you that Madeline agreed to join the order.”

“After me?” Heather inquired

“Yes, he wanted you as an heir, but every time he got his hands on you he let you go. Most of us figure Nick didn’t want the responsibility of raising and teaching a child. For whatever reason he killed your mother; I think he had gone mad.”

Heather mulled over all of this information, soaking it in until she understood it, then Lupin continued. “Your father -like Mr. Wong- was prejudice, but your father was much harsher. In the war between vampires and werewolves everyone had a side, and almost always that side was different. Many hated the vampires for wanting werewolves as servants; pets, as well as vice versa. Many wizards fought and died in that war against one another, many though thought them all nuts.”

“That’s how my dad is, he doesn’t like either, but there’s something more…I just know there’s a reason behind his rage and anger towards vampires and werewolves.” Heather said,

Lupin then changed the subject and asked, nodding toward her, “How’s your arm?”

Heather shrugged, “My shoulder was dislocated and its broken in three places,”

Lupin winced, “Sorry,”

Heather waved her hand, “You had no idea what you were doing. Plus its worth saving two lives, Hermione and Harry would have been killed if I hadn’t distracted you.”

“It was a brave, but extremely dangerous thing to do,” Lupin said

“What do you do when the full moon comes around here?” Heather asked, washing her dishes.

“I usually lock myself in the basement, but since you are here I shall put a silencing charm on it.” he explained, flicking his wand toward the dishes and they began to wash and put themselves away.

Heather nodded then looked to the clock, it was around eight by now, “I’m going to turn in,”

“Good Night then,” he said smiling,

“Night,” Heather said smiling back.

She climbed the stairs and closed her door behind her, walking to her trunk she unpacked her clothes. Pushing it under her bed she took a shower and started on her three page potions essay. Losing track of time Heather turned in around midnight, the window open letting in a cool breeze.

Heathers vision cleared, she felt awake, staring around she was in a forest, a clearing. Standing she turned around seeing darkness all around and no possible way towards civilization. She froze hearing twigs snap, she turned to see yellow eyes peering from the shadow’s Heather took a step closer staring at the creature and had no time to react when it pounced.

Heather screamed as it roared, its breath steaming at her neck, opening her eyes she found herself face to face with a werewolf and screamed again. The wolves paws were closing around her throat as she thrashed when suddenly the scene changed. Heather wasn’t at the mercy of a wolf anymore, but at that of her fathers, his red eyes glaring at her. She could hear screaming and saw her mothers dead eyes and let out a shriek of terror.

With a start Lupin woke, half asleep, he listened to the creaking of the house around him then heard what had woken him. A scream, it wasn’t loud but loud enough for someone to hear, he sat up puzzled for a moment. Then he remembered that Heather was now with him and got out of bed. Pulling a robe around himself he walked out into the hall and walked to Heather’s door just as another-louder-scream came from her room.

When he opened the door the room was illuminated by a slowly dying candle. Heather lay thrashing and yelling her bed, her face twisted with fear. Lupin strode to the bed and took Heather’s shoulders at which she seemed to panic more.

“Heather,” he called,

Heather stirred someone was calling her, where was she, what had happened? 
‘Heather!’ She opened her eyes, Lupin sit on the edge of her bed, his eyes peering into hers with utter curiosity.

“Are you okay?” he asked,

Heather nodded, wiping tears from her eyes, “Yeah, I-I’m fine, j-just a nightmare…”

“For the sake of Merlin, what about?” Lupin asked, startled by her condition.

Heather shook her head, “It’s nothing just a nightmare…bad dream…”

Lupin gave her a look of concern, but knew that she probably wouldn’t tell him, and he didn’t want to press. “Okay,” he said, taking his hands form her shoulders. “Good night,”

Heather nodded again, watching as he blew out the candle and closed the door again, she let out a shuddering breath. Wiping her forehead with the back of her hand she got out of bed, reliving her dream. That was the second time now, why was he showing up in her dreams? Heather couldn’t help but delve into her divination books and read it for about an hour before falling asleep in the chair.

Lupin hadn’t gone to bed, he was puzzled by Heather’s nature, and had a feeling that wasn’t an ordinary nightmare. Walking to his library he searched the rows and shelves and found what he was looking for. Vampire’s and their minds, it was a book about an old practice among the race. It was a form of telepathy vampires half and whole could send dreams or talk in them or to another through their mind. They could create terrifying or pleasurable dreams with the right power and knowledge.

Lupin knew that Nick had this power, he, in their school years, had been excellent in divinations and continued the class till their seventh year. He then came upon an interesting paragraph in the warfare section:

Among family enemies and rivals dream tactics are used to put fear or render a vampire helpless during combat. If the vampire is unaware of the dream being pressed upon them it will go unnoticed. But many react like a normal dream if terrifying enough, screaming out for help, or many are found unconscious. If a vampire is awake and is contacted by a vampire and unable to sustain themselves they fall to the ground as if unconscious.

