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Bex and Co. by Zokara
Chapter 1 : An Introduction
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Lily Evans began her life in a muggle hospital. All her life, she grew up wondering: how on Earth did she turn that frog pink? Whatever just happened to that bus? Goodness me! I just transformed my kitten into a newt! (The last one resulting in a rather unusual pet). But eleven years after her birth, she was suddenly visited by a strange man, claiming that magic existed. Lily was so glad to have an explanation for all the strange things that happened to her (and more often the people she disliked) that she accepted it straight away. However, convincing her parents was less easy, but eventually they accepted and delighted in the fact that their youngest daughter was a witch. Of course, her envious older sister decided she was a freak, and went through life ignoring and hating her younger sibling, and ended up marrying a horrid, fat man called Vernon (who everyone hated. Just in case you were in any doubt). Fast forward to four years later… Lily is starting fifth year, and has developed many friends and a few enemies. The latter of which consists of mainly one person…


James Potter grew up in an entirely magic family, and at a young age he developed a liking for trouble. He hid his family’s wands, let nifflers inside the house, and played so many practical jokes that, well, really, there wouldn’t be enough ink to write it down (also, all your parents would come and knock down my door, demanding to know why their precious child was caught tipping pepper into the bolognaise. Not that that would be a good idea). One of the only sad bits of his life was when his twin was born dead. After that, his parents didn’t really want to have more children. Eleven years after James was born, he received a letter from Hogwarts, one that he’d been waiting for his entire life. Fast forward to four years later… James is beginning fifth year, and has developed many friends and most of the Slytherins as enemies. His best friend is…


Sirius Black grew up in an all-Slytherin family, and disappointed his mother by ending up in Gryffindor. He was born by a midwife at his house, and Sirius hoped to move out as soon as possible. He played various tricks on his brother, but he knew his mother would probably curse him, so no pranks were pulled while Sirius’s maternal parent was in the room. When he got the letter from Hogwarts on his eleventh birthday, he was very glad to finally escape the house full of dark magic he had grown up in. Fast forward to four years later… Sirius is beginning fifth year and has developed many friends and most of the teachers as enemies. He hangs around with…


Emily Gorgonzalo had a French mother and an Italian father. She is an only child and she is the only one of her family that can speak English fluently. She thought she and her parents were muggles and knew nothing about the wizarding world until she received a letter from Hogwarts, and that’s when her parents told her about how magic exists. They thought she was a squib and didn’t want her to feel bad. Fast forward to four years later… Emily has developed three friends and a few enemies, but not many because she never talks and you are able to walk all over her like a doormat. She is friends with Lily Evans (see above), Rebekah Jennifer (see below), and…


Jessica Pumpley grew up with her squib grandmother and her completely talent less wizard grandfather in a small wizarding village in Scotland. She was born in a hospital, but neither of her parents wanted the child because their careers couldn’t be put on hold. She waited eleven years to escape the strict routine at her grandma’s house, and was very pleased when her letter arrived. Every year since she was eleven, her grandfather has apparated her to Kings Cross Station where she boards the Hogwarts Express. Fast forward to four years later… Jess has developed a wide range of friends and few enemies. Her close group of friends consists of Lily Evans (see above), Emily Gorgonzalo (see above), and…


Rebekah Jennifer grew up in an all-magic family with four older brothers, so she is correspondingly a very tough, strong female. She was born in St Mungo’s hospital and then spent eleven years yearning to go to the wizarding school she heard so much about from her brothers. On her eleventh birthday she received a letter from Hogwarts. Fast forward to four years later… Bex has three very good friends, and is extremely popular with the male population because of her transformation into a very attractive young woman. This is the story of her and her friends…

Author's Note: I know this chapter wasn't the most entertaining, but bare with me! Try reading the second chapter, I PROMISE you'll love it!
Ps. Harry says, "REVIEW! REVIEW! REVIEW!"
Pps. Voldemort just put the imperius curse on you and he's telling you to review this chapter.

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