Lupin read over this article again and again, it fit Heather, but he wouldn’t have enough time right now to question her. The full moon was coming and he didn’t really want to stress her anymore than she already was. With a worried conscious he put the book away and went back to bed. Heather woke early the next morning, she found her divination book in her lap, with a sigh she put it on her desk and changed. Pulling her hair into a bun she went downstairs, making herself some breakfast. Lupin woke an hour after her, by that time Heather was stowed away in the library reading again.

Lupin meanwhile was busy creating Wolfsbane potion for the night, he was tired, he always was during the preparations of the full moon. It was around lunch time when Heather appeared by his side, quiet as if she wasn’t there.

“Ugh, what is that?” Heather asked, taking a step back form the caldron.

Lupin smiled, “Wolfsbane,” he told her, “keeps me sane during the full moon,”

“I would go insane if I had to drink that,” she said

"Care for a taste?” Lupin asked with a smile holding out a ladle to her, she grinned and shook her head, taking a step back.

“Hey, do you think I could go exploring the woods around here with Kira?” Heather asked,

Lupin looked up, pondering a thought, “I suppose so, you have to be back by nightfall though, don’t go wandering too far,”

“Okay, thanks,” Heather said.

Heather went to the fire and threw in some floo powder and tumbled into her living room.

“Kira, I’m home!” she called

She smiled as thundering footsteps pounded from above her and down the stairs and she appeared from the kitchen.

“Hey!” she squealed, hugging her.

“Hello friend, where’s mum and dad?” she asked

“Their out, to the store I think I wasn’t listening,” Kira told her,

“Listen you want to come and see my new home, Lupin said we can go exploring the woods around there.” Heather told her, 

“Sure, one minute!” Kira said and raced into the kitchen writing her parents a note then setting off with Heather.

That whole summer consisted of herself and Kira joking around, doing homework and exploring Heather’s new backyard. The school year was approaching fast though and summer was winding down. One day Kira came over and brandished before her tickets to the world cup inviting her.

“Really, where’d you get them?” Heather asked,

“Dad, the ministry are given them to a few select people.” Kira said, “so can you go?”

“I don’t know,” Heather said, feeling weird having to ask Lupin to go with her parents. Of course it wasn’t really a rule, but him being her godfather Heather felt it was. She walked downstairs finding Lupin pouring over some documents at the kitchen table. “Lupin?”

Lupin lookup and smiled, but waved his wand and the papers disappeared. “Yes, Heather?”

“Dad got tickets to the world cup, can I go?” she asked

“Of course, do you have all your school things?” he asked

“I hope so, the list was enormous,” Heather said

“I hear that,” Kira said, “I had to sit on my trunk just to close it!

“That’s because you pack all the clothes you own, including the shoes!” Heather mocked with a laugh as Kira shoved her.

With a spark of green the fire roared and out stepped her mother asking for Kira to come home.

“Hi,” Heather said hugging her, she hadn’t seen her for a long time.

“Hello my dear, so you can come?” she asked, Heather nodded. “Good, well Kira I need you home,”

“Okay, bye Heather, see you in a week.” Kira said with a wave and they disappeared through the fire.

Heather smiled, but then it faded, she remembered how her father looked at her at the train station. A look of good riddance and never come back, she wondered if he would be there. Its not that she didn’t want him there but it was a thought of did he want her there? With this Heather went to pack her stuff and finished a transfiguration essay. The week seemed to pass quickly and before she knew it she stood before the fire with Lupin.

“You have everything?” he asked,

“Yes,” Heather told him,

“Your ticket, clothes-” he began

“I have everything, I’m fine,” Heather told him with a smile.

He smiled back and for the first time hugged her, “Just making sure, I know you’ll be good.”

Heather nodded over his shoulder, but she barely heard him for she would remember this hug till the day she died. For once in her life someone she considered her father hugged her without hesitation, harshness but with love and comfort. He let go when the fire roared and turned emerald green. Kira stepped through saying they were ready, bidding Lupin good bye she followed her through the fire.

After they started through the woods Heather realized just how early it was in the morning. Kira and Heather had been chattering for some time but now the adrenalin had faded and they trudged sleepily through the forest with their mother. Heather had been told by Kira and her mum that their father wasn’t coming, he had work at the Ministry to do.

“What are we marching towards again?” Heather asked

“A Portkey, we should run into The Weasley sometime soon,” her mother answer looking at her watch.

Heather nodded, pulling her leather pack up onto her shoulder again and catching up, as the sun began to filter through the trees. Soon they broke and were standing on a low hill, some garbage scattered around.

“This is it?” Kira was even surprised.

“Yes, yes, The Diggory’s and Weasley’s should be here soon, we have a shorter walk then they.” she said, casting her eyes around them.

About fifteen minutes passed before they heard the loud boom of hello of Amos Diggory.

“Good morning Aimi, have a good walk?” he called

“Quite,” she said shaking his hand. “So there’s are the two you’ve told me about?”

“Yes, this is Kira and Heather my daughters,” she said,

They said hello to Amos and his son Cedric, at which Heather could have sworn she saw Kira blush at. Shortly after the Weasley’s arrived, Fred, Goerge, Ginny, Ron, Harry and Hermione along with Mr. Weasley.

“So let me get this strait,” Heather said as she grasped onto the boot, “we are suppose to stand here and wait?”

“That’s right,” Mr. Weasley said as if it wasn’t strange.

Of course Heather found it quite strange, a large group of thirteen grappling for a mangy old boot. But Heather got her answer when within seconds she was thrown off her feet in a whirlwind of color. Without warning the wind seemed to give away the world stopped spinning and they all dropped with a thud to the ground.

“Seven past five from Stoatshead Hill,” said an Auror called Basil.

He directed then to their camps, theirs was the fourth field down, their mum paid and lead the way. The whole place for this early was buzzing with excitement and colors of the opposing teams. Kira was all sorts of exciting she was rooting for Bulgaria at which her favorite player was on Krum.

“So cute,” Kira said dreamily.

“Or thick as a post,” Heather said brightly receiving a shoved at her shoulder as she laughed.

They helped set the tent which inside was like a little house that fascinated Heather every time she walked outside.

“Heather, go get some water so we can wash these dishes, their should be a spigot around here.” Heather nodded and took the pail form her mother.

Walking down the path she couldn’t help but stare at people, their color shown brightly supporting their teams. She watched a small boy making a slug swell with a wand, there were even witches from Salem in America. She found a spigot finally, she filled her bucket and prepared to go back. As she walked she watched a young witch nearly crash on her toy broomstick. Apparently the person she ran into had too for she crashed right into him with a splash of water.

“I’m sorry!” she looked up, a boy her age was sitting across from her, both soaking wet.

“It’s okay,” she said as they stood, “I wasn’t paying attention,”

“Neither was I, looks like we both need water now,” he said

Heather noticed her bucket was now empty and nodded, so they made their way back to the spigot.

“I’m Isaac Russell,” the boy said holding out his hand,

“Heather Smith,” she said, shaking his hand and getting her first look at him

To say the least she was shocked, not by the boys black hair or clothes but by his completion and eyes. His eyes gleamed a vibrant red, accenting his pale skin and making his fangs shine in his smile.

“You’re half vampire,” they both gasped, their hands still in mid shake.

“I-I-I mean you could be full but the sun is nearly up a-and-” he sputtered nervously.

“No, I am half,” Heather said, “Where are you from?”

“Well I use to live in Transylvania but my Aunt and Uncle recently moved to Britain so now I’m going to Hogwarts. They insisted that we all take a family trip and come.” he said

“Cool, I go to Hogwarts to alone with my sister Kira, our friend Hermione and a few others.” Heather said, taking her full bucket from the running water and replacing it with his.

“So your Nick Colin Smith’s daughter?” Isaac asked, with a hint of awe in his voice.
Heather nodded, “Yeah…why?”

“Well, he’s famous, along with you, in my country.” Isaac said

“I’ve never knew my father, only years ago did I transform into this,” she said, “I don’t remember him much either.”

Isaac nodded, knowing that this was something new to her to an extent. “So any reason why your here?”

“Not really, my father got some tickets from the Ministry and we just decided to go and watch the game.” Heather said, “You?”

“Same, but I did over here my Aunt and Uncle, they’re looking for remembers of an Order.” he said hushed,

“An order?” Heather whispered

He nodded, “Called the Order of the Phoenix, but I’m not suppose to know,” then with a jolt he said, “and nor is anyone else, promise you won’t tell?”

Heather smiled, “Promise,” and shook his hand.

He smiled turned off the spigot and said, “Well nice meeting you, maybe I’ll see you around Hogwarts.”

“If your sorted into Ravenclaw look me up,” Heather said and they parted.

Heather smiled the whole way back at the thought of herself not being the only vampire anymore. Not to mention, she hated to sound like her boy crazy sister, but he was really cute and charming. When she got back she gave her mother the water and raced inside telling Kira of the whole thing.

“Really?” she said, fascinated. “That’s great, finally someone your type, which no one seems to be.”

“No, its not no one, its just the people you want to set me up with!” Heather told her as they put on face paint.

Kira laughed, painting a golden snitch on her left cheek, Heather smiled, painting two beater bats crossing in her right. Beater was always her favorite position, what’s not to like you get to hit something with all your might and not get in trouble. They raced down the stairs as their mum called that the game was starting.

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Changes: The World Cup


